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The Hunt For France's Traitorous War Criminal


France Nazi Milice war crimes collaborators traitors monasteries Catholic fugitives Paul Touvier

One of France’s worst wartime villains, Paul Touvier is an overtly anti-Semitic traitor who terrorises his own countrymen. As a leader of a pro-Nazi paramilitary police force, he relishes his job of hunting down ‘enemies of the state’ and, murdering Jews and resistance fighters alike, earns himself the nickname the ‘Hangman of Lyon’. A devout Catholic, Touvier escapes retribution after the war by turning to the church for help. By 1988, France’s most notorious war criminal is still at large, and a high-ranking French investigator, Jean-Louis Recordon, is given the job of hunting him down.

Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki


police dissent COVID pandemic lockdowns vaccines coercion RCMP biofascism pseudoscience

Dear Commissioner Brenda Lucki:

We respectfully submit this open letter to express our most sincere concerns and resolute stand against the forced coercive medical intervention of Canadians, and against the undue discrimination experienced by those exercising their lawful right to bodily autonomy. We are not against vaccinations, but as law enforcement officers, we cannot in good conscience willingly participate in enforcing mandates that we believe go against the best interests of the people we protect.

As Canadians, our constitutionally-protected freedoms precede the government, and may only be temporarily limited if the majority of evidence justifies such infringements as reasonable, provable, and guided by law. If presented with all available evidence in a court, we firmly believe the government implemented mandates would not hold up under scrutiny.

As experienced investigators, we look past what information is provided and focus on how the information is presented. A proper investigation should be conducted as objectively as possible, and follow the principle that it is better to have questions that cannot be answered than to have answers that cannot be questioned. A complete investigation must include full disclosure of all the facts of the case, even contradictory evidence. Why, then, is there little to no tolerance for free and open debate on this matter? Many credible medical and scientific experts are being censored. Accordingly, we rightly have concerns about “the science” we are being coerced to “follow”.

As representatives of our communities within the RCMP and representatives of the RCMP in our communities, we have never witnessed such division in our country. This sense of “Us versus Them” will be further fueled by having a police force consisting only of “vaccinated” people, while serving communities consisting of “unvaccinated” people, which goes against the community policing model the RCMP has strived to achieve.

As law enforcement officers, we already face higher levels of stress and mental illnesses due to the nature of our work. These have been compounded – considerably – by mandates that we believe are deeply unethical, threatening our livelihood, and dividing society.

As federal employees, what is being done to mitigate this stress? Moreover, what assurances are we given that the injections will not cause short or long-term side effects? What steps will be taken to ensure members are compensated for adverse side effects?  (more...)

Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki

U of T received formal complaints against ex-Trinity College provost accused of sexual harassment, but he wasn’t punished


University of Toronto Trinity College Oxford Balliol education sexual harassment rape academia misconduct

The University of Toronto received formal complaints on at least two occasions about former professor Andy Orchard alleging sexual advances and inappropriate touching of graduate students. But it was the victims of his advances, and not the professor, who faced repercussions, the Star has learned.

Orchard, a world renowned scholar of English and medieval studies who was the provost and vice-chancellor of Trinity College from 2007 to 2013, allegedly engaged in sexual relationships with his students and sexually harassed others over the course of years, according to a blockbuster Al Jazeera report published this week on sexual misconduct in academia.

Orchard did not respond to the Star’s request for comment. Orchard’s lawyers sent a five-page letter to Al Jazeera disputing the allegations, but he did not permit any of it to appear in the report.

The Star has obtained a letter confirming that two students complained Orchard isolated a student in conversation and would not let go of her hand at a pub near U of T campus, where he would routinely meet students outside of class. The letter, written by the acting director of the Centre for Medieval Studies in 2008, informs Orchard “it is inappropriate to interact with students in pubs or while under the influence of alcohol.”

“… as reported, the conduct was inappropriate and in breach of the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy and the provost’s guidelines regarding close personal relations with students,” the letter states. “I must advise you that the alleged conduct may have also been in violation of the University’s Policy and Procedures on Sexual Harassment.”

Despite these alleged transgressions, Orchard faced no consequences. He was told not to do it again.

“I must caution you that in future you must take care never to place your personal interests in conflict with your students,” the letter states.

But the students involved in the incident were reassigned new thesis supervisors.  (more...)

U of T received formal complaints against ex-Trinity College provost accused of sexual harassment, but he wasn’t punished


Oxford professors abused position with sexist and drunken conduct

education sexual harassment misconduct academia Toronto university
Trinity alumni, both

The dons at my college, also connected to Oxford, were just as disgusting -- I was aggressively propositioned by two of them. I informed the dean, but had no desire to press formal charges.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Toronto St. Mike's College and St. Basil's Seminary Graduate: The populist US priest who set up an antisemitic militia


Catholic Toronto Basilian fascism Nazi anti-semitism media radio clergy Detroit militia America First incitement

At the height of the Great Depression in the early 1930s, 30 million Americans tuned their dials every Sunday afternoon to listen to the words of a Catholic priest from the Detroit suburbs.

But Father Charles Coughlin had long strayed beyond children’s catechism classes.

Instead, the so-called “radio priest” served up a mix of economic populism, staunch anti-communism and conspiracy theories — ones in which, as the decade dragged on, Jews would inevitably come to figure ever-more prominently.

Although now largely a historical footnote, Coughlin, who was born 120 years ago this week, prefigured the later rise of talk radio, has drawn comparisons with Donald Trump, and offers a historical perspective on current debates around the role of media companies in policing the boundaries of free speech.

Born in Canada, Coughlin attended a seminary in Toronto before being ordained a priest in 1916. After 10 years teaching at a Catholic college, he accepted the invitation of the Bishop of Detroit to establish a new parish in Royal Oak, a working-class suburb of the city, where he went on to build his church, the Shrine of the Little Flower.

