Monday, June 22, 2015

‘Dad, will you go to jail?’ – The cost of reporting truth

I spent an entire day trying to figure out how to break it to my wife that my name appeared in a legal threat sent to LifeSite involving two recent investigative reports I wrote about two lesbian teachers promoting homosexuality to young kids in public school.

Later that evening, as my kids gobbled pizza around a picnic table and Erin and I sipped on pear and blackberry ciders, a sudden inspiration made me say jokingly: “Well darling, I’m now a full member of the LifeSiteNews team!”

“Why is that,” she asked slowly, withdrawing the drink from her lips.

“Because I’ve been named in a legal threat for my reporting,” I said with a bit of a forced laugh. “You know, you aren’t really a full member of the team until you’ve been mentioned in a potential lawsuit.”

“Let me guess: It’s over those reports you wrote about the lesbian teachers,” she said.

“Yes, I must’ve really hit the hornet’s nest or they wouldn’t be so mad,” I said.  (more...)

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