Sunday, January 31, 2021

Death of a money launderer

 In November 1988, Hugh John Simmonds CBE, Margaret Thatcher's favorite speechwriter and the author's best friend, boss and political mentor, turned up dead in a woodland glade a few miles from their sleepy suburban hometown 20 miles west of London. To learn why his best friend was murdered, Geoffrey Gilson journeyed into the dangerous world of international arms deals, covert intelligence operations and high-level political corruption and discovered a secret that explains much of contemporary history. A quest for truth which, after 20 years of high-risk adventure coupled with painstaking research and firsthand interviews, uncovered the ugly reality that, for some 30 years, the various governments of Great Britain have loaned their country's military and intelligence services to the United States, allowing presidents from Reagan to Obama to pursue their covert foreign and military policies without the encumbrance of congressional oversight.

Maggie's Hammer

Margaret Thatcher money laundering arms trafficking Britain crime

Friday, January 29, 2021

Pwning social conservatives: The pro-life movement as a psychological operation

 Is the Mellon family driving an MKULTRA subproject to keep the peasants at each other's throats?

pro-life psychological operations politics conservatism CIA MKULTRA

No More Lies. My Grandfather Was a Nazi.


Lithuania Nazi anti-semitism holocaust historical revisionism anti-communism genocide war crimes denial

When I was growing up in Chicago during the Cold War, my parents taught me to revere my Lithuanian heritage. We sang Lithuanian songs and recited Lithuanian poems; after Lithuanian school on Saturdays, I would eat Lithuanian-style potato pancakes.

My grandfather, Jonas Noreika, was a particularly important part of my family story: He was the mastermind of a 1945-1946 revolt against the Soviet Union, and was executed. A picture of him in his military uniform hung in our living room. Today, he is a hero not just in my family. He has streets, plaques and a school named after him. He was awarded the Cross of the Vytis, Lithuania’s highest posthumous honor.

On her deathbed in 2000, my mother asked me to take over writing a book about her father. I eagerly agreed. But as I sifted through the material, I came across a document with his signature from 1941 and everything changed. The story of my grandfather was much darker than I had known.

I learned that the man I had believed was a savior who did all he could to rescue Jews during World War II had, in reality, ordered all Jews in his region of Lithuania to be rounded up and sent to a ghetto where they were beaten, starved, tortured, raped and then murdered. More than 95 percent of Lithuania’s Jews died during World War II, many of them killed with the eager collaboration of their neighbors.

Suddenly, I no longer had any idea who my grandfather was, what Lithuania was, and how my own story fit in. How could I reconcile two realities? Was Jonas Noreika a monster who slaughtered thousands of Jews or a hero who fought to save his country from the Communists?  (more...)

No More Lies. My Grandfather Was a Nazi.

In the 1930s, UK and US Business Ties to Nazi Germany. Churchill’s “Admiration” of Adolph Hitler


Churchill UK Britain Hitler collaboration collusion business enablers war crimes

Early this century Winston Churchill was voted “the greatest Briton of all time” in a nationwide British poll, which attracted more than a million votes, as he finished ahead of figures like the naturalist Charles Darwin.

It is little known, however, that Churchill had favourably viewed European fascism during the 1920s and 1930s; that is, before the expansionist policies of the fascist dictators began to affect British interests.

In October 1937, almost five years into Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship in Germany, Churchill wrote in the Evening Standard about, “The story of that struggle” regarding Hitler’s rise to power which

“cannot be read without admiration for the courage, the perseverance, and the vital force which enabled him [Hitler] to challenge, defy, conciliate or overcome, all the authority or resistances which barred his path”. 

Churchill refused to criticise either Hitler’s brutal suppression of those who opposed him, nor his erecting of concentration camps, which by 1934 were under the direct control of the SS.

Churchill continued that “history is replete with examples of men who have risen to power by employing stern, grim and even frightful methods” but “when their life is revealed as a whole, have been regarded as great figures whose lives have enriched the story of mankind. So may it be with Hitler”.

Less than four years later, by June of 1941, Churchill was calling Hitler over the radio “a monster of wickedness, insatiable in his lust for blood and plunder”, because as can be safely assumed, Hitler was directly challenging Britain’s diminishing empire and her financial concerns.  (more...)

In the 1930s, UK and US Business Ties to Nazi Germany. Churchill’s “Admiration” of Adolph Hitler


How the Bush Family Made its Fortune From the Nazis

Thursday, January 28, 2021

How many monuments honor fascists, Nazis and murderers of Jews? You’ll be shocked.


Nazi monuments collaborators war crimes holocaust genocide eugenics

The most curious thing about last year’s protests that toppled statues of slavers and colonizers is that the monuments of Holocaust perpetrators didn’t even make headlines.