Coughlin later claimed that, a few weeks after his arrival, the Ku Klux Klan — which targeted Catholics as well as Jews and African Americans — burned a cross in the churchyard. A sympathetic Irish-Catholic businessman, who owned Detroit’s WJR radio station, allowed the priest time on air to explain Catholicism to the community.  (more...)

The populist US priest who set up an antisemitic militia

On Wikipedia:

Charles Coughlin

Friday, October 22, 2021

Mohawk Mothers demand investigation into potential unmarked graves at McGill University


aboriginal Mohawk Montreal McGill Allen Memorial Institute MKULTRA CIA human experiments Ewen Cameron drugs shock therapy

Mohawk Mothers suspect there may be unmarked graves on McGill University’s campus.

The group believes they’re linked to controversial psychological experiments conducted there in the 1950s and 1960s that received funding from the Canadian government and the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“Some of our children may have been taken from some of the residential schools and brought here,” said Mohawk Mother Kahentinetha from the Bear Clan.

Mohawk Mothers say they are led to believe this after their recent interview with Lana Ponting, one of the few remaining survivors of Dr. Ewen Cameron’s experimental treatments, including drug-induced comas and intensive shock therapy, at the institute.

Ponting’s testimony alleges that experiments’ victims were buried in the grounds surrounding the Allan Memorial Institute and that underaged children were victims of these experiments.  (more...)

Mohawk Mothers demand investigation into potential unmarked graves at McGill University


Survivors of the Montreal experiments at Allan Memorial Institute rally for justice

Pawns of The Black Nobility: Jesuit calls for a new Adolf Hitler

Catholic Arrigo Pintonello Jesuit Black Nobility Venice Nazi Adolf Hitler Monarchy Italy Rome

"A new Hitler would be desirable, but Hitler made a psychological mistake to superimpose the German race over others. We know that the German race, the Anglo-Saxon peoples are the best. But Hitler's method was wrong. What we require now is a king for Europe, and that king must be the successor to Franz Josef for the Austro-Hungarian throne Otto von Hapsburg."

The speaker was Monsignor Arrigo Pintonello, honorary military Archbishop and representative of the dark side of Rome religious life. Pintonello was born in Venice, and traces his ancestry to the nobility of the Austro-Hungarian empire. He was trained for seven years at the Jesuits' command center in Rome, the Gregorian University. He is a leading ideologue of the Palermo, Sicily-based Thule Society, worshipers of Nordic race cults who are conspiring to impose a "New Fuhrer" over an economically and morally devastated Europe in the years to come.

Pintonello confided his plans for a' 'New Fuhrer" in what would appear, on the surface, to be the most unlikely of all places, the serene campus of the Collegio Selva Dei Pini outside Rome, a 400 student school that the Monsignor directs. But as is the case with much of what goes on in and around Rome, appearances are deceptive.

"This school is modeled on the Anglo-Saxon mode," the Monsignor had stated in his opening remarks. "It is like Eton, or Oxford, it combines study with sport. "

The Monsignor invited us to sit down in his ornate study, elaborately furnished with wood panels and tables and cushioned chairs. He expounded on how Europe would be restructured in this present moment of economic and social crisis.  (more...)

 Jesuit calls for a new Adolf Hitler

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Catherine Austin Fitts & Corey Lynn on Vaccine ID Passports


vaccine passport blockchain panopticon surveillance totalitarianism resistance

The passport of the beast

Canada failed to deal with their WWII Nazis


Nazi Canada ratline immigration justice deportation Oberlander war crimes holocaust

The death of former Einsatzgruppe D operative Helmut Oberlander at his home in Waterloo, Ontario, late last month ignominiously ended one of the most frustrating and infuriating episodes in the belated postwar efforts of English-speaking democracies to take legal action against Nazi war criminals and collaborators who had immigrated to these democracies under false pretenses.

Unlike the situation in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, where the trials of Holocaust perpetrators began relatively shortly after the end of World War II, the English-speaking democracies realized only decades later that all of them – with the exception of South Africa, which was hermetically closed to immigration during the postwar period – had failed miserably in screening refugees from Eastern Europe, thousands of whom had committed Holocaust crimes.

(In other cases, the Western allies knowingly overlooked the Nazi past of German scientists, engineers and technicians who had worked on the production of V-2 rockets, and a number of individuals who were considered as spy potential behind the Iron Curtain.)

Thus initially in the US in the mid-1970s, and several years later, in Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, and even later in New Zealand, the authorities were confronted by this problem.  (more...)

Canada failed to deal with their WWII Nazis

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Western countries training far-right extremists in Ukraine - report


Ukraine Nazi extremists military training Canada

Canada, the US, France, the UK and other Western countries have helped train far-right extremists in Ukraine, a report by the Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at George Washington University revealed last month.

The report found that members of Centuria, a far-right organization intent on reshaping Ukraine's military to align with its ideology, received training from Western countries while at the Hetman Petro Sahaidachny National Army Academy (NAA).

Centuria describes itself as a military order of "European traditionalist" military officers who aim to "defend" the "cultural and ethnic identity" of European peoples against "Brussels’ politicos and bureaucrats," according to the report. The group is led by people with ties to Ukraine's far-right Azov movement. Members have been photographed giving Nazi salutes and have made extremist statements online.

One of the leaders of Centuria wrote on VK in 2016 that Jews were "the destruction of humanity" and shared a post saying that Jews had tried to "exclude Ukraine from world history and the map of the world.” Ukraine's current president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is Jewish.  (more...)

Western countries training far-right extremists in Ukraine - report

Toronto World Futures Conference: Aquarians Meet

New Age Aquarius gnosticism technology environmentalism ecofascism Toronto futurism


On July 20-24 (1980), the World Futures Society and the Canadian Association for Futures Studies sponsored the largest futurist assembly to date. The Toronto conference drew 6000 participants from 45 countries, and featured hundreds of discussion seminars, films, and special events. EIR correspondent Mark Burfman covered the conference from its introductory keynote to its final plenary. Further installments of this report will describe conference discussions on the "post-industrial information society" forecast for the United States and on the space program.

