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The Eugenicist Mindset Propelling Operation Warp Speed


eugenics racism Nazi medicine vaccines healthcare

When Hitler published Mein Kampf in 1924, he held up a foreign law as a model for his program of racial purification: The U.S. Immigration Restriction Act of 1924, which prohibited the immigration of those with hereditary illnesses and entire ethnic groups. When the Nazis took power in 1933, they installed a program of eugenics--the attempted "improvement" of the population through forced sterilization and marriage controls--that consciously drew on the U.S. example. By then, many American states had long had compulsory sterilization laws for "defectives," upheld by the Supreme Court in 1927. Small wonder that the Nazi laws led one eugenics activist in Virginia to complain, "The Germans are beating us at our own game."

In The Nazi Connection, Stefan K�hl uncovers the ties between the American eugenics movement and the Nazi program of racial hygiene, showing that many American scientists actively supported Hitler's policies. After introducing us to the recently resurgent problem of scientific racism, K�hl carefully recounts the history of the eugenics movement, both in the United States and internationally, demonstrating how widely the idea of sterilization as a genetic control had become accepted by the early twentieth century. From the first, the American eugenicists led the way with radical ideas. Their influence led to sterilization laws in dozens of states--laws which were studied, and praised, by the German racial hygienists. With the rise of Hitler, the Germans enacted compulsory sterilization laws partly based on the U.S. experience, and American eugenists took pride in their influence on Nazi policies. K�hl recreates astonishing scenes of American eugenicists travelling to Germany to study the new laws, publishing scholarly articles lionizing the Nazi eugenics program, and proudly comparing personal notes from Hitler thanking them for their books. Even after the outbreak of war, he writes, the American eugenicists frowned upon Hitler's totalitarian government, but not his sterilization laws. So deep was the failure to recognize the connection between eugenics and Hitler's genocidal policies, that a prominent liberal Jewish eugenicist who had been forced to flee Germany found it fit to grumble that the Nazis "took over our entire plan of eugenic measures."

By 1945, when the murderous nature of the Nazi government was made perfectly clear, the American eugenicists sought to downplay the close connections between themselves and the German program. Some of them, in fact, had sought to distance themselves from Hitler even before the war. But Stefan K�hl's deeply documented book provides a devastating indictment of the influence--and aid--provided by American scientists for the most comprehensive attempt to enforce racial purity in world history.

Families say valued possessions still missing years after bank emptied their safety deposit boxes


banks safety deposit boxes security theft

If there's one thing Sheila Levy-Bencheton took for granted, it's that the safety deposit box her father rented from a big bank was secure.

That's until her dad passed away in 2017 at age 103.

The Toronto woman went to TD Canada Trust to empty the box a few months later, and discovered the bank had already done it years ago — forcing it open by drilling the lock then emptying the contents.

The bank drilled open and emptied thousands of safety deposit boxes across the country in 2012 in an effort to get rid of those no longer being used or paid for. It says its policies require the contents to be set aside for safe keeping.

But Levy-Bencheton says she's still missing her family's most valued possessions and fighting for compensation.

And she's not the only one. Go Public also spoke to an Edmonton man who lost thousands of dollars' worth of irreplaceable 22-karat gold jewelry, who says the bank did the same thing to him.

"Once it is gone, it's gone," said Suraj Khatiwada.

Both he and Levy-Bencheton say they can't believe the bank would open the boxes and remove their possessions.  (more...)

Families say valued possessions still missing years after bank emptied their safety deposit boxes

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Ireland and the Nazis: a troubled history


Ireland Nazi sympathy collaboration war neutrality

A phantom hangs over Ireland’s relations with Hitler’s Germany. Since Eamon de Valera’s visit to the Third Reich’s minister to Ireland on 2 May 1945, the spectre of pro-Nazism has dogged Ireland’s reputation. De Valera’s condolences on the suicide of the German head of state, Adolf Hitler, spawned immediate international condemnation. He gifted his critics all the ammunition that they desired to stigmatise Ireland.

The notorious character and conduct of Charles Bewley, the Irish minister to Germany in the 1930s, would appear to substantiate this unkind depiction. Arriving in Berlin in July 1933 after Hitler’s seizure of power, he betrayed a lack of professionalism time after time. Disturbing signs of his anti-Semitism, dogmatic Anglophobia and insolence are clear throughout his career from the early 1920s. After 1933 he engaged in an unashamed charm offensive to curry favour with the Nazi regime. During his accreditation ceremony with President von Hindenburg, Bewley referred to the “national rebirth of Germany” in an unconcealed endorsement of Nazism. During his tenure, he recurrently endorsed Nazism as a safeguard against the expansion of Soviet Communism. He downplayed or apologised for the reprehensible Nazi regime’s negative features such as the persecution of Jews, the suppression of Christianity and its aggressive expansionism.

However, Bewley was not alone. Joseph P Walshe, the Secretary of the Department of External Affairs, was momentarily deceived by the intoxicating atmosphere of national reinvigoration that he found when he visited Cologne in 1933. He enthused about Germany’s “great experiment”.  (more...)