Yet a Forward investigation reveals there are hundreds of statues and monuments in the United States and around the world to people who abetted or took part in the murder of Jews and others during the Holocaust.

The Nazi collaborators of Central and Eastern Europe weren’t as fastidious at keeping records as their Third Reich allies, which makes it difficult to arrive at a precise number of their victims. As a rough estimate, the Nazi collaborators honored with monuments on U.S. soil represent governments, death squads and paramilitaries that murdered a half million Jews, Poles and Bosnians.

Holocaust perpetrators is the correct term for these men and organizations, for they played an integral part in the Final Solution, arresting and deporting Jews to concentration camps or gunning them down in the forests and fields of Eastern Europe (one-third of all Holocaust victims were killed in what’s called the “Holocaust by bullets”).  (more...)

How many monuments honor fascists, Nazis and murderers of Jews? You’ll be shocked.

The Nazi monument project: My methodology

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Clown and The Candyman


The 1970s saw a rise in serial killers unlike anything the United States had previously seen. Two of the killers operating during this time were John Wayne Gacy in Chicago and Dean Corll in Houston. Gacy often performed as a clown for hospitals and charity events and became known as “The Killer Clown,” while Corll, whose family owned a factory, often gave away candy to kids in the neighborhood which earned him the nickname “The Candyman.” Gacy and Corll were far more sinister than their outward facing personas, and their depraved actions resulted in the deaths of more than 60 young men and women and brought heartbreak to countless families, with some of their victims still unidentified to this day. The police believed the murders were the work of sole killers, but for the first time, the sordid secret revealing the network of pedophiles spanning the country is explored. This network included prominent members of American society with tentacles in some of our most trusted institutions.

serial killers homosexuality pedophilia pornography crime homicide abuse boys

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Schenker Crimes -- Schenker & Co.: Fencer, Plunderer, Accomplice in Murder


Nazi logistics plunder crime war restitution Germany Schenker

The DB AG's globally operating logistics company Schenker, a Deutsche Bahn subsidiary, is the state-owned successor of a criminal organization. This has been confirmed by new documents accessed in German archives by the "Train of Commemoration" on tips by British historians. According to these documents, Schenker had organized for the "Reichsgruppe Industrie" (Nazi state-controlled industrial business association) [1] the transfer of loot to Germany, plundered Europe-wide from countries under Nazi Wehrmacht occupation. Particularly during the last years of the war (1943-45), Schenker was involved in wide-ranging plunder raids stretching from Athens in the south, through the Balkans, from Lisbon in the west, Oslo in the north and in the east from Warsaw to within the Soviet Union. The spoils flowed into the coffers of the German state, which then shared them with such companies as Mannesmann, Rheinmetall, Siemens or AEG. However, even seemingly harmless family enterprises were having Schenker & Co. - in cooperation with the Deutsche Reichsbahn (German railroad) - deliver deported laborers and spoils from Eastern Europe.

After unloading on the territory of the German Reich, on its return trips to the front, Schenker transported voluminous arsenals to militarily secure Germany's large-scale plunder economy in its "New Europe." As the documents show, Schenker's criminal gang-like business dealings included transports of valuables of the Prussian State Mint, which, on behalf of the Reichsbank, had remolded looted gold into bullions, providing them with a counterfeit minting date. The objective was to dissimulate the origin (including from anti-Semitic massacres), so that the expropriated precious metals or those that had been torn from corpses could - undetected - be capitalized on the international market.

Neither Schenker & Co.'s successor (Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Schenker) nor the former and current owner of Schenker (the German state) seems to show interest in a thorough investigation of Schenker's crimes. For understandable reasons. Berlin has never restituted the assets it had obtained through fencing, plunder and complicity in murder. Clarification becomes all the more pressing with the suspicion growing that DB Schenker and its parent company's global economic expansion are driving Berlin's "Weltpolitik" ("global policy"). That is nothing new. Already before World War II, Schenker was considered the economic vanguard of Germany's great power subversion; Schenker branch offices were considered a hub of spies. In London, Schenker's regional branch office was set afire; in Eastern Europe warnings of Berlin's gaining a European monopoly in the logistics branch were raised.  (more...)

The Schenker Crimes Part I    Part II

Material Justice

Nazi horror camp for Polish children: new book reveals 'heart-breaking' accounts from survivors


Germany Nazi Poland abuse books children slavery murder genocide eugenics crime war history books

Instead of cuddles and bedtime stories, Polish children as young as two would hear “Achtung! Raus! Polnische Schweine!” barked at them by degenerate German guards who treated them like animals.

Chilled to the bone in freezing weather, desperate for calories, the tiny victims of Hitler’s all-conquering Third Reich would be forced to crawl on the ground and lick German boots for a ladle of watery “soup” of dead insects, sand, plastic and maybe a few cabbage leaves.

