Thursday, February 29, 2024

Historic student protests for Palestine at UC Davis and Stanford


UC Davis Stanford University students activism protests Palestine solidarity Zionism BDS boycott divest sanction courage racism violence abuse intimidation

Colleges and universities across the US have turned into battlegrounds for the Palestinian solidarity movement, as students mobilize against their schools' financial entanglements with the Israeli occupation. At UC Davis and Stanford, student-led struggles have made historic achievements. UC Davis activists recently passed a bill in student government to boycott and divest from all “corporations complicit in human rights violations against Palestinians." At Stanford, students protesting their university's complicity in the genocide in Gaza just ended the longest sit-in in the school's history, camping out for over 120 days. The Real News speaks with student organizers on their recent achievements on their respective campuses, and how to keep the student movement in solidarity with Palestine going.

Irish athlete activist on organizing a sports boycott of Israel


Ireland sports Israel Gaza genocide boycott organizing activism athletes Palestine solidarity basketball

Rebecca O'Keeffe helped spark an international firestorm within the world of sports when she called on the Irish women’s basketball team to boycott its Feb. 8 match against Israel. While O'Keeffe's calls for a boycott ultimately went unheeded, her actions have provoked serious debate within Ireland and internationally on the responsibility of athletes to stand up against genocide. O'Keeffe joins Edge of Sports host Dave Zirin for an exclusive interview on why she took a stand, how the sports world responded, and why she refuses to back down.

"I Won’t Remain Silent in the Face of Genocide"


Israel genocide Gaza Brazil Lula da Silva condemnation Nazi Zionism ethnic cleansing Netanyahu crimes against humanity organizing ICJ ruling

Those who refuse to speak out against the murder of 1000s of children in Gaza by forces directed by Bibi Netanyahu are complicit in genocide, including leaders of governments in the TransAtlantic region.  President Lula refuses to remain silent.  What about you?

Daniel Estulin and Matt Ehret Talk about Science Unshackled


Science Renaissance Larouche Salisbury Edgar Allen Poe Eureka creativity causality hypotheses discovery

Eureka (1848) is a lengthy non-fiction work by American author Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) which he subtitled "A Prose Poem", though it has also been subtitled as "An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe". Adapted from a lecture he had presented, Eureka describes Poe's intuitive conception of the nature of the universe with no antecedent scientific work done to reach his conclusions. He also discusses man's relationship with God, whom he compares to an author. It is dedicated to the German naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859).

Though it is generally considered a literary work, some of Poe's ideas anticipate 20th-century scientific discoveries and theories. Indeed, a critical analysis of the scientific content of Eureka reveals a non-causal correspondence with modern cosmology due to the assumption of an evolving Universe, but excludes the anachronistic anticipation of relativistic concepts such as black holes.

Eureka was received poorly in Poe's day and generally described as absurd, even by friends. Modern critics continue to debate the significance of Eureka and some doubt its seriousness, in part because of Poe's many incorrect assumptions and his comedic descriptions of well-known historical minds. It is presented as a poem, and many compare it with his fiction work, especially science fiction stories such as "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar". His attempts at discovering the truth also follow his own tradition of "ratiocination", a term used in his detective fiction tales. Poe's suggestion that the soul continues to thrive even after death also parallels with works in which characters reappear from beyond the grave such as "Ligeia". The essay is oddly transcendental, considering Poe's disdain for that movement. He considered it his greatest work and claimed it was more important than the discovery of gravity.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

NYTimes reporter FIRED for IDF past and creating fake Hamas news


New York Time Israeli intelligence IDF Hamas fake news scandal rape allegations warmongering demonization incitement

How did Israeli intelligence manage to plant a fake reporter at the New York Times?

Hillier gives evidence in the USA Senate-What did they hide?


Randy Hillier Canada freedom convoy truckers US Senate evidence Randy Hillier politics abuse tyranny mendacity

While Canadian politicians try to runaway from their devilish actions-Hillier provides a detailed description on how the Ontario government knew they overreacted during the "pandemic," but were manipulated into promoting the Con Job.

‘Israel Arms Embargo Now’: Protesters Launch Coordinated Blockades Of Canadian Manufacturers


Canada arms manufacturers Israel military genocide Gaza Palestine solidarity protesters blockades manufacturers embargo ICJ ruling complicity

“If you are not going to impose the arms embargo, then we will impose an arms embargo down on the ground.”

Palestine solidarity activists across Canada co-ordinated blockades at the offices of several arms manufacturers this week and renewed calls for an immediate embargo on all military exports to Israel.

The Maple was on the ground in Toronto and Calgary at the protest actions that took place in those cities. Other blockades also took place in Vancouver, Quebec City, Peterborough, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Victoria this week.

More than 200 workers, union members and other activists from across the Greater Toronto Area set up picket lines and blocked the morning shift of the TTM Technologies facility on Monday morning.

The action included activists from World Beyond War Canada (WBW), Labour for Palestine (LFP), Jews Say No To Genocide, Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), and trade unions.

Two entrances and the main door of the TTM facility were blocked, with protesters holding up banners reading “Stop Arming Genocide,” “Workers Against War,” “TTM Arms Israeli War Crimes,” and “Arms Embargo on Israel Now.”

“It is a very clear message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government that if you are not going to impose the arms embargo, then we will impose an arms embargo down on the ground, and we will be shutting down factories until the government actually listens to our demand and complies with Canadian export law,” Simon Black, an organizer with Labour Against the Arms Trade, told The Maple.

“Canada should not export any arms to a country that stands accused of genocide or where there’s a substantive risk of complicity in war crimes or international crimes against humanity.”  (more...)

