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Russophobia a 150-year-old official Canadian passion


Canada Russia Russophobia Crimea war Nazi Waffen SS ratlines immigration antagonism hatred imperialism politics British Empire

There has been a great deal of reporting about parliament celebrating a World War II Nazi soldier. But even though he was praised specifically for fighting Russia the media has ignored the horrors inflicted by the Nazis on Russians.

During Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s recent speech to Parliament, 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka was labeled a “hero” by the Speaker of Parliament for fighting Russia. In subsequently justifying his embarrassing presentation of the 14th Waffen SS volunteer, Anthony Rota noted, “my intention was to show that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not a new one.” For Rota the Nazi bit was an aside, or as Caitlin Johnstone opined, “Nobody Who Fought Against Russia Could Possibly Be Bad!”

This idea isn’t new. The mid 1980s federal government-appointed Deschênes Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals in Canada came to a similar conclusion. In justifying a do-nothing approach to Canadian former Waffen SS members — who swore allegiance to Adolf Hitler and were part of an organization deemed criminal by the Nuremberg Tribunal — the commission noted that the division’s soldiers volunteered “not because of a love of the Germans but because of their hatred for the Russians and the Communist tyranny.”

What the Nazis did to Russians during World War II was horrific. According to official statistics, 11 million Russian/USSR military personnel and 16 million civilians were killed. The siege of Leningrad (present-day Saint Petersburg) was ghastly. As a result of one of the longest and most destructive sieges in history, around 1.5 million died.

In a statement pointing out there are over 200 000 Canadians of Russian descent and that almost all Russians “lost at least one relative in combating Nazism”, that country’s ambassador noted, “I strongly believe that despite deep disagreements between Moscow and Ottawa on the current geopolitical situation, the Government and the Parliament of Canada must find courage to apologize directly to all Russians and the Russian Canadian community for the disgraceful incident the whole world was watching on September 22.”

Another important omission from the discussion is Canada’s long-standing belligerence towards Russia. As part of its ties to the British empire, Ottawa has been in a near state of war with Russia for over a century and a half.  (more...)

Russophobia a 150-year-old official Canadian passion

Good guys, bad guys and Ukrainian nationalism


Canada Ukraine diaspora Nazi war crimes anti-communism violence extremism evil ethnic cleansing Russophobia irrationality

Parliament’s standing ovation for a Nazi soldier highlights deep ties to far-right Ukrainian nationalism and staunch support for NATO. The embarrassing incident could unravel the political consensus on the proxy war.

During Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speech to Parliament on Friday Yaroslav Hunka received two standing ovations from MPs. The 98-year-old was labeled a “hero” by the Speaker of Parliament for fighting Russia. Anthony Rota noted, “We have here in the chamber today a Ukrainian Canadian war veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians and continues to support the troops today even at his age of 98.”

But Hunka’s fight against Russia was with the 14th Waffen SS, which largely consisted of volunteers from the western part of what’s now Ukraine (Galicia). SS members swore allegiance to Adolf Hitler and the 14th Waffen SS was responsible for a horrible massacre of a Polish village. They also killed Jews, Slovaks and Ukrainians. There are monuments celebrating the division in Oakville and Edmonton and the powerful Ukrainian Canadian Congress has long celebrated the SS Galician Division. (Hunka has donated at least $5,200 to the UCC, according to its annual reports.)

Thousands of Ukrainian Nazi soldiers were allowed to come to Canada after World War II and Canada has long been a hub of far-right Ukrainian nationalism. To justify its collaboration with the Nazis’ genocidal policies Ukrainian nationalists often claim Joseph Stalin’s USSR committed a genocide against Ukrainians. Canadians have led the way in promoting the Holodomor, which is important to anti-Russian Ukrainian nationalist mythology. Zelenskyy praised the “first ever Holodomor monument in the world” put up in Edmonton forty years ago.  (more...)

Good guys, bad guys and Ukrainian nationalism

The Nazi-Ukrainian Reich of Canada


Chrystia Freeland Ukraine Canada Reich Nazi fascism UCC OUN fifth column infiltration ratlines immigration

Ukrainian immigrants and their descendants have a significant influence on Canadian politics, what is not surprising, while about 1.36 million Canadians declare Ukrainian origins, what equals nearly 3.5% of the country’s population.

The qualitative shape of this diaspora was influenced by the admission to Canada of almost 100,000 ‘refugees’, including the SS-men from the 14th Waffen-Grenadier-Division of the SS Galizien, as well soldiers and members of other Ukrainian armed formations collaborating with Nazi Germany. They have been relocated by the Britons as a part of their preparations to the World War 3 against the Eastern Bloc and to handle the intelligence tasks for Western Powers.

Part of the newcomers joined the older organisation, the Ukrainian Canadian Committee (now the Ukrainian Canadian Congress).