Worked to exhaustion, beaten, tortured and riddled with disease, the children expired in large numbers. This incomprehensible human tragedy was planned and executed by the Germans at a concentration camp set up on the edge of the Łódź Ghetto for the specific purpose of abusing, humiliating and tormenting Polish children.

What is doubly shocking is that having stolen their childhoods once in 1942-45 when the camp operated, the Germans robbed them of their rights as victims after war by stealing and “losing” documents proving that they had been at the camp.

These are the sensational claims made by Jolanta Sowińska-Gogacz, the co-author of a blistering new book about the camp published this week ‘Mały Oświęcim. Dziecięcy obóz w Łodzi’ (Little Oświęcim. The children’s camp in Lódź), which was racing up the bestseller charts in Poland even before its launch.  (more...)

Nazi horror camp for Polish children: new book reveals 'heart-breaking' accounts from survivors of the camp in Łódź that postwar Germany tried to hush up

Germany Nazi crime Poland abuse children slavery eugenics genocide history books

The camp in Przemysłowa Street

We are presenting you a documentary film that shows the story of the camp in Przemysłowa in Łódź (Poland).

The camp for Polish children, where around 3 thousand minors were brought!

After the end of World War II, the memory of the German labour camp for Polish children in Przemysłowa Street in Łódź – situated within the borders of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto – began to fade away and almost all of its remnants were destroyed.

With this film, the Institute of National Remembrance, Branch in Łódź is taking another step to sustain the memory of that place and its history.

Germany Nazi Poland abuse children slave labour eugenics war crimes genocide

Monday, January 25, 2021

Defunding the Myths and Cults of Cold War Canada


Canada cold war Eastern Europe Nazi collaborators diaspora Ukraine

For decades the Canadian government has been supporting East European émigré associations whose much-revered founders, leaders and war heroes include veterans of Waffen SS divisions and other fascist military formations, perpetrators of the Holocaust and other ethnic-cleansing campaigns, officials from and apologists for Nazi puppet regimes, postwar CIA propaganda assets, proponents of Cold War terrorist groups like the US-armed Nicaraguan contras and Afghan mujahideen, and other virulently anticommunist “freedom fighters” and their ideologues.

Over the past few years alone, the most influential of these ethno-nationalist émigré organizations — those representing the right-wing Ukrainian diaspora — have received millions of dollars in Canadian government grants and contributions. For many decades, the Canadian government’s financial largesse has helped subsidize the most powerful of these groups’ day-to-day operations, their office spaces, meeting halls, events and publications. In doing so the Canadian government continues to aid and abet these associations’ efforts to glorify, with cult-like adoration, their fascist heroes from WWII and the Cold War.

Throughout the Cold War, Canada’s right-wing émigré groups—such as those representing Czechs, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, Slovaks and Ukrainians—were enthusiastic cheerleaders for the Canadian government’s devotion to proUS and proNATO policies. Their ongoing support for Canada’s hawkish foreign policies has not wavered.

Long recognized by Canada’s government as officially representing their ethnic communities, these émigré organizations continue to promote propaganda narratives that whitewash their histories. These histories would be publicly embarrassing to them and to their government allies if the mass media were ever to expose them. However, the corporate press has itself been deeply complicit in perpetuating the very propaganda that still needs to be exposed.

Canada’s ethno-nationalist organizations continue to push their political agendas by initiating and assisting right-wing government policies that suit their shared goals. They also serve government interests by mobilizing electoral support from their ethnic communities and the public at large for mainstream politicians, their parties and corporate-friendly programs.  (more...)

Defunding the Myths and Cults of Cold War Canada

Articles detailing Canadian government funding of East European émigré groups with deep fascist roots

Mother's Day at the War Show

 It was the "Mother of All Air Shows!" The highly-militarized National Capital Air Show in Ottawa, Canada, was held on Mothers' Day, May 11, 1997. (Ironically Mothers' Day was conceived by Julia Ward Howe an American abolitionist and suffragette who wanted to inspire women to rise up against men's wars...)

The vast majority of the aircraft performing stunts at Canadian air shows are war planes, and most are America. In 1997, COAT received permission to have a booth inside Ottawa's air show. Once there we displayed original paintings by Iraqi children. Their artwork, collected by Canadian peace activists in Iraq, graphically showed US and allied warplanes bombing that country during the 1991 war.

