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St. Peter Damien (1049): what Church MUST do in response to rampant homosexuality among clergy

June 29, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – The rise of the power and influence of homosexual priests, bishops and cardinals, as well as influential laity, has been a major factor in the growing chaos within Catholicism over the past 60 years. This disorder within the Catholic Church has had a negative impact on the entire world because of the resulting decline in the positive influences that Catholicism has had on civilization for many centuries.

To think that what is happening now is new, however, betrays an ignorance of history. In 1049, when St. Peter Damien wrote his treatise, Book of Gomorrah (Liber Gomorrhianus), to Pope Leo IX, homosexuality and sexual perversion in general were far more openly rampant within the clergy than today.  This horrendous state of affairs is what the Saint addressed in his appeal to the Pope for urgently needed reforms.

We often hear from sleepy, comfortable, cowardly, timid or cultural Catholics, and especially from clergy who are directly implicated in homosexuality, that we should never criticize priests, bishops and especially the Pope. Supposedly, that is a greater sin than that of the heretics and sexual perverts facilitating great personal suffering and sending souls to Hell without anyone doing what is necessary to either convert or stop them.

St. Peter Damien was not so foolish as to listen to such nonsense denying God His justice at a time when the Church appeared to be in its death throes.  (more...)

Choose: "Conservative" Betrayal

Pretty straightforward, no? The worldly kingdom or the heavenly.

Safety for gender ideology in Israel. For Catholicism, not so much. Wanna bet Michael Coren rebounds at Rebel Media as a Christian Zionist homopropagandist?

We call it avoidance of the proximate occasion of sin.


Parents, don’t be fooled: The sex-ed agenda is more sinister than you know

It's a rare, if not historic pushback—tens of thousands of people across the Canadian province of Ontario are announcing loudly that they oppose the new sex education curriculum proposed by the province’s premier, Kathleen Wynne. Large numbers of protestors have made their voices heard in front of Wynne's office, in front of the provincial legislature at Queen's Park, and at the offices of Members of Provincial Parliament across the province. Harking from every culture and ethnic group, the protestors are demanding one thing: Let kids be kids.

The entire phenomenon is startling for a number of reasons. First of all, school systems have been implementing sex education programs that parents have disliked or outright opposed for decades now—but never has a movement of this size and tenacity congealed around opposing a curriculum and the politicians seeking to implement it, until now.

Second of all, this movement is not made up simply of the “usual suspects” - socially conservative Catholics and Protestants - but rather, includes huge numbers of Indo-Canadians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Chinese immigrants. Perhaps Wynne's sex-ed curriculum is simply the straw that broke the camel's back, one tiny step too far for tens of thousands of parents who are sick of our politics and education being dominated by discussions of sex that are often in direct conflict with the values parents seek to pass on to their children in the home.  (more...)

Teacher accused of Islamophobic tweets connected to post about imposing atheist beliefs on students

TORONTO — A high school teacher being investigated in connection with a Twitter account that discusses alleged Islamophobic beliefs is also being connected to a blog post that discusses imposing atheist beliefs on students.

A now-deleted Twitter account with the handle @firstatheist used a photo that former students say appears to be of Michael Marshall, an English teacher at Richmond Green Secondary School in Richmond Hill. The York Region District School Board said it was made aware of the Twitter account Thursday and Marshall was told about its investigation.

The board said it is looking into whether the account may have been hacked, or is an impersonation.  (more...)

First, they came for the Muslims...

Edmonton teacher, 27, admits to sexual relationship with students

A 27-year-old Edmonton school teacher admits he had sex with a 15-year-old student and pursued a sexual relationship with another even younger student.

Piotr Zaloba pleaded guilty last month to charges of sexual interference, luring a child and publishing child pornography.

He originally faced two counts of sexual assault, but those charges were not part of the plea agreement.

According to an agreed statement of facts read in court Monday, Zaloba met the two students through his position as a temporary-contract teacher at St. Basil Catholic School in north Edmonton.  (more...)

Alison Saunders should be sacked – for the Janner case, and for her absurd views on rape

Dutiful Political Puppet?
I am a victim of rape. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before. But that’s probably because I never thought of myself as a victim. Until now. The crime happened years ago in my early twenties when, after a drunken night out, I ended up in bed with a man and we had sex.