That was a strategy of Andriy Melnyk’s fraction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). During the WW2 this group was responsible for recruiting to the collaborator troops organised by the Germans and directly involved in the management of the occupied territories in Poland and Ukraine, taking active part in the Holocaust. In Canada Ukrainian Nazis focused on intensive educational and propaganda work among young people, not forgetting about veterans from the 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army (i.e. the rebranded Waffen-SS Galizien).

In turn Banderites, in 1949 organised themselves as the Canadian League for the Liberation of Ukraine, and now the League of Ukrainian Canadians.

From the beginning to this day, these groups proudly use the black and red Ukrainian Nazi colours and openly declare pride in the legacy of Stepan Bandera.

An important part of the League is Society of Veterans of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) in Canada has openly brought together members of Nazi troops responsible for the  genocide on Jews, Poles, Russians and Ukrainian anti-fascists during World War 2.  (more...)

The Nazi-Ukrainian Reich of Canada

Chrystia Freeland: Canada’s fascist queen


Chrystia Freeland fascism Nazi Ukraine anti-communism indoctrination ideology treason conflict of interest disloyalty Russophobia eugenics cold war propaganda

After measuring the level of support for Ukrainian Nazis in Canada by applauding a 14th Waffen SS war veteran, the Canadian Parliament was forced to apologise for that unacceptable act after drawing nationwide and international condemnation. Anthony Rota, former Speaker of Canada’s Parliament, willingly fell on his sword and took the blame for what happened. 

Rota sought to take attention away from one Deputy Prime Minister who smiled with glee when Hunka was announced as a war veteran who fought the ‘Russians’ (USSR) during WWII: Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland, a descendent of a Ukrainian war criminal herself, who has both a grandfather and a great uncle with infamous ties to the Nazis. 

Some may wonder how Hunka, along with many other war criminals of this variety, were allowed to roam free like this in Canada in the first place. Freeland’s family lineage is a helpful place to start.

Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was a propagandist for the Nazi occupation in Ukraine during World War Two. He wrote for Krakiv’ski visti, an anti-semitic pro-occupation newspaper. She’s publicly tried to deny Michael Chomiak’s legacy many times (calling it ‘Russian propaganda’), and even edited Krakiv’ski visti apologia for the newspaper to redeem her grandfather (Krakiv’ski visti and the Jews), but it’s come to naught.  (more...)

Chrystia Freeland: Canada’s fascist queen


The Chomiak-Freeland Connection

propaganda Nazi Ukraine history Canada fascism eugenics Russophobia conflict of interest treason disloyalty anti-communism

The House of Anti-Communists, and the Nazi Monster it Spawned


anti-communists Nazi extremism Canada ratlines immigration history Waffen SS fascism politics social engineering theocracy ratlines

It was a rare show of unity in Canada’s increasingly frayed parliament. 336 of 338 Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister, Senators and other guests of honour joined Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a standing ovation for “Canadian hero,” Yaroslav Hunka. The 98-year-old was heralded for fighting “for Ukrainian independence against the Russians in the Second World War.” 

The touching moment was, however, short-lived. Unfortunately, for Canadian statesmen and their Ukrainian patrons, astute netizens had the presence of mind to question that if Hunka was fighting “the Russians,” then who was he fighting alongside? 

The answer also wasn’t hard to find. 

Hunka fought in the 14th division of the Waffen SS, having voluntarily joined in 1943, by his own admission. Suddenly, the beautiful show of solidarity and unity took a very dark turn. By Sunday afternoon, House Speaker Anthony Rota, who supposedly was behind Hunka’s invitation, and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre were claiming that lawmakers had no about the ex-Nazi’s past. 

Rota and the Prime Minister’s Office are in charge of who gets to be in the Parliamentary gallery, and who gets recognition in Parliament. Interestingly, Liberal MP and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, who would know full well what it meant to fight “for Ukrainian independence against the Russians in the Second World War,” was seen smiling and joyful during Hunka’s recognition.

On Poilievre’s claim, people must realize that the opposition force against the USSR even after Nazi Germany was forced out of Soviet Ukraine, were Nazis who wanted an independent fascist Ukraine. These Nazis were outnumbered by the near seven million Ukrainians who fought in the USSR’s Red Army. 

Claiming ignorance is farcical on their part as well, showcasing their anti-communism, which naturally leads to defence of fascists fighting socialist states such as the USSR. These same MPs support billions to Ukraine, support of the Azov battalion and the whitewashing of Nazis in Ukraine, and wouldn’t have condemned Hunka’s honouring if the Canadian people and international media didn’t catch onto what they did.

