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Evita, the Swiss and the Nazis

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On June 6, 1947, Argentina's first lady Eva Peron left for a glittering tour of Europe.

The glamorous ex-actress was feted in Spain, kissed the ring of Pope Pius XII at the Vatican and hobnobbed with the rich-and-famous in the mountains of Switzerland.

Eva Peron, known as "Evita" by her adoring followers, was superficially on a trip to strengthen diplomatic, business and cultural ties between Argentina and important leaders of Europe.

But there was a parallel mission behind the high-profile trip, one that has contributed to a half century of violent extremism in Latin America.

According to records now emerging from Swiss archives and the investigations of Nazi hunters, an unpublicized side of Evita's world tour was coordinating the network for helping Nazis relocate in Argentina.

This new evidence of Evita's cozy ties with prominent Nazis corroborates the long-held suspicion that she and her husband, Gen. Juan Peron, laid the groundwork for a bloody resurgence of fascism across Latin America in the 1970s and '80s.

Besides blemishing the Evita legend, the evidence threatens to inflict more damage on Switzerland's image for plucky neutrality. The international banking center is still staggering from disclosures about its wartime collaboration with Adolf Hitler and Swiss profiteering off his Jewish victims.

The archival records indicate that Switzerland's assistance to Hitler's henchmen didn't stop with the collapse of the Third Reich.  (more...)

The Last Circle: Danny Casolaro's Investigation into the Octopus and the PROMIS Software Scandal

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Probing one of most organized and complex criminal enterprises in the United States, this report exposes the dynamics of the Octopus, a globe-trotting undercover intelligence operative. Based on 18 years of investigative research, this account reveals high-level, covert government operations and the elaborate corporate structures and the theft of high-tech software (PROMIS) used as smoke-and-mirror covers for narcotics trafficking, money laundering, arms sales, and espionage. The Octopus connections to a maze of politicians and officials in the National Security Council, the CIA, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Justice are revealed. A detailed look into the recent high-profile arrest of Mafia hit-man Jimmy Hughes is also included in this intriguing analysis.

Holy Smoke and Mirrors

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Albert Vincent Carone is one of those people who spent his life dancing between raindrops and turning invisible wherever a shadow lingered.  He existed and also didn’t exist.  Al Carone - unlike his near namesake, Al Capone – truly was a paradox wrapped in a mystery concealed behind an enigma. 

Carone was a detective in the New York Police Department, but this didn’t stop him from becoming a “made” man in the Genovese crime family.  He knew all the leading Mafiosa of his day, including Vito Genovese, Sam Giancana, Santos Trafficante, Joe Colombo and Pauley Castellano amongst others.  To Carone’s daughter, Dee, they were all known as “Uncle.”  When she got married, her father arranged two different reception rooms to separate the “mob” guests, from the NYPD guests.   But this was more window-dressing than anything else.  One of Carone’s principal functions in the NYPD was to act as the “bagman” in protecting shipments of CIA drugs to the various Mafia families.

Carone died in 1990 under mysterious circumstances.  This followed a period of great personal disenchantment with his life following a secretive mission to Mexico in 1985 when a large number of innocent women and children died unnecessarily.  His death was horrific, reports Mike Ruppert, editor of “From The Wilderness” newsletter, who has investigated Carone’s life story and written a special report on it (see acknowledgements).

Meanwhile, another “Uncle” was Bill Casey, the former Director of the CIA during the Reagan administration.  Casey had been with the OSS during WW11.  During the “seventies” he became Chairman of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) that regulates the US investment industry.  During his tenor in that role, Casey used Carone as a “cut-out” to pass sensitive insider information to mob Capo, Pauley Castellano, says his daughter, Dee.

Carone was also a full Colonel in the US Army where he had operated in the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corp (CIC).  Unsurprisingly, in view of his close friendship with Bill Casey, he was also a covert operative for the CIA.   But that wasn’t half of it.  Carone was also a Grand Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) – which historically has been the military arm of the Vatican and is regarded as separate “state” with full powers of statehood including issuing its own diplomatic passports.

In more recent decades SMOM has acted as a funding conduit, a black market gold channel and money-laundry for the CIA, amongst others – and is known to act as the Vatican’s intelligence arm.  It was, for example, alleged to be involved in the disappearance of Russia’s gold reserves – over 2000 metric tonnes - that vanished during 1991, around the time that Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev was ousted from office.

Malta knighthoods are awarded to many leading individuals who are part of the military and intelligence community.  The CIA’s Bill Casey, for example, was Knight of Malta.  Former NATO General (and later US Secretary of State) Alexander Haig is also a Malta Knight.  Another is General Vernon Walters, the former Deputy Director of the CIA under DCI George Bush and later appointed a roving Ambassador during the Reagan administration.  The legendary head of the OSS – the WW11 precursor of the CIA – was “Wild” Bill Donovan, who was made a Knight along with his wartime compatriot and later CIA chief of counter-intelligence, James Jesus Angleton.  And John McCone, another prominent member of the US “spook” agency was also distinguished with a Malta knighthood.  The list goes on.  Most interesting was Reinhard Gehlen the former Nazi intelligence expert recruited by the US in 1945-46 to head the “Gehlen Org” – a secret German-based intelligence arm of the United States that was composed of former SS & Gestapo agents – many of whom, including Klaus Barbie, were wanted Nazi war criminals.  The foregoing names amount to a listing of some of the most powerful and influential members of the western intelligence community over the last five decades.

One Vatican group that has extremely close ties to the Knights of Malta is the ultra right wing Opus Dei.  This is an immensely powerful faction in the Vatican today, whose public “do good” activities eclipse a plethora of the darkest political and financial machinations known to man.  It will not come as a surprise, perhaps, that Carone was closely associated with Opus Dei and, in particular, a covert operation that had its origin back in 1944.   This was Operation Amadeus.  (more...)

