Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Nova Scotia Mass Shooting - March 26th, 2023


Canada Nova Scotia RCMP books mass shooting cover-up incompetence unaccountability corruption nepotism scandal

In this episode Nighttime Podcast is joined by Paul Palango for a discussion covering;

  • the sequel to Palango’s best selling book 22 Murders
  • the Ontario Police Force's search for the insider known as True Blue
  • the upcoming report by the Mass Casualty commission which is set to be released only days after our recording

Paedophiles in Society—Addressing the Reality


pedophilia pornography deviancy abuse exploitation perversion mental illness normalization degeneracy

Dr Sarah Goode has had the courage to research paedophilia and paedophiles. In this interviewm she examines the reality, as opposed to the cartoonish tabloid rendition, of a hugely significant problem for our society.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Citizen scientists continue discovery into just how destructive COVID injections may be


Canada doctors COVID vaccines injections safety harms unaccountability pseudoscience | MORE:

Rebel News' Tamara Ugolini speaks with senior research scientist and molecular biologist Dr. Laura Braden about medical censorship and the potential harms stemming from the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.


Citizen-led inquiry examines COVID-19 public health response to ensure harms are never repeated

Trudeau dodges question on Canada involvement in Ukraine proxy war


Trudeau Canada Ukraine proxy war complicity instigation corruption lawlessness deception denial delusion unaccountability

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has dodged a question from a local journalist Yves Engler who asked the politician why that country is engaged in a proxy war against Russia. Engler told RT that Canada has substantially contributed to bolstering Kiev's war effort - and even took part in instigating the conflict in the first place.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Canada’s ‘China syndrome’


Canada China bigotry CSIS imperialism neocolonialism immigration politics sinophobia hysteria COVID election

The obsession with foreign plots to undermine our institutions is a hallmark of the erosion of political discourse in Canada

As the war in Ukraine stalls, or moves towards the possibility of a Chinese-brokered peace agreement that would conclusively prove the waning influence of US hegemony, the empire and its provinces seek to renew tensions with an old enemy.

The allegation that China attempted to interfere in Canada’s 2019 and 2021 federal elections is just the latest example of Sinophobic hysteria conjured up by the agencies whose actions remind us that the term ‘military intelligence’ is an oxymoron.

It was just a few weeks ago that the useful idiots of the American military industrial complex were demanding Canada boost defence spending in response to the apparent threat of Chinese spy balloons (Conservative MP Michael Chong thinks the balloon barrage warrants participation in an American-led ballistic missile defense program of dubious utility). The American military had not even proven the first balloon was in fact being used for espionage purposes when it dispatched fighter jets to shoot down several more objects (each with missiles costing $400,000 a piece), all of which are now believed to be weather balloons launched by hobbyists. Information about the first balloon, which was apparently retrieved by the US Navy, remains confidential. American and Canadian efforts to recover the other objects were suspended.

Meanwhile, we are told the COVID-19 pandemic originated in a leak from a Chinese laboratory. This conclusion was made with ‘low confidence’ and comes from new information which remains hidden from the public. The theory that was once popularized by Trump supporters and other conspiracy theorists is now being reported as plausible if not likely by those who had once rejected it. The idea that the virus leaked from a Chinese government lab is no more credible today than it was when far-right politicians and pundits were weaponizing uncertainty for personal gain at the start of the pandemic. But it certainly sounds sinister. Evoking the spectre of a ‘Chinese government lab’ conjures images, either of secret military bioweapons, or lax safety standards and subpar security. The truth of the matter is neither of these things: the Wuhan Institute of Virology is one of the safest laboratories in China, well-known among the global community of epidemiologists and virologists for its work studying coronaviruses, not to mention its collaborations with similar labs in Canada, the United States, and France. There is in fact no new evidence pointing towards the lab leak hypothesis. The likeliest answer is still that the virus made its way to humans through an intermediate host.

Continuing this trend of creeping Sinophobia, we are now expected to believe that China attempted to interfere in the last two federal elections, a claim whose evidence has been withheld from the public but apparently shared widely with the intelligence services of several other nations.  (more...)

Canada’s ‘China syndrome’

Health agencies misled public on myocarditis occurrence after COVID-19 vax vs. natural infection


Canada COVID vaccines harms myocarditis youth deception cover-up denial medicine | MORE:

Rebel News' Tamara Ugolini examines data that purportedly shows that health agencies misled the public on the rate of myocarditis occurrence after COVID-19 vaccine vs. natural infection.

Canada’s Campaign to Demonize “All Things Chinese”


Canada China bigotry racism sinophobia xenophobia CSIS imperialism marginalization witch-hunt

On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2023, the Community Coalition Against Racism (Hamilton) wishes to denounce the actions both by the government and the media to whip up Sinophobia and distrust of all things Chinese in this country.

The campaign to demonize the People Republic of China about alleged interference in Canadian elections and to cast suspicion on Chinese-Canadian politicians is based on unsubstantiated reports, un-named officials, selected CSIS leaks, and innuendo about anything Chinese, including innocuous social media platforms such as TikTok.

It’s also based on inappropriate visits by CSIS agents with elected Canadian officials at all three levels of government.

But the result of this anti-Chinese “witch-hunt” (so termed by veteran journalist, Chantal Hébert) will be very real: Chinese-Canadian careers will be ruined, Chinese companies such as Huawei will suffer, Chinese-Canadians will try to keep low public profiles and will be removed to the margins of society as they were during the infamous days of the Chinese Exclusion Act, and there will be a commensurate rise in hate crimes against, and racist attacks upon, people across Canada who appear to be of Asian descent.

Canadians are being played by security and intelligence elements in the federal government which are following the lead of the Five Eyes intelligence network, composed of five countries (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) all of which have several things in common: they are predominantly white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, and English-speaking. The Five Eyes is a tool of the USA to contain the People’s Republic of China and, if necessary, wage war against it over Taiwan. The campaign to blame China for meddling in Canadian elections is intended to manufacture consent among the Canadian people for such a war.  (more...)

Canada’s Campaign to Demonize “All Things Chinese”