We had been kissing but I didn’t particularly want to have sex with him and I think I told him that – although we were both pretty drunk so I’m not completely sure if I did or even if he heard me. Either way, we ended up having sex and I woke the next morning with a sore head and plenty of regrets. Back then, I (like many other women) put the whole evening down to experience. Stuff happens, move on.

Today though, according to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, I am a rape victim and that drunken horny bloke is an alleged rapist. Even though neither of us thinks a crime has taken place, Ms Saunders is adamant that she wants justice to be done in the wake of every drunken sexual encounter that turns sour the morning after the night before.

She has instructed the Crown Prosecution Service that unless a man can prove a woman has consented, and unless he can be sure that she was not too drunk to give that consent, then he is effectively guilty of rape until proven innocent in a court of law.

Yet this is the very same Ms Saunders who yesterday defended her decision not to prosecute former MP Greville Janner, 86, on 22 serious child abuse charges involving nine victims because, it is claimed, the Labour peer is incapacitated by advanced dementia, despite no court assessment of his health ever having taken place.  (more...)

And what about Janner's other enables, collaborators, and protectors:

In Canada, why can't well-connected perverts ever be prosecuted?

Who may we have learned that trick from?

What were you up to in Canada, Sir Peter?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Catholic vice principal hid her homosexuality for 28 years to promote LGBTQ issues

Who enabled and colluded with this crypto? How high did the betrayal go?
KITCHENER, June 29, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- A Catholic vice-principal in Ontario who declared she was ‘gay’ days before retirement, while admitting to being in a lesbian partnership, says that she used her position of influence for 28 years in a Catholic school board to advance the LGBTQ cause.

“I’ve been doing the work for support for LGBTQ people for a long time, for actually the 28 years I’ve been in the board,” Joan Grundy, retiring vice-principal at St. Mary's Catholic High School in Kitchener, told CTV News.

Grundy admitted to CBC News that she had been in a lesbian relationship for about a decade during this time but had presented herself as a faithful Catholic so she could maintain her job with its position of influence.

Grundy, who has a Masters degree in theological studies with a concentration in counselling, has penned an account of her explicit rejection of the Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction in a book released this month titled A Deepening Life.  (more...)

Lord Janner charged with child sex abuse in reversal for DPP

Director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders was today forced to overturn her refusal to prosecute former Labour MP Lord Janner for child sex abuse.

Janner will be prosecuted on 22 counts of child sex abuse against nine boys following a review of the initial decision by Saunders not to charge him on grounds of ill health. Janner has always denied the allegations.  (more...)


Mark Watts tells RT’s Sputnik about ‘Britain’s biggest scandal’

Exaro’s exposure of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’ was the topic of discussion when Editor-in-Chief Mark Watts appeared on ex-MP George Galloway’s programme on Russia Today. Watts described it as “the biggest political scandal in post-War Britain.”

Galloway said that he could not think of a bigger one before the War. Exaro has forced the authorities in the UK to focus on the issue.  (more...)

Mark Watts tells RT’s Sputnik about ‘Britain’s biggest scandal’

Watts' segment begins at 12:55. This will never appear on the BBC.

Ontario's school boards begin PR campaign to sell parents the sexaulization of their children

In a news release, the Peel District School Board explains that it has sent a letter to parents explaining the "myths" about the new controversial sex curriculum as the board moves to implement it as scheduled for the school year 2015-16. This is the kind of the public relations battle that will only intensify in order to convince parents that the 2015 radical sex curriculum is needed and harmless. The government has launched a similar advertising campaign and have also put out a government Myth vs. Fact document.

The board statement tries to reassure parents by making four major points: that "the updated curriculum WILL NOT encourage or teach students how to engage in masturbation, oral sex or anal sex;" it "WILL NOT teach students to reveal or touch private body parts on themselves or others;" it "WILL NOT teach students to become homosexual," and lastly it "WILL NOT encourage students to consent to sexual activities."

The are a number of problems with these misleading statements.  (more...)

Saying no to new sex ed curriculum

Len Lewis doesn't think much about Ontario's new sex education curriculum.

He calls it despicable, disgusting and abhorrent.

The Echo Bay resident wants the first update to the province's health and physical education curriculum in 17 years stopped before its launch in classrooms in September.