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CIA Catholics? The Alliance Between the CIA and the Vatican

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Created by Pope Pius XII and Bernardino Nogara on June 27, 1942, the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR), commonly known as the Vatican Bank, is located within the Bastion of Nicholas V, a round tower that had been constructed in 1452 to ward off the threat of a Saracen invasion. The bank remains a sovereign financial agency within a sovereign state. It is an entity unto itself, without corporate or ecclesiastical ties to any other agency of the Holy See. As such, it cannot be compelled to redress wrongs—not even the most egregious violations of international law. Nor can it be forced to release the source of any deposit. The bank resides under the direct jurisdiction of the pope. He owns it; he controls it. Swiss guards are stationed to guard the entrance to the bank, and the hermetically sealed bronze doors open only to select members of the Roman Curia—the governing body of the entire Roman Catholic Church.

Nogara, who became the first president of the IOR, initiated a process of destroying all records of the bank’s transactions, including deposits and investments, on a regular basis, so that its operations remain free and clear of public and private scrutiny. Anyone seeking information regarding the dealings of the bank, even its corporate organization, discovers little more than empty file folders within the Vatican archives. The trails of paper flow among three separate and distinct boards of directors. One board consists of high-ranking cardinals, the second of international bankers, and the third of Vatican financial officials. But even these records cannot be subpoenaed for inspection. They remain confidential documents of the sovereign state that can only be examined only by special permission from the pope.

Of course, the Holy See dutifully publishes financial reports on a yearly basis. The reports, displaying gains and losses, appear to be exhaustive. They contain meticulous records of the incomes and expenditures of every agency within the Holy See—except the IOR.

The name of this agency never appears on any balance sheet. From all published reports, this ecclesiastical entity is nonexistent and the Roman Catholic Church survives solely as a hand-to-mouth institution.

Investigators following the paper trail inevitably come to a dead end. All internal documents and external reports contain statements exempting the Vatican Bank, or IOR, from any ruling or standard of protocol. They are punctuated by such phrases as “always leaving intact the special character of the IOR,” “not including the IOR,” or “with full respect for the juridical status of the IOR.”

Because of its clandestine workings, millions can be deposited into the IOR on a continuous basis and channeled into numbered Swiss bank accounts without the possibility of detection. It was the perfect place for the CIA and the Sicilian Mafia to launder their ill-gotten gains of the narcotics trade and for the Roman Church to fund its political mission. And, according to Moneyval (the anti-money-laundering committee of the Council of Europe), it remains one of the world’s leading laundries for dirty cash under Pope Francis.  (more...)


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Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Pope's Treasure

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“The Vatican, a 10 billion euro treasure - Investments in property, stocks, gold, hard currency,” is the title and lede of an article published last July by Italian journalist, Emiliano Fittipaldi, based on information obtained from one of the experts Pope Francis appointed to help him “reform” Vatican finance.

Pope Francis has verbally struck out against unfettered capitalism and the “idolatry of money.” Yet he has appointed immoral experts working on behalf of the global plutocracy to maintain and grow his treasure. He can do this without scruples because, like all bishops upon their elevation to cardinal, he swore to put the good of the Church above all else. "I, __, of the Holy Roman Church, Cardinal of __, promise and swear from this hour hence as long as I live….to try in every way to assert, uphold, preserve, increase and promote the rights, even temporal, the liberty, honor, privileges and authority of the Holy Roman Church.”

After the Vatican’s last monarchical ally, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was defeated in World War I, Church leaders embraced fascism. Communism is atheistic and democracy is a dangerous ideology for prelates whose power depends on unquestioning obedience.

Since then, millions have suffered and died because the Church has protected, endorsed and provided financial support, services and cover to fascists and other right wing dictators, terrorists, politicians and financiers. The quid pro quo is that these secular leaders will advance the influence and wealth of the Church.  (more...)

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Through the Looking Glass: Vatican Politics, the Calvi Murder and Beyond…

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Early on the morning of Friday, June 18, 1982, a body was found dangling from an orange rope underneath Blackfriars Bridge in London, England. Police recovered the corpse of a middle age man, about sixty, paunchy, in a gray suit. Pieces of rocks and brick had been stuffed into the pockets, along with $15,000 in various currencies. A passport identified the victim as Gian Roberto Calvini, but soon it was learned that the dead man was really Roberto Calvi, chairman and managing director of Banco Ambrosiano in Milan, Italy. Calvi had mysteriously vanished from Rome on June 11, and his misfortune in London re-ignited media curiosity over a story which had already made headlines, and reverberated through the world’s major financial and political institutions.

Calvi was only one of a cast of characters in that story that included organized crime interests, political groups, secret societies, drug dealers, major financial institutions, and perhaps most stunning of all, a little-known entity identified as the Institute for Religious Works, or IOR, the official bank for the Vatican. The collapse of Calvi’s Banco Ambrosiano revealed that high officials within the Vatican and its bank had collaborated in building a network of offshore dummy corporations propped up under the Ambosirano Group’s line of credit, into which hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared. Some figures indicate that the Vatican’s participation in this scandal exceeded $1.25 billion dollars (and remember, this is the early 1980s).  (more...)

Pope Francis and the Dirty War

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Hagiographies of Jorge Mario Bergoglio may soon obliterate what was written before the media created Pope Francis Superstar. This is an effort to preserve this information along with some background as to what took place during the Argentine dictatorship.

All European fascist governments and movements, except the latter German Nazis, were supported by the Catholic Church.

Austrian Bishop Hudal’s ratline concentrated on assisting highly-placed German and Austrian officers to escape post-war prosecution but others paid their way into the ratline. War criminals such as Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Franz Stangl, Alois Brunner and Walter Rauff sailed from Genoa to Barcelona and on to Buenos Aires. (Michael Phayer, Pius XII, the Holocaust, and the Cold War)

Numerically, the largest ratline was operated by Vatican agent and Croatian Ustasha priest, Krunoslav Draganovic, and “reveals the direct involvement of Pope Pius XII himself,” according to Phayer. The Catholic Ustasha executed, tortured, starved, buried alive and burned to death 750,000 Croatian and Bosnian Serbs, Jews and Roma between 1941 and 1945 with the full knowledge of Pius XII. After the collapse of the Nazi-puppet Ustasha regime, Draganovic established escape routes for Croatian war criminals, mostly to South America.