However, putting aside the Canadian regime’s dubious idiot defence, the episode sheds light on a larger issue. Hunka is hardly the first former Nazi with national name recognition (albeit the first to get a standing ovation in the House of Commons). For years Canada struggled to deport Helmut Oberlander, a former translator for the Einsatzkommando 10a unit, a Nazi death squad involved in numerous war crimes during WWII. In fact, Canada’s Nazi footprint goes right to the top, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s right-hand woman, Chrystia Freeland, being the granddaughter of a Nazi propagandist. 

All of which begs the question, how exactly did Hunka and others like him enter Canada after World War II? While many scholars admit that the importation of Ukrainian and other fascists was done to crush burgeoning leftist diasporas, this is where analysis of fascists and reactionaries being imported to Canada usually ends. 

Quite the opposite. The Nazi “underground railroad” was just the first salvo of the Canadian state’s 75-year drive to import fascists and anti-communists, in service of maintaining Canadian colonialism and bolstering support for Canadian imperialism. Hunka is just the everyday Nazi, one of many.  (more...)

The House of Anti-Communists, and the Nazi Monster it Spawned

Nazism is nothing new in Western world, it gave safe harbor to war criminals


Canada Nazi war criminals ratlines crime havens scandal corruption extremism misanthropy xenophobia

As the scandal roars on over Yaroslav Hunka, a Nazi collaborator from the SS Galicia division who was given a standing ovation in the Canadian parliament, RT speaks with a panel of guests about the detrimental effects of lingering Nazi sentiment in today's world.

Friday, September 29, 2023

'Murderers hub': Bangladesh FM slams Canada


Canada Ukraine Bangladesh murderers ratlines sanctuary haven impunity immigration war crimes scandals assassination terrorism

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Ak Abdul Momen has accused Canada of harboring murderers while commenting on the deepening diplomatic crisis between Ottawa and India.

Jewish community urges Canada to declassify Nazi immigrants report


Canada parliament Ukraine Nazi Jewish community scandal disclosure cover-up ratlines immigration war crimes haven impunity

The incident with ovations to a Nazi collaborator in the Canadian Parliament is dominating the headlines, and the Jewish community is pushing Ottawa to stop providing cover for what they claim are war criminals in the country.

Poland Rethinks ‘Slava Ukraina'


Canada Ukraine Poland Nazi Waffen SS ethnic cleansing war crimes extradition scandal grain mercenaries disenchantment scam fraud

Patrick Henningson says that despite the West’s best efforts to get Poland to fear and hate Russia, and embrace the regime in Kiev, the Poles are now backing away from Zelensky. Canada’s pro-Nazi rally in Parliament was maybe the last straw. But it’s not going to be easy with US now occupying part of the Polish military infrastructure.



Canada Nazi Russophobia Justin Trudeau Azov Waffen SS 14 Galician Grey Zone scandal historical revisionism cover-up holocaust Zelensky

Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover the international scandal that unfolded when the Liberal Party of Canada's Justin Trudeau honored a Ukrainian Nazi veteran of the Waffen-SS, and the dark history it forced to the surface.

Western Hypocrisy, Rewriting History and Permanent War


Canada Ukraine Nazi parliament ratlines immigration applause ovation hypocrisy scandal fascism globalists historical revisionism NATO imperialism

The hollow words of the moral coward Justin Trudeau to "apologize" for the scandal of standing ovations in the Canadian Parliament for a veteran of Ukraine's World War II Nazi SS provide an opportunity to expose to the world the rewriting of history which underlies the present drive for permanent war.  The endless war targets any nation which stands up for the sovereign rights of its people.  The U.S. and its NATO stooges are rewriting history to cover for their wars, to defend their commitment to a Unipolar Order dictatorship.  Their hypocrisy is backfiring against them.

Britain sent Canada thousands of Ukrainian Nazis and collaborators


ratlines Nazi Britain Remini Canada education historical revisionism omerta omission Ukraine collaborators war crimes

Ukrainian Nazis and collaborators, 10,000 of them were sent to you by Britain after WW11, George tells Canadian caller Leem, who tells him that their children are not taught that Russia was an ally.

Louis Feutren - An Appeal to St Conleth's


Ireland Nazi teacher war criminal death sentence Catholic ratline evasion injustice abuse psychological torture children history

Oberscharführer Louis Feutren was sentenced to death by a court in Rennes in 1945 during the trial against his "Bretonische Waffenverband der SS" unit (unofficially known as "Bezen Perrot") for crimes against French partisans and Jews. He evaded imprinsoment by escaping to Ireland. He was the French teacher at St Conleth's, a school in Dublin, from the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s. He is rembered by many pupils for his cruel corporal punishment and psychological abuse. I was one of his students. Everyone at the school knew, from headmaster to pupils that he was a conivcted Nazi. I have requested St Conleth's to issue a public apology for having inflicted this war criminal on its students for so long.

Uki Goñi

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Hey Trudeau, Ignorance Is No Excuse!