‘Israel Arms Embargo Now’: Protesters Launch Coordinated Blockades Of Canadian Manufacturers

Western and Israeli Politicians Use Holocaust to Justify Gaza Brutality


Israel justification Gaza genocide holocaust sophistry excuses infanticide Nazi Hitler Nabimia Kenya

Former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett attempted to downplay Gaza casualties by comparing them to figures from the Second World War during an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan.

H.G. Wells' War Of The Worlds and the Dawn of a New Age


New Age pseudoscience X Club Darwinism eugenics Nazi fascism collectivism Fabian Society neofeudalism hegemony supremacism enslavement elitism caste system HG Wells indoctrination

In this second episode of The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs, the figure of H.G. Wells is introduced as a student of X Club leader Thomas Huxley and the father of modern predictive programming. H.G. Wells' efforts to tear down the wall separating fantasy from fiction, while setting the stage for world government, transhumanism, UFOs and thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction as an alchemical solution to deconstructing society (and thence reconstructing society) under a new science of controls.

How did Wells' followers spearhead the creation of the Manhattan Project, League of nations and UN? How did Wells' 'science of controls' outlined in his New World Order, World Brain and Open Conspiracy set the stage for Cybernetics and Transhumanism after WW2? What is the Fabian Society that Wells' led and how did it shape so much of the 20th century? Most importantly, how does all of this play into the revival of a new occult priesthood managed by a technocratic elite?

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Demand Arms Embargo To Israel, Blockade Scarborough Plant Exporting Military Equipment


Canada Palestine arms embargo Israel blockade military equipment TTM Technologies apartheid genocide protesters

On Monday, dozens of pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocked the entrances to a Scarborough-based manufacturing plant that they say provides equipment to Israel’s military, while demanding a total arms embargo on Israel from the Canadian government.

“We want an arms embargo, and we want a permanent ceasefire,” said Aminah Sheikh, an organizer with Labour for Palestine and a Scarborough resident. More than 100 peaceful demonstrators blocked morning-shift workers from entering the TTM Technologies plant early Monday morning. 

“We want an end to the Nakba, which means ‘catastrophe,’ an end to the ongoing displacement, an end to the siege, and an end to Israeli apartheid.”

Organizers said they were responding to a call from Palestinian workers and trade unions asking to block the flow of weapons to Israel. “We’re responding as workers, as people in solidarity with Palestine, as Palestinians who are part of this community. But also as people with a conscience, who refuse to witness a genocide and do nothing,” said Rachel Small, an organizer with World BEYOND War Canada, which is part of a global movement that seeks to “abolish the institution of war,” according to their website 

According to a press release by World Beyond War, TTM Technologies produces printed circuit boards that are exported to Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems and are “slated for use in F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, and other military equipment.”  (more...)

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Demand Arms Embargo To Israel, Blockade Scarborough Plant Exporting Military Equipment

How anti-Palestinian racism led to a ‘crisis’ at TMU’s law school


Palestine Canada Toronto Metropolitan University MTU law school discrimination racism colonialism supremacy dehumanization education academia mainstream media incitement

Some recent media coverage of a petition in solidarity with Palestine portrayed student support as ‘pro-terror’

On October 20, 2023 — when Israel had already killed over 4,000 Palestinians in Gaza — one sixth of the law students at TMU’s Lincoln Alexander School of Law sent the Dean a petition expressing “solidarity with Palestine,” while also describing Hamas’ attacks on Israel as “war crimes.”

Then, on January 13, 2024 — with over 23,000 Palestinians killed — the Toronto Star reported on the “crisis” that the petition supposedly created (meanwhile, conservative media ran endless op-eds misrepresenting the students’ views, even claiming this group of mostly women students “endorsed rape”).

As the only professor at the law school vocally supporting the students/Palestine, I have first-hand insight into subtle yet significant flaws in the Star’s investigation. And because the Star was unwilling to publish either an op-ed or letter in response, I have, instead, published this essay with Ricochet, which has welcomed pro-Palestinian voices to its opinion pages.

First, the Star fails to adequately scrutinize outlandish interpretations projected onto the petition. The backlash against the students — which has included death threats, lost employment, potential expulsion, doxing, and harassment — is essentially predicated on the claim that their petition celebrates Hamas’ October 7 attack. This is false. The students call the attack a “war crime” (hardly an “endorsement”). Nor is the attack “justified” anywhere in their petition. Rather, it is explained, not excused, by Israel’s decades-long occupation and apartheid.

The students wrote that they “condemn any organization that only condemned Hamas’ recent war crimes killing 1,300 Israelis, but has been and/or remains silent on the historic and ongoing war crimes committed by Israel.”

They are not celebrating war crimes; they are critiquing western hypocrisy.  (more...)

How anti-Palestinian racism led to a ‘crisis’ at TMU’s law school

‘Don’t Give Up’: Community Groups Discuss Suppression Of Pro-Palestinian Voices


Palestine Solidarity suppression censorship threats intimidation job loss firing silencing punishment termination

“We are seeing the impact that the Zionist lobby is having ... and we decided that this was the time to speak up.”

Hundreds of Torontonians gathered for a roundtable discussion on the suppression of pro-Palestinian voices at schools, university campuses and workplaces last Friday.

The organizations Jews Say No To Genocide Coalition, Palestinian Youth Movement, Health Workers Alliance for Palestine and Toronto Palestinian Families held the event at a church in the Yonge and Dundas Square area under the slogan “We will not be silenced.”

