Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dozens of parents hold second protest over Wynne’s sex ed outside Peterborough MPP’s office

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario, June 24, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- Concerned Parents of Peterborough met again June 19 outside of MPP Jeff Leal’s office to protest the proposed changes to Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum.

The group’s numbers have continued to rise and the number of protestors has more than doubled since last month’s protest. The group met during regular business hours and still managed to draw 46 members. Protestors displayed placards that read, “Parents are first educators, not politicians!”, “Let Kids be Kids!” and “Teaching consent, did you get ours?”

This new group is not alone in their concerns over the Liberals’ new sex-ed curriculum, which will be released in the fall. There have been three protests at Queen’s Park where thousands of people gathered to voice their concerns to politicians. There have also been protests in Sarnia, Windsor, and London.

“Politicians and the media are trying to ignore concerns and downplay the vast number of parents opposed to this curriculum,” said Laura Van Bakel, director of Concerned Parents of Peterborough. “However, they will be disappointed if they think we will stop fighting. We are determined to get this sex-ed agenda out of our schools regardless of how long it may take.”  (more...)

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