Canada Justin Trudeau NATO Nazi historical revisionism scandal affrontery Ukraine parliament ignorance

How could members of Canada's Parliament not know that a World War II veteran who fought against Russia was on the side of Hitler's Nazis?  And if it is such a scandal that a veteran of a Ukrainian SS unit was honored, why is it not a scandal that western governments continue to pour arms and money into Ukraine, including weapons which end up in the hands of today's Ukrainian Nazis?  Ignorance is no excuse, especially as the war is escalating, even as Ukraine's forces are being obliterated.  

For the background to this unbelievable scandal, use this link:

For my weekly dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche, click here:

Chrystia Freeland’s uncle, Dr. Myroslav Shkandrij, defended Ukrainian Nazi volunteers as fighters against Russian Bolshevism


Canada Ukraine Nazi Waffen SS volunteers Chrystia Freeland grandfather uncle scandal SS Galicia Division

A footnote in a book by Dr. Myroslav Shkandrij, titled ‘In The Maelstrom: The Waffen-SS 'Galicia' Division and Its Legacy’ noted that statements against Freeland made in ‘Espirit de Corps,’ accusing Freeland of defending WWII Ukrainian Waffen SS Galicia were 'malicious' and 'defamatory' in intent.

The world watched last Friday as the entirety of Canada’s parliament, including Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, delivered a grandiose standing ovation to First Ukrainian Division World War II (WWII) veteran Yaroslav Hunka. He was there to watch a speech before the House of Commons by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Ivan Katchanovksi, a political scientist at the University of Ottawa, first noticed the grave error. “These are photos of SS Galicia Division veteran who was given standing ovation by Canadian parliament, Prime Minister of Canada and president of Ukraine. He published these photos of himself in in this division during training in Germany,” the post read.

The scandal gathered momentum from there, culminating in the resignation of House Speaker Anthony Rota on Tuesday after a rushed convening of party leaders. Rota had been tasked with introducing the special guest seated in the gallery during Zelenskyy’s historic visit.

Rota had described Hunka to the parliamentarians in his speech as a “veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians,” further adding that he was “a Ukrainian hero.”

Hunka, a 98-year-old still active in the Ukranian community, received a thunderous round of applause from the Commons.

Hunka, as it would be revealed, fought in the First Ukrainian Division, or the First Galicia Division - previously known as the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the Schutzstaffel (SS) of the Nazi party.

The First Ukrainian Division was crafted in part by Heinrich Himmler, the chief architect of the Holocaust. “Your homeland has become more beautiful since you have lost - on our initiative, I must say - the residents who were so often a dirty blemish on Galicia’s good name - namely the Jews,” said Himmler to his Ukrainian troops in a 1944 speech. “I know that if I ordered you to liquidate the Poles, I would be giving you permission to do what you are eager to do anyway.”

And they did.  (more...)

Chrystia Freeland’s uncle, Dr. Myroslav Shkandrij, defended Ukrainian Nazi volunteers as fighters against Russian Bolshevism

Nazi scandal is just the latest example of Canada becoming an international laughingstock


Canada parliament Justin Trudeau Nazi scandals embarrassment humiliation deflection unaccountability grandstanding preening posturing unprincipled

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Manny Montenegrino, President of ThinkSharp Inc and former Stephen Harper lawyer, to share his thoughts on the current state of Canada's foreign affairs and domestic challenges. Ezra and Manny discussed the ongoing fallout from now-former Speaker of the House Anthony Rota inviting a Nazi to the Canadian House of Commons, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pattern of refusing to take responsibility for his government's fiascos.

The Blood and Soil Cult of Fascism


fascism Nazi Canada Gladio cults social engineering infiltration Satanism Nazi CIA depopulation population control eugenics Ukraine

In this episode of Breaking History, Sean and Matt discuss the origins of Ukrainian fascism, where Canada acquired its Nazi problem, and the synthetic creation of blood and soil cults masquerading as separatist/nationalist movements around the world. A focus is placed on the new imperial organizing myths created to define a Sikh ethno-nationalist homeland in Punjab (dubbed Khalistan), the manipulation of Native Americans who have been led to believe that the great advanced civilizations of pre-Columbian America had nothing to do with them, political Zionist ideologues, Finnish nazis who believe in 'Greater Finland' (including East Karelia carved out of Russia) and much more.

We also discuss the connection of Satanism with fascism (tying this into the appointment of Marina Abramovich as Ukraine's ambassador in charge of child security).

What Is The Khalistan Movement & Why Does It Have India & Canada Locked In A Diplomatic Standoff?


Canada India Khalistan diaspora terrorism assassination corruption politics crime cults extremism

Amid the growing tension between India and Canada over the Khalistan issue. We look at the history of the Khalistan movement in India. We look at how the movement that stemmed from the demand for Sikhism to be recognised as a distinct religion turned violent and ultimately led to the death of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In this episode of Decode, we also look at the most prominent figure of the Khalistan movement.

