Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Another Trudeau... another emergency: Civilian internment camps?


Pierre Trudeau War Measures Act Canada dictatorship internment Privy Council emergency powers democracy

The Trudeau government and the Queen's Privy Council have a low regard for representative government.

For those who doubt that Canada is in fact governed not by Parliament but by "administrative discretion" and the "secret consensus" of the Queen's Privy Council, the following events should help clear things up.

Yvon Pinard, the President of the Privy Council and the House of Commons leader for the Trudeau government, is quoted describing who really runs Canada and how in the April 3 Toronto Star.

Echoing the War Measures Act imposed during the 1970 October crisis in Quebec, when hundreds were arrested without charges, Pinard defended how the Emergency Planning Order, which went into effect without legislative authorization last spring, gives the Trudeau Cabinet power to impose sweeping measures in the event of what the Star calls "ill-defined war or peacetime emergencies."

According to the Star, "Under the new order, 11 cabinet ministers would have control over key sectors of the economy-transportation, production, energy, and manpower-in peacetime emergencies, and they would also be able to create civilian internment camps and censorship controls in the event of war or insurrection." Both the Conservative Party and the New Democratic Party have condemned the fact that no legislation sanctioning these measures have been submitted in the House of Commons. Pinard says that "because it's an administrative order relating to the internal functioning of government, legislation wasn't required." Under this' rubric, the Cabinet passed about 300 unlegislated orders-in-council over the past year.

The emerging tax revolt in Quebec and the growing separatist movement in western Canada are among the potential crisis triggers; there are indications that the Privy Council expects upheavals when Queen Elizabeth arrives in Ottawa on April 17.

Any "abnormal situation," as the order defines an emergency, including an economic crisis or labor unrest, may trigger the "discretionary authority" of the Trudeau government to impose a dictatorship, and this will be officially sanctioned by the new constitution the Queen is to present this month.  (more...)

Civilian internment camps?

The Malmo network of right-wing fascists and the strange case of François Genoud


François Genoud Nazi fascist international Malmo Permindex terrorism assassination finance bankers Switzerland war eugenics population control

The recent arrest in Paris of Swiss left-wing terrorist Bruno Breguet and his accomplice Magdelena Knopp, members of the West German terrorist Baader Meinhof gang, brought to light once again the interface between left- and right-wing terrorism, specifically the way leftwing terrorism has been financed, organized, and manipulated by the old Nazi International which has been called the Malmo International since its second congress in Malmo, Sweden in 1951.

Investigations have revealed that this is the very same network that has been used for decades as an international assassination bureau, which under the name Permindex, was responsible for over 30 assassination attempts against former French President Charles de Gaulle, as well as the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Investigations also reveal close links to Italy's Propaganda-2 (P-2) Freemasonic lodge, exposed last year for its role in financing and organizing both left- and rightwing terrorism over the past several years.

Not by coincidence, perhaps, this is the very same network which is now being activated in an attempt to organize an upsurge of the Sicilian independence movement. Bruno Breguet himself, most likely arrested in error because he panicked in front of a policeman, was to be a key pawn in this Sicilian independence game. As the recently publicized letter of the international terrorist "Carlos" to French Interior Minister Gaston Deferre after Breguet's arrest pointed out, Breguet has "received no orders for any operations in France." Indeed, when Breguet was arrested there was evidence that he was on his way to Sicily: Found in his pocket was a piece of paper with the precise address of a top-secret NATO planning center in Sicily, which has become a target of demonstrations by the so-called peace movement and, the Sicilian separatists. As police investigators revealed, most of Breguet's collaborators in France belong to the hardcore right-wing separatist faction of the Corsican FNLC (National Front for the Liberation of Corsica), which has announced that it intends to use separatist-fomented events "in Sicily as a catalyst for Corsican independence. "

Claimed by Carlos as one of his top aides, Breguet is a renowned international terrorist. Arrested in Israel in 1970 as he was about to blow up the largest Tel Aviv hotel as part of an operation sponsored by the terrorist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFL P), Breguet's career would have ended there with his lengthy jail sentence had it not been for the good offices of one François Genoud. Seven years after Breguet's arrest, Genoud succeeded in freeing him from prison, going so far as to mobilize the Swiss ambassador to Tel Aviv and a score of international lawyers to accomplish this objective. Upon his return to Europe, Breguet was taken under Genoud's protection. Only several months ago, Genoud bragged to an Italian journalist that Breguet is still very active in the Palestinian cause.