Ireland and the Nazis: a troubled history

Expose of the Vatican, Gladio and Freemasonry


Ordo Militaris Radio TV exposes the Masonic control of the Vatican

Vatican CIA Freemasonry P2 Lodge Gladio corruption infiltration books

Links to show notes

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Nazi International


Physicist and Oxford educated historian Joseph P. Farrell continues his best-selling series of exposés on secret Nazi technology, Nazi survival, and post-war Nazi manipulation of various manufacturing technologies, economies and whole countries. Beginning with pre-War corporate partnerships in the USA, including the Bush family, he moves on to the surrender of Nazi Germany, and evacuation plans of the Germans. He then covers the vast, and still-little-known recreation of Nazi Germany in South America with help of Juan Peron, I.G. Farben and Martin Bormann. Farrell then covers Nazi Germany's Penetration of the Muslim World including Wilhelm Voss and Otto Skorzeny in Gamel Abdul Nasser's Egypt before moving onto the development and control of New Energy Technologies including the Bariloche Fusion Project, Dr. Philo Farnsworth's Plasmator, and the Work of Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev. Finally, Farrell discusses the Nazi desire to control space, and examines their connection with NASA, the esoteric meaning of NASA Mission Patches, plus final chapters on: Alchemy, Esotericism, The SS and the Unified Field Theory Craze; 1943-1945: Strange Events from the end of World War II and other "Postwar Shenanigans."

Nazi conspiracy cold war ratlines CIA fascism Thule

Friday, November 27, 2020

The Committee of 300: A Brief History of World Power


Venice oligarchy corruption usury slavery nepotism books

"Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, direct the economic destiny of Europe and choose their successors from among themselves."  --Walter Rathenau, 1909, founder of the mammoth German General Electric Corporation

The Committee of 300 is a product of the British East India Company's Council of 300.  The East India Company was chartered by the British royal family in 1600.  It made vast fortunes in the opium drug trade with China and became the largest company on earth in its time.  Today, through many powerful alliances, the Committee of 300 rules the world and is the driving force behind the criminal agenda to create a "New World Order", under a "Totalitarian Global Government".  There is no need to use "they" or "the enemy" except as shorthand.  We know who "they", the enemy, is.  The Committee of 300 with its "aristocracy", its ownership of the U.S. Federal Reserve banking system, insurance companies, giant corporations, foundations, communications networks, presided over by a hierarchy of conspirators—this is the enemy.  Secret societies exist by deception.  Each is a hierarchy with an inner circle at the top, who deceives those below with lies, such as claiming a noble agenda; thus, duping them into following a web of compartmentalized complicity.  The inner circle of the Committee of 300 is the Order of the Garter, headed by Queen Elizabeth Windsor II.  It is interesting to note that the Windsor's changed their name from the Germanic Saxe-Coburg-Gotha during WWI, because of anti-German sentiment.

The enemy is clearly identifiable as the Committee of 300 and its front organizations, such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House), the Club of Rome, NATO, U.N., the Black Nobility, the Tavistock Institute, CFR and all its affiliated organizations, the think tanks and research institutions controlled by Stanford and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and last, but certainly not least, the military establishment.  (more...)

The Committee of 300: A Brief History of World Power

Venice’s War Against Western Civilization


Venice oligarchy banks corruption slavery usury espionage infiltration

The British royal family of today typifies the Venetian Party, and continues the outlook and methods of an oligarchical faction which can be traced far back into the ancient world. Oligarchism is a principle of irrational domination associated with hereditary oligarchy/nobility and with certain aristocratic priesthoods. At the center of oligarchy is the idea that certain families are born to rule as an arbitrary elite, while the vast majority of any given population is condemned to oppression, serfdom, or slavery. During most of the past 2,500 years, oligarchs have been identified by their support for the philosophical writings of Aristotle and their rejection of the epistemology of Plato. Aristotle asserted that slavery is a necessary institution, because some are born to rule and others to be ruled. He also reduced the question of human knowledge to the crudest sense certainty and perception of “facts.” Aristotle’s formalism is a means of killing human creativity, and therefore represents absolute evil. This evil is expressed by the bestialist view of the oligarchs that human beings are the same as animals.

Oligarchs identify wealth purely in money terms, and practice usury, monetarism, and looting at the expense of technological advancement and physical production. Oligarchs have always been associated with the arbitrary rejection of true scientific discovery and scientific method in favor of open anti-science or more subtle obscurantist pseudo-science. The oligarchy has believed for millennia that the Earth is overpopulated; the oligarchical commentary on the Trojan War was that this conflict was necessary in order to prevent greater numbers of mankind from oppressing “Mother Earth.” The oligarchy has constantly stressed race and racial characteristics, often as a means for justifying slavery. In international affairs, oligarchs recommend such methods as geopolitics, understood as the method of “divide and conquer,” which lets one power prevail by playing its adversaries one against the other. Oligarchical policy strives to maintain a balance of power among such adversaries for its own benefit, but this attempt always fails in the long run and leads to new wars.