Juan Peron, who had trained under Mussolini, came to power in Argentina in the spring of 1943 assisted by Fifth Column activity organized by SS-Brigadeführer Walter Schellenberg. In 1946, the archbishop of Freiburg told a U.S. military interrogator that he “considered the SS to be the most respectable of the Nazi Party organizations.” (Charles Higham, American Swastika: The Shocking Story of Nazi Collaborators in Our Midst from 1933 to the Present Day)

“The Vatican, naturally, backed Peron completely.” (Phayer)

Peron welcomed these war criminals to Argentina. “An American diplomat working in the Buenos Aires embassy wrote to the State Department deploring the fact that ‘the Vatican and Argentina [are conniving] to get guilty people to haven in latter country.’” (John Moors Cabot, June 11, 1947, cited by Phayer)  (more...)

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Bestselling book claims corruption is Argentina's 'main structure of power'

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The book topping Argentina’s bestseller list is not a thriller or a murder mystery. It’s a crime story of another sort: a blockbuster about political corruption that suggests that bribery is an integral part of the country’s body politic.

“The reality of corruption in Argentina surpasses fiction,” said Hugo Alconada Mon, an investigative journalist and the author of The Root of All Evil, which was published just as the country was shaken by a wave of graft allegations against senior politicians across the ideological spectrum.

The cases include allegations of bags of cash delivered to former president Cristina Fernández, as well as a plot to allegedly launder under-the-counter contributions to the electoral campaigns of the centre-right party of her successor, Mauricio Macri.

Alconada argues that so many of Argentina’s foremost politicians, judges, journalists and business people are involved in corruption, that it has become impossible to get anything done without it.

“Corruption is no longer an alternative way of conducting business or politics in Argentina – it is the main structure of power, one that has been in place for decades for the benefit of a chosen few,” he said in an interview.  (more...)


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Who am I to judge?

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After Receiving Green Light From Francis: The German Bishops Start the Aberrosexual Revolution, "Homosexuality is Normal"

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Pope Francis with Cardinal Marx: who has what role in the current pontificate?
Who drives, who is driven?
(Rome) Pope Francis announced the next revolutionary "resolution" for 2020: to "normalize" the relationship of the Catholic Church to homosexuality. On this point, too, he appears to be a compliant, driven man of the Church in Germany.

Pope Francis gave to understand that the "normalization" of homosexuality is in  his program for 2020 on December 16th, the day of his 83rd birthday. The President of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, immediately followed and announced the revolution as an early "Christmas present" in 2019:
"Homosexuality is normal".
The sequence confirms what insiders have long said: The pontificate of Pope Francis is not an Argentine pontificate, but a German one - albeit a completely different "German" than that of his predecessor Benedict XVI.

This link is confirmed by a multitude of “little things,” including those such as the immediate reporting on the Marx announcement in Argentina's leading Pro Bergoglio media.

The question of exactly who is the driver and who is driven, how exactly the positions are distributed between these two poles, cannot be answered exactly, but could be reconstructed to some extent on the basis of numerous references.  (more...)

With the destruction of Christendom, comes the conquest of the world:

Catholic homosexuality heresy Nazi Germany

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Over 300 arrests in Italy connected to irregular Masonic Activities and the ‘Ndrangheta Mafia

Italy Ndrangheta Mafia crime corruption freemasonry Canada

The Italian police have arrested 334 people in one of the largest anti-mob operations ever seen in Italy, highlighting the growing reach of the’Ndrangheta Mafia from Calabria and deviant parts of Freemasonry, prosecutors said on Thursday. The ‘Ndrangheta, based in the southern region of Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot, has surpassed Sicily’s more famous Cosa Nostra to become the most feared and powerful Mafia group in the country – and one of the largest criminal gangs in the world. Fortunately, this morning, the Italian police and Interpol have seized hundreds of suspects in early morning swoops conducted not only around Italy, but also in Germany, Switzerland, and Bulgaria. Italy’s infamous ‘Ndrangheta Mafia was, and still is, working with a large network of irregular Freemasons that I have denounced in the past for their criminal activities against Regular Masonry and their links to both the Italian Democratic Party and Forza Italia.

This is hopefully only the beginning of this clean-up operation by magistrate Nicola Gratteri, who has always been stubborn and a man of few words. Gratteri is visibly tired after the announcement, but still walks with a straight back and his head held high despite enduring the enforced captivity of 24-hour police protection due to his dangerous job.  Nicola Gratteri is a true statesman in a dangerous Italian region ruled by sinister powers and corruption that involve deviant parts of Freemasonry and the Vatican. Gratteri is a bastion of justice and civic responsibility and an example to Calabria and all of Italy that up until now, he was unable to reach because of the corruption of the Italian political and judiciary institutions.

These are the very same criminals that forced me to leave Italy when I was sued and threatened by the irregular Calabrese Freemasons of Grand Master Nicola Tucci of the Grande Oriente Italiano di Piazza del Gesù, who is connected to one of the people arrested by the Italian police, the politician and Freemason Giancarlo Pittelli, who is both a member of the “Regular” Grand Orient of Italy of Palazzo Giustiniani and an irregular lodge of Nicola Tucci. This was confirmed by former high-level Freemason and ‘Ndrangheta member Cosimo Virgilio, who said that Pitelli said that “Freemasonry opens your way to the highways of the world.” I think that after this latest scandal most U.S. Lodges should rediscuss the recognition of the Grand Orient of Italy.  (more...)