A long list of professionals who have expressed solidarity with Palestine in recent months have faced punishment or termination. We For P, an American non-profit pro-Palestinian organization, recently found that 67 per cent of professionals who were surveyed by the group were exposed to “retaliation or intimidation” for expressing solidarity with Palestine.

Five panelists at the Toronto event spoke about the importance of solidarity and shared ways to combat the silencing of pro-Palestinian voices. The panelists stressed that those navigating the challenges that come with expressing pro-Palestinian views in professional contexts should not feel alone.

Gur Tsabar, a member of the Jews Say No To Genocide Coalition, said: “You have a massive community of people here, and experts who know this pattern of behaviour. So, do not let it scare you. Do not feel like you are alone. Just pick up the phone. Call. We are here to help one another.”  (more...)

‘Don’t Give Up’: Community Groups Discuss Suppression Of Pro-Palestinian Voices

The Palestine Solidarity Movement In Canada


Palestine Solidarity Canada students academics organizing Gaza occupation apartheid BDS politics diaspora campus unions labour

Busy organizers Chandni Desai and James Hutt pause to discuss where the movement is at in so-called Canada and ideas for strengthening it.

ICJ: League of Arab States Condemns Israel


ICJ justice League of Arab States Israel condemnation Palestine Britain occupation

Professor Ralph Wilde, an academic and expert in public international law at University College London, addresses the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for the League of Arab States on the legal consequences of Israel's occupation of Palestine.

Netanyahu and Biden: Priests of Satan


Netanyahu Biden Satanism Gaza genocide murder crime lawlessness impunity corruption child sacrifice paganism Judaism

Today is the second Sunday in Lent. This is the most sacred period of the Christian calendar: the 40 days leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

 Every Sunday the churches feature passages from the Bible that are read from the lectern by a member of the congregation. The first reading today was the story of how God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac as a burnt offering, then called it off at the last moment. The purpose, says the church, was to test Abraham’s faith. The story is found in Genesis 22. 

In today’s homily, the priest explained that in the days of Abraham, in what became the Holy Land, the local tribes practiced ritual sacrifice of children to appease their pagan gods. He said that the story of Abraham and Isaac showed how the Jews rose above that despicable practice to a more civilized and honorable form of worship. 

After the service, I went up to the priest and asked him why, if the Jews no longer practiced ritual sacrifice, has Israel under Netanyahu murdered tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians, including civilian women and children? 

I will not repeat the priest’s answer, except to say that he found my question quite unexpected and that he gave no satisfying response. He briefly tried to justify the genocide but trailed off, knowing he could not.  (more...)

Netanyahu and Biden: Priests of Satan

Monday, February 26, 2024

No statute of limitations on mass murder, experts say of Canada’s reluctance to pursue accused Nazis


Canada Judaism Nazi immigration ratlines war criminals indifference foot dragging collusion politics unaccountability injustice protection dumping ground

The Canadian government recently released a document about the country’s embrace of former Nazis after World War II

Canadian Jewish leaders appeared to be indifferent to, or at least complacent about, Nazis living in the country post-World War II, adding insult to the Canadian government waving Nazis in after the war and failing to prosecute them, a Nazi hunter and a former president of a Jewish organization told JNS.

Steven Rambam, a noted Nazi hunter, and Moshe Ronen, former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress, spoke to JNS after the Canadian government earlier this month declassified 15 pages of the “Rodal Report,” which relates to Nazis settling in Canada after the war.

Canada has “waited until every single mass murderer of Jews residing in Canada was literally or functionally beyond Canadian justice before releasing redacted documents,” Rambam told JNS.

Ronen, who led the Canadian Jewish Congress from 1998 to 2001, told JNS that Canadian Jewish leaders resisted the idea in the 1980s, when he was a student activist, to pressure Parliament to take action against former Nazis.

“There was a “sha-shtil kind of environment” in Canada, he said, using the Yiddish for “Sh. Quiet!”

“They thought ‘Never again’ was fine, but it was time to move forward, to maintain good relations with our government,” he said. He was told resources were better directed to advocating for Israel and combating antisemitism. “Of course, the standard argument was that, ‘We’re talking about an elderly population, and who’s going to prosecute these 80-year-old people?’” he said.  (more...)

No statute of limitations on mass murder, experts say of Canada’s reluctance to pursue accused Nazis

Fiends of Israel


Britain Zionism Israel Gaza genocide politics Palestine solidarity criminalization lobby barbarity impunity complicity

Four horsemen of the apocalypse rampage through Gaza, the equivalent of five atom bombs dropped on The Strip and Labour’s primo Zionist Rachel Reeves wants to outlaw anti-Israel protest.

"My Cousin Was Murdered," Ex-Sikh Claims "Khalistani Politicians" Compromised Canadian Institutions


Canada Khalistan terrorists assassinations corruption compromised justice Sikh Trudeau RCMP influence unaccountability CSIS dysfunctionality

Rai's story unfolds from the enigmatic death of his cousin in 2014, quickly ruled a suicide by the RCMP after an investigation lasting less than 24 hours. He questions the integrity of this conclusion, pointing to the abrupt resignation of the head of death investigations at the time, who cited bureaucratic and political interference.

Central to his skepticism is the role of Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo, a forensic pathologist with disputed credentials, who deemed the death a suicide. Rai firmly believes his cousin was murdered, implicating politically influential figures within his former religion, linked to the Khalistani separatist cause.

"In the past, they have committed heinous terrorist attacks from Canadian soil and no politicians have ever held any organization or ethnic ghetto politician to any type of accountability," says Rai, connecting this lack of accountability to historical events like the Air India bombing, where crucial evidence was destroyed by CSIS, and the failure to bring the masterminds to justice, highlighting systemic issues in Canadian governance and public safety.