The essence of oligarchism is summed up in the idea of the empire, in which an elite identifying itself as a master race rules over a degraded mass of slaves or other oppressed victims. If oligarchical methods are allowed to dominate human affairs, they always create a breakdown crisis of civilization, with economic depression, war, famine, plague, and pestilence. Examples of this are the Fourteenth-century Black Plague and the Thirty Years War (1618-48), both of which were created by Venetian intelligence. The post-industrial society and the derivatives crisis have brought about the potential for a new collapse of civilization in our own time. This crisis can only be reversed by repudiating in practice the axioms of the oligarchical mentality.  (more...)

Venice’s War Against Western Civilization

How the Venetian System Was Transplanted Into England


Venice intrigue infiltration usury slavery Britain war Protestantism imperialism

The oligarchical system of Great Britain is not an autochthonous product of English or British history. It represents rather the tradition of the Babylonians, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians which has been transplanted into the British Isles through a series of upheavals. The status of Britain as the nation foutué of modern history is due in particular to the sixteenth and seventeenth century metastasis into England and Scotland of the Venetian oligarchy along with its philosophy, political forms, family fortunes, and imperial geopolitics. The victory of the Venetian party in England between 1509 and 1715 built in turn upon a pre-existing foundation of Byzantine and Venetian influence.

NOBLE VENETIAN: …pray tell us what other prerogatives the King [of England] enjoys in the government; for otherwise, I who am a Venetian, may be apt to think that our Doge, who is called our prince, may have as much power as yours.

—Henry Neville, Plato Redivivus, 1681

One of the best governments in English history was that of King Alfred the Great, who ruled from 871 to 899. Alfred pursued a policy of literacy, education, and nation-building, and stands as a founder of Old English literature. The Byzantine Empire saw in Alfred a flare-up of the Platonic Christian humanism of the Irish monks and Alcuin of York, the principal adviser to Charlemagne a century earlier. Byzantium accordingly incited Vikings and Varangians, who had been defeated by Alfred the Great, to renew their attacks on England.  (more...)

How the Venetian System Was Transplanted Into England

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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Hitler's Favourite Royal

 Prince Charles Edward was Queen Victoria’s favourite grandson. In 1900, the sixteen-year-old Prince was the only viable British contender for the hugely wealthy Dukedom of Saxe Coburg and Gotha in Germany. Ordered to go by Queen Victoria, he took the title and was transformed from a British Prince into a German Duke – Herzog Carl Eduard. The course of his life was altered in ways neither he nor Queen Victoria could have ever imagined.

At the outbreak of the First World War, Prince Charles Edward had no option but to fight for Germany against the country of his birth. When the War ended, he was stripped of his British titles, and an Act of Parliament branded him a Traitor Peer. Disillusioned and depressed, Charles Edward became an enthusiastic supporter of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Workers’ Party, and unwittingly helped him in his rise to power. Appointing him President of the Anglo German Fellowship, Hitler offered Charles Edward a way to return to Britain with his head held high. 

Charles Edward was also President of the German Red Cross, and it was this that would ultimately embroil him in the darkest aspects of the Nazi regime, implicating him in the T4 Euthanasia Programme. At the end of the Second World War, he was arrested by the Americans, held in a series of harsh internment camps and forced to undergo a humiliating trial where, despite his claims he had no knowledge of the crimes of the regime, he was adjudged to have been an important Nazi and was almost bankrupted by heavy fines. He died in poverty and obscurity in Germany in 1954. His sister Princess Alice, who had stayed in England, became one of the most popular members of the Royal Family and a favourite aunt of Queen Elizabeth II. She was the living embodiment of the life her brother could have had, if it had not been for Queen Victoria’s fateful decision fifty years earlier.

Charles Edward Coburg T4 euthanasia Red Cross royalty Germany war Hitler

Headless Hessian of the American Revolution: The Real Life Inspiration Behind the Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Hessians American Revolution mercenaries literature war legends

On October 28, 1776 General George Washington’s Continental Army is heading northward in retreat.

The American army has been forced to flee into Westchester County after having been routed by William Howe’s combined British and Hessian forces in a disastrous attempt to defend New York City.

Now, encamped around the small village of White Plains, the Continental Army literally has its back to the wall and the fate of the American Revolution itself is hanging in the balance.

General Howe has sailed a formidable force up the Hudson River from his base in New York City and he has landed several thousand troops behind Washington’s retreating army.  Howe plans to cut off the American retreat route, smash the Continental Army and end the rebellion once and for all.

On the morning of October 28, 1776 General Howe, headquartered just north of White Plains in the town of Scarsdale, orders a large British force under General Henry Clinton and an equally large force of Hessian mercenaries commanded by German General Leopold Philip de von Heister to attack Washington’s army occupying the hills around White Plains.

The Hessian forces under General von Heister launch an attack on the American flanks.  Their assault on the American lines is relentless and the cannonade is non stop as expert Hessian artillerymen and American cannoneers occupying the high ground above trade thousands of rounds of solid ball and deadly grapeshot that spays hot shrapnel all across the battlefield.

Washington’s troops and artillerymen fight with a sense of desperation rarely seen in the war to that point.  The Hessians have a fearsome reputation among American soldiers and civilians alike.  Recruited by German states and rented out to the British in America as professional soldiers the Hessian’s thirst for battle, stoic discipline and foreign appearance cause many American’s to tremble at their approach.