"We must have respect for primitive cultures."

"We must find the ways of transformation to deal with the phenomenon of systems breakdown going on around us." "Respect life: animals, vegetables, and fishes, especially whales."

Another guru's tract? A new California cult manifesto? A scene from the movie Hair?

None of the above. All these statements were made at the recent Toronto First Global Conference on the Future, funded and sponsored by some of Canada's most prestigious corporations and government agencies. The five-day Toronto conference was an object lesson in how some of the leading elites of the Western world have degenerated morally, philosophically, and politically.

For five days, I witnessed top energy policy planners, corporate strategists, and social theorists evangelicize for the set of values usually associated with the "Aquarian Age" elements of the counterculture. The first salvo in the Toronto conference's "Aquarian Age" barrage was fired by Stanford Research Institute futurist Willis Harman. Harman is the man whose social-psychological "Changing Images of Man" experiments in the early 1970s initiated what has today come to be known as the "Aquarian Conspiracy."  (more...)

Toronto World Futures Conference: Aquarians Meet


The 'Information Age' and its friends

Physicians Sign Declarations Against Covid-19


COVID declaration doctors medical professionals pandemic dissent science Rome Canada

The GLOBAL COVID SUMMIT – ROME, ITALY DECLARATION and Canadian Covid Care Alliance Declaration that have been signed by thousands of physicians demanding an end to the unethical Covid Mandates.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

COGNITIVE WARFARE: The Battle for Your Brain


cognitive warfare military weaponization social engineering cancel culture coercion manipulation technocracy compliance

NATO has taken aim at a new target: your brain. Their 'Cognitive Warfare' report describes a hybrid of biotech/nanotech, social engineering, information warfare & psychological operations, and total surveillance, with a stated goal of "harming brains" of even civilians, to impair cognition and disable critical thinking. We are approaching not just the end of free speech, but of free thought, by associating any questioning of the official narrative with "extremism" and "terrorism."

NATO’s Cognitive Warfare – How Western Militaries Are Waging A Battle For Your Brain

“No Soul, No Free Will.” – The End of Humanity?

Dr. Theresa Deisher, PhD - Faith & Science (Abortion & Vaccines)


Theresa Deisher vaccines EWTN Catholic medicine research stem cells bioethics

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to end human trafficking and exploitation for the purposes of biomedical research and commercial products. Our President and Founder, Theresa Deisher Ph.D., has over 30 years of pharmaceutical research and leadership experience. She discovered adult cardiac derived stem cells, has worked on their therapeutic uses as an alternative to human fetal DNA, and leads a team of scientists at AVM Biotechnology dedicated to changing what a diagnosis of cancer, autoimmunity, or chronic infectious disease means to patients and their loved ones. As a result of this work, Dr. Deisher is named as an inventor on over 47 patents.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Catholic Conscience and the COVID-19 Vaccine


Catholic conscience abortion vaccines testing live tissue harvesting infanticide

On Thursday, Vatican News confirmed that both Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis have received the currently available COVID-19 vaccines, themselves providing an example, ostensibly, for the Church as a whole. In the world’s eyes, I suspect this spells the end of any claim a Catholic might otherwise make for religious exemption to required reception of the current vaccines. If abortion-tainted vaccines are mandated, either formally or by informal social incentives such as the widely-proposed possibility that the COVID-19 vaccine be a prerequisite for travel, conscientious Catholics could not say, “but my Church objects.”

Corporations and governments will not hear a careful explanation about the difference between, say, the magisterial authority of the Pope and bishops when they teach ex cathedra in contrast to the things our leaders might say or do as individuals. They simply won’t sell you a plane ticket or issue you a visa. The pope and former pope’s actions here may make life difficult for Catholics whose personal conscience recoils at the irreconcilable dissonance of the Vatican press office statement that “it is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and productions process.”

Yet, the Catholic conscience is resilient, if often misunderstood, sometimes even by those who possess it—and most certainly by the world. It bears two features which are especially misconstrued. First, it can not ask less than what the Church requires, but it can ask more. For instance, one person may feel bound to heroic charity in a situation where another does not. Second, in order to function at all, the conscience must be formed (and informed) by truth—the truth of Christ Himself and an accurate understanding of the surrounding world. Otherwise, we don’t have a conscience to follow, but simply our own inclinations.  (more...)

Catholic Conscience and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Justice Centre sues Ontario Government over vaccine passport


Ontario vaccine passport lawsuit COVID coronavirus mandates dissent

TORONTO, ON: The Justice Centre has filed a constitutional challenge against Ontario’s vaccine passport mandate in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice.

The legal challenge is brought on behalf of eight Ontario citizens who are exercising their Charter rights and freedoms by not taking one or more doses of the Covid vaccine.

One of the eight applicants in this court case is Sarah Lamb, from Kitchener. She suffered serious adverse effects from the first dose of the Covid vaccine and has decided against a second dose. Ms. Lamb has been unable to obtain an exemption to the vaccine passport. The Ontario government has proclaimed that exemptions to the vaccine passport would only be accepted in very limited cases.

Ms. Sarah Harjee, another Applicant, is an expectant mother with degrees in nursing and public health. Ms. Harjee is concerned about possible adverse effects from the Covid vaccine on herself and her unborn child. Currently there are no long-term studies which prove the new vaccines’ safety.

Evan Kraayenbrink is a paramedic who has decided he will wait for further data on the effects of the Covid vaccine prior to deciding whether to be injected with it. Mr. Kraayenbrink also has religious beliefs about being ultimately accountable to God for what he allows to be done to his body.

Sam Sabourin is a 29-year-old gym owner in Ottawa. Mr. Sabourin exercises his Charter right to bodily autonomy by not taking the Covid vaccine, and also refuses to deny entry to his gym based on vaccination status. He welcomes all patrons without discrimination. All the applicants have concerns about the government compelling vaccinations to go about their normal lives.  (more...)