What explains Canada’s “unwavering” support for Israel?


Canada Israel Christian Zionism genocide Gaza Palestine ICJ ruling UNRWA Bronfman geopolitics settler colonialism lobby racism arms industry military intelligence

On the day the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled it was “plausible” Israel was committing genocide and called for it to allow aid into Gaza Canada suspended its assistance to refugees in the coastal strip. Failing to even note that Israel is legally bound by the World Court, Canada acted immediately after Israeli officials claimed 12 out of 13 000 UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) workers were implicated in Hamas’ October 7 attacks.

Two weeks earlier, on the eve of South Africa presenting its case to the ICJ against Israel’s genocide, Justin Trudeau posted a message on X with Israeli flags in the background boasting about Canada’s “unwavering” commitment to the country. Canada’s Prime Minister wrote, “to the members of the Jewish community who spoke with us today: Thank you. Thank you for speaking so candidly about your pain, your anger, and your grief. I hear you. I want you to know that our commitment to you – and to Israel, as a Jewish and democratic state – is unwavering.”

As Trudeau’s post suggests, Canadian support for an apartheid state committing genocide is linked to Jewish lobbying and Israel’s anti-Semitism shield. But other factors drive Canada’s pro-Israel position, including imperial geopolitics, settler solidarity and Christian Zionism.

Like in Europe, Zionism’s roots in Canada are Christian. They flow from more literal reading of the bible that came out of the Protestant Reformation. At the time of Confederation Canada’s preeminent Christian Zionist was Henry Wentworth Monk who “took part in the first attempt at a Zionist agricultural settlement in Palestine,” boasts his biography. Six decades later, in Prime Minister R.B. Bennett told a national radio broadcast for the 1934 launch of the United Palestine Appeal that the Balfour declaration and the British conquest of Palestine represented the beginning of the fulfillment of biblical prophecies. Bennett declared, “When the promises of God, speaking through his prophets, are that the home will be restored in the homeland of their forefathers … Scriptural prophecy is being fulfilled. The restoration of Zion has begun.”  (more...)

What explains Canada’s “unwavering” support for Israel?

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Ambassador of Russia in Canada Oleg V. Stepanov about Malorossiya and a little about the future


Canada Russia ambassador politics war Ukraine propaganda Russophobia warmongering geopolitics Stepanov

The end of February is a period of significant events to discuss in absolutely sincere and candid manner. February 22 marks the tenth anniversary of the moment when the history of Europe and the Euro-Atlantic region was divided into 'before' and 'after'. In 2014, pro-Western ultranationalist forces seized power in Ukraine. The result of the street colour revolution of the Kiev "Maidan" organized by the United States and its satellites was the death of hundreds of people. The people who were deceived by neoliberal propaganda believed that they were defending certain European values. Instead, they received a neo-Nazi regime with a so-called "anti-terrorist operation" against the ethnically Russian Donbass.

For many years, the western part of the world pretended not to notice the lawlessness that was taking place. The deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics were ignored. The justification for the silence is truly monstrous. Due to the fact that certain patriots who disagreed with the illegitimate coup assumed power and were allegedly backed by Moscow, it became permissible to kill them.

Russia could not tolerate the targeted extermination of the Russian people. That was why, two years ago, on February 24, 2022, with a Special Military Operation we decided to put an end to the genocide once and for all. In recent interviews, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has given a detailed explanation of the historical background of the Ukrainian crisis.

For my part, as Ambassador to Canada (the country some now call a "big Ukraine" – because of its policy - as opposed to a "smaller" one on our borders), I would like to look at the current state of affairs through my optics from Ottawa and perhaps take a glance a little beyond the horizon.

To begin with, it is important for foreign audiences to understand the main thing. The goals of the special military operation remain fully relevant. The outcome will include denazification (the Kiev fascist regime has no place in the modern world), demilitarization, and the right of people to determine their own fate.  (more...)

Ambassador of Russia in Canada Oleg V. Stepanov about Malorossiya and a little about the future

The hunt for Canada’s last Nazis


Canada immigration ratlines Nazi war criminals evasion whitewashing glorification prosecution

After the Second World War, hundreds of suspected Nazis escaped to Canada and have never faced prosecution for their alleged war crimes.

A Canadian Nazi Hunter is now making a final push to bring the few surviving suspects to justice, armed with evidence of atrocities.

Jeff Semple has the exclusive details of this Global News investigation.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Rebuild the "Land of a Thousand Cities": Use the Oasis Plan to Save Lives in Gaza


Larouche Oasis Plan Gaza genocide Israel physical economy reason economic development complicity genocide ICJ ruling ethnic cleansing war crimes Palestine Zionism supremacy

The LaRouche Organization responds to the two decisive strategic questions posed by Russian President Putin in his Feb. 8, 2024 interview with Tucker Carlson.

Why are the U.S. and European elites hell-bent on policies that are suicidal? “Do you even realize what is going on or not? Does anyone in the United States realize this. What are you doing?... Who’s there to talk to? I just don’t understand. We’re ready to talk, but with whom?”

How can we prevent the world from splitting into two irreconcilable camps that could end up in nuclear war? “The world should be a single whole, security should be shared, rather than meant for the `golden billion.’ That is the only scenario where the world could be stable, sustainable and predictable. Until then, while the head is split into two parts, it is an illness, a serious adverse condition. It is a period of a severe disease that the world is now going through. But I think that … this could somehow be remedied.”