In reality, despite being despised by patriots in America and despite the propaganda value of their bloodthirsty reputation, many Hessian units during the American War for Independence are plagued by low morale and desertion is common among the Germans.  Many Hessian soldiers choose to live a life in hiding in America rather than face the prospect of being sent back to Germany and rented out to fight once again in a foregin war.

But during the Battle of White Plains, sensing that the war may be concluded in that moment, the Hessians fight doggedly and ferociously, but the Americans are equally steadfast and hold their ground.  (more...)

Headless Hessian of the American Revolution: The Real Life Inspiration Behind the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

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Ustashe Loot: Lawsuit Against the Vatican and the CIA


Croatia Ustashe war crimes ratlines loot Argentina diaspora lawsuit Nazi Vatican

...The chief expert witness retained for these lawsuits is John Loftus, former Department of Justice, Office of Special Investigations attorney (Nazi hunting unit), co-author with Mark Aarons of Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, The Nazis, and The Swiss banks; The Secret War Against the Jews and author of The Belarus Secret. The lawsuits themselves are based on the evidence unearthed by Loftus' research spanning two decades. Loftus was an important source for a 1998 US State Department report (Eisenstat/Slany Report: The Fate of the Ustasha Treasury), which focused attention on the Vatican's role in laundering the Ustashe funds.

In a nutshell, Loftus and others have theorized that the genocide of World War II directed at Jews, Serbs, Roma, Soviets, and others by the Nazis and their allies generated vast amounts of loot and plunder including gold coins, wedding rings, and dental gold from concentration camps. These genocide-tainted treasures were re-smelted at the Reichsbank and other central collection points and laundered through the Swiss banks, Bank for International Settlements and the Vatican Banks during and after WWII. According to Loftus, much of the postwar Ustashe and Vatican activity was cloaked in the guise of anti-Communist activities and was encouraged or actively sponsored initially by British Intelligence and later the CIA and in particular Alan Dulles and James Jesus Angleton.

Most remarkable among the Nazis postwar were the Croatian Ustashe. Unlike the Germans whose major criminals faced a war crimes tribunal at Nuremburg, virtually the entire Ustashe hierarchy including their leader or Poglavnik, Ante Pavelic, escaped justice. And even more surprisingly they took with them into exile the monetary proceeds of the extermination of 750,000 Serbs, Jews, and Roma. Pavelic, known as the "butcher of the Balkans", was an honored guest at the Vatican between 1945 and 1947 while other war criminals swing from a noose. Artukovic, the Himmler of Croatia, the man responsible for death camps where hundreds of thousands of Serbs were shot, burned alive, or bludgeoned to death with special hammers, lived openly in Southern California for over thirty years, while private Congressional bills assured his safety from deportation. Other Ustashe, such as the sadist Luburic, purchased villas in Spain or started new lives as businessman in Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. But, unlike other ex-Nazis, the Ustashe did not lose their fascist ideology, instead they openly reestablished their Nazi party in Buenos Aires and by 1956 were beginning a new campaign of terror which ultimately reached the United States in the 1970s and 1980s resulting in hijackings, bombings, and murders.  (more...)

Lawsuit Against the Vatican and the CIA


Vatican Bank Claims

From Croatian Diaspora – Meet the New Archbishop Of Chicago, Blase Cupich

Croatia Catholic diaspora Vatican

The Germans Are Back!


Nazis corona COVID totalitarianism Germany fascism medicine lockdowns curfews isolation masking

Break out the Wagner, folks … the Germans are back! No, not the warm, fuzzy, pussified, peace-loving, post-war Germans … the Germans! You know the ones I mean. The “I didn’t know where the trains were going” Germans. The “I was just following orders” Germans. The other Germans.

Yeah … those Germans.

In case you missed it, on November 18, the German parliament passed a law, the so-called “Infection Protection Act” (“Das Infektionsschutzgesetz” in German) formally granting the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wants under the guise of protecting the public health. The government has been doing this anyway — ordering lockdowns, curfews, travel bans, banning demonstrations, raiding homes and businesses, ordering everyone to wear medical masks, harassing and arresting dissidents, etc. — but now it has been “legitimized” by the Bundestag, enshrined into law, and presumably stamped with one of those intricate official stamps that German bureaucrats like to stamp things with.  (more...)

The Germans Are Back!

Monday, November 23, 2020

German City Is CIA Remote Hacking Base: 28 States Sent Election Results There


CIA Frankfurt US Consulate espionage hacking WikiLeaks

If you thought the election ‘glitches’ were weird… the connections between the Central Intelligence Agency’s remote hacking base and the election software used to modify the counts just got weirder.

At least 28 states sent their election results to Frankfurt, to be tallied by Sctyl servers.

But, this city is a hotbed of scary CIA spying operations… which were exposed a few years ago from WikiLeaks.

DW reported:

The release included 8,761 documents that it claimed revealed details of “malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized ‘zero day’ exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation.”

The leaks purportedly revealed that a top secret CIA unit used the German city of Frankfurt am Main as the starting point for numerous hacking attacks on Europe, China and the Middle East.  (more...)