We shall see that Genoud, a longtime "friend of the Arabs," and a Lausanne, Switzerland-based banker, was the real brains behind the reorganization of the international Nazi apparatus following World War II.  (more...)

The Malmo network of right-wing fascists and the strange case of François Genoud

New documents implicate Banderites


Konovalets Ukraine WWII Nazi Bandera Varangians OUN-B eugenics ethnic cleansing FSM

The Russian security services (FSB) have declassified new documents that shed light on the Banderites during the interwar period.

One of them, published by the Extrême-Orient journal, reveals that. in 1939, the Ukrainian “nationalists” of Stepan Bandera contemplated leaving the territory of present-day Ukraine to found an independent Ukrainian state under the protection of the Nazis in Primorsky Krai (Manchuria), where a large Ukrainian minority had already settled.

As we have explained at length that the Ukrainian “nationalists” never sought to defend their territory, but indeed their “race”. They claim to be of Scandinavian origin, descendants of the Varangians and above all not Slavic.

Yevhen Konovalets, of Ukrainian-Lithuanian background, who founded and chaired the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) and commanded the UVO (Ukrainian People’s Army, financed by the German and then Nazi secret services) until his assassination by the NKVD in 1938, met with Adolf Hitler twice. It was Konovalets who negotiated the creation of the Ukrainian state in Primorsky Krai when the Nazis and the Japanese attacked the Soviet Union.  (more...)

New documents implicate Banderites

Monday, July 4, 2022

Allen Dulles, William Buckley, and the Nazi International


Allen Dulles OSS WWII Third Reich Nazi International Malmo William Buckley terrorism history Odessa HIAG Die Spinne Axis destabilization assassination

Over the last two years a global reorganization of the fascist Malmo International has occurred, pulling out of the woodwork the postwar remnants of the secret police and intelligence services of the defeated Axis powers, especially the Nazis who regrouped in networks like Odessa, HIAG, and Die Spinne ("The Spider"). Together with their heirs, these old Nazis are being used to assist in preparation for a wave of regional destabilizations by separatist armies and for political assassinations by both left- and right-wing terrorist groups.

Marching orders for this reactivation of the Malmo International have been issued by the same Anglo-SwissVenetian oligarchy which imposed fascist regimes upon Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, and protected the relocation of thousands of leading Nazis and their quisling allies to "safe havens" after World War II. Daily coordination of this fascist international is carried out through monarchical cults like the Knights of Malta, whose many branches unite the oligarchy; through the British Secret Intelligence Service and its factional allies in other nations; through an interlocking network of banks, corporations, and law firms, many of which helped fund Hitler and Mussolini; and through such affiliates of the Malmo International as the European Center for Documentation (EDCI), Pan-Europa Union, Euro-Droit, and the World Anti-Communist League.

In the United States, it is the political faction represented by Undersecretary of State for Security Assistance James Buckley and National Review publisher William F. Buckley, together with some members of such groups as the East Side Conservative Club and Gotham Club, which functions today as the principal controllers of Malmo International terrorism. The Buckleys have inherited this role from the Dulles family; John Foster and Allen Dulles used their respective positions as Secretary of State and Director of Central Intelligence to incorporate elements of the Malmo International into U.S. coldwar operations ranging from the 1956 "Operation Splinter Factor" destablization of Eastern Europe to the 1963 Bay of Pigs invasion fiasco. They also drew upon lifelong ties to the financial interests that put Hitler in power and upon Allen Dulles's fellow Office of Strategic Services veterans to mount major private intelligence opertions using the Malmo International. On the U.S. end this private channel includes members of such law firms as Sullivan & Cromwell, Coudert Brothers, and Corcoran, Foley, Youngman & Rowe, as well as the United Brands Company.   (more...)

Allen Dulles, William Buckley, and the Nazi International

The Bloody History of Canadian ‘Peacekeeping’


Canada peacekeeping NATO imperialism