Justice Centre sues Ontario Government over vaccine passport

Open Letter to the Unvaccinated


pandemic COVID vaccines mandates lockdowns dissent bodily integrity skepticism informed consent coercion manipulation hysteria social engineering bioethics pharmaceuticals

You are not alone! As of 28 July 2021, 29% of Canadians have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, and an additional 14% have received one shot. In the US and in the European Union, less than half the population is fully vaccinated, and even in Israel, the “world’s lab” according to Pfizer, one third of people remain completely unvaccinated. Politicians and the media have taken a uniform view, scapegoating the unvaccinated for the troubles that have ensued after eighteen months of fearmongering and lockdowns. It’s time to set the record straight.

It is entirely reasonable and legitimate to say ‘no’ to insufficiently tested vaccines for which there is no reliable science. You have a right to assert guardianship of your body and to refuse medical treatments if you see fit. You are right to say ‘no’ to a violation of your dignity, your integrity and your bodily autonomy. It is your body, and you have the right to choose. You are right to fight for your children against their mass vaccination in school.

You are right to question whether free and informed consent is at all possible under present circumstances. Long-term effects are unknown. Transgenerational effects are unknown. Vaccine-induced deregulation of natural immunity is unknown. Potential harm is unknown as the adverse event reporting is delayed, incomplete and inconsistent between jurisdictions.

You are being targeted by mainstream media, government social engineering campaigns, unjust rules and policies, collaborating employers, and the social-media mob. You are being told that you are now the problem and that the world cannot get back to normal unless you get vaccinated. You are being viciously scapegoated by propaganda and pressured by others around you. Remember; there is nothing wrong with you.  (more...)

Open Letter to the Unvaccinated

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Who is the Deep State?


Deep State oligarchy Venice British Empire finance drugs Malthusianism Critical Theory imperialism Darwin

Matt Ehret details the people and organizations that have attempted to create a globalist empire for the past 100 years and how sovereign nation-states and patriotic factions have resisted. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Club of Rome death cults: Killing the American dream


Club of Rome population control eugenics euthanasia sterilization contraception abortion feminism cults oligarchy environmentalism Malthusianism

Most Americans, had they attended the March 16-18 conference of the U.S, Association for the Club of Rome in Bethesda, Maryland, would have come away from the proceedings in stunned disbelief. In line with the global zero-growth efforts of the parent organization (the Club of Rome International), the focus of conference discussion was a campaign over the next few years to compel Americans to ideologically "adapt" to the "death of the American dream of material and technological progress." Accordingly, it was only the first in a series of such conventions scheduled for the United States in coming months and years.

In Club of Rome parlance, this is "The Great Transition." Club of Rome methods, outlined in horrific detail throughout the proceedings, are the same ones employed by ruling oligarchies since the time of the pharoahs. They intend to spread cults, in religious, satanic, environmentalist and death-worshipping varieties, endowing the population with "the means to cope" with the miseries and social chaos that will follow an impending American economic catastrophe.

The conference therefore went substantially beyond the limits-to-growth propaganda for which the Club of Rome organization is already internationally notorious. Organized around the theme, "The Human Side of the Energy Transition," speakers and participants were drawn from a broad spectrum of Episcopalian and Jesuit theologians, solar energy advocates, environmentalist collectives, consumer-action types, radical women's groups, political pollsters expert in American susceptibilities, and self-professed specialists in "death and dying."

The latter were the featured participants. The most pronounced and persistent reference point of the gathering was the death-cult idea of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, leader of the "Death with Dignity" and Hospice movements, who reports without a blink that she spends a growing percentage of her time having illicit relations with the spirits of dead people at her Place-to-Die-inDignity Hospice in Escondido, California. The application to Americans, en masse, of Kubler-Ross's prescriptions for helping individuals cope with the grief of dying, was the Club of Rome's specific interest.

Speaker Larry Kagan of the prestigious Yankelovich, Skelly and White polling agency put it this way:

There is social bereavement associated with the end of decades of booming industrial growth, the end of the days of America being the steelmaker and automaker of the world. As we move out of the industrial phase of society and into the information phase, the hope is that we can help people adapt to this new reality, just as Kubler-Ross helps people cope with dying.  (more...)

Club of Rome death cults: Killing the American dream

Friday, October 15, 2021

Biden Admin will Spy on US Citizens....Can They Succeed in Criminalizing Alternative Information, Dissent and Health Freedom? NO. Here's Why


Qortal blockchain technology censorship espionage privacy security robustness freedom health distributed systems

As reported by CNN, today, the Biden administration announced that they would use outside firms to track Americans deemed "extremists" online, enabling them to gather intelligence with methods that in the US may be illegal or unconstitutional.

The CNN report also noted that Telegram might be targeted for surveillance:

"But some of the research firms and non-profit groups under consideration by the DHS periodically use covert identities to access private social media groups like Telegram."

In light of these and other similar developments, Sayer Ji and Jason Crowe discuss the growing move by governments to criminalize free speech, and alternative voices, information, and health freedom advocates who are not in alignment with the official narrative.

Lately, there has been a widespread deplatforming of thousands of popular voices, including Dr. Mercola,, Kelly Brogan, MD, Christaine Northrup, MD, and many others. While certain organizations apply massive resources to shutting down debate, and spying on ostensibly private communications, an alternative universe of code has been developed in the blockchain space, with one project in particular -- Qortal -- standing out as a shining beacon of hope, integrity, and a means for empowering humanity with the tools needs to transition into a more awake, a more democratic, and more enlightened state.

Learn more at

 You can join their thriving community and get sponsored to mint and get help setting up your own node at the Discord community

If you are excited about Qortal, and the social media project discussed in this talk, feel free to install a node yourself and get running co-creating the decentralized internet of the future.


Welcome to The Qortal Wiki

Qortal technology privacy security distributed systems freedom

The Octopus Lives: How Danny Casolaro’s “Suicide” Foreshadowed Our Current Dystopia


Danny Casolaro suicide Octopus DOJ Promis software BCCI journalism books Mafia crime money laundering arms trafficking black ops

On the morning of August 10, 1991, a freelance journalist by the name of Danny Casolaro was found dead—wrists slashed—in a Martinsburg, West Virginia, motel.

