Sunday, June 21, 2015

Germany: Greens in Pedophile Scandal --- While State Sexual Education Continues

(Berlin) The Greens in the Federal Republic of Germany have admitted a "terrible failure"  in relation to pedophiles a month ago. "Maybe hundreds boys in the eighties were victims of pedophiles, organized by the Greens," wrote Spiegel Online on May 20.  The Greens "have tolerated sexual abuse of children in the eighties and nineties. A recent study concludes that  one 'Working Group Young and Old'  gave  pedophile party members access to boys', says Spiegel.

As the past month has shown,  the Greens have do  not yet have to fear a full-scale  mass media campaign on the order of what  the Catholic Church suffered for objectively far fewer cases and perpetrators. The same toxic haze around the child sexual abuse scandal at the Odenwald School shows that  perpetrators and abuse does not equal the same abuse for the same media.  It is the parents that could cook Odenwaldschule's goose by no longer sending in their children there.  (more...)

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