Putin is asking the right questions and demanding a dialogue and deliberation with sensible voices in the West.

Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in an IPC discussion yesterday, reiterated the tectonic shift taking place in the world, with the majority of nations turning towards multilateral institutions such as the BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Eurasian Economic Union, and African Union. A solution orientation can be provided for Southwest Asia, through the Oasis Plan for reconstruction of the desperate Gaza area, and greater region. Demonstrations against the ongoing genocide must take up this approach for greater economic development as the key to peace.

The LaRouche Organization takes up that challenge in our Manhattan Project discussion today with Ibero-American Intelligence Director for EIR Dennis Small.

The Open Conspiracy


freemasonry Satanism Round Table Open Conspiracy HG Wells Palmerston Albert Pike social control oligarchy monarchy cults gate keepers corruption politics entertainment

The secret religion concealed in the secret society

Australian rock star Altiyan Childs has broken his Masonic vows and risked his life to prove beyond any doubt that Freemasonry is Satanism, and Freemasons control the world. This is an essential reality check.

Altiyan is showing how practically all politicians and entertainers are Freemasons. They proudly declare their allegiance to Satan by making the classic Masonic signs of recognition.

Freemasonry is the instrument of the Cabalist Jewish central banking cartel. You literally must join to succeed in the public realm: politics, entertainment, business, religion, military, education, media. This secret network of opportunistic devil-worshippers & traitors is how they pull off the covid hoax and world depopulation, dispossession and slavery, i.e. UN Agenda 2030.

ICJ ruling ignored. Biden White House isolated


ICJ ruling Israel Biden Netanyahu extremism Zionism supremacy colonialism genocide ethnic cleansing duplicity arrogance isolation Security Council exceptionalism

US credibility has gone up in flames

Brazil’s president accuses Israel of committing genocide in Gaza, doubling down after earlier uproar


Brazil Lula da Silva Israel accusation genocide Gaza ethnic cleansing Hitler holocaust reiteration crimes against humanity Nazi

Brazil’s president alleged Saturday that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, doubling down on harsh rhetoric after stirring controversy a week earlier by comparing Israel’s military offensive in Gaza to the Nazi Holocaust.

Israel has vehemently pushed back against genocide claims, saying its war is targeting the militant group Hamas, not the Palestinian people. It has held Hamas responsible for civilian deaths, arguing that the group operates from civilian areas.

The Health Ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza said Saturday that the bodies of 92 Palestinians killed in Israeli bombardments were brought to hospitals over the past 24, raising the overall toll in nearly five months of war to 29,606. The total number of wounded rose to nearly 70,000.

The ministry’s death toll does not distinguish between civilians and combatants, but it has said two-thirds of those killed were children and women. Israel says its troops have killed more than 10,000 Hamas fighters, but has not provided details.

Israel declared war after the deadly Oct. 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel in which militants killed about 1,200 people and took some 250 hostages. More than 100 hostages remain in captivity in Gaza.

The steadily rising civilian death toll and a worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza have amplified calls for a cease-fire. Hunger and infectious diseases are spreading and some 80% of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have been displaced, with about 1.4 million crowded into the southern city of Rafah o n the border with Egypt.

Negotiators from the United States, Israel, Egypt and Qatar were meeting in Paris this weekend to try to reach a deal on pausing the fighting. Egypt and Qatar serve as mediators between Israel and Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to fight until “total victory,” but has dispatched a delegation to Paris to seek the release of hostages in exchange for a temporary truce. Negotiators face wide gaps and an unofficial deadline — the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan around March 10.

Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that he would not give up his “dignity for falsehood,” an apparent reference to calls for him to retract comments comparing Israel’s conduct in Gaza to the Nazi Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews perished during World War II.

“What the Israeli government is doing is not war, it is genocide,” he wrote Saturday. “Children and women are being murdered.”  (more...)

Brazil’s president accuses Israel of committing genocide in Gaza, doubling down after earlier uproar

To Oppose Zionism, We Have to Deal with Christian Zionism


Christian Zionism colonialism British imperialism Palestine genocide Gaza Israel ethnic cleansing supremacism ethnostate racism

In the face of the genocide Israel is unleashing against Palestinians in Gaza, and the continued campaign of ethnic cleansing in the rest of historic Palestine, the spectre of antisemitism looms large. The Israeli state itself is far from the only entity advancing the pernicious idea that it’s antisemitic to critique Israel, the genocide in Gaza, or Zionism. In fact, several countries (32 in Europe) and US states have adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, which condemns all criticism of Israel as antisemitic, and many jurisdictions have adopted laws against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, which is modelled on the global solidarity campaign that helped to dismantle apartheid in South Africa. 

This conflation between Zionism and Jewishness is pure farce. Jewishness is many things – a culture, an ethnicity, a religion, a tradition – but it long predates Zionism as a political philosophy and the state of Israel as a political entity. To say that Jewishness is constituted in part or in whole by conscription into a genocidal project is not only politically despicable, but intellectually vacuous. 

I have spent the last months (and most of the last decade) as a Jewish person organizing in Jewish community around the liberation of Palestine. Judaism is not Zionism. Jewishness cannot in any way be reduced to the political ideology supporting a Jewish-supremacist ethnostate in the land of Palestine. While many institutions, including the State of Israel, promote this conflation, activists working for the liberation of Palestine must remain attentive to the ideological character of this association and find ways to counter it wherever it appears. Calls for violence against all Jews or treating Jews as a whole as responsible for the actions of the Israeli state are problematic, as are protests outside of Jewish institutions that do not have a specific material connection to Zionism. Simply replacing the word “Jews” with “Zionists” is not sufficient to alleviate this problem. Such a conflation also misrepresents history and material concentrations of power in important ways.