“Just stop this legislation,” said Lewis.

Lewis was one of about 50 opponents to the new curriculum who rallied on Bay Street on Sunday afternoon.

The retired welder at Inco is concerned that children will receive “explicit” instruction about sex acts.

Anal and oral sex will be discussed in Grades 7 and 8, as well as contraception and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Students learn about gender identity and sexual orientation in Grade 3.

“I don't think that young children who are very open and gullible should be subject to this curriculum,” said the grandfather of four. “I think it's terrible.”  (more...)

The Pedophocracy

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Calls for Director of Public Prosecutions to quit after U-turn over Lord Janner trial

Director of Public Prosecutions
Alison Saunders
The Director of Public Prosecutions was facing calls to quit last night as her decision not to prosecute alleged paedophile Lord Janner was dramatically overturned.

The legal U-turn came just days after The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Labour peer had made secret visits to Parliament despite medics claiming he was too ill to be questioned by police.

Critics insisted Alison Saunders could not continue as the head of the Crown Prosecution Service when she had made such a catastrophic mistake over the high-profile case of the 86-year-old, who is accused of molesting boys in care.

She provoked fury among police chiefs when she ruled in April that Lord Janner could not be prosecuted because of his dementia, despite detectives collecting enough evidence to charge him with 22 offences against nine victims in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Mrs Saunders, who earns £205,000 a year, strongly defended her decision – but an external QC was drafted in to reconsider the case after a challenge from alleged victims.

Last night it emerged the CPS has accepted the review’s decision to let the case be heard in court.  (more...)

On social media:

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Police raided this former officer in ‘cover-up’ for freemason Lord Janner

Police face accusations that they staged a raid to seize evidence of paedophilia by then Labour MP Greville Janner as part of a massive cover-up.

Exaro has obtained a sensational statement by a former police officer who gives a detailed account of how his home was raided in an attempt to collect potentially crucial evidence – personal letters between Janner and a boy.  (more...)


On social media:

Janner WILL face justice: Top barrister to recommend DPP's decision is over-ruled

An independent QC is to overturn the controversial decision that Lord Janner should not face justice over a string of paedophile allegations.

The sensational U-turn by prosecutors means a court will now hear historical child sex claims against the disgraced former Labour MP.

A top barrister, who has spent several weeks examining the decision not to put Janner on trial, has concluded the allegations should be heard even though the peer has severe dementia.

The QC is said to have serious reservations about the original decision not to charge the 86-year-old and is to recommend to Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders that it be overturned. Barring a last minute change of mind, his ruling – due to be made public next week – paves the way for the evidence against Janner to be tested in a criminal court – in a procedure known as a ‘trial of the facts’ – even if he is too unwell to attend.

Never before has such a high-profile Crown Prosecution Service decision been overturned following a review.

The development will pile pressure on Mrs Saunders, who has suffered a torrid two months amid questions over her handling of the Janner affair. She is expected to face renewed calls from critics to consider her position.  (more...)


Ontario’s education minister needs to answer to parents on sex-ed: Tory MPP

... and then we said no, we're serious
WATERLOO, Ontario, June 26, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- Another Conservative MPP has gone to bat for constituents who oppose the Liberal government’s radical sex-ed curriculum, set to roll out in Ontario’s publicly-funded schools this September.

After the Waterloo Regional District School Board passed a motion to invite Minister of Education Liz Sandals to answer parents’ concerns about the sex-ed curriculum in person, MPP Michael Harris sent Sandals an open letter asking her to honor the request.

“I wanted to ensure that the minister heard loud and clear that this needs to happen,” the MPP for Kitchener-Conestoga told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview. “I expect her to heed the wishes of a school board.”

In his letter, Harris wrote, “Given the fact that Ontario families were never allowed the voice they were promised in decisions over how this curriculum was developed and implemented, I encourage you to respond to the Board and take them up on their invitation as soon as possible.”  (more...)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ontario under fire over lack of oversight for private schools

Yusuf Talukder serves as principal of an after-school tutorial program he owns.
Teachers working in private schools in Ontario get very little oversight, allowing them to be disciplined in secret and hired without criminal background checks.

