Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What driver training teaches us about sex education

Some years ago, when the American motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson celebrated the 100th birthday of Milwaukee’s illustrious “hog,” the eminent columnist George F. Will quoted with approval the manufacturer’s saying that motorcycling means freedom, adventure and individual expression. “As does America,” Will added, although by then, “as America used to do, once,” might have been more accurate.

Having been an avid biker myself, I agree with the sentiment, even if the Harley mystique leaves me cold. Though a triumph in styling — Harleys look and sound spectacular — I always regarded the venerable hog as a sound effect masquerading as a motorcycle.

Be that as it may, summer is here. For many weeks now, motorcycles have been emerging from their winter hibernation and last Sunday, some parents and children rallied at Queen’s Park in Toronto to protest Ontario’s new curriculum for sex education.

The topics may appear unrelated, but they are not.

Motorcycling often reminds me of another blood sport: sex. More precisely, rider education reminds me of sex education. The preoccupations of road warriors and sexual explorers overlap in several ways. Both, for instance, need to be concerned with safety.  (more...)

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