Some local interest:

The Plot Against the Peace: A Warning to the Nation!

books fascism war Nazi politics military fifth column

The Plot Against the Peace, which was first published in 1945, uncovers Nazi Germany’s secret plans for a Third World War. The book reveals how the behind-the-scenes clique which really rules Germany is plotting to undermine the peace, split the United Nations, and convert military defeat into actual victory.

Written by two journalists who have won an international reputation for their exposés of fifth-column activities and worldwide fascist intrigues, this book offers thoroughly documented, indisputable evidence to prove that Germany’s undercover apparatus is at work in the United States today, laying the groundwork for a post-war secret offensive against America. The book disclosed how German spies and assassins are already carrying out their new assignments in the United States, as throughout the rest of the world.

The Plot Against the Peace is a book that names names. Among the vitally important disclosures discussed are how Germany is secretly preparing for the continued post-war operations of the Nazi apparatus; the real story behind the German factories of death; the clandestine building of German hidden arsenals in Spain, Argentina and other countries; the plot for maintaining a Nazi-Junker officer corps in temporary exile abroad after the war; who are the “real brains” behind the German international network; how the Germans have smuggled funds, diamonds and other valuables into the United States to finance their post-war machinations; and what the German plans are for disuniting the United Nations, inciting international turmoil and thus making impossible the fulfilment of the Allied peace aims.

The authors have left nothing to the imagination in their account of the hitherto untold secret history of Nazism, and in their description of the character and deeds of the German General Staff. But, as the authors write, “Those facts had to be recorded and they have to be read.”

An amazing, revealing and urgent document.

THE German General Staff has always regarded military defeat as merely a temporary phase of war. The war goes on. Battle strategy becomes underground conspiracy; artillery is replaced by propaganda; wartime espionage becomes post-war political intrigue, terror, assassination, and secret preparation for new military attack.

"Even the final decision of war is not to be regarded as absolute," wrote Germany's former military theorist, General Karl von Clausewitz, in his celebrated treatise Vom Kriege (On War). "The conquered nation often sees it only as a passing phase, to be repaired in after times by political combinations."

These words have been deeply pondered by the German General Staff–the cabal of army officers, Junkers, and industrialists who are the real rulers of Germany. They provided the German General Staff with the basis of a secret plan by which it successfully operated after the First World War. Today Germany's rulers are again operating on the basis of this secret plan in Germany and throughout the world. . . .

The original form of this secret plan of the German General Staff was discovered in 1915 by William Seamen Bainbridge, an American representative in Berlin. After the First World War, seeking to warn America, Bainbridge wrote a detailed report on Germany for the United States Government. It appears as Document No. 26, Official Senate Documents, First Session of the 68th Congress of the United States. This little-known American document contains the most sensational forecast ever made regarding German policy.

Here is the five-point secret German General Staff plan as revealed to Bainbridge in 1915, three years before the end of the last war, by a German officer in a room in the Hotel Adlon, Berlin:

  1. An armistice will come before any hostile army crosses Germany's frontier.
  2. There will be no scars on the Fatherland after this war.
  3. The immediate competitors in the economic and commercial world will be so crippled that, when it is all over, the Germans will be outselling them in the markets of the world long before they can get on their feet.
  4. Following the war, there will be economic hell, industrial revolution. We will set class against class, individual against individual, until the nations will have pretty much all they can attend to at home and not bother with us.
  5. If need be, the Fatherland may dissemble into component parts and reassemble at the strategic time.

In concluding this extraordinary revelation, the German officer turned to Bainbridge and said with deliberate emphasis:
"The greatest struggle will come after the war. The weapon will be propaganda, the value of which we know. The Allies will be torn asunder, each will be put at the others' throats like a lot of howling gnashing hounds. And when they are all separated from France, Germany will deal with her alone."  (more...)

Ukrainian Bombers and Killers

history Ukraine Nazi fascism sabotage fifth column kidnapping extortion crime collaboration treason

In 1938 a sensational series of kidnappings occurred in New York City. A number of well-to-do persons were seized by a mysterious gang which blindfolded them, gagged them, and took them by car to a secret hideout in the city. Ransoms ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 were demanded. In certain cases the kidnapped victims were tortured to make them write pleading notes to their relatives and friends. One of the victims, Norman Miller, who had been forced to pay $15,000 ransom, remembered that while he had been held captive he had heard church bells ringing and the sound of billiard balls clicking. He also recalled the number of steps down which he had been led, blindfolded, by his kidnappers. These clues helped the police to locate the Ukrainian National Home, "a mutual benefit society" at 217-19 East 6th Street, New York City, as the place that fitted Miller's description.

On November 2, 1938, the police raided the Ukrainian National Home. In the basement they found a torture chamber, its walls pitted with bullet holes. They also found a German-made machine gun and other weapons. The police dug up the basement floor and came upon human bones. One of the kidnapped men, Arthur Fried of White Plains, had died under the torture. His body had been stuffed in the heating furnace, and the bones later hidden under the basement floor.

The four gangsters who made up the kidnapping gang were arrested. Two of them were sentenced to life-imprisonment. The other two, Demetrius Gula and Joseph Sacoda, were convicted of murder and executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing.

One highly significant fact not mentioned at the trial was that Gula and Sacoda were both members of a Berlin-directed Ukrainian terrorist organization known as the ODWU. At the time no one thought of connecting these brutal kidnappers with the Nazi espionage-sabotage machine in the United States....  (more...)

history Ukraine Nazi fascism sabotage fifth column kidnapping extortion crime collaboration treason
What's a little corruption between friends?

Sabotage! The Secret War Against America

books fifth column fascism Nazi crime corruption war treason

books fifth column fascism Nazi crime corruption war treasonbooks fifth column fascism Nazi crime corruption war treason

books fifth column fascism Nazi crime corruption war treason

Mae Brussell's synopsis of:

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Mae Brussell in Santa Cruz

Complacent Beverly Hills housewife Mae Brussell had quite an awakening in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated, and again when she read and cross-indexed the massive 26-volume Warren Commission Hearings. She saw that the international terrorist network that had made up the Axis powers during World War Two had gone underground and continued their world-wide fascist campaign, overthrowing one country after another. America was not exempt.