Although his death was ruled a suicide his demise has inspired JFK-style speculation and has attracted a devoted following of mainstream journalists, citizen-reporters and the requisite bevy of conspiracy mongers.

They are all united in a belief that in some form or fashion his poking/prodding into dark places—and friendships with some very shady characters—may have hastened his departure from this mortal coil.

A nosy and inquisitive man by predilection and passion, Casolaro had been investigating what he claimed was a scandal of Watergate proportions, one with tentacles wrapped around such sordid affairs as Iran-Contra, the “October Surprise” and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.

While many of these scandals have gathered cobwebs, a forensic examination of how they came about has resonance—and repercussions—for events currently transpiring. Casolaro believed he was close to identifying—beyond a reasonable doubt—the connective tissue that bound these scandals together (with hooks to the Reagan White House).  (more...)

The Octopus Lives: How Danny Casolaro’s “Suicide” Foreshadowed Our Current Dystopia


String of 'suicides' litters the trail of 'Octopus' grand conspiracy

Thursday, October 14, 2021

NATO’s fantasy ‘cognitive warfare’ strategies expose its ongoing assault on the public mind


NATO cognitive warfare social control mindwar neuroscience technology psychological operations

The idea of the human brain being the battlefield of the 21st century is being heavily pushed by NATO through a series of papers and talks – all the while manipulating people to lose track of their perception of reality.

On October 5, the NATO Association of Canada, which brags of its “strong ties” to both the military alliance and Canadian government, hosted a panel discussion on the subject of “cognitive warfare.”

Grayzone journalist Ben Norton has exposed at length NATO’s long-held ambition to perfect methods of “harming the brain,” by using “neuroscience and technology” in various ways to “influence human ecology.” In fact, the Cold War relic’s in-house ‘Innovation Network’ published a number of highly illuminating, and deeply disquieting, papers throughout 2020, which outlined numerous ways in which the“human domain” could be added to established spheres of conflict such as “air, land, sea, space, and cyber.”

The ultimate goal of these cognitive warfare efforts “is to make everyone a weapon” and spearhead the “militarisation of brain science,” as “the brain will be the battlefield of the 21st century,” and “future conflicts will likely occur amongst the people digitally first and physically thereafter in proximity to hubs of political and economic power.”

NATO seeks to achieve dominance in this sphere by 2040, and many of the released documents outline ways in which this could be achieved.  (more...)

NATO’s fantasy ‘cognitive warfare’ strategies expose its ongoing assault on the public mind

Behind NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries


NATO military psychological warfare cognitive warfare mindwar brainwashing Canada social engineering

NATO is developing new forms of warfare to wage a “battle for the brain,” as the military alliance put it.

The US-led NATO military cartel has tested novel modes of hybrid warfare against its self-declared adversaries, including economic warfare, cyber warfare, information warfare, and psychological warfare.

Now, NATO is spinning out an entirely new kind of combat it has branded cognitive warfare. Described as the “weaponization of brain sciences,” the new method involves “hacking the individual” by exploiting “the vulnerabilities of the human brain” in order to implement more sophisticated “social engineering.”

Until recently, NATO had divided war into five different operational domains: air, land, sea, space, and cyber. But with its development of cognitive warfare strategies, the military alliance is discussing a new, sixth level: the “human domain.”

A 2020 NATO-sponsored study of this new form of warfare clearly explained, “While actions taken in the five domains are executed in order to have an effect on the human domain, cognitive warfare’s objective is to make everyone a weapon.”  (more...)

Behind NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Cultural Warfare in the 20th Century: How Western Civilization Came Undone


Huxley technocracy population control Club of Rome oligarchy Darwinism Malthusianism deindustrialization environmentalism austerity depopulation

...the time bomb justifying a Great Reset of civilization was set into motion over 50 years ago. ... we were introduced to a cast of characters surrounding the World Economic Forum and Trilateral Commission who played instrumental roles in bringing about a controlled disintegration of western civilization.

Despite the fact that this un-natural transformation occurred over the dead bodies of great statesmen of the 1960s, a question still lingers: HOW did the western nations… especially the United States, so deeply shaped by a love of freedom, willfully relinquish its democratic institutions in favor of a new system of supranational governance and de-growth? How did the very people who were targeted for destruction not only let this happen but in some cases even aide and abet the perpetrators?

Here it helps to look to the writings of an imperial grand strategist who is too often championed as a defender of freedom: Aldous Huxley.

While Aldous’ brother Julian was reshaping the global paradigm by re-packaging eugenics under several new costumes post-1945, Aldous’ creative juices were driven entirely by his role as a cultural warrior.

Grand children of Thomas Huxley who was commissioned to re-organize the British Empire in the late 1850s, both grandchildren vigorously embraced the family business working closely with the elite Bloomsbury Group of Bertrand Russell, and John Maynard Keynes between 1914-1937.

Among these creative misanthropes, Lord Bertrand Russell (another celebrated pacifist) had gone far in outlining the sort of bone chilling ideal that Darwinian laws of evolution demanded be humanity’s destiny under a scientifically managed priesthood.  (more...)

Cultural Warfare in the 20th Century: How Western Civilization Came Undone

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

School World Order


school education 4th industrial revolution new normal new world order behaviorism conditioning dumbing down

Whitney Webb is joined by professor, author and Unlimited Hangout contributor John Klyczek to discuss how teachers unions and the US education system are selling out to Big Tech as well as the oligarch class and their long-standing plans to exploit students to advance the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Covid-19 and the Art of Brainwashing – Part III


Jonas Salk Cutter Incident vaccines safety harms polio March of Dimes scandal cover-up bioethics medicine human experiments disaster

The Origins of the Salk Vaccine Scandal

The National Foundation/March of Dimes Timetable for the Salk Vaccine(s)

As noted in Part II, Dr. Jonas Salk was only one of the many polio researchers funded by the NFIP, now better known as the National Foundation/March of Dimes (NF). 