The film juxtaposes jarring images and interviews from inside the war show with footage from Iraq. For example, we see:

* War planes zooming overhead to entertain families with young children

* Pentagon footage of these same varieties of war planes that bombed Iraq

* Iraqi children’s art depicting war planes dropping bombs

* Degrading paintings of women on the fuselages of warplanes that bombed Iraq

* Thrilled kids and youth describing their favourite war planes 

* Interviews with Iraqi victims of war

* Children enjoying fair-ground rides at the war show in mini-bombers with toy machine guns

* Peace activists inside the war show, including the documentary-maker interviewing his mother

* Images of devastation and suffering caused by war planes in Iraq

* Smiling spectators touching war planes and their missiles; and children in cockpits

* Statements by former US Att. Gen. Ramsey Clark in Iraq in 1991 describing the sanctions program which the UN said caused the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five

* Proud pilots on the runway posing with their war planes for photos by adoring fans

For years after 1997, until the show was cancelled, COAT held events outside its gates, including a Festival of Peace. COAT also produced materials about war shows and urged activists across Canada to draw attention to these events locally. Many did.

This 30-minute documentary was narrated by Marion Dewar, the former Mayor of Ottawa (1978-1985), an NDP Member of Parliament (1986-1988), and a mentor of COAT.  The film was written and produced for COAT by Richard Sanders.

war Iraq military technology aircraft Ottawa airshow propaganda

Jenin, Jenin

Jenin, Jenin (2002) from Palestine Film Institute on Vimeo.

 Directed and co-produced by Palestinian actor Mohammad Bakri, Jenin Jenin includes testimony from Jenin residents after the Israeli army's Defensive Wall operation. The city and camp were the scenes of fierce fighting which ended with Jenin flattened and scores of Palestinians dead. Palestinians as well as numerous human rights groups accused Israel of committing war crimes in the attack. The United Nations appointed a commission of inquiry, but Israel refused to let its members visit the scene.

Banned in Israel, Jenin Jenin is dedicated to Iyad Samudi, the producer of the film, who returned home to Yamun after the shooting of the film was completed. On June 23, as Israeli forces besieged Yamun, Samudi was shot and killed as he was leaving a militarily-closed area with three friends.

Palestine Israel Zionism war crimes genocide refugees

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Road to Holocaust

“I remember what my mother once said around 1938. ‘Germany? Such a cultured country?’ This was unimaginable” – Krystyna Budnicka, who lost her parents and seven siblings to the Holocaust

For a very long time, many people simply couldn’t believe what was happening, as the Holocaust was a planned atrocity, carried out systematically on an unimaginably massive scale. Holocaust survivors carry a burden of memories which will forever weigh heavily on their hearts and souls. Witnesses and survivors of these tragic events shared their stories with the creators of the film “Witnesses to the Age. Road to Holocaust”. Their accounts paint a horrific picture of German occupation which includes the growing persecution of Jews and the successive stages of the Holocaust – leading up to the extermination camps. With no additional commentary, the film consists solely of the accounts of Holocaust witnesses and survivors, reflecting the terrifying truth about the scale of this atrocity. What happened outside the largest cities in German-occupied territories? How was the Holocaust carried out in small towns and villages? How many Jews died before getting to extermination camps? How many atrocities remain unknown outside local communities?

“Witnesses to the Age. Road to Holocaust” gives a voice to the Holocaust victims whose struggle had been unknown to many of us…

Poland holocaust Germany genocide eugenics war crimes barbarism witnesses history

Saturday, January 23, 2021

MCC's call to explore past welcome, documentary maker says

Nazi Canada Winnipeg Mennonite history immigration politics collaboration

Many were likely shocked when news broke two weeks ago that the Mennonite Central Committee has launched an investigation into how it helped Nazi collaborators after the Second World War.

How could the organization, which has a stellar reputation today for its aid work around the world and advocacy on behalf of marginalized and vulnerable groups in Canada, ever have been involved in such a thing?

Getting an answer to that question is MCC’s goal. It has asked 11 researchers from five countries, including Canada, to explore how it happened.

That will include investigating "MCC’s entanglements with National Socialism before and during World War II, and with the legacy of National Socialism as we worked to resettle displaced Mennonites, including those who had served in the German army and those who had worked with MCC," the organization said in a statement.

The goal, said Ann Graber Hershberger, executive director of MCC U.S., is to develop "a deeper understanding of this part of our history, and reckoning with it once the research is complete."

While the news is shocking to many, it isn’t a revelation for historians who have been researching, writing and speaking about this issue for many years.  (more...)

