Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ontario should copy Croatia and Switzerland: scrap formal sex education

In view of the controversial and radical sex curriculum that is planned to be implemented this fall in Ontario schools, we suggest the government do what Croatia and Switzerland have done. Both countries have stopped funding formal sex education programs. Today there's a push for comprehensive sex education in all Western countries. The United Nations and the World Health Organization have for decades no made this a priority.

The liberalization of sex goes back to the sexual revolution of the 1960s. More sex information became the accepted dogma and the way to personal fulfillment and create a better society. Two generations later and none of this has come to be. In fact, on almost every measure one takes the sexual revolution, started by the bogus research by people like Alfred Kinsey and John Money, has been a moral and social disaster. But still few today question the mythology that has been hailed as good science and research. Just take alook at the harm the liberalization of sexual behaviour has done to teenagers. Here are 11 Facts About Teens and STDs:  (more...)

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