In critiquing Zionism, it’s imperative that we centre the diverse range of actors that constitute the Zionist project, both historically and in the contemporary world. Much of the current discourse around the State of Israel’s grotesque violence in Palestine focuses on the politics of Jewish communities and institutions in the rest of the world, which essentially gives a free pass to Christian Zionism and non-Jewish liberal Zionism. There are today more Christian Zionists in the US than all Jews – not Jewish Zionists, but all Jews in the whole world. Some Christian Zionism is based on theological principles, but political and racial elements are prominent as well. Christian Zionist organizations operate in at least 90 countries. There is even historical evidence to suggest that Christian Zionism predates Jewish Zionism, and perhaps even caused it. Though Israel is a Jewish-supremacist state, our analysis and theory of power must reflect the actual concentration of power worldwide in the Zionist movement – and that isn’t predominantly with Jews.  (more...)

To Oppose Zionism, We Have to Deal with Christian Zionism

Friday, February 23, 2024

Rabbi speaks on why he contests Zionism

Judaism Zionism nation state antisemitism colonialism identity Israel genocide Gaza Palestine exile diaspora racism books

Liberal Zionism, the notion that Israel's existence can be compatible with liberal values, has run its course. As Israel's genocide in Gaza continues despite the outcry of the world and the International Court of Justice, it is clear that any hopes of earlier generations to build a humanistic society in Israel have failed.

Israel has long legitimized itself by purporting to be necessary for the protection of Jewish people from antisemitism. But Judaism and Jewish identity are far older than Zionism, and far more diverse than Zionism's narrow claims to monopolize the meaning of faith and ancestry. Rabbi Shaul Magid joins The Chris Hedges Report for a discussion on how religious fanaticism has come to dominate Israeli politics, and how a Jewish identity that rejects Zionism can be constructed from the rich and profound history of the Jewish faith and people.

Rabbi explaining religious Jewish opposition to Zionism


Judaism Zionism opposition religion politics Rabbi Weiss Zionism heresy conflict genocide Gaza Palestine

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss from Neturei Karta International explaining religious Jewish opposition to Zionism, in an interview on Millennium TV in Michigan, by Dr. Alam in Detroit, on February 18, 2024..

In Toronto:

Will Canada’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Try To Withhold Israel Military Export Documents?


Canada Foreign Affairs Global Affairs Israel weapons transfers military exports arms trade Gaza genocide politics deflection denial deception secrecy

“The people who are going to decide what gets disclosed are the very same people who are supporting Israel.”

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has been ordered by a parliamentary committee to release 18 years of documents on military exports to Israel, but questions remain about whether or not the ministry will properly comply.

On February 12, the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development (FAAE) passed a motion that ordered GAC to “produce all documents, briefing notes, memorandums and emails within the department [...] related to the granting of any export or brokering permits for military goods and technology to Israel between 2006 and 2024.”

The motion, which was first moved by NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Heather McPherson, orders that the documents be provided without redactions, “except to protect cabinet confidences and respect privacy legislation,” within 30 days.

If GAC fully complies with the order, it would provide the committee with an unprecedented amount of information about such exports, and reveal far more details than are currently disclosed through the ministry’s annual reports on military exports.

The motion followed The Maple’s revelation on February 10 that the Trudeau government authorized at least $28.5 million of new permits for military exports to Israel during the first two months of the state’s brutal war on Gaza. The ministry redacted details about the manufacturers and the exact nature of the goods being sold.

After that story broke, the issue was raised in Parliament by McPherson in questions to Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, by NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in a question to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and again by Green Party MP Mike Morrice in a question to Liberal MP Pam Damoff.

In response to the questions, ministers in the Liberal government repeated GAC statements claiming that all newly authorized military export permits for sales to Israel are for goods that are “non-lethal,” a term with no legal definition and that can refer to components of deadly weapons.  (more...)

Will Canada’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Try To Withhold Israel Military Export Documents?

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Healthcare workers slam their CEOs for slandering pro-Palestinian protesters


Canada Toronto Palestine solidarity slander hospitals CEOs workers protesters mainstream media bias racism Palestine solidarity

After 15 hospital CEOs in Toronto mischaracterized a peaceful pro-Palestinian rally as antisemitic, many of their employees have joined thousands of voices demanding an apology and retraction of their “fabrications.”

Toronto healthcare workers are pushing back against their employers, demanding an apology and a retraction for what they say are “false accusations of antisemitism over the fabricated Mount Sinai story.”

“The statement that you signed after the emergency 'Hands Off Rafah' demonstration on Monday, February 12, 2024, was based on fabricated information which has caused significant damage by reinforcing racist stereotypes of Palestinians, slandering protestors (sic) as antisemitic and unnecessarily instilling fear in the public,” reads a letter signed by the Health Workers Alliance for Palestine (HAP) and other pro-Palestinian groups, including Jews Say No To Genocide.

The letter was sent Tuesday, Feb. 20, to the 15 CEOs who accused protesters at that rally of antisemitism for momentarily stopping near — and some of them climbing atop — an entrance to Mount Sinai Hospital, an institution which has Jewish roots but treats anyone. 

“It’s absolutely disgusting and shameful that the hospitals’ CEOs say absolutely nothing about [Israel’s] targeting of healthcare workers, or the targeting of [25] hospitals in Gaza … and yet they’re willing to almost instantly sign on to a letter that’s based on a lie,” says Dr. Ben Thomson, a nephrologist at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital and member of HAP, a national organization representing healthcare workers. He was at the Hands Off Rafah rally on Feb 12. 