The government plays no regulatory role over tutoring programs, nor does it license or accredit the 1,000 private schools in the province, which serve more than 110,000 students, a Ministry of Education spokesman told the Star, following a Star investigation that revealed a convicted sex offender was directing an after-school tutorial program in Toronto.

Because independent schools operate as private businesses, all disciplinary action is handled between the principal and the teacher — behind closed doors.

Yusuf Ali Talukder, 52, is working as a principal at the after-school Dhaka Learning Centre in Scarborough. Talukder spent six months in jail, was listed on the sex offender registry and was banned from public schools after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a female student under the age of 14. He denies committing the assault.

But he was able to return to his role in the tutorial program because he ran it as a private business — which means it lies outside the jurisdiction of provincial education authorities.

Critics claim the Talukder case has unveiled major flaws in Ontario’s education sector, including a complete lack of regulation over private tutorial programs and weak oversight for private schools.  (more...)

Dismal choices for Ontario families. -- a system stacked against them.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

LETTER: Sex ed curriculum disturbing to Christians

Re: Secular society means we leave religion out of education, Sunday Forum by Paul Spiers, June 14.

In the public square, the religious point of view is just as important as the secular point of view.

To many people of faith, secular society is not part of the solution, but part of the problem.  We can see results of theworld’s view of sex all around us.  The world has reaped a bumper crop of unwanted pregnancies and people who have sexually transmitted diseases.

In contrast, many religions teach sex before marriage is wrong. By following this teaching, people can avoid unwanted pregnancies and contacting sexually transmitted diseases.  (more...)

Commentary: my frustration over rape probe into Leon Brittan

For me, it was very difficult to go to the police about the rape that I endured in 1967 as a student in London. Police must be looking into allegations about Brittan, I thought. My information might help to build up a picture about him.

“Jane” writes about gathering the courage to report her rape complaint, and her disappointment with outcome.  (more...)

Lord Janner and the paedophile ring at his son's elite school

The ring, led by politics teacher Michael Densham, pictured, was sensationally exposed in 2004
To upwardly mobile residents of Seventies North London, an old boy’s tie from University College School, Hampstead, was the ultimate social calling card.

An exclusive institution, with Edwardian architecture and picturesque games pitches, it admitted only the brightest boys, and was rightly famed for creative, sporting and academic prowess.

The ranks of ‘Old Gowers’, as alumni are known, included a host of the great and good, from athlete Roger Bannister to film star Dirk Bogarde and the celebrated mountaineer Chris Bonnington.

Despite its fee-paying status, UCS was (and still is) run according to a liberal philosophy that included a statutory ban on religious education and a refusal to acknowledge, in any formal way, differences of ethnic or cultural background.

This made it the favourite public school of the local area’s social elite, who — in time-honoured tradition — were happy to overlook any principled opposition to private education when it came to the treatment of their own children.

The roster of pupils duly contained the offspring of many Labour grandees, including both sons of the party’s former Prime Minister, Harold

A few years later, UCS would educate the likes of Tristram Hunt, the son of a Labour peer (and now Shadow Education Secretary), Jonathan Freedland, the Left-wing commentator, and Ian Katz, a former Guardian journalist who is editor of BBC2’s Newsnight.

Yet behind its historic red-brick facade there lay a troubling secret. For throughout this heady era, the UCS staff room was home to four paedophile teachers, who used their positions of authority to prey on teenage pupils.  (more...)


Sex offender working as principal of private tutoring program

Yusuf Ali Talukder, principal of the Dhaka Learning Centre, was
sentenced to six months in jail in 2010 for sexually assaulting a
female student under the age of 14.
A convicted sex offender banned from working in public schools is tutoring children in a private classroom in Toronto.

Yusuf Ali Talukder, principal of the Dhaka Learning Centre, was sentenced to six months in jail in 2010 for sexually assaulting a female student under the age of 14.

He was found guilty of putting his hand inside the student’s bra, squeezing her breast on multiple occasions and rubbing the zipper of her pants during class, according to the court decision.

Talukder, 52, pleaded not guilty, and in an interview last week he told the Star he was innocent.

The Dhaka Learning Centre is an afterschool tutorial program owned by Talukder.

Because it is a private business, provincial education authorities had no power to stop the principal, who is on the sex offender registry, from walking out of jail and back into his office.  (more...)