German City Is CIA Remote Hacking Base: 28 States Sent Election Results There


Frankfurt used as remote hacking base for the CIA: WikiLeaks

Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Cult of Trump


books psychology cults narcissism Donald Trump politics mind control fanaticism

One of America's leading experts in cults and mind-control provides an eye-opening analysis of Trump and the indoctrination tactics he uses to build a fanatical devotion in his supporters.

In this revelatory, authoritative portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family that made him, Mary L. Trump, a trained clinical psychologist and Donald's only niece, shines a bright light on the dark history of their family in order to explain how her uncle became the man who now threatens the world's health, economic security, and social fabric.

Ukrainian Ultra-nationalism and Canada

Monuments in Canada memorializing Ukrainian Nazi SS divisions have raised questions about the nature of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and their history in Canada. Writer and researcher Moss Robeson joins Team Advantage to explore a range of questions: who was Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera, and what is the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists? What role have Ukrainian ultra-nationalists played in Canada, and how do their activities contribute to Canada's current foreign policy commitments in the Ukraine?


How a network of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists penetrated Canada’s Conservative Party to lobby for military conflict

Canadian Support For Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators Goes Beyond Statues

Canada Ukraine Nazi fascism OUN-B Bandera collaborators politics

Friday, November 20, 2020

Toronto cardinal rebukes Catholic school board members for barring Catechism reading


Toronto Catholic District School Board education homosexuality gay agenda Cardinal Collins

Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto has rebuked members of the local Catholic school board for refusing to allow a passage of the Catechism of the Catholic Church pertaining to ministry to people with same-sex attraction to be read during a recent meeting.

“That a Catholic should be criticized, and effectively be prevented by Catholic Trustees from reading from the Catholic Catechism at a meeting of a Catholic School Board is reprehensible,” Collins wrote in a Nov. 17 letter to board chair Joseph Martino.

“The Catholic faith must guide all who are engaged in Catholic education— including students, teachers, administrators, and trustees— or that education ceases to be Catholic.”

Jose Luis Dizon, a parishioner at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Scarborough, had called into the board meeting to express support for the statements of several board members, noting that the board members in question had been speaking in support of Church teaching regarding people with same-sex attraction. 

Dizon began to quote paragraph 2357 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which describes homosexual acts as “intrinsically disordered." The next paragraph in the Catechism goes on to state that people experiencing same-sex attraction “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.”

Trustee Norm Di Pasquale interrupted Dizon as he was quoting the passage, stating that Dizon’s comments were “treading in dangerous waters” and “putting down a marginalized and vulnerable community.”

Martino agreed, adding that “I must warn the delegate that some of the language, I feel, is not proper.”

The special session of the school board was called to determine whether to censure Michael Del Grande, a trustee who last year objected to the board’s decision to add the terms gender identity, gender expression, family status, and marital status to its code of conduct as protected categories.  (more...)

Toronto cardinal rebukes Catholic school board members for barring Catechism reading

So marginalized and vulnerable.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Chronicles of Terror

Chronicles of Terror, a novel project organized and administered by the Witold Pilecki Institute of Solidarity and Valor, combines academic research, historical popularization and the broadly defined culture of remembrance. Our mission is to create the largest ON-LINE collection of civilian depositions relating to the period of the Second World War.

The on-line testimony database created for the purposes of the project provides access to the Second World War accounts of Polish citizens, who suffered immense hardship at the hands of the German and Soviet totalitarian regimes. These depositions reflect the personal experiences of thousands of Polish victims of totalitarian crimes, and also of their families and loved ones.

The majority of the accounts available on our portal are witness depositions made by Polish nationals who following the War testified before the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland. On 17 September 2017, we commenced the regular publication of testimonies relating to Soviet crimes, which were submitted by soldiers from General Anders’ Army and civilians who escaped the Soviet Union. On 27 September 2018 we published a large number of accounts of Polish citizens who aided Jews during the Second World War. On 12 April 2019, we released testimonies regarding the Katyn massacre. Chronicles of Terror serves to further the knowledge of the double occupation of Poland and to preserve the memory of the victims of Nazi and Soviet totalitarianism.  (more...)

About Chronicles of Terror

Poland genocide Nazi war crimes terror suffering remembrance witnesses testimony

Psychopaths R Us: Who Wouldn''t Want To Be Hitler?

Isn't it strange how Jordan Peterson claims to be warning against fascism, while at the same time fist-pumping the Führer every chance he gets?

Jordan Peterson Adolf Hitler books Nazi idealization fascism cults apologetics psychopathy sociopathy

Crimes Against Humanity, Fraudulent PCR Tests Taken To Court

In this follow-up interview with Rico Brouwer of the Potkaars podcast Reiner Fuellmich talks about the PCR test that are at the core of what is wrong with the global corona restrictions, about YouTube censorship and he goes into detail about the lawsuits in Germany, Canada and the US. How citizens of the world may join in the largest class action lawsuit that ever was.