Speaking to The Media Co-op by phone about the letter campaign, Dr. Thomson mentioned that workers like him will face “almost inevitable” repercussions for speaking out.  

In the letter, they criticize the various hospitals’ CEOs for not taking the time “to understand what had actually occurred” during the few minutes that the rally passed by the Mount Sinai Hospital on University Ave.  (more...)

Healthcare workers slam their CEOs for slandering pro-Palestinian protesters

The hunt for Canada’s last Nazis


Canada Nazi war criminals immigration ratlines RCMP negligence obstruction impunity indifference

Canada's Nazis are now well into their 90s. One woman is making a last push to bring them to justice.

For Nazi hunter Abbee Corb, there are cases that stand out, like the one she calls the “baby smasher.”

A criminologist with a PhD, Corb was searching for Nazis who had resettled in Canada when she came across the file.

A witness statement written in 1945 described how a young Lithuanian woman named Klimaite had “smashed heads of Jewish children with rocks.”

A woman matching the suspect’s profile had moved to Canada after the war, and the professor tracked her to an address in Windsor, Ont.

Corb knocked on her door with a list of questions that amounted to one thing: did Klimaite have a dark secret to confess?

The case is among several Corb is pursuing as the clock winds down on the effort to bring Nazi war criminals to justice.

Only a handful of the Nazis suspected of coming to Canada with the post-war migration wave are still alive, and they are well into their 90s.

But Corb believes they must be held to account, regardless of their age. Even those who have died need to be exposed through the release of Canadian government records.

“We have to uncover the truth. We have to pursue this. We can’t throw it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen.”  (more...)

The hunt for Canada’s last Nazis

China Addresses ICJ on Israel's war on Gaza. China: "Palestinian have a right to armed resistance"


China ICJ Israel genocide Gaza Palestine solidarity right to armed struggle ceasefire hearings

China called for an Instant ceasefire in Gaza.

China said Palestinian resistant groups (Hamas) are not terrorist.

The Palestinian People have a right to armed resistance against the Occupation forces.

56 countries present their case in International Court of Justice against Israel's Genocide in Gaza.

The United Nations' international court of justice continues proceedings over Israeli action in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem for a second day.

China expressed strong disappointment at the US veto an immediate cease-fire in Gaza


China ceasefire US veto UN Gaza Israel genocide Palestine solidarity Zionism peace advocacy obstruction

China expressed strong disappointment at and dissatisfaction with the US veto on a draft UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate cease-fire in Gaza, FM spokeswoman Mao Ning said, adding that the veto is pushing the situation into a more dangerous position.

Israel lobby and its media enablers threatening academic freedom on campus


academia education Israel lobby mainstream media freedom threats antisemitism canard yellow journalism slander Canada

Universities must be places where criticisms of official discourses, dominant worldviews can be voiced without fear of reprisal

In a recent article entitled “Federal funding supported academic conference with speakers who celebrated Hamas attack” (National Post, February 15, 2024), reporter Ari Blaff earns his pay by framing the Liberal government as the direct funder of Postmedia’s bête noir, academic programs that teach concepts like “racial capitalism,” and characterizing academics who oppose Zionism as supporters of terrorism. He should probably get a bonus for squeezing so much far-right misinformation into one story. The article has also been disseminated by other far-right media in Canada, including the Western Standard and Rebel Media.

In his story about a conference called “Mediations of Racial Capitalism,” being held at the University of Alberta this month, Blaff first performs the well-used trick of making readers think that the Canadian government decides which grants are approved by federal funding agencies. No doubt, Mr. Blaff knows this is false, but the equation of “federal funding” with the Liberal government serves his purpose (or, at least, the purpose of his bosses and of Pierre Poilievre). As the SSHRC spokesperson explains in a statement carefully positioned far down in the text of Blaff’s story, grant decisions are made by committees of academics who review and rank each application on its academic merits. The Government of Canada has nothing to do with the allocation of funding beyond the creation of envelopes targeting particular themes. It would be gross political interference in the integrity and independence of scholarly research were ministers to involve themselves in such vetting processes.

The second trick is to use the voice of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) to characterize the academics speaking at the conference as antisemitic and as supporters of “terrorism.” Readers are told nothing about the role of CIJA in Canada or its ties to the Israeli government. The antisemitism accusation is supported by the selective use of quotations taken out of their contexts and the omission of any counter-interpretation of the work of these academics. No one would call this journalism, but it is the kind of propaganda regularly churned out by Postmedia.

Blaff scores another point for his team by linking the SSHRC funding for the Mediations of Racial Capitalism conference to the Liberal government’s funding of the Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC) in 2021 for an anti-racism campaign which, when implemented, included the characterisation of Zionism as colonialism and anti-Arab racism. Statements made by a CMAC advisor (Laith Marouf) were labelled antisemitic by Zionist organizations and politicians who pressured the Canadian government to demand the repayment of the initial funding. Blaff presents these accusations as being factual, despite knowing that they remain strongly contested (for example, he says that Marouf was “found to have made several antisemitic posts online”). Why does he do this? To be able to assert that the Liberal government continues to fund antisemitic groups despite having promised not to do so. And to paint both events with the same brush, thereby further hammering the controversial claim that the Mediations conference platformed antisemitism.  (more...)

Israel lobby and its media enablers threatening academic freedom on campus

Are Canadian Journalists Accomplices To Israel’s Genocide?


journalism Canada Israel genocide Palestine Gaza complicity ICJ ruling implications cowardice self service Israel lobby intimidation threats crimes

Journalists can be and may be charged with incitement to genocide for work they’ve published since October 7.