... that same tutoring industry that's booming on account of the inadequacy of the public school system.

Letter: Are you up to date on the new sex education curriculum?

The new sex education curriculum for Ontario elementary schools is set to begin in September with minimal parental/community input on the choice of material. Certainly there are commendable elements within the curriculum. At the same time many seem unaware of the explicit details and of the grades in which they will be presented. Much the same curriculum from the McGuinty government in 2010 was withdrawn after only three days in the face of vigorous opposition.

Positive elements in the new curriculum include teaching the proper names for bodily parts, warning against sexting, the danger of online predators and that “no” can be an appropriate response to requests for sexually activity. Yet explicit teaching on topics like masturbation, anal and oral sex, vaginal lubrication and the idea that there are in fact six “gender identities” are by no means necessary for these age groups. Another concern is with the rise in teen pregnancies. While numerous socio-economic factors are involved, teen pregnancies topped the country in New Brunswick, rising almost 40 per cent from 2006 to 2010 following the introduction of a similar curriculum.  (more...)

Former Spy: CSIS Warnings on Agents of Influence Should Be Taken Seriously

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former Asia-Pacific bureau chief for the
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
OTTAWA—Agents of influence—spy lingo for those advocating the interests of a foreign country either unknowingly or surreptitiously—are among the most challenging elements CSIS has to deal with, so when a warning is issued it should be taken seriously.

That’s the advice of former security officer Michel Juneau-Katsuya, once the Asia-Pacific bureau chief for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. In an interview with the Epoch Times, Juneau-Katsuya said CSIS only makes such a warning when it has a preponderance of evidence and sees a necessity to act.

“CSIS will not come lightly and reveal something about an individual if it does not have tons and tons of evidence to demonstrate what we are talking about, because CSIS knows of the repercussions,” he said.

Those repercussions include the kind of denouncements the Globe and Mail has faced since reporting on CSIS’s warnings to the Province of Ontario about provincial immigration minister Michael Chan.  (more...)

The Rebel: Ontario Sex Ed Radio Ad

From Every Day for Life Canada:

Dozens of parents hold second protest over Wynne’s sex ed outside Peterborough MPP’s office

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario, June 24, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- Concerned Parents of Peterborough met again June 19 outside of MPP Jeff Leal’s office to protest the proposed changes to Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum.

The group’s numbers have continued to rise and the number of protestors has more than doubled since last month’s protest. The group met during regular business hours and still managed to draw 46 members. Protestors displayed placards that read, “Parents are first educators, not politicians!”, “Let Kids be Kids!” and “Teaching consent, did you get ours?”

This new group is not alone in their concerns over the Liberals’ new sex-ed curriculum, which will be released in the fall. There have been three protests at Queen’s Park where thousands of people gathered to voice their concerns to politicians. There have also been protests in Sarnia, Windsor, and London.

“Politicians and the media are trying to ignore concerns and downplay the vast number of parents opposed to this curriculum,” said Laura Van Bakel, director of Concerned Parents of Peterborough. “However, they will be disappointed if they think we will stop fighting. We are determined to get this sex-ed agenda out of our schools regardless of how long it may take.”  (more...)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Child sex abuse is still being covered up at 'the highest level' warns campaigning MP

Campaigning MP: John Mann claims abuse is being covered up at the highest level
Child sex abuse is still being covered up “at the highest level” with allegations reaching “the very top of society”, an MP has warned.

John Mann says “hundreds of thousands of people” are “just starting to come forward” with allegations - and they are just “the tip of the iceberg”.

Chillingly, he claims the Establishment is still preventing damaging revelations about the “systemic” abuse being made public.

“Without a question there is cover-up at the highest level,” he fumed today.  (more...)


Allegations fly at heated Westminster child abuse conference

Dark clouds gather above the Elizabeth Tower and the Houses of Parliament
Politicians, lawyers, activists and survivors of child abuse crowded into a committee room in the Palace of Westminster yesterday afternoon demanding a thorough and transparent government inquiry into historic child sex abuse allegations and stressing the need for solidarity among campaigners during a heated meeting that saw one man escorted from the room by police.

The eminent QC Michael Mansfield was joined on the panel by politicians John Mann, Nadine Dorries and Sarah Champion as well as other lawyers, activists, whistleblowers and child abuse survivors for the packed conference.