Canada is officially Khalistan; India has shown it to the World


Canada India Khalistan cults terrorism organized crime drugs vandalism extremism violence assassination politics

From simmering tensions to international recognition: How India's diplomatic heat turned up the spotlight on Khalistan. Canada's dance with controversy in the mix!

India's Raid on Khalistani Gangsters Reveals Canada Links


Canada India crime terrorism Khalistan corruption NIA Ukraine independence gangsters diaspora corruption

India's National Investigation Agency has conducted nationwide raids on gangsters from the Khalistan separatist movement. Over 40 suspects turned out to have links to Canada.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

MPs like clapping seals applauding a Nazi. All that was missing was the beach balls


Canada Nazi Ukraine Germany parliament politics Waffen SS 14 Galician applause ovation affrontery scandal historical revisionism war crimes genocide NATO

Canada you have a Nazi problem. Prime minister Trudeau applauding an SS member in parliament was akin to dancing on the graves of his countrymen who died in WWII

'It's a scandal of epic proportions': Viva Frei weighs in on parliament's Nazi fiasco


Canada parliament applause ovation Ukraine Zelensky Justin Trudeau scandal affrontery Nazi ignorance fiasco buffoonery

Viva Frei joins the Ezra Levant Show to weigh in on the Nazi fiasco that happened in the House of Commons. 'These buffoon-parliamentarians are giving a standing ovation to someone who fought valiantly against our allies,' Frei says.

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Bandera Lobby Show: John-Paul Himka


history suppression Ukraine Nazi Waffen SS Galicia OUN UPA diaspora distortion holocaust

This week I'm joined by Dr. John-Paul Himka to discuss the recent scandal in Canadian parliament and his most book, "Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust - OUN and UPA's Participation in the Destruction of Ukrainian Jewry, 1941-1944."

Trudeau calls everyone else Nazis — but he literally cheered an actual Nazi


Canada history parliament Ukraine Nazi Waffen SS 14 Galician ratlines immigration ovation applause Zelensky war crimes affrontery glorification scandal deceit

The failures to that led to a Nazi being honoured in Parliament are an international disgrace, says Ezra Levant.

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Ezra Levant joins Glenn Beck to talk Parliament honouring a Ukrainian Nazi


Canada Ukraine Nazi Glenn Beck Zelensky Justin Trudeau parliament Nazi Waffen SS 14 Galician war crimes ovation applause scandal affrontery gall gaslighting outrage

Ezra Levant joins the Glenn Beck Program to talk about Canadian Parliament honouring a Ukrainian Nazi SS officer.

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Trudeau 'BRAGS' about 'giving $9 billion to a foreign war'


Canada Justin Trudeau hysteria Ukraine warmongering irrationality money pit delusion frenzy

On the Livestream, Sheila and David discuss Trudeau's speech regarding Ukraine and the billions of dollars Canada will be sending to help. ‘He stood bragging about sending $9 billion to a foreign war while Canadians can't afford housing,’ said Sheila.

Thunderous applause and a fist pump


Canada parliament Ukraine Zelensky Justin Trudeau Nazi applause ovation Waffen SS 14 Galician war crimes affrontery scandal deceit denial historical revisionism Bandera

Only possible in a Trudeau parliament

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Nazi in Parliament: Did They Know or are they just stupid?


Canada parliament Ukraine Waffen SS 14 Galician Nazi scandal culpability excuses embarrassment finger pointing deception

On Friday, September 22, 2023 a Nazi war veteran was invited into the Canadian House of Commons and lauded as a hero by all 338 members of Parliament. Randy and Chelsea sit down to discuss parliamentary procedure to get to the bottom of the lies being told by all parties and politicians.

Perfidious Canada


Canada Nazi Ukraine Blowback immigration ratlines cover-up CIA RCMP FBI Gladio strategy of tension imperialism geopolitics

Connecting all the dots

The Sunday Night Show - Sept 24th, 2023 - RCMP Officer Murdered in BC, No Ban on NDAs in NS, the Gender Identity Protests


Canada police RCMP Nova Scotia nondisclosure agreements police shooting gender ideology education sex assault harassment politics

Nighttime Podcast is joined by investigative journalist Paul Palango and legal analyst Adam Rodgers to discuss Canadian stories of crime, corruption, and items of public interest.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the murder of an RCMP officer in Coquitlam, BC
  • the Nova Scotia government declines banning non disclosure agreements related to sex assault and harassments cases
  • the gender identity protests that occurred across Canada last week

Canada Has a Nazi Problem


Canada Ukraine Nazi OUN Bandera Chrystia Freeland geopolitics oligarchy Liberal Party Nazi Maidan Azov cold war CIA

Patrick Henningson talks with Arnaud Develay, an international human rights lawyer, about the Canadian Parliament recently giving a hero’s welcome to Waffen SS Nazi veteran, with PM Justin Trudeau and Zelensky, and Canadian Banderite minister Chrystia Freeland, all on hand to lead the cheers. As it turns out, Canada has a deep pedigree with importing Nazis from Ukraine post WWII and have continued to support extremists right up to the present day.