In 1948, the NF established the Virus Research Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh and began funding Jonas Salk’s research on an “inactivated” or “killed” polio vaccine. It was also funding Dr. Albert Sabin’s work at the University of Cincinnati on a “live” or “attenuated” oral polio vaccine which was greatly favored by virologists at the time.

In 1949, Salk began his unpublicized research on the technical problems associated with a killed vaccine using formaldehyde as the killing agent. The following year he began tissue-culture production of the polio virus. By 1951, the NF was investing $200,000 a year to promote Salk’s research program.

Much of the initial laboratory investment of time and resources were devoted to polio virus typing. There were three serotypes of poliovirus – 1, 2, and 3. Type 1 causes about 85% of paralytic cases; type 2 represents only about 3% of paralytic cases; and type 3 causes about 12% of paralytic cases. Any effective polio vaccine needed to be “trivalent,” that is, effective against the three different strains...

Thanks to the research efforts of Dr. Paul Offit, author of The Cutter Incident (2005) we know today what was kept highly secret in Salk’s time, that is, the major ingredients that went into various Salk vaccine “recipes.”   (more...)

Covid-19 and the Art of Brainwashing – Part I    Part II    Part III

Monday, October 11, 2021

The NAZIs Never Lost


Nazi breakaway civilization fascism corporatism technology

What do the following things have in common: George Adamski, Fascists, Nazi scientists, American engineers, the CIA, the Wall Street Morgan interests, I.G. Farben, ITT, SS Commando Otto Skorzeny, the post-war Nazi International, American Intelligence and the Mafia Drug Lords? Answer: they are all components of a "breakaway civilization" seeking to protect its control over advanced technologies and to project itself into outer space while waging a covert war here on earth with the same advanced technologies-and the rest of humanity be damned.

Free Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier


FBI terrorism police state aboriginal injustice prison politics

In this special Indigenous Peoples' Day episode of Rattling the Bars, TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with author and activist Ward Churchill about the wrongful imprisonment and deteriorating health of Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier. A member of the American Indian Movement who was sent to prison in 1977 after a dubious trial sentenced him to two consecutive life sentences, Peltier’s continued imprisonment remains a stain on our “criminal justice” system.


Hoover’s FBI and Anglo-American Dictatorship

Whither Canada: The Secrets Behind Victoria’s Police State


Strong Cities Network police state militarization lockdowns biofascism totalitarianism Victoria tyranny technocracy

In the state of Victoria, Australia, it’s becoming a little difficult to ignore the fact that some of the harshest virus lock-down measures in the world are being implemented for some of the lowest case numbers and fatalities in that very same world, and that it’s all being enforced by an all to often violent, and sometimes mysterious state police force.

While it goes without saying that elderly lives matter, do a daily handful of elderly deaths really warrant the shutdown of one of Australia’s busiest cities?

Clearly something is rotten in the State of Victoria.

In trying to understand why Australia, and Victoria in particular, seem to be coming under an unusual, and unnecessarily heavy police-state, dig a little deeper, and it becomes obvious as to what’s happening.

In 2018 Victorian state Premier Daniel Andrews sold out Victoria to an initiative called the Strong Cities Network (SCN). Moreover, Melbourne, under Premier Andrews’ leadership, was host to SCN’s 2018 global summit, the same year Andrews signed over the entire state of Victoria to the globalist initiative.

So what is the Strong Cities Network? The SCN is a now five-year-old program that claims;

“The Strong Cities Network is the first ever global network of mayors, policymakers and practitioners united in building social cohesion and resilience to counter violent extremism in all its forms. “

On the surface that sounds great, right? Nobody wants to see violent extremism on the loose, however, the devil is in the details – “violent extremism” is another one of these nebulous terms that can be applied to anything, such as an uprising against tyranny, or those with the ‘wrong’ political views, such as anyone to the right of Stalin in 2020.

So the focus of these initiatives may appear to be countering dangerous extremism, but their definition of extremism, and their focus, is the populist right, as well as opposition to the globalist agenda. After all, we’ve seen 3 months of some very violent extremism in the States at the hands of neo-marxists, yet the SCN have been nowhere to be seen.

The SCN is governed by global NGO’s, and aims to share policing tactics and intelligence, provide oversight, and essentially establish military-level equipped privatized police forces...  (more...)

The Secrets Behind Victoria’s Police State

In Canada, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary are Strong Cities Network members:

Strong Cities Members

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Is Freemasonry a homosexual cult?


freemasonry cults Babylon Greece Rome Venice gnosis homosexuality castration matriarchy impotence

According to what has been reported in the press, when the Grand Master of Freemasonry, Armando Corona, went before the Italian Parliamentary Commission investigating the Propaganda-2 Masonic lodge, the biggest nest of vipers ever uncovered in Italy, he was asked to reveal the significance of the giant letter "G" that hung on the wall in the back of the lodge's great ceremonial room. Grand Master Corona calmly responded that he did not know what the "G" might mean.

Masonry is a world in which secrecy is obligatory and mystery the most precious treasure. It is a powerful magnet that attracts the gullible by the thousands, drawing those who feel frustrated by their ,own intellectual poverty and who aspire to win for themselves the glamour of the man of power. They approach a lodge ready to submit' themselves to an incomprehensible hierarchy, to rituals that would make a tribe of baboons howl with laughter, and they subject themselves to this in order to be able to feel themselves protected by this species of secret conspiracy.

The initiate approaches fearfully but willingly the disconnected reasoning, the senseless phrases, the absurd revelations proffered by the Grand Master who promises him that one day he will "know," that step-by-steJr-if he but submit himself to the Master's wishes-the initiate will know that which the miserable, common mortals will never comprehend: the hidden secret of the universe, Gnosis! This is the absolute science which the Master will share only with the Brothers and with the Architect of the Universe.