Rumours have swirled in recent years about a cover-up in the British establishment involving senior politicians and police that has seen prominent figures engaging in child abuse and murder. Police have described evidence from one survivor relating to abuse at the Dolphin Square estate in London and at least three murders "credible and true".

Yesterday's event, arranged by the WhiteFlowers group, was designed to keep up the pressure on home secretary Theresa May regarding the government-led inquiry, as well as stressing the need for solidarity among campaigners.  (more...)


If Ontario's French schools can delay sex "education" until 2016, so can the English schools

Ontario parents know by now that several Catholic boards in the province have voted against the idea to delay the implementation of the controversial sex curriculum contained in the 2015 Health and Physical Education document. Catholic trustees, board directors and lawyers have told both teachers and parents that the curriculum cannot be delayed. It's the duty of school boards to implement it this fall and follow government directives. This is not true, but it's the official message being given.

Here's why the message about not delaying the curriculum isn't true.  Everyday for Life Canada got a copy of a letter sent to parents on June 18, 2015, by the director of education for the French schools Rejean Sirois, telling them that the 2015 Health and Physical Education document will not not be implemented in their schools until February 2016. This is a bit of good news for all parents opposed to the sex curriculum, but why are they allowed to wait until next year and not the Catholic English boards or the public boards?  (more...)

Lessons from behind the Iron Curtain: How to oppose gender ideology

A Berlin wall of the mind?
The topic of social psychology rarely comes up in conservative discussions about the upsurge of gender ideology and same-sex marriage. That is a big mistake, because mass propaganda is the elephant in the cultural living room.

It is both evident and known that those promoting the normalization of gender ideology have crafted a popularization strategy with the aid of psychologists, pollsters, marketing experts and other professionals whose business is to influence the human mind in ways other than logic and reason.

Conservatives have not responded with a campaign in kind. Nor have we put up any defences. In fact, we prefer to ignore the whole subject entirely. Do we believe that we are above being influenced by a campaign directed at our subconscious instincts?  (more...)

Social psychology weaponized:

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?

Sam asks whether or not the "gay card" is a "get out of jail free card" as it relates to public nudity at Pride Toronto.

Ontario minister Chan demands Globe apologize for reports of CSIS warning

Ontario Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade, Michael Chan
in Nanjing China for a trade mission in October 2014. The Globe and Mail revealed
that in 2010, CSIS warned Queen’s Park that Chan may be susceptible
to foreign influence.
Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan is disputing reports in The Globe and Mail that said CSIS warned Queen’s Park in 2010 about concerns he was susceptible to foreign interference.

In a statement, which was delivered on Monday to reporters at the legislature, Mr. Chan called the Globe articles a “deeply offensive personal attack” and demanded an apology and retraction. He claimed that the reporting, conducted over a period of 10 months, was “little more than a re-hash of ludicrous allegations published – and debunked – five years ago.”

Last week, The Globe report revealed for the first time that Mr. Chan was one of the Crown ministers former Canadian Security Intelligence Service director Richard Fadden was referring to when he suggested publicly in June, 2010, that the spy agency believed two provincial ministers were susceptible to foreign influence, a sweeping observation that drew wide criticism.  (more...)

Saskatoon teacher gets certificate revoked

While serving a 16-month jail sentence for luring a former student, a former Saskatoon teacher will likely lose his teaching certificate.

On Monday, the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation (STF) sent a recommendation to the Ministry of Education, calling for the minister to revoke Jayson Kennard’s teaching certificate, meaning he won’t be allowed to teach in Saskatchewan following his time behind bars.

On May 15, Kennard was sentenced to 16 months in jail followed by two years’ probation after a Saskatoon judge found him guilty of using Facebook in an attempt to lure a 16-year-old former student while working as a teacher in Saskatoon.

Kennard testified that he was in a troubled relationship and heavily using marijuana when he unknowingly exchanged messages with a police officer posing as the boy on Facebook. Kennard asked the officer, who he thought was his former student, if he could perform oral sex on him; when the undercover officer said no, the ex-teacher asked for a picture of the boy's genitals.  (more...)