Since October 7, Israel’s genocide in Gaza — or the “Israel-Hamas war,” as many mainstream outlets like to call it — has dominated news coverage in Canada, including at The Maple.

Over that time, there has been some public introspection among journalists about how they’ve covered these events, the difficulties of doing so, what impact it has had on them, etc. The level of usefulness of these discussions has varied. 

On the lower end, a January 8 episode of Canadaland saw the publication’s founder, editor-in-chief, a veteran CBC journalist and the president of the Canadian Association of Journalists describe journalists in Canada as having “the weight of the world on their shoulders,” being “frightened” and “terrified,” and facing a public with “no kindness” for their mistakes. They spent just five seconds of the conversation talking about Israel killing Palestinian journalists, leaving more than enough time for some true pieces of insight like: “What makes this war different than, say, Ukraine, I think, is that we don’t have consensus. [...] There was general consensus that Putin’s the bad guy and Russia is the bad actor.”

A more useful occasion was a January 30 vigil for journalists killed since October 7. This event focused entirely on the journalists killed, described how the Israeli state is preventing them from doing their jobs, read out all of their names, and told some of their stories. More than 100 journalists showed up to the event in downtown Toronto, which is notable given that simple actions in the past such as calling on Israel not to kill journalists has led to professional repercussions. 

Still, there is much more to say. Looking abroad, one way to improve the conversation would be to think about how journalists here can act in solidarity with those being killed in Gaza. What can we do for those who share our profession? 

Looking inward and forward though, there’s a question that I haven’t seen anyone in media in this country reckon with: What does Israel potentially being guilty of genocide mean for us? Not just for Israel or Canada, but the news industry in Canada in particular.  (more...)

Are Canadian Journalists Accomplices To Israel’s Genocide?

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Natoaganeg First Nation holds ceremony, flag-raising for children of Gaza


Canada Natoaganeg First Nation ceremony Gaza flag-raising Palestine solidarity Fredericton

The event provided a sense of healing after more than four months of war, say Palestinians with family in Gaza

An Indigenous community near Miramichi has expressed solidarity with the children of Gaza by hosting a ceremony and Palestinian flag-raising.

The event took place as the death toll among children surpassed 12,000 since the war began in October, according to figures from the territory’s Ministry of Health.

Fredericton residents Laila Abuamer and Maryam Mohammad — who are Palestinians with family in Gaza — were among the dozens of people who attended the event on Feb. 10 in Natoaganeg, also called Eel Ground First Nation.

“Palestinians and Indigenous people have so much in common,” Mohammad said. “Being able to come together and share our pain together and heal as a community, and to be able to just share this flag raising, just means a lot.”

Mohammad said her grandmother and four aunts are in Gaza with their children and spouses. “They’ve lost their homes. Sometimes it’s hard to keep touch with them.”

She said a 19-year-old cousin was also shot while waiting in line for bread. “That was hard on the family as well.”  (more...)

Natoaganeg First Nation holds ceremony, flag-raising for children of Gaza

Latin America joins global voices in support of Gaza


Latin America Brazil Israel condemnation genocide Gaza Palestine solidarity Lula da Silva

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro has backed statements from his Brazilian counterpart, condemning Israel's assault on the Palestinians. RT’s Fiorella Isabel reports.

The Economic Roots of Today’s Conflict


physical economy Nixon Larouche fascism depravity Gaza genocide ICJ Israel Palestine Brazil Africa economic development BRICS war

Back in 1971, when Nixon took down the Bretton Woods monetary system, Lyndon LaRouche warned that this system would inevitably break down because it had undermined any long-term commitment to economic growth. Further, he warned that if attempts were made to save this system, it would lead the world to an inevitable point of fascism, economic breakdown, and a world war. 

This is the underlying factor in today’s world situation. Whether it’s the inexplicable horror in Gaza, or the glaring hypocrisy of the case of Julian Assange, these stem from the same hopeless attempt to save a dying system—a refusal to change the axioms and underlying assumptions on the part of today’s governing class.

LaRouche’s insights are needed more than ever today. This is why Helga Zepp-LaRouche and the LaRouche movement have called for the Oasis Plan for Israel-Palestine. Don’t simply try to fix the broken pieces amidst a sea of crises—it’s time for a new architecture overall. A movement is needed now to craft a vision for nations existing peacefully and in accord with a common mission of development for all.

Zelensky criticizes protesting Polish farmers


Poland agriculture farmers Ukraine dumping blockade protests economy politics EU imports

News about the blockade seems like “outright mockery” for Ukrainian soldiers, the president has said

President Vladimir Zelensky has lashed out at Polish activists who are blocking Ukrainian grain from entering their country. News of the protests “seems like outright mockery” to Ukraine’s soldiers, he said.

Polish farmers opposed to competition from cheaper Ukrainian grain have been protesting at the countries’ border since October.

They argue that Ukrainian suppliers don’t have to comply with EU rules and standards, and therefore have an unfair advantage.

Warsaw has imposed a ban on Ukrainian imports but allows produce to transit through the country. However, there are concerns that the grain is making its way onto the Polish market.

President Andrzej Duda insisted to Ukrainian radio on Tuesday that while his government supports Kiev it will not quash peaceful protests because the right of trade associations to demonstrate is protected by law.

Farmers from all over Europe are unhappy about the influx of Ukrainian grain “because they fear for their existence,” Duda said. “It is not hard to understand that they are fighting for their wellbeing.”  (more...)

Zelensky criticizes protesting Polish farmers