Frustrated that this vitally important information was largely unknown to the American people, Mae went to her friend Henry Miller of Big Sur, California (with whom she would later brag to friends about an affair). He told her that people can do anything they want if they apply themselves; live anywhere, learn anything. And there is nothing worse than looking back and regretting not having done what was important to you. "Don't die before you're dead."

And with that advice Mae moved herself and the kids to Carmel, California and began the selfless, nonstop journey of political and history research that would soon rock the radio airwaves of Monterey and Santa Cruz counties from 1971 through 1988. Her listeners would never be the same.  (more...)

conspiracy accountability fascism Nazi corruption history organized crime CIA shadow government

Robert Maxwell & The KGB

KGB MI6 CIA Mossad crime mainstream media military politics business

According to new revelations, the ultra-wealthy financier and elite sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had a mentor who recruited him into Israeli intelligence early in his career: billionaire media tycoon Robert Maxwell. And nearly three decades before Epstein’s highly suspicious death, Maxwell would suffer a similar murky fate. What did Soviet intelligence know about Maxwell? KGB veteran Col. Nikolai Shvarev tells Moscow Center’s side of the story:

At the beginning of the 1990s, his mysterious death became a sensation. And that’s just for starters, after all, 68-year-old Lord Robert Maxwell – owner of one of the largest media empires on the planet; a billionaire; friend of Leonid Brezhnev and other politicians around the world; a carouser and debauchee whose impressive size and ferocious personality earned him the nickname “the killer whale” – had died.

On that fateful night of November 4th, 1991, Maxwell’s yacht Lady Ghislaine was not far off from the Canary Islands. The Lord had gone to bed after an early-morning phone call with his wife. And…he disappeared. Only the next day did search and rescue personnel discover his body in the ocean. Doctors ascribed it to a heart attack that caused Maxwell to fall overboard. But soon the doctors’ verdict would be disproven. Judging by the injuries to his body, they determined that someone had dumped him from the deck into the water.

Along with the death of the billionaire, all his money disappeared from his accounts. His great media empire collapsed like a house of cards. And there came rumors that the drowned man had been an agent of four of the world’s intelligence services at the same time!  (more...)


Friday, December 20, 2019

Media, Human Rights Groups Silent Over Politically-Motivated Murder of Journalist in Bolivia

accountability crime corruption fascism free speech mainstream media politics violence coup Bolivia

Argentinian journalist Sebastian Moro was found unconscious, left for dead, covered in bruises, scratches and other signs of violence on November 10. Moro was wearing a vest identifying him as press covering the dramatic U.S.-backed coup against democratically elected President Evo Morales in Bolivia.

The 40-year-old worked for the influential Argentinian newspaper Pagina/12. Hours earlier he had denounced what he saw as a far-right takeover of power. His last known words, published in his newspaper hours before he was found, were denouncing the kidnappings of government officials, and mob attacks on journalists and media outlets. He had been one of the only voices exposing the local opposition’s campaign of terror to the world. Moro spent six days in a La Paz hospital before finally succumbing to his injuries.

Despite the world’s attention being focused on the Andean country, media has steadfastly ignored the likely beating to death of a foreign journalist for political reasons. No mention of Moro has been made in the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or any mainstream Western outlet, despite his story being well known in his native Argentina. Nor has his case been mentioned by the major human rights networks such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. Even the Committee to Protect Journalists has not acknowledged his killing. Its list of deceased journalists in 2019 shows none across South America.  (more...)

A well-rehearsed play:
Scarcely a ripple or a whisper...

Wall Street Crooks & The Quandt Nazis

accountability crime business fascism Nazi war eugenics freemasonry

The German House of Wurttemberg are one of the most dominant and oppressive bloodlines of the Holy Roman Empire and they work closely with German House of Baden-Zahringen. Their former dukedoms and kingdoms merged creating the modern German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Wurttembergs are currently headed up by Duke Carl of Wurttemberg and his children Duke Friedrich who is now dead, Duke Philippe, Duke Eberhard, Duke Michael, Duchess Mathilde, and Duchess Fleur. Count Conrad I of Wurttemberg was the founder of this royal house and made an alliance with the Roman Catholic Hirsau Abbey which he financed the Romanization of. The Wurttemberg family married with the Roman Catholic Orleans, Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Pallavicini families in this past century. The Wurttemberg family employ through their royal court various businessmen like Reinhold Wurth who is from Wurttemberg and worth about 10 billion. A noble or royal house is a corporate entity. The name Wurttemberg derives from the earlier name of Wirdeberch. The German words Wird or Wirt refer to talking, speech, command or words. The current Director of the New York Stock Exchange is Jeffrey Sprecher and he is a white collar crook. Sprecher is a German name and derives from Sprechen and like Wirt also means to talk or speech. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has origins with the ancient trade and currency fairs in Frankfurt which later influenced modern stock exchanges. The Wurttemberg family have command in Wall Street. They use words connected with numeric codes to communicate information to associates and businessmen in regards to trading stocks in order to evade insider trading regulations. They use various books and their pages, numbering, and indexes as their codices and this information is taught in fraternal orders and masonic lodges. Freemasons and Greek fraternal members are educated in numeric coding. The media including financial media use numeric-word hidden communications as well to signal members of secret societies.  (more...)

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Think You Know The Jonestown Story?

It’s a safe bet that if something receives front page coverage, just about everything about the story has been massaged before it becomes “news.”

In the 1970s, there was no bigger story than Jonestown.

Supposedly, several hundred people voluntarily committed suicide rather than have their “paradise” taken away from them.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We play this video now because it turns out that Jim Jones, the leader of the Jonestown cult (i.e. experimental offshore jungle prison camp) was an associate of CIA agent in USAID clothing Dan Mitrione whose life as a torture expert lent out to South American dictatorships was featured in the film “State of Siege.”