Ontario's sex "education" document: even its Glossary is biased

There are so many reasons why parents should make sure that the radical sex curriculum contents of Ontario's 2015 Health and Physical Education document never make it to the classroom. A section that has been overlooked is the Glossary. Learning to a large extent is knowing new words, their meaning and how to use them. Without having an accurate connection between reality and words, we can hardly think and act soundly. Poorly defined words and language are like a map that isn't linked to the territory it represents. This can lead to confusion and dangerous thinking.

The Glossary of the Health and Physical Education defines a number of terms found in the document. A detailed and accurate Glossary is a very useful learning and teaching tool, but there is something terribly wrong when a Glossary is biased and misleading. Mumbo jumbo definitions have no place in a government document that is going to guide future teaching and learning in Ontario schools.

Let's look at some of the terms defined. "Sexual Health" is one of them  (more...)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Here's one simple thing concerned parents can do today to protest Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum

Marissa Semkiw of The Rebel.Media reports that Premier Wynne has told parents she wants to be "partners" in education, yet she has been ignoring their concerns about the sexually explicit sex ed curriculum for months.

Concerned Ontarians who come from all walks of life, have been attending protests to make their concerns known, but they are all dismissed by the Premier as "homophobic" and by Education Minister Sandal as "misinformed". This disdain for their legitimate concerns explains why more parents are opting for alternatives to the public education system but we're all paying for a public system anyway.

Join us in the fight to defend parental rights by signing our petition, chipping in to get our radio ads on the air and spreading the word to your friends and family by visiting and sharing our website at: ProtectOurKids.ca.

LifeSite being sued after exposing Peel Board's LGBT lesson plans

Brian Lilley of TheRebel.media talks to the editor-in-chief of LifeSite.com, John-Henry Weston.

LifeSite is being sued over its coverage of an LGBT-themed teachers' conference. Their reporter's audio from the event included a self-described lesbian teacher describing "how they teach children as young as Grade Four about same-sex marriage, LGBT rights and homosexuality, basically."

11 Minutes - Ontario Sex Education Program

It's incredible how far we've fallen where those in government cannot grasp that they don't have a role to play in every aspect of our lives. Kathleen Wynne, together with a convicted sex offender rolled out a new sex ed curriculum for Ontario's children. Including discussion of anal intercourse and oral sex for 13 year-olds.

‘Dad, will you go to jail?’ – The cost of reporting truth

I spent an entire day trying to figure out how to break it to my wife that my name appeared in a legal threat sent to LifeSite involving two recent investigative reports I wrote about two lesbian teachers promoting homosexuality to young kids in public school.

Later that evening, as my kids gobbled pizza around a picnic table and Erin and I sipped on pear and blackberry ciders, a sudden inspiration made me say jokingly: “Well darling, I’m now a full member of the LifeSiteNews team!”

“Why is that,” she asked slowly, withdrawing the drink from her lips.

“Because I’ve been named in a legal threat for my reporting,” I said with a bit of a forced laugh. “You know, you aren’t really a full member of the team until you’ve been mentioned in a potential lawsuit.”

“Let me guess: It’s over those reports you wrote about the lesbian teachers,” she said.

“Yes, I must’ve really hit the hornet’s nest or they wouldn’t be so mad,” I said.  (more...)

Ontario cabinet minister threatens legal action over Globe report of CSIS warning

Kathleen Wynne's controller?
TORONTO - An Ontario cabinet minister is threatening to take legal action against a Toronto newspaper unless it retracts and apologizes for articles he says contain false allegations against him.

Michael Chan calls the stories published last week in the Globe and Mail a "deeply offensive personal attack" and says they have caused significant damage to his reputation.

The newspaper reported that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service warned the Ontario government in 2010 that Chan may have been susceptible to Chinese influence and had "unusually close ties to Chinese officials."  (more...)


Don Meredith hires lawyer over underage allegations

OTTAWA -- A senator facing published allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl that ended earlier this year has hired a lawyer.

Ottawa law firm Conway Baxter Wilson LLP issued a two sentence statement on Sunday night saying Sen. Don Meredith has retained Ottawa lawyer Colin Baxter and that he fully intends to respect the internal procedures of the Senate.

The statement says Meredith has been retained "with respect to proceedings" of the Senate Ethics officer and a Senate committee, but does not provide any further details.

Senate Speaker Leo Housakos said last week that he referred the allegations involving Meredith to the ethics officer.