Chameleo, Gang Stalking and QAnon

Robert Guffey, Chameleo, nonlethal weapons, Kevin Coogan, Francis Parker Yockey, gang stalking, trolling, doxxing, alternate reality games, QAnon, LARPing, conspiritainment, SAIC, private intelligence companies, SRI, remote viewing, MK-ULTRA, cults, Thomas Schoenberger, Skinwalker, Cicada 3301, Michael Aquino, Paul Vallely, From PSYOP to Mind War, Michael Flynn, Joint Special Operations Command, JSOC

technology fascism harassment SAIC tyranny social control psychological operations

The New Normal Documentary

Investigating the origin of the titular phrase – never far from the lips of authority figures across the globe since early 2020 – The New Normal, featuring content from Oracle Films, explores the true purposes behind lockdowns and the inflated pandemic hysteria surrounding Sars-coV-2, and uncovers the origins of a very real and darkly foreboding agenda which might be at the heart of it all. The Great Reset.

artificial intelligence technocracy new normal Google Microsoft Facebook fascism lockdowns pandemic fourth industrial revolution great reset

Friday, January 22, 2021

Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, And The SolarWinds Hack


technology espionage diversion cover-up CIA Samanage SolarWinds Maxwell Microsoft

The devastating hack on SolarWinds was quickly pinned on Russia by US intelligence. A more likely culprit, Samanage, a company whose software was integrated into SolarWinds’ software just as the “back door” was inserted, is deeply tied to Israeli intelligence and intelligence-linked families such as the Maxwells.

In mid-December of 2020, a massive hack compromised the networks of numerous US federal agencies, major corporations, the top five accounting firms in the country, and the military, among others. Despite most US media attention now focusing on election-related chaos, the fallout from the hack continues to make headlines day after day.

The hack, which affected Texas-based software provider SolarWinds, was blamed on Russia on January 5 by the US government’s Cyber Unified Coordination Group. Their statement asserted that the attackers were “likely Russian in origin,” but they failed to provide evidence to back up that claim.

Since then, numerous developments in the official investigation have been reported, but no actual evidence pointing to Russia has yet to be released. Rather, mainstream media outlets began reporting the intelligence community’s “likely” conclusion as fact right away, with the New York Times subsequently reporting that US investigators were examining a product used by SolarWinds that was sold by a Czech Republic–based company, as the possible entry point for the “Russian hackers.” Interest in that company, however, comes from the fact that the attackers most likely had access to the systems of a contractor or subsidiary of SolarWinds. This, combined with the evidence-free report from US intelligence on “likely” Russian involvement, is said to be the reason investigators are focusing on the Czech company, though any of SolarWinds’ contractors/subsidiaries could have been the entry point.

Such narratives clearly echo those that became prominent in the wake of the 2016 election, when now-debunked claims were made that Russian hackers were responsible for leaked emails published by WikiLeaks. Parallels are obvious when one considers that SolarWinds quickly brought on the discredited firm CrowdStrike to aid them in securing their networks and investigating the hack. CrowdStrike had also been brought on by the DNC after the 2016 WikiLeaks publication, and subsequently it was central in developing the false declarations regarding the involvement of “Russian hackers” in that event.  (more...)

Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, And The SolarWinds Hack

The Schenker Papers


corporations Schenker Germany Nazi holocaust genocide looting collusion profiteering railways crime reparations

The Schenker Company had been one of the most important enterprises engaged in pillage and plunder during German aggressions and mass crimes throughout Europe in the period from 1938 to 1945. This German mega-company has been - and remains - state-owned. Today, operating under the name "DB Schenker," it is a branch of the Deutsche Bahn (DB, the German Railway Company) and is under the authority of the German Ministry of Transport.

DB Schenker, with its 65,000 employees worldwide is, today, not only one of the leading addresses in the USA, but in Greece and throughout the rest of Europe. Its predecessor, Schenker, had played a significant role in the bloodletting of the European continent. The state-owned DB Schenker generates huge revenues and profits: in 2013, 19.7 billion Euros in revenues and 382 million Euros in profits.

In the USA, DB Schenker is advertizing with the slogan "a long tradition of passion for transportation solutions." Schenker's tradition also includes a "passion" for political diversion and spying on the Unites States. It has already been subjected several times to public boycotts in the USA and Great Britain.

However, Schenker became particularly notorious for its gigantic plunder of private and public property throughout Europe. The full extent of Schenker's pillaging in France, Greece and Poland remains unknown. Schenker has never received the bill.

By remaining silent, Schenker-USA is denying its past. The German DB Group, which includes Schenker, is also remaining silent about the company's criminal background by using a trick. In its official self-blurb, the DB Group simply does not extend Schenker's history beyond 1932 and - completely obscuring the suffering Schenker caused in the Nazi period - continues the history in 1984. Hundreds of thousands of its pillaging victims have long since died and their heirs were usually unable to retrace Schenker's plunder during the Nazi years.  (more...)

The Schenker Papers

Further investigation:

The Schenker Crimes

the boxcar from Ron Siebler on Vimeo.