They were from the same town, they were both in Brazil at the same time, and they both had double lives, posing as one thing (a traffic expert, a religious figure) while being involved in something very different.

If it’s on the TV news, odds are it’s a manufactured lie. This is so pervasive, we should really start calling TV “liar-vision.”  (more...)

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Vatican’s investment funds were vehicles for Italian bank fraud

Vatican Catholic banks business accountability corruption crime fraud real estate investment
Raffaele Mincione
Vatican City, Dec 17, 2019 / 01:50 pm (CNA).- Two investment funds used by Vatican dicasteries were also used by a major Italian bank to conceal illegal investments for which the bank was eventually closed.

On Friday, Maltese media reported that the IOR, or Vatican Bank, is being sued in turn by Optimum for breach of contract; the firm claims the Vatican’s bank owes an additional 24 million euros as an already agreed-upon investment in one of its funds. The IOR has itself sued Optimum Asset Management; trying to recover millions it invested in an Optimum fund alleged to have lost 230 million euros.

Optimum was in 2015 identified by Italian authorities as a fund manager through which Banca Popolare di Vincenza fraudulently funneled money meant for outside investments back into investment in the bank itself.

While the bank was required by European law to maintain a diversified investment portfolio as a hedge against risk, it was found to have used Optimum to fraudulently invest in itself instead, leaving the accounts and investments of customers at a high degree of risk.

The bank also used the same tactic, channeling investment funds back into itself, through the Athena Global Fund, run by Raffaele Mincione.

Italian media have estimated that the fraud involved hundreds of millions of euros in bank funds.  (more...)

Fires Rage in Canada as Professor Attacks the Myth of Holodomor

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University of Alberta Assistant Professor Dougal MacDonald raised hell on November 20 by writing in a personal Facebook post that the 1932-33 genocide of Ukrainians referred to as Holodomor never happened but was rather a “myth fabricated by Hitlerites”.

If such remarks were made in most nations today, it wouldn’t be such a big deal (as only 16 nations have chosen to recognize this event as an act of genocide rather than the tragic act of nature which MacDonald and countless eminent scholars maintain.)

Canada is not however “most nations”, but has rather had the misfortune of hosting some of the most virulent groups of rabid ultra-right wing Ukrainian fascists who were transplanted into the Prairies by Anglo-American intelligence networks in the wake of WWII. Today, many of these 2nd and 3rd generation Banderites control powerful institutions like the Ukrainian Congress of Canada (UCC) and have bred such confused and dangerous personalities as Canada’s own Deputy Prime Minister (and leading Rhodes Scholar) Chrystia Freeland.

Acting from the epicenter of this fascist nexus in Alberta, Professor MacDonald has courageously decided that “enough is enough” writing on the topic of the famine which Ukrainian fascists have mis-labelled a “genocide targeting Ukrainian nationalism”. In his controversial facebook post, MacDonald wrote that “it was the Hitlerite Nazis who created the famine myth in 1933 to discredit the Soviet Union, the enemy they most feared.  The Nazis wrote front page stories in German newspapers, which were then taken up by the reactionary British press.”

Within his very useful writings, there is something vital which Professor MacDonald fails to bring up.

For those who are not aware, the two figures most responsible for the “on the ground evidence” of Holodomor were two journalists named Gareth Jones and Malcolm Muggeridge.  (more...)

Infiltration: Sex, Conspiracies, Apparitions, and Prophecies Sell Ink

books Catholic modernism Liberalism heresy freemasonry marxism Americanism

A review of Infiltration:  The Plot to Destroy the Church From Within (Sophia Institute Press, 2019)

Taylor R. Marshall is well rewarded for keeping disaffected Catholics on the American reservation. Gaining bestseller status on Amazon is a great honor. It also takes skill to be able to identify and push all the hot button items of a target audience just the right way. But then conspiracy stories involving secret societies and sex always sell and they sell bigger when you mix in apparitions, conversations with Satan, and predictions. It’s the same genre that Dan Brown used in The Davinci Code and associated works, it worked there, it works here. Unfortunately, stories don’t help people realize the problem and usually don’t help to solve the problem, and in the case of the Catholic Church, a big part of the problem is America (which equates to rule by the wealthy) and Americanism.

There is no doubt that the Catholic Church is really messed up these days. To Marshall’s credit, he attributes this ongoing mess to the leadership which means the priests and the prelates.   He claims that we got there over the course of about 175 years because of Communists, Masons, and homosexuals, and he tries to support that claim in 224 pages, with a lot fewer footnotes. It is too much with too little that leaves out a whole lot, and leaves much unexplained.  As a result, the book resembles an anthology of well-known stories.

For instance, the Communists are long gone. The Masons are fading away. All that remains are the homosexuals, or gays. Homosexuals have always existed throughout history but Marshall says that they have somehow been weaponized to destroy the Church.  That should be enough to ask the question, Who benefits now from this state of affairs in the Church? He starts to crack that case open in Chapter 27 when he mentions a wealthy businessman becoming McCarrick’s patron, and that Francis Cardinal Spellman, or “Nellie” as Marshall says he was called, of New York was a powerful leader of the homosexuals in the Church, but that is as far as he goes ignoring Spellman’s connections with the most powerful Americans of the day. Marshall mentions Bella Dodd for the proposition that nearly 1,100 men were put into the priesthood by the Communists. What he doesn’t bother to follow up on is her statements that the Communist Party in New York had to wait for orders from the Kremlin which in turn waited for orders from people who worked in skyscrapers in New York City. (more...)

Monday, December 16, 2019

The American Commercial Empire

David Wemhoff joins Saturday Night Trad to discuss America as a Commercial Empire as well as the heresy of Americanism.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Did the Vatican and Swiss Banks Help Germany During WW2?