Crimes Against Humanity: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich On The Coronavirus Scandal

crime human rights fraud coronavirus pandemic lockdowns masking testing vaccines class action court accountability

Margaret: The Secret Princess

The salacious private life of Princess Margaret from her relationship with alcohol to her many sexual relationships and the little known connection to the Profumo affair is laid bare.

Royalty Princess Margaret alcoholism hedonism adultery scandal

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

War through children's eyes - the Wola Massacre

 "Warsaw, the capital, the head, the brain of this 16 or 17-million Polish nation will be destroyed. That nation stood in the way of our quest for the East for 700 years, ever since the first battle of Tannenberg. But then, historically, the Polish issue will no longer be big for our children or those who come after us, nay, it will not even be big for us.”

These words were uttered by Heinrich Himmler to Adolf Hitler, following the news about the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. In response, the leader of the Third Reich gave the order to raze Warsaw to the ground and murder its residents, making a terrifying example for the rest of Europe. Consequently, on 5 August 1944, 76 years ago, the Wola Massacre began. One by one, the houses in the Wola district of Warsaw were emptied by the Germans, who escorted their inhabitants outside and executed them, regardless of their age and sex. More than 30,000 people were murdered within three days.

This experience was especially traumatic for children, who had to watch their loved ones die. Very few of them managed to survive. We encourage you to listen to what they have to say today, many years after these tragic events.

Poland Wola Warsaw Uprising war crimes genocide Nazi

Genocide in “Arcadia” – Ethnic Cleansing in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia in 1943–45


UPA Ukraine ethnic cleansing OUN-B Bandera war crimes genocide remembrance history

In the childhood memories of some Poles, Volhynia is often shows as a kind of Arcadia. Yet it was never so. There were constant ethnic tensions, which sometimes led to a conflict in Volhynia, Eastern Galicia, which was separated by the so-called “Sokal border” (“kordon Sokalski”), and the eastern part of the Lublin region, on the other side of the Bug River. Due to the fact that the situation was made worse by poverty, short-sighted policy of the state authorities, propaganda spread in the society, and the effect of the xenophobic “integral” nationalisms, the tensions became more intense just before the outbreak of the Second World War.

Not only did the war fail to reduce the tensions, but actually made them more intense. The joy shown by a portion of the Ukrainian population after the humiliating defeat of Poland, the policy of the Soviet occupational authorities, which favoured Ukrainians, the attempt to start a “national revolution” in the Subcarpathian Region by the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists in the second decade of September, the Polish response, numerous attacks on Polish refugees and settlers burdened the Polish-Ukrainian relations, which had been difficult beforehand, even more.

The exceptional increase in the popularity of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, particularly the faction led by Stepan Bandera, resulted from a disappointment with the Soviet rule and the hope for a Ukrainian state connected to the Third Reich.  (more...)

Genocide in “Arcadia” – Ethnic Cleansing in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia in 1943–45

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Saying no: The Thick Red Line

 Howard Lichtman joins us today to introduce, an effort to restore respect for law enforcement by abolishing victimless crime. ThickRedLine seeks to upend the narrative that keeps the public afraid of breaking the unlawful orders of the politicians and prevents officers from following their own conscience.

Thick Red Line

police victimless crime protest politics democracy nonviolent resistance

Monday, November 16, 2020

“Depths of Hell” - Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp

 The suffering of the prisoners of KL Mauthausen-Gusen – one of the harshest German concentration camps – ended as late as on 5 May 1945. After several days in this camp, the prisoners who were previously detained at Auschwitz wished they could go back there. The “depths of Hell” – that’s how the former Gusen prisoners refer to that place. Those few who survived long enough to witness its liberation…

On the 75th anniversary of the liberation of KL Mauthausen-Gusen we created the film “Witnesses to the Age. Depths of Hell”, comprised of interviews with four former prisoners of the camp. Eugeniusz Śliwiński, Jerzy Fajer, Stanisław Zalewski and Wiesław Krawczykowski recall the dramatic events from the period of their detention in KL Mauthausen-Gusen. Each was sent there at a different time and through different paths. After the war they settled in four different cities. They have one thing in common – they were sent to the camp for being Polish and striving for the freedom of their country.

Sadly, Wiesław Krawczykowski is no longer with us – he passed away on 26 December 2019.

KL Mauthausen was established in August 1938 as the first concentration camp located outside the territory of the Third Reich (after the annexation of Austria). Gusen was one of its subcamps, but with time it became larger than Mauthausen. The entire complex is often referred to as KL Mauthausen-Gusen. The harshest of all concentration camps was liberated at the end of the war, on 5 May 1945, just three days prior to the capitulation of the Third Reich.