The Mr. X File And Small Town American Weirdness

Penny Royal, Hellier, James Shelby Downard, Syndicate, organized crime, JFK assassination, Alexander Guterma, Daniel Dutton, Smiley Face Killer, Feral House, synchronicity, special schools, Philippines, Adena mounds, 37th parallel, mental illness, schizophrenia, bipolar, pattern recognition, cybernetics, feedback, Civil War, Nazis, Michael A. Hoffman, Pan, William Grimstead 

Nazi New Age UFOs crime psychosis mental illness cults occult

Penny Royal Podcast

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Conservative Party of Canada is ‘Reviewing’ Membership of Prominent Neo-Nazi Who Voted For Derek Sloan


Paul Fromm Derek Sloan Nazi conservative politics racism white supremacy

The Conservative Party of Canada is considering revoking a party membership held by one of Canada’s most notorious neo-Nazis.

On Monday evening, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole announced he was taking steps to have Conservative MP Derek Sloan removed from caucus after PressProgress reported that a prominent Canadian neo-Nazi donated to Sloan’s Conservative leadership campaign in August 2020.

“Racism is a disease of the soul,” O’Toole said in a statement.

“Derek Sloan’s acceptance of a donation from a well-known white supremacist is far worse than a gross error of judgement or failure of due diligence.”  (more...)

Conservative Party of Canada is ‘Reviewing’ Membership of Prominent Neo-Nazi Who Voted For Derek Sloan

One marvels at how toxic conservative politics in Ontario has become:

Masonic Minion Paul Fromm's Campus Escapades

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

No Limits: Thalidomide Disaster Survivors Share Their Fight To Get Justice

Thousands of families were affected in the 60s and the 70s during the thalidomide scandal, and as these children become adults, join their stories of struggle and achievement as they fight back against the tragedy.

pharmaceuticals thalidomide drugs medicine safety cover-up liability parents

Mae Brussell on Psychosurgery

 You can trust the medical establishment, right?

psychosurgery bioethics CIA mind control MKULTRA

The Compleat Mae Brussell

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Investigating John Wayne Gacey, Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. and John David Norman

The network of pedophiles that connected two deranged serial killers

boys abuse crime serial killers homosexuality pedophilia Chicago

Programmed to Kill: John Wayne Gacey

Programmed to Kill: John David Norman

Programmed to Kill: Dean Corll & Elmer Wayne Henley Jr.

Biden, Dems & GOP Backed Neo Nazi’s In Ukraine

 Graham Elwood talks about how America backed Neo-Nazi’s in the Ukraine back in 2014.

Ukraine Nazi Trump Biden militias paramilitary blowback

America’s Collusion With Neo-Nazis

Technocratic Apocalypse: 12 Monkeys

In a future world devastated by disease, a convict is sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human population on the planet.

pandemic film lockdowns technocrats technology science terrorism population control fascism

Blueprint for our new normal?

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Treason, The 4Th Reich, and The Advent of the Global Corpocracy

Tony Gosling - Advent of the Globalist Corpocracy - A conversation with Tony Gosling

Nazi ratlines Bormann Organization corporations fascism European Union NATO Bilderberg treason banks secret societies

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Bizarre Weirdness of The 1970s

 World Anti-Communist League, WACL, Unification Church, Moonies, Roger Pearson, Chile, Pinochet, 1973 coup, Los Tecos, Stefano Delle Chiaie, Minutemen, Discordians, New Orleans, Anti-Castro Cubans, wandering bishops, Cocaine coup, Klaus Barbie, Northern League, occultism, Bolivia

Nazi fascism WACL cocaine Unification Church death squads

The Tin Lids: The Thalidomide Story

 This documentary was made in 1991 and highlight the history of the fight for the parents of thalidomide children. It shows the children grow up and become adults. Thalidomide UK believe that this is one of the best documentaries ever made on our disability.

parents Thalidomide pharmaceuticals drugs medicine healthcare corporations liability accountability justice

Friday, January 15, 2021

Dark Winter

Heiko Schöning, vice president of World Freedom Alliance

Joe Biden Dark Winter lockdowns quarantines vaccines pharmaceuticals fascism pandemic anthrax COVID-19 Great Reset social control fear

Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine

 Stand for Health Freedom recently had the honor of sitting down with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav and capturing her personal story on film. It’s a story that every individual needs to hear. A renowned champion of human rights and expert in biomedical research ethics, Ms. Sharav offers rare and valuable insights into the public health arena and state of emergency affecting each and every one of our lives. She also draws parallels between what happened in Nazi Germany and what’s happening in our society today — and discusses why it’s more important than ever for us to take a stand.

bioethics vaccines pharmaceuticals corruption eugenics medicine healthcare Nazi

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

How Opus Dei is Cult-Like


Opus Dei Catholic cults deception mind control manipulation secrecy elitism

Opus Dei is often described in the media as “cult-like.”  Opus Dei numerary Meg Kates’ statement, “Members are free to come, free to go, free to participate, free not to, free to walk right out the door, free to stay” is deceptive.  The true personal freedom of numerary members, who make up 25-30% of all members, is hindered by the following controls that are put into place by Opus Dei.  The following table illustrates how Opus Dei’s methods resemble those used by cults.  It uses Steve Hassan’s BITE model (Behavior, Information, Thought and Emotional) of mind control described in Releasing the Bonds, Empowering People to Think for Themselves as the basis for comparison.  (more...)