Ratlines were a system of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing Europe at the end of World War II. These escape routes mainly led toward havens in South America, particularly Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, and Bolivia. Other destinations included the United States, Great Britain, Canada and the Middle East. There were two primary routes: the first went from Germany to Spain, then Argentina; the second from Germany to Rome to Genoa, then South America; the two routes "developed independently" but eventually came together to collaborate.

One ratline, made famous by the Frederick Forsyth thriller The Odessa File, was run by the ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen; "Organization of Former SS-Members") network organized by Otto Skorzeny.

The origins of the first ratlines are connected to various developments in Vatican-Argentine relations before and during World War II. As early as 1942, Monsignor Luigi Maglione contacted Ambassador Llobet, inquiring as to the "willingness of the government of the Argentine Republic to apply its immigration law generously, in order to encourage at the opportune moment European Catholic immigrants to seek the necessary land and capital in our country". Afterwards, a German priest, Anton Weber, the head of the Rome-based Society of Saint Raphael, traveled to Portugal, continuing to Argentina, to lay the groundwork for future Catholic immigration; this was to be a route which fascist exiles would exploit - without the knowledge of the Catholic Church. According to historian Michael Phayer, "this was the innocent origin of what would become the Vatican ratline".

Spain, not Rome, was the "first center of ratline activity that facilitated the escape of Nazi fascists", although the exodus itself was planned within the Vatican. Charles Lescat, a French member of Action Française (an organization suppressed by Pius XI and rehabilitated by Pius XII), and Pierre Daye, a Belgian with contacts in the Spanish government, were among the primary organizers. Lescat and Daye were the first able to flee Europe, with the help of Argentine cardinal Antonio Caggiano.

By 1946, there were probably hundreds of war criminals in Spain, and thousands of former Nazis and fascists. According to US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, Vatican cooperation in turning over asylum-seekers was "negligible". According to Phayer, Pius XII "preferred to see fascist war criminals on board ships sailing to the New World rather than seeing them rotting in POW camps in zonal Germany". Unlike the Vatican emigration operation in Italy, centered on Vatican City, the ratlines of Spain, although "fostered by the Vatican" were relatively independent of the hierarchy of the Vatican Emigration Bureau.

Bishop Alois Hudal was rector of the Pontificio Istituto Teutonico Santa Maria dell'Anima in Rome, a seminary for Austrian and German priests, and "Spiritual Director of the German People resident in Italy". After the end of the war in Italy, Hudal became active in ministering to German-speaking prisoners of war and internees then held in camps throughout Italy. In December 1944 the Vatican Secretariat of State received permission to appoint a representative to "visit the German-speaking civil internees in Italy", a job assigned to Hudal.

Hudal used this position to aid the escape of wanted Nazi war criminals, including Franz Stangl, commanding officer of Treblinka, Gustav Wagner, commanding officer of Sobibor, Alois Brunner, responsible for the Drancy internment camp near Paris and in charge of deportations in Slovakia to German concentration camps, and Adolf Eichmann— a fact about which he was later unashamedly open. Some of these wanted men were being held in internment camps: generally without identity papers, they would be enrolled in camp registers under false names. Other Nazis were in hiding in Italy, and sought Hudal out as his role in assisting escapes became known on the Nazi grapevine.

In his memoirs Hudal said of his actions "I thank God that He [allowed me] to visit and comfort many victims in their prisons and concentration camps and to help them escape with false identity papers."  He explained that in his eyes:
"The Allies' War against Germany was not a crusade, but the rivalry of economic complexes for whose victory they had been fighting. This so-called business ... used catchwords like democracy, race, religious liberty and Christianity as a bait for the masses. All these experiences were the reason why I felt duty bound after 1945 to devote my whole charitable work mainly to former National Socialists and Fascists, especially to so-called 'war criminals'."
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Former Spy Details Israel’s Main Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation

child prostitution pedophilia sex trafficking blackmail politics crime corruption Mossad

MONTREAL — In recent weeks, renewed attention has been brought to the allegations that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking and sexual blackmail operation was run on behalf of Israeli military intelligence. Those claims revolve around statements made by a former Israeli military intelligence official turned public relations consultant Ari Ben-Menashe, whose allegations regarding the Epstein scandal were reported by MintPress this past October.

Ben-Menashe’s claims related to Epstein first surfaced in an interview between Ben-Menashe and Zev Shalev of the independent news outlet, Narativ. As detailed in a MintPress summary and commentary of that interview, Ben-Menashe claimed to have seen Jeffrey Epstein in the office of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, several times in the 1980s.

At the time, Ben-Menashe was in close contact with Robert Maxwell regarding their work mutual work with Israeli military intelligence. Maxwell, in addition to heading a media empire and being a one-time member of U.K. parliament, was a longtime operative for Israeli intelligence, so much so that his 1991 funeral was attended by no less than six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence as well as several high-ranking Israeli politicians and prime ministers.

Maxwell is alleged to have recruited Jeffrey Epstein for Israeli intelligence and later introduced Epstein to Ben-Menashe and another operative, Nicholas Davies. Epstein was introduced to Ben-Menashe as having been pre-approved by leading figures in Israel’s military intelligence directorate, known as Aman.

MintPress recently conducted its own interview with Mr. Ben-Menashe as part of an ongoing investigation on the life and connections of the now-infamous Jeffrey Epstein.  (more...)


Sex trafficking happens ‘in our backyard’

abuse slavery crime child prostitution sex trafficking Niagara

One of the best ways to combat human trafficking is by raising awareness and teaching people what to look for.

That’s according to Sandy Biback, a professional meeting planner and founder of Meeting Planners Against Human Trafficking (MPAHT), who was speaking at a conference on human trafficking at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Niagara Falls Thursday. The event was hosted by the chambers of commerce from Niagara Falls, Greater Fort Erie, Welland/Pelham and Port Colborne/Wainfleet.