Canada's History Tells You Why Trudeau is Buckling Under the Pressure of Anti-India Terrorists


Canada India terrorism history books haven blind eye Justin Trudeau Khalistan Sikh lawlessness politics

The roots of the present crisis lie much deeper in the political system of Canada. Canadians, however, must remember that every country which has nurtured or protected terrorists in the name of ‘liberal values’ has suffered at the hands of the same terrorists

Has Canada failed to learn from its past? And is that the reason that has led Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led government in Canada to buckle under the pressure of Khalistan supporters and terrorists to make unsubstantiated allegations against India regarding recent killing of a Khalistan terrorist on its soil?

Award winning and much respected Canadian journalist Stewart Bell’s book Cold Terror: How Canada nurtures and exports terrorism around the world provides useful insights in this regard. The book was first published in 2004 and later revised in 2007. In addition to the Islamic terrorism, it also talks about the inept handling of the Khalistan movement which is being run from Canadian soil.

Here are some key takeaways from Bell’s observations that can help one understand the root cause of the present crisis between India and Canada in context of Canada’s lame duck approach towards terrorism:  (more...)

Canada's History Tells You Why Trudeau is Buckling Under the Pressure of Anti-India Terrorists

Monday, September 25, 2023

Canada just SHOCKED the world with this move in front of WW2 veterans


Canada parliament Ukraine Zelensky Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland scandal Nazi Waffen SS 14 Galician historical revisionism glorification affrontery buffoonery

In Canada, Parliament gave a standing ovation to a 98 year-old Nazi veteran who fought for Ukraine against Russia during World War II. He was a Waffen-SS soldier. Is Hitler back after decades of being canceled? Canadian veteran and journalist David Krayden joins us to discuss this national embarrassment.

Actual NAZI SOLDIER honoured in Canadian parliament


Canada parliament Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland Ukraine Zelensky Nazi Waffen SS 14 Galician affrontery scandal ovation glorification hypocrisy debacle

The Canadian government honoured an actual Waffen-SS Nazi volunteer in the House of Commons on Friday. Every single MP, Senator and guest in attendance at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's address to Parliament on Friday gave Nazi solider Yaroslav Hunka a standing ovation. In fact, even worse, Speaker of the House and Liberal MP Anthony Rota described Hunka as a "Canadian hero and a Ukrainian hero."

Zelenskyy's trip to Canada was a disaster. The decision to tarnish the visit by applauding an actual Nazi soldier has given the Russian Federation an entirely unnecessary propaganda victory and it is yet another massive international embarrassment brought upon all Canadians by the Trudeau government.

Ezra Levant and Andrew Lawton discuss former Nazi soldier being applauded at Canadian Parliament


Canada Nazi Ukraine Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland parliament Waffen SS Galician holocaust ratlines war criminals | MORE:

Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant recently joined The Andrew Lawton Show to dive deeper into the appalling mishap in Parliament that allowed a former SS soldier to be honoured by hundreds of MPs.

Underfunded Hospitals PAID Nurses To Counter Protest Million Person Parents March


Canada unions nurses parents march activism astro turf education gender ideology transgender gaslighting politics manipulation corruption marxism journalism

More insanity just got exposed! I interview former educator & CUPE member about the liberal strong arming of Canadian unions and their desperation to take caring parents down by actually paying people to go protest the Million Person March. The head of CUPE Fred Hahn ironically promotes Che Guevara on his walls and in his photos but Che Guevera put gay people in camps and murdered them. Is he just another useful idiot or does he know this?

Find Rob Primo at :

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Safe Haven Unmasked: Canada's Role in Rise of Radicals


Canada Justin Trudeau India Khalistan Air India 182 bombing terrorism safe haven radicals extremists diplomacy debacle humiliation embarrassment corruption complicity foreign interference

Today, we examine Canada's alleged involvement with Khalistani individuals and the potential security implications. We discussed cases such as Parminder Singh Saini and Talwinder Singh Parmar, shedding light on their backgrounds and activities. Trudeau needs to realize what is he up to.

A tale of two transanity protests: can you guess which side was crazed and unhinged?


Canada Toronto education gender ideology transgender sexualization grooming parents unions protests family wokeism depravity| If the goal of the '1 Million March 4 Children' counter-protesters was to come off as a bunch of weirdos wearing trouble on their shirts — mission accomplished!

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Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it infamy. But Trudeau can’t escape


Canada Nazi Ukraine Waffen SS 14 Galician WWII atrocity Bandera war crimes ratlines parliament infamy

It’s the inflexion point in the war, High-Heeled ‘Jack’ Trudeau, Nazi war criminal applauded in Canadian parliament and Biden Trump’d. It’s all over bar the tears, recriminations and memoirs.