How Opus Dei is Cult-Like

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Rosary-Reciting Clown: John Wayne Gacy

 He was a model citizen. A hospital volunteer. And one of the most sadistic serial killers of all time. But few people could see the cruel monster beneath the colorful clown makeup that John Gacy wore to entertain children in his Chicago suburb. Few could imagine what lay buried beneath his house of horrors--until a teenaged boy disappeared before Christmas in 1978, leading prosecutor Terry Sullivan on the greatest manhunt of his career.

serial killers crime homosexual boys abuse pedophilia murder torture Chicago clowns

Monday, January 11, 2021

Eyes Wide Shut

A New York City doctor embarks on a harrowing, night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife reveals a painful secret to him. 

Eyes Wide Shut Kubric Illuminati Luciferian occult film books

Reiner Fuellmich: "This Pandemic Was Staged"

 We receive Reiner Fuellmich, for a long debriefing and... with this German lawyer who has expertise in the medical field and has set up a group of experts: the Corona Committee. After a general presentation and his analysis on the pandemic, he talks about the actions he is taking, the legal and judicial situation in Germany where the system is locally under the influence of certain companies, international cooperation and the "dice" of the P.R. tests of the much maligned Dr. Drosten.

Reiner Fuellmich pandemic hysteria deception hoax fraud crime pharmaceuticals lawsuit

Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Hamburg Syndrome, Pandemic Sci-Fi - Film clips

 The Hamburg Syndrome (Die Hamburger Krankheit) is a pandemic science fiction film from 1979, directed by Peter Fleischmann. In this video you can see short extracts from the film.

film pandemic vaccines hysteria fascism predictive programming Germany

Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Origins of America’s Secret Police


J. Edgar Hoover FBI Justice Department freemasonry dictatorship subversion

“Know Thyself,

Nothing to Excess,

Surety Brings Ruin”

– inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Many are aware of the Apollo at Delphi inscription and associate it as words of wisdom, after all, the Temple at Delphi was at the center of global intelligence. Kings, emperors, statesmen, generals from all quarters of the ancient world would travel to the Temple with a very generous payment in gold in hopes that the wisdom of the great god Apollo would be bestowed on them and give strength and power to their particular cause.

One of the most famous prophecies made by the Cult of Delphi, according to the ancient historian Herodotus, was to King Croesus of Lydia. King Croesus was a very rich king and the last bastion of the Ionian cities against the increasing Persian power in Anatolia. King Croesus wished to know whether he should continue his military campaign deeper into Persian Empire territory and whether he should seek a military alliance in such a feat.

According to Herodotus, the amount of gold King Croesus delivered was the greatest ever bestowed upon the Temple of Apollo. In return the priestess of Delphi, otherwise known as the Oracle, (some poor young girl selected once a year with the “right attributes”) would spout nonsensical babble, intoxicated by the gas vapours of the chasm she was conveniently placed over. The priests would then “translate” the Oracle’s prophecy.

King Croesus was told as his prophecy-riddle, “If Croesus goes to war he will destroy a great empire.” Croesus was also told to ally himself with the most powerful Greek state, and he chose Sparta. Croesus was overjoyed and thought his victory solid and immediately began working towards building his military campaign against Persia. Long story short, Croesus lost everything and Lydia was taken over by the Persians. The Spartans never showed up.

It turns out the prophecy-riddle was not wrong, but that Croesus mistook which great empire would fall.  (more...)

The Origins of America’s Secret Police

Friday, January 8, 2021

JFK & The Otto Skorzeny Papers

 In The Skorzeny Papers, the author reveals the details of the post-World War II activities of former SS Commando Otto Skorzeny. Considered by British and American Allied forces as "the most dangerous man in Europe," Skorzeny planned and led numerous daring missions throughout the war. The story in this book was extracted by Major Ganis from Skorzeny's personal papers. The evidence reveals that Skorzeny gradually and methodically became involved in US intelligence and covert operations during the Cold War. But Skorzeny's network had a greater point of destiny in November 1963, when it was utilized to carry out the most tragic mission in history.