Meredith quit the Conservative caucus last week after the Toronto Star reported that a woman said she had a sexual relationship with him that began shortly after she turned 16.  (more...)


Lord Janner abuse claims: Labour 'failed to act quickly'

A senior Labour MP has told Channel 4 News his party's leadership "failed to act quickly and efficiently" to suspend Lord Janner, despite his private written warning to Ed Miliband sent last year.

The peer was suspended by the Labour party on 16 April, when the director of public prosecutions announced that while there was sufficient evidence to charge him with multiple counts of child abuse, a prosecution could not go ahead due to the "severity" of his illness.

However, on 6 October 2014, Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk wrote to Ed Miliband, then leader of the Labour party, warning him of "stomach-churning" allegations faced by Lord Janner.

In the letter seen by Channel 4 News, Mr Danczuk explained that he had been "visited by three senior officers from Leicestershire Police" and that the alleged abuse that was disclosed to him in relation to Lord Janner's case was "stomach-churning". He called on Ed Miliband to "suspend Lord Janner from the Labour party at the earliest opportunity".  (more...)


Wikipedia: Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, and was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA. The organization recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA's views, and funded some student and cultural organizations, and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA.

In addition to earlier exposés of CIA activities in foreign affairs, in 1966, Ramparts magazine published an article revealing that the National Student Association was funded by the CIA. The United States Congress investigated the allegations and published a report in 1976. Other accounts were also published. The media operation was first called Mockingbird in Deborah Davis's 1979 book, Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and her Washington Post Empire.  (more...)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Germany: Greens in Pedophile Scandal --- While State Sexual Education Continues

(Berlin) The Greens in the Federal Republic of Germany have admitted a "terrible failure"  in relation to pedophiles a month ago. "Maybe hundreds boys in the eighties were victims of pedophiles, organized by the Greens," wrote Spiegel Online on May 20.  The Greens "have tolerated sexual abuse of children in the eighties and nineties. A recent study concludes that  one 'Working Group Young and Old'  gave  pedophile party members access to boys', says Spiegel.

As the past month has shown,  the Greens have do  not yet have to fear a full-scale  mass media campaign on the order of what  the Catholic Church suffered for objectively far fewer cases and perpetrators. The same toxic haze around the child sexual abuse scandal at the Odenwald School shows that  perpetrators and abuse does not equal the same abuse for the same media.  It is the parents that could cook Odenwaldschule's goose by no longer sending in their children there.  (more...)

750,000 UK men want child sex, say crime chiefs

Up to 750,000 men living in Britain may have an interest in having sex with children, the Government has been warned.

A shocking analysis by the National Crime Agency reveals that about one in 35 adult males poses a potential risk of being a child abuser or of seeking out child sex images online.

Horrifically, as many as 250,000 men may be sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children – defined as those under 12 – according to the findings disclosed exclusively to The Mail on Sunday.

Phil Gormley, the deputy director general of the National Crime Agency (NCA), said: ‘We are starting to get a real sense of the scale.’

He also warned that paedophiles are so numerous that ‘the reality is that we are all living not far away from one’.  (more...)

CPS refuses to advise police on rape case against Leon Brittan

Prosecutors are refusing to tell Scotland Yard whether it had enough evidence to charge former home secretary Lord Brittan with raping a young woman.

The refusal has prompted frustration among detectives and for the complainant, known only as “Jane”. The police still wanted to know whether their case was strong enough to prosecute the Conservative peer were it not for his death.  (more...)


Lord Janner made secret visits to the Lords AFTER being declared unfit for police questions

Disgraced peer Lord Janner made secret official visits to Parliament several months after police were told he was too ill to be questioned over child abuse allegations, it can be revealed today.

Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday show that the Labour politician was well enough to go to Westminster three times after medics said his dementia meant he could not be interviewed by detectives.

This newspaper’s investigation has found that after police were refused permission to quiz him about claims that he had sexually abused more than a dozen boys, he:

  • Travelled in his own car to the House of Lords car park and used his personal security pass, suggesting he was at the wheel;
  • Told authorities he was in Parliament on official business – even though it was not sitting at the time;
  • Personally signed a cheque to cover the cost of his stay in a Westminster car park, after detailed correspondence with senior officials in the House of Lords.  (more...)