This is the END of Trudeau in Canada


Canada education gender ideology sexualization transgender parents protests Justin Trudeau politics authoritarianism fascism Ottawa unions

Thousands of people gathered in Canada to protest gender ideology and sexualization of school curriculum in Canada on Wednesday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called this protest “transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia" but footage from these events showed that it was anything but hateful. It was people from all walks of life with the common goal of protecting the early sexualization and grooming of children.

The Satanic Roots of the Counter-Culture Explored


Counter Culture Tavistock music freemasonry satanism cold war drug cults Crowley MI6 Scottish Rite history

Matt Ehret is invited to talk about the dark roots of the western counter-culture revolution with host Cynthia Breed. The Beatles led a 'British Invasion' that enmeshed a generation of Americans into a new synthetic drug cult. What was the role of London's Tavistock, the CIA's MK Ultra and what about Satanists like L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley in ushering in this new counter-culture revolution? What was the "culture" that was being countered and why? These matters will be explored as well as a deep dive into the battles within Masonry and current geopolitics will be discussed at some length in this long form interview.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Visits Canada And Asks Marina Abramovic To Be Ambassador For Ukraine


Canada Ukraine Zelensky politics proxy war NATO Bandera money arms Nazi fascism satanism Toronto

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently visited Canada and he along with his host Justin Trudeau were greeted at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto to angry Canadians booing and shouting in displeasure of this alliance.

Trudeau vowed to pledge $650M MORE in funding to support Ukraine’s war effort on top of the already $9.5B that has already been contributed.

Meanwhile Zelenskyy recently invited the infamous satanist “artist” Marina Abramovic to be an ambassador for Ukraine so that she can “help the children affected by rebuilding schools and such.”

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the ongoing Ukraine/Russia war that Canada has no business being involved in while also showing who the true aggressors really are and have been all along…Hint, it starts with NA and ends with TO.

Agreement Boosts Academic Mobility Across BRICS Borders


Academic Mobility BRICS Brazil Russia India China South Africa youth optimism partnership multilateralism

BRICS countries, a grouping of emerging economies, agreed to facilitate the recognition of academic qualifications among members to ensure the mobility of skilled professionals, academics and students.

This emerged during a summit held from 22-24 August 2023 in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. The group consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The theme of the 15th summit was ‘BRICS and Africa: Partnership for mutually accelerated growth, sustainable development and inclusive multilateralism’.

BRICS countries are perceived as seeking to bolster their geopolitical power to counter the often US-led West on economic and political issues. The bloc also agreed to grant membership to six other countries: Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates from 1 January 2024.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa attended the summit in person, while Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, participated virtually after an International Criminal Court arrest warrant for him over the war in Ukraine complicated his travelling to South Africa.

Following the meeting, the group issued a declaration touching on educational, political, economic, security and cultural matters.

“We support the principle of facilitating mutual recognition of academic qualifications among BRICS countries to ensure the mobility of skilled professionals, academics and students and recognition of qualifications obtained in each other’s countries, subject to compliance with applicable domestic laws,” according to the Johannesburg II Declaration.

“We welcome concrete proposals made during the 10th meeting of BRICS Ministers of Education focusing on critical areas in education and training such as entrepreneurship development, skills for the changing world, out-of-school youth, climate change, labour market intelligence, early childhood development and university global ranking.”  (more...)

Agreement Boosts Academic Mobility Across BRICS Borders

The US and UK governments knew in 1944 that Germany would start World War III


Quebec City US UK Germany WWIII militarism aggression denazification deindustrialization pacification geopolitics

US President Roosevelt and UK Prime Minister Churchill knew that Germany would start WWIII if it gained financial control of Europe. Roosevelt and Churchill met secretly in Quebec City, Canada in 1944 to discuss measures to prevent Germany from starting WWIII. The Quebec Conference was held September 11–16, 1944.

The US government initiated a “Program To Prevent Germany From Starting a World War III”. The program was discussed during the 1944 Quebec Conference. The first measures that were discussed to prevent Germany from starting WWIII was the demilitarization of Germany.

Section II of the top secret US briefing book revealed that to prevent Germany from starting WWIII Germany couldn’t be allowed to gain financial control of Europe.

The US government recommended that a program of large-scale reparations must be rejected for the following reasons:

2. If liberated Europe becomes economically dependent on Germany for reparations, her economic dependence cannot be broken off when reparations cease. The rest of Europe would continue to be dependent on Germany as a source of supply and as a market. These economic ties would also mean political ties. Germany would be right back where she was in the Thirties when she was able to dominate the rest of Europe economically through her industrial power and to exert her economic power to achieve political domination.