The "G" that crowns Masonic temples stands for Gnosis, knowledge.

When the initiate has learned that secret, he will know all, and be able to look down on all other mortals. But he will have to be careful not to reveal the secrets that tie him to his sect. He must increasingly see himself as a puppet, who acts out a role in the real world as part of scenarios, written offstage by the few who possess Gnosis, which unfold as a great drama. He will have to help his "brothers" to gain those positions which may permit them to manipulate events in such a way as to realize the inscrutable designs of the Master. And since power is money, the recruits will be encouraged, within the limits of their capacity, to try every means-legal and illegal-to acquire more money.

But this is not the problem with which we intend to deal here. Much has already been written about this in newspapers in connection with the cases of Propaganda-2 and its "mother," the Monte Carlo Lodge.

What interests us here is the Masonic rite as such, the most "profound secret," possessed as an arCane science by a few insiders. This "secret" is a hermetic possession stolen from the real world which is destined never to know its meaning. Not even the poor initiate will know what he is dealing with. We, however, will reveal it. We will reveal the most profound mystery, that which the topmost hierarchy of Masonry will never make explicit, even to themselves. We will reveal it to those who follow us through to the end of our exposition.

It is a revolting, disgusting story, the story of how a restricted oligarchy of eunuchs has pretensions of ruling the world by means of homosexual castration rites. When the truth will have been finally disclosed, in place of the "G" of gnosis, it will be more appropriate to the "temples" to adopt the "E" of the eunuch!  (more...)

Is Freemasonry a homosexual cult?

Saturday, October 9, 2021

The fraud of Trudeau's constitution


Trudeau constitution commonwealth imperialism geopolitics Britain vasal Privy Council emergency powers Canada

On April 17th Queen Elizabeth II completes the repatriation of the instruments of British legal rule over Canada in a ceremony in Ottawa, the colonial capital. Repatriation of the formal instruments of British rule, known as the British North America Act, sets the stage for a total overhaul of Canadian government as has been proposed over the last years by Pierre Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister.

The repatriation proceedings have been accompanied with much ballyhoo in the Canadian media, lauding to the skies the completion of the process of independence from mother Britain, along with paens to the coming of age of Canada as a free nation at last.

Such proceedings are, in fact, a cruel swindle and fraud. Canada is actually being subjected to the same process of destabilizing decolonization, so-called, as has been inflicted on other members of the former British empire in the post-war period. The objective of the festivities in Ottawa the weekend of April 17, are, in actuality, an effort to strengthen the political control of the monarchy as an institution in North America, by rule through such institutions as the office of the Governor General and the Privy Council, as a prelude to further assaults on republican institutions and principles south of the border.

Americans cannot fail to notice that the Queen's presence on these shores, not coincidentally, takes place as the apparently liberal British Commonwealth drops its carefully made up human face to reveal the full savagery of the policies that have for so long been denounced by this journal, by dispatching the British fleet against the Malvinas Islands. Newly "independent" Canada has, of course, given full support to the gun-boat diplomacy of the British monarch, in withdrawing its ambassador to Argentina, and severing trade relations. Newly "independent Canada" has therefore joined with the British ruling house in undeclared war against the repUblican institutions of the Western Hemisphere.   (more...)

The fraud of Trudeau's constitution

COVID Fraud and Illegal Dealings


fraud crime vaccines bioweapons pharmaceuticals military COVID coronavirus biofascism patents

In this interview, we continue our coverage of the COVID “plandemic” by speaking to David Martin, Ph.D., who has done a phenomenal job uncovering the paper trail behind the virus now known as SARS-CoV-2. As it turns out, this is not a novel virus at all, as patents and government grants detailing key features of the virus go back two decades.

• In the early 2000s, David Martin, Ph.D., founder of M-CAM International, started finding large numbers of patents that violate biological and chemical weapons laws 

• In 1999, Dr. Anthony Fauci funded research to create “an infectious replication-defective recombinant coronavirus.” In 2002, Ralph Baric, Ph.D. and colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, filed a patent on recombinant coronavirus, and within a year, we got the world’s first SARS outbreak 

• Since 1999, at least 4,000 patents involving coronavirus have been filed, including patents detailing key features of the so-called “novel” SARS-CoV-2 virus 

• The 2001 anthrax attack, which came out of medical and defense research, led to the passage of the PREP Act, which removed liability for manufacturers of emergency medical countermeasures 

• The funds for entitlement programs and pensions will dry up by 2028, at which point the drug industry will go bankrupt as well. With a burgeoning population that is sick from the COVID jabs, we need to prepare new systems to care for each other

COVID-19 and the Global Predators


COVID coronavirus pandemic hysteria vaccines oligarchy globalism books biofascism

We are in the middle of the biggest, most effective propaganda war in the history of the world, designed to make us helpless, obedient and docile. The end goal is to create a totalitarian world regime.

In psychotherapy, people who've been abused often cannot identify the abuse as evil. They can't bear to think there are people who take pleasure from injury and domination. Citizens across the world are currently being abused, and must face the fact that there are evil people intentionally trying to hurt them.

In 2015, a scientific paper announced they had the means to create a pandemic. The research was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and carried out at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The Communist Chinese Party has been working with SARS-CoV-type viruses since at least 2003, and there have been four different leaks of SARS viruses since then.

In 2016, Bill Gates created a business plan for the World Economic Forum that details everything we’re experiencing now.

In this interview, Dr. Peter Breggin — known as “the conscience of psychiatry” for his instrumental role in preventing the return of lobotomy as a psychiatric treatment in the early 1970s — discusses his latest book, “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey,”

Friday, October 8, 2021

Why Do So Many Believe the Official COVID Narratives?


Terror Management Theory propaganda social control oligarchy terrorism COVID manufactured consent fear hysteria panic

To understand how the intersecting propaganda operations associated with the “official” MSM covid narratives function, it is useful to examine both the larger historical context from which they emerge, as well as exploring specific individual psychological factors at play.  