This story would have been lost had Skorzeny not kept meticulous records of his businesses and contacts, which were fronts for US covert activity. In the end, The Skorzeny Papers reveal the intriguing web of secret organizations and people linked to the events culminating in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Otto Skorzeny Nazi CIA assassination JFK ratlines Dallas Odessa crime politics coup

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

American Politics Has Been A Bumfight Since Kennedy


In Family Guy season 17 episode 11, Peter ends up in an aggressive fight with President Donald J. Trump.

politics America Trump Biden bumfight corruption subversion

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

''The Apex Predator'' - John David Norman


John David Norman crime homosexuality pedophilia abuse boys pornography corruption police child prostitution sex trafficking

A Cover-up of a Giant Trafficking Network Involving High Profile Serial Killers

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up: John David Norman

Court documents reveal more details about 2017 homicides of Barry and Honey Sherman


Barry Honey Sherman Toronto murder crime Apotex police pharmaceuticals books

As the calendar flipped to 2021, the police investigation into the deaths of Canadian billionaire philanthropists Honey and Barry Sherman entered its fourth year.

The double homicide remains unsolved, but recently released court documents reveal more details about the discovery of the couple's bodies in December 2017 and that their son Jonathon told police the Shermans had enemies.

Toronto police have said they have a number of people who they consider persons of interest and, in a statement to CBC News, insist the case hasn't gone cold.

"The investigative team has had a high level of co-operation throughout this very active and ongoing investigation and investigative steps are being taken every single day," according to Toronto Police spokesperson Connie Osborne.

"We are committed to bringing closure and justice to the family and the community."

Barry Sherman, 75, the founder and chairman of the board of generic drug giant Apotex, and his 70-year-old wife, Honey, were found dead in the basement pool area of their home on Old Colony Rd. in Toronto's North York neighbourhood on Dec. 15, 2017.  (more...)

Court documents reveal more details about 2017 homicides of Barry and Honey Sherman

Monday, January 4, 2021

Nazis in America: Mae Brussell and Mama O'Shea


Mae Brussell was a married housewife with five children living in southern California before she took up the study of fascism in America. After the Kennedy assassination, she purchased the twenty-six-volume Warren Commission Report, and compiled, for herself, evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was, as he maintained after his arrest, a "patsy." She had a regular radio broadcast on KLRB, an independent FM radio station in Carmel, California. She also published articles in Paul Krassner's the Realist, Hustler, People's Almanac, and the Berkeley Barb. In 1983, Mae's hour-long program shifted to KAZU-FM in Pacific Grove, California, and she remained on the air weekly until her final broadcast in June 1988. On October 3, 1988, at sixty-six, Brussell died of cancer.

conspiracy Nazi ratlines corruption journalism

Jessie Czebotar: Escaping the Luciferian Cabal


Luciferianism occult cults freemasonry Illuminati infiltration conspiracy

Satan chose her to play a key role to usher in "his" End Times. Jessie was Saved by God at age 3 but still groomed in the Luciferian Cabal aka the Illuminati. She escaped and is now a whistle-blower.

Illuminate The Darkness: Jessie Czebotar

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Marion Altena: The Netherlands has a Secret!


Satanic Rigtual Abuse children crime Netherlands cover-up human trafficking

The Uprising begins. They pretend it doesn't happen, statute of limitations ridiculous. Congress exposed the secret, department of justice blind but there is a twist. This insightful interview puts a spotlight on the Netherlands. Just windmills and poppies, not after you hear this!

Illuminate The Darkness

Troublesome CIA Nazis: Three Days of the Condor


Three Days of the Condor is a 1975 American political thriller film directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson, and Max von Sydow. The screenplay by Lorenzo Semple Jr. and David Rayfiel was based on the 1974 novel Six Days of the Condor by James Grady.

Set mainly in New York City and Washington, D.C., the film is about a bookish CIA researcher who comes back from lunch, discovers all his co-workers murdered, and tries to outwit those responsible until he figures out whom he can really trust.

Homework assignment:

  1. How do you control Nazis once you've recruited them?
  2. How do you treat a cancer that has metastasized?

assassin CIA infiltration Nazi film corruption conspiracy

Saturday, January 2, 2021

MorningStar Ministries and the Moravians


reformation cults new age occultism charismatic pentecostalism healing secret societies freemasonry

David Metcalfe, Anti-Mystery Babylon, William Cooper, cults, Dominionism, Christian Reconstructionism, Latter Rain movement, Kansas City Prophets, Joel's Army, New Apostolic Reformation, NAR, Rick Joyner, MorningStar Ministries, General William Boykin, Moravian Church, Bohemia, Count Nicolaus Zinzendorf, Swedenborg, Sir Francis Dashwood, Hell-fire Clubs, British East India Company, tantra, theurgy, John Dee, angelic communications, Aleister Crowley, Plymouth Brethren, Thelema, Enochian keys, "dime store grimoires," Walmart, Oprah, The Secret, New Thought Movement, Sovereign Order of Saint John, Shickshinny Knights of Malta, Christian Identity theology