3. An economically powerful Germany ipso facto constitutes a military threat to world security.  (more...)

The US and UK governments knew in 1944 that Germany would start World War III

Friday, September 22, 2023

Breaking Free from the Banker's Dictatorship


Canada Trudeau Elon Musk Starlink military Ukraine Crimea Black Sea targeting Zelensky begging proxy war Five Eyes spies big tech

Demonstrating eloquence and persistence, leaders from the Global South are confronting their former colonial masters at the U.N. General Assembly, not with anger, but with offers of cooperation.  But the enforcers of the Unipolar Order are not moved by such appeals, and continue their efforts to use war and economic blackmail to maintain control.  One example of this is the angry denunciations of Elon Musk's sane decision to refuse to allow Ukraine to use his Starlink satellite system to target the Russian Black Sea fleet.  And what role is Canadian puppet Prime Minister Trudeau playing in escalating tensions?

India threw out Canadian diplomat in flat 4 mins


Canada India Khalistan diplomacy humiliation embarrassment clownworld meltdown

India swiftly expelled a Canadian diplomat in a mere four minutes amid escalating tensions. Justin Trudeau's attempts to shame India globally have backfired, with the world largely indifferent to his rhetoric. The Canadian government's reputation has suffered, and the era of Trudeau appears to be on the decline. This episode serves as a stark example of Trudeau's unsuccessful endeavors on the global stage, a trend that India seems to have initiated and is now seemingly concluding.

Fascist Roots of The Trudeau Political Dynasty in Canada


Canada India Khalistan fascism Trudeau WWII Hitler subversion LX Les X Nazi Petain France Mussolini Catholic history

So the Indian government largely ignored Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G20 Summit in New Delhi. And we Indians did make fun of him on social media. We admit that. A mature leader would have just brushed it off and gone home. And hired a better maintenance team for his official aircraft so that he does not get stranded at international gatherings, after the party has ended and everyone has left. Unfortunately, Canada does not have such a leader. Instead, they have Justin Trudeau.

So he goes home and accuses India of killing a Khalistani terrorist on Canadian soil. It turns into a huge diplomatic crisis. Of course, he cannot get any of Canada’s traditional allies to take his side. So Justin Trudeau is stranded, again. We wish it would be just as funny. But this time, it is not.

Why is Trudeau supporting Khalistani terrorists? One reason is that he wants the extremist Sikh vote in Canada. His father Pierre Trudeau, also a Prime Minister of Canada, had protected the man who became the mastermind of the Air India Kanishka bombings. That cost 329 lives. But the crimes of the Trudeau political dynasty do not end there. One of the lesser-known facts is how they were involved with some of the darkest chapters of history.

Why was Pierre Trudeau a member of an underground fascist society at the time of World War II? Why did he aspire to lead a ‘national revolution’ to create a breakaway state from Canada? A state that would be set up according to the ideals of Hitler and Mussolini. And why is there a painting of Mussolini even today at the Catholic Church in Montreal? That is the home ground of the Trudeaus.  (more...)

Fascist Roots of The Trudeau Political Dynasty in Canada


Pierre Trudeau’s Fascist Education

Pierre Trudeau fascism Canada Petain LX Les X biography books anti-semitism ethnic cleansing extremism treason

CSIS’ questionable history with India and Sikh separatists


Canada India Khalistan Air India Flight 182 CSIS Sikh terrorism assassination cover-up deception obstruction denial

Yesterday, the Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife and Steven Chase (who have a servile relationship with CSIS) broke a story that CSIS has “what they consider credible intelligence that India was behind the mid-June fatal shooting of Hardeep Singh Nijjar”, a Sikh separatist leader based in British Columbia. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh endorsed CSIS’ claim of having credible evidence. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre made his condemnation conditional on results of further investigation into Nijjar’s murder, seeking more information about why Trudeau came to endorse CSIS’ claim.

India is most definitely a repressive right-wing state which targets minorities both at home and abroad, and has intelligence agents in their foreign embassies. NPR noted that India had “accused the activist [Nijjar] of involvement in an alleged attack on a Hindu priest in India and had offered a cash reward for information leading to his arrest.” 

Yet critical faculties need to be retained, because of who is making the claim, and how these allegations serve their interests.

Canadian and Indian intelligence have mixed relations. While the nations engage in intelligence cooperation, Canadian intelligence has been complicit in targeting India in the past.

CSIS’ fingerprints are all over the 1985 Sikh separatist bombing of Air India 182 which killed all 329 people on board, 268 of whom were Canadian citizens. The bombing came after Operation Blue Star led to the massacre of 5000 to 7000 Sikhs in 1984. 

At minimum, CSIS knew about the bombing plot by Sikh separatists desiring the creation of a state called Khalistan from India’s Punjab region, and let it happen.  (more...)

CSIS’ questionable history with India and Sikh separatists