Let’s begin by acknowledging the larger socio/cultural “context” that acts as the “backdrop” for the covid propaganda.   We exist globally within a framework of Neo-colonial Western oligarchic dominance that has essentially controlled most of the planet for over 500 years. It is a system that has morphed in important features over time, but it has never lost its ultimate power and control.  It has never been “overthrown.”

This Western dominated global system is responsible for fomenting two World Wars during the last century.  Those wars and the smaller in scale Neo-colonial blood baths that followed led to the deaths of an estimated 124,000,000 and 215,000,000 people during the past century.(1)

The oligarchic power structures that emerged from WWII engaged in a process of violent repression that continues to this day. Standard operating procedure in the West has been to destabilize and/or destroy literally every attempt by the citizens of “formerly colonized” nations to develop independent paths focused on the domestic needs of their populations rather than serving the needs of Western capital.

Both pre-and-post WWII history is comprised of an endless litany of American, British, French and other Western powers attempting to at all costs prevent the emergence of a more equitable post-colonial world.  The types of interventions have ranged from economic strangulation to death squads, torture, invasions, coups, election rigging and unwavering support for “reliable” “pro-Western” dictators.

This same unreformed, unrepentant, Western controlled, oligarchic-run global “system” further solidified power with the disintegration of the former Soviet Union.  It has, to varying degrees, integrated former “communist” enemies into the neoliberal economic order though often maintaining an apparently adversarial relationship with such nations. The Western dominated neoliberal neocolonial model continues to hold the entire world hostage to this day, covering its blood soaked behavior with blatant “propaganda” operations that utilize rubrics such as the West’s claimed “respect for human rights,” adherence to a “rules based order,” and “duty to protect.”  (more...)

Why Do So Many Believe the Official COVID Narratives?

The Paths of Lodz - Camp at Przemyslowa


Nazi children war crimes cruelty abuse slavery history eugenics ethnic cleansing totalitarianism

In 1942, one of the cruelest places of World War II was established in the Lodz Ghetto. A tragedy of that place is measured not only by the number of victims, but also by the age of the people who were closed there. German labour camp for Polish children on Przemysłowa Street in Łódź is a testimony of the crimes of Nazi Germany.

The Themis Report: Anatomy of Infiltration in the Grassroots Health Freedom Movement


health freedom infiltration tyranny technocracy sabotage security state COINTELPRO
THEMIS: The Greek goddess of divine or natural law, order, and justice

This report describes in detail the modus operandi of disruptive operatives and offers activists suggestions for safeguarding both their own organizations and the health freedom movement at large.

As conflicts over the vaccine mandates heat up, grassroots organizations have been cropping up all over the globe, including here in America. Scores of everyday heroes have begun to work at the ground level organizing meetings, rallies, and protests, as well as connecting with government officials and advocating for better legislation. This movement has workers from all walks of life—as a true grassroots movement should—with volunteer activists using different social media platforms to navigate censorship and communicate with their fellow-organizers.

These technologies have led to a rapid rise in communication and capacity to organize. At the same time, however, activists are faced with the challenges of holding on to the reins of virtualworld social- media technology where things can “go viral” in a matter of minutes. More ominously, activists are brought face to face with an unsavory real-world aspect of organizing people: the dangers of getting infiltrated by government agents or proxies for forces opposing the health freedom movement.

Health freedom organizers from New York to California have become aware that there are repeated attempts to infiltrate and hijack existing authentic grassroots movements to steer them into unproductive or even destructive channels (see Appendix 1). It is essential for all health freedom activists to realize that this is indeed a real part of the struggle in which they are involved and must be taken into account with an alert eye.

It is not an easy subject to address since a typical activist takes part in a group in the hopes that at least here, like an oasis in the desert, fellow members are reliable and have no ulterior agenda. Having sought out this oasis in their spare time, if it is discovered that the oasis is also compromised, despair or paranoia can become crippling.

Fortunately, it is possible to navigate these situations since there are clear patterns in the way these “hijackings” occur. Understanding infiltration tactics is not usually in the repertoire of the average grassroots organizer. Hence, this anatomy of a grassroots infiltration serves not only as a wake-up call, but also a guide for exposing widespread tactics, some requiring urgent attention.


The Themis Report: Anatomy of Infiltration in the Grassroots Health Freedom Movement

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Wait a while. The sun's still shining for them...


SS Galizien Ukraine Poland ethnic cleansing genocide war crimes history

Stanisław Koszewski (born 1936), a poet and author of epigrams. His home village of Suchawa was inhabited by Poles and Ukrainians, with the latter constituting the majority of the residents. On 22 April 1944 the units of SS-Galizien surrounded the village to collect a contingent. The leaders of the formation were German, but the majority of its members were Ukrainians. A sniper was set up on the Orthodox church tower, and the SS men came to the Koszewski family’s house in the morning. Stanisław Koszewski’s brother Tadeusz let the cow out from the barn and went after it to the pasture. An SS man who saw that shot the animal dead, summoned the boy, and started beating him for no reason. The boy’s mother heard the screaming and ran to rescue him. Other SS men, who knew their sadistic boss, stopped her, thinking that she would make the situation worse. Unfortunately, the officer saw their exchange, told Tadeusz to go towards the house, and shot him in the back of the head in cold blood. Around the same time, Stanisław Koszewski’s older brother, 17-year-old Kazimierz, was trying to flee with his Ukrainian friend into the forest. They ran into an SS patrol – the soldiers hit the girl with a rifle butt, so that she lost consciousness, and shot Kazimierz dead. It is unclear, whether he was shot by the SS men on patrol or by the sniper on the church tower. Stanisław Koszewski’s mother, who had just lost two of her sons, was arrested and taken to Włodawa. On the way there, the SS men murdered an innocent elderly man, whose only fault was that his granddaughter defended herself from getting raped by an SS man. Stanisław Koszewski’s mother managed to flee and return home when no one was paying attention. Back home, she had to bury two of her sons…