She first saw the signs on a trip to Asia with her husband three years ago but it was on her return home when she saw it not something unique to other parts of the world.

“Human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking doesn’t just happen there,” she said. “It’s in our own backyard.”

She founded MPAHT to bring the clandestine practice out in the open, focusing on the hotel industry, where she said it was important for employees in the industry to be trained on what to look for, and most of all, take action by notifying management, who could notify police.

She related a story about a hotel stay where she talked to someone about girls being brought to hotels for sex with men.

The employee said the hotel had just “turfed two prostitutes” but when Biback enquired about the girls' ages, the employee said the pair were 14 or 15 years old.

“I told him, ‘Those aren’t prostitutes,’“ Biback said.  (more...)



Group recruiting in Saskatoon supports white supremacy, experts say

Canada fascism eugenics white supremacy Nazi violence politics

A group that believes Canada's diversity to be its "greatest weakness" is recruiting in Saskatoon.

Posters for the group known as ID Canada have surfaced at various locations across the city and local anti-racism experts say the group's beliefs are rooted in white supremacy.

Some of the posters — many of which have been damaged — are white, red and black in colour and don the words "Defend Canada" above another line of text that reads: "Join the Fight."

The group's website boasts nine chapters across Canada and says: "We refuse to re-write history and pretend like this nation existed before European colonization. Canada is not a 'Nation of immigrants.' The Dominion of Canada was formed by Europeans."

CBC Saskatoon sent several emails to ID Canada seeking comment and also reached out to the group several times on Twitter. No response was received.  (more...)


Murdered billionaire couple posed like 'creepy' life-sized figurines found in home

crime violence pharmaceuticals Canada ritual killing murder

TORONTO -- The bodies of Barry and Honey Sherman were in a similar pose to a pair of life-sized statues displayed in the billionaire couple’s basement, according to a report by Toronto Star chief investigative reporter Kevin Donovan.

According to a story published Thursday, Donovan discovered photos, taken three weeks before the couple’s murder, of two colourful, human-shaped figurines sitting on speakers in the basement of the Shermans’ Toronto mansion.

“They’re life-sized sculptures. They’re made from junk. They were made in the 1970s. They’re quite interesting looking and in this context, obviously, quite creepy,” he told CTV News Channel on Thursday.

The art pieces were given to the Shermans by friends years ago and have been on display in the North York home since it was built in 1985, according to the Star.

In the photos, which were taken in preparation for the sale of the Sherman’s house, the male and female figurines can be seen in seated positions, each with its left leg crossed over its right.  (more...)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tangled Web of Transactions Utilized to Fund Bankrupt Italian Hospital

Catholic accountability finance business hospitals charity deception Italy

VATICAN CITY — Using costly methods that appear deceptive, Vatican officials diverted 50 million euros belonging to the Bambino Gesù children’s hospital in Rome to guarantee a loan for the same amount to a bankrupt Italian dermatology hospital in 2014, despite warnings from the cardinal appointed to oversee financial transparency not to go ahead with the transaction.

According to documents seen by the Register, the officials, including two lay consultants who received six-figure commissions on top of their other salaries for their efforts, worked with two Curial cardinals to arrange for the Bambino Gesù hospital, which is under Vatican authority, to guarantee the loan to the Istituto Dermopatico dell’Immacolata (IDI).

The IDI, then owned by the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception (CFIC), was at the time on the brink of closure, with debts in excess of 600 million euro. A further body, a foundation called the Fondazione Luigi Maria Monti, was set up in 2015 to help save IDI and keep it within the field of Catholic health care.

As reported by CNA in November, the loan was firmly opposed at the time by Cardinal George Pell, then the prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy, but Pope Francis overrode his opposition and agreed to let the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA) go ahead with the transaction. The Holy Father later canceled the hospital’s guarantee of the loan when he realized the error, but the 50 million euro has yet to be returned by APSA to the children’s hospital.

Documents show that Vatican officials concealed the origins of the loan by forcing the Bambino Gesù to deposit the funds with APSA, the Vatican department also responsible for real estate management, in the form of a “certificate of deposit” (CD) issued by APSA itself. This usually takes the form of a no-risk loan to be repaid within a fixed time. APSA then used the CD as collateral to guarantee the loan to the IDI, which went to the congregation.

The plan made it look as if APSA, rather than the Bambino Gesù hospital, which is a well-respected children’s hospital in Italy mostly funded by the Italian state, was providing the financing to the CFIC, IDI’s owners — something unlikely to have been allowed in view of the children’s hospital being mostly state-funded.  (more...)

Condemning the Military Coup and Respecting Democracy in Bolivia

accountability democracy fascism corruption business politics military police coup Bolivia

Unifor strongly condemns the military coup in Bolivia that saw the recent ousting of democratically elected President Evo Morales.

We are dismayed that the Canadian Federal government has chosen to support the interim leadership of Jeanine Áñez Chávez – a representative from a party that received only 4% of the vote in the latest October elections, and whose support is derived largely from the backing of the Bolivian police and military. We are also troubled given Áñez’s hostile and discriminatory antiIndigenous remarks, especially in a country where more than half the population is Indigenous.

As Bolivia’s first Indigenous President, Morales made significant progressive economic and social policy changes that have resulted in strong economic growth, drastic reduction in rates of poverty and overall improvements of human rights. However, we have seen how actions of independent states with socialist policies often provoke the ire of corporate interests and Western countries such as the United States, which has a long history of Latin and South American government intervention and ousting democratically elected leaders by way of violent military coups.

We are now once again witnessing waves of violence and atrocities rock Bolivia, along with deaths of protesters who are resisting the usurpation of their democratic process. With Áñez recently making changes to allow security forces to be protected from prosecution in order to quell protests, we will only see a further escalation of state violence and repression. By not condemning these actions as a coup – actions contrary to the fundamental principles of democracy – Canada is complicit in these human rights violations.   (more...)


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