Austria Nazi death camps war crimes genocide Poland eugenics

They burned their friends alive. The Volhynian Massacre

 Wanda Grabowska (born in 1924) witnessed the Volhynian Massacre. In March 1943, a Ukrainian from a neighboring village warned the Poles that their village would be massacred. The residents of Wólka Kotowska and its surroundings started keeping watch. In May, they learned about murders committed in other villages. They started to hide their belongings in grain fields and stopped sleeping in their houses. The massacre of Wólka Kotowska began on 4 July. That very night, Wanda Grabowska happened to be sleeping at the house. A neighbor woke her up in the morning. The village was robbed and set on fire, there was a lot of noise. Wanda Grabowska and her fmaily escaped into the forest barefoot. Her father managed to grab only a chest with grain for the horse. Many residents were murdered. Some of them hid in a house near the Ołyka train station, hoping to escape in case of an attack. The Ukrainians, however, attacked from the direction of the station and killed them all. The Ukrainians grabbed one villager, Jan Wilk, a physician assistant who used to always help them, and gouged his eyes out. Wanda Grabowska escaped into the forest, where the Soviet partisans were active. They escorted the survivors of the massacre to the forest near Przebraże, where the Poles organized a defence unit. But the Ukrainians weren't the only threat: the Germans bombarded the camp in the forest and killed an entire Polish family who was in contact with the Soviet partisans. The survivors collected dishes and food in a nearby village abandoned by the Germans. They also received food from the Ukrainians from a nearby village that remained neutral. When the war ended, the Poles were told to register, as they had to be displaced. Wanda Grabowska's father was certain they would return home. The shock caused by the news that they would be sent elsewhere gave him a heart attack.

Volhynia Poland Ukraine OUN-B Bandera massacre genocide war crimes death squads

Pilecki Institute

"Memory politics" 2.0: Diving deeper into Ukrainian-American nationalism & fascism

 Independent writer and researcher Moss Robeson joined us once again to further deconstruct the Ukrainian-American diaspora's vast, tangled network of nationalist and Neo-Nazi organizations, as well as their power-players and -brokers.


October Surprise Pt. 2: NY Supreme Court to Slap Down OUN-B?

Ukraine politics lobbying OUN-B Bandera Nazi fascism paramilitary coup

We Have A Duty to Disobey Immoral Orders

Finally, a priest giving a sermon against the devilish new normal: Father Anthony Hannon is a Latin Rite Catholic priest incardinated with the Archdiocese of Ottawa, Canada. In a comment, after his A Great Spiritual Reset video, he writes:

“Wearing a mask under the pretense that it protects ourselves or others is a lie. It doesn’t do any of that. In fact it will more likely do physical harm to a mask wearer and possible psychological harm to some, especially children and those who have been abused.

“Some people say that wearing a face covering is a sign of love, if for no other reason than to calm the anxiety who are afraid of the virus that has a 99.7% recovery rate. Sorry, but you cannot separate truth and charity. Not real charity. Real, genuine love has nothing to do with lies.”  (more...)

Catholic priest says mask wearing spreads lies and harm; not love and charity

Catholic morality pandemic deceit Canada honesty masking lockdown vaccines truth faith

The Most Evil Women In History-Ilse Koch

 MOST EVIL AND PROLIFIC FEMALE SERIAL KILLER (SHOCKING CRIME DOCUMENTARY) This incredible and disturbing documentary takes a look at the most evil, vile, and prolific female serial killers. 

In 1944, she worked in Birkenau Auschwitz as a senior overseer SS. It allowed for the incredible atrocities.

Nazi women Ilse Koch war crimes sadism Buchenwald


The Beasts of Buchenwald: Karl & Ilse Koch, Human-Skin Lampshades, and the War-Crimes Trial of the Century

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Bolsheviks, Masons, and Russian Revolution

 Were the Bolsheviks a political movement or a secret society? Dive into this question as you survey the rich history of governmental secret societies who combated revolutionary conspiracies with their own conspiracies. You will gain a vivid appreciation for the allure of the elite, and the power of conspiracy, showing that history is made not by the inactive majority but by active minorities—including Trotsky, Lenin, Kaplan, and others. And you’ll see that there is no better active minority than a well-oiled secret society.


What Role did Freemasons and Bolsheviks play in the Russian Revolution

freemasonry Russia revolution Bolsheviks Germany conspiracy secret societies

Volhynian Bloody Sunday

 Zofia Szwal (née Polaszczyk), born 1930 in Orzeszyn, Volhynia. A witness of Volhynia Massacre. She survived the so-called Volhynian Bloody Sunday on 11 July 1943, when the nationalists from the Ukrainian Insurgent Army attacked her village. She talks about her father who asked one of the Ukrainians to let her go, saving her life. She also recalls the experiences of the sole survivor of the Orzeszyn massacre.

1943 Volhynia Massacre: Truth and Remembrance

Volhynia genocide Poland Ukraine Nazi fascism Bandera OUN-B history war crimes

Saturday, November 14, 2020

"Memory politics": Examining the U.S.' pro-Trump and pro-Biden Banderite factions

Independent researcher and writer Moss Robeson joins us again, this time to discuss the labyrinthine network of Stepan Bandera-affiliated Ukrainian-American nationalist and neo-Nazi organizations that are rallying behind both Trump and Biden in the 2020 election. This episode is the first in a series based on Moss' three-part reporting on recent U.S. Bandera-lobby election-related activities.

Ukraine lobbying Trump Biden election Nazi OUN-B Svoboda Azov youth paramilitary Catholic Bandera war crimes


October Surprise Pt. 1: The Suburban Council of Trump-Bandera Voters

Vox Day Confirmed Troy Parfitt's Bizarre Discoveries About Jordan Peterson and the Occult

As author Troy Parfitt began to doubt his own sanity with his discoveries of Jordan Peterson's freakish love affair with the occult, Vox Day's book "Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker" provided a welcome validation that it was not Parfitt who had lost his marbles, but Peterson.

It is impossible that Day's and Parfitt's revelations about Jordan Peterson's infatuation with the occult--and indeed the Great Beast himself, Aleister Crowley--could be mere coincidence.

Despite having opposing political views, Parfitt maintains that Day deserves a lot of praise for his book, and says "Jordanetics" was largely ignored because of Day's far-right political views, and that even left-leaning JP critics have bashed Parfitt for even mentioning Vox Day.

The media has a lot of explaining to do, Parfitt says. Vox Day gave them the evidence and they ignored it. Peterson critics are so blinkered by their own political hang-ups that they refused to read or even discuss Day's book.

Parfitt's upcoming book "The Devil and His Due" will delve deeper into the Peterson rabbit hole, dealing not only with the good doctor's unhealthy habit of summoning the Devil, but also his rare talent of speaking and writing in stolen Hitlerite and Crowleyesque code. The unwitting cult members cheer as their leader laughs up his sleeve.

occult Jordan Peterson Aleister Crowley Hitler books satanism cults

This post is addressed particularly to my fellow University of Toronto alumni, who will obtain affirmation of what we experienced on that campus. We were not imagining things. We were not crazy. This is simply the culture of that institution.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Banderites & Ukrainian nationalism, fascism, & Neo-Nazism

Moss Robeson is an independent journalist and researcher. His work focuses on Ukrainian nationalist, fascist, and Neo-Nazi entities and their links to the Ukrainian diaspora in the U.S. and Canada, as well as the support these factions have received from said Western countries.

Ukraine Bandera OUN-B Svoboda youth Nazi extremism


How a network of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists penetrated Canada’s Conservative Party to lobby for military conflict

Influential DC-based Ukrainian think tank hosts neo-Nazi activist convicted for racist violence

The Canadian Military Declares War on Canadians

Dan Dicks of joins us to delve deeper into the insane story of the Canadian military fake wolves psyop. We go beyond the ludicrous story of the government using fake wolves to scare the public to discover that the Canadian military is now openly announcing that they are targeting the Canadian public themselves with their newly-weaponized public affairs department. The Canadian military has declared war on Canada. Will Canadians even notice?

propaganda social control military Canada psychological warfare psyops authoritarianism


Press For Truth

Canadian military wants to establish new organization to use propaganda, other techniques to influence Canadians

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Legal Challenges to Covid and Censorship with Rocco Galati Esq.

 Enjoy this episode where host Doug McKenty discusses Canadian constitutional law and the rise of technocratic fascism with lawyer and executive director of the Constitutional Rights Centre, Rocco Galati.  Rocco is directly involved in the Canadian fight to prevent continued efforts to impose unconstitutional economic lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccinations and other methods applied in response to a pandemic of questionable magnitude.   He is also in the process of suing the social media giants in protest of the ongoing censorship crisis which prevents true and open debate about these topics that are of utmost importance to all of our daily lives.  This discussion includes Rocco's ideas concerning who is responsible and where this is headed if we don't stop it.  Find out more about Rocco Galati @roccogalatilaw on Twitter,


Introducing Rocco Galati and the Constitutional Rights Centre

Rocco Galati law covid censorship corruption technocracy pharmaceuticals politics bribery fraud

McCarrick, Argentina, The Institute of the Incarnate Word, and Bergoglio

McCarrick Buela St. Gallen Argentina IVE Institute of the Incarnate Word Catholic corruption homosexuality gay clergy abuse boys youth

Having further established the connection of abuser McCarrick to St. Gallen, Switzerland, a reading of the Report also reveals an important connection to Argentina, and especially The Institute of the Incarnate Word:

As part of his work to increase vocations within the Archdiocese of Washington, Cardinal McCarrick encouraged the activity of the Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE), a religious order of diocesan right originally founded in 1984 by Father Carlos Miguel Buela in the Diocese of San Rafael in Argentina.

 It seems there was much travel by McCarrick to Argentina, including meetings with Cardinal Bergoglio. McCarrick's activities with the IVE in Argentina and elsewhere have attracted no little attention:

McCarrick and the Institute of the Incarnate Word

The aforementioned Father Buela was quite the character:

Institute of the Incarnate Word Founder Carlos Buela Guilty of Sexual Misconduct with Seminarians

For his part, Cardinal Bergoglio knew and attempted to do the right thing:

Pope Francis and the Institute

Try as he did, Cardinal Bergoglio could, or would, not prevail. A more powerful figure stood as protector of team Buela-McCarrick: Cardinal Angelo Sodano. And, to come full circle, it was Sodano who was key to the St. Gallen Mafia's plot to place the Argentine in the Papacy:

How Cardinal Sodano Robbed the Papacy from Pope Benedict!

McCarrick Buela St. Gallen Argentina IVE Institute of the Incarnate Word Catholic corruption homosexuality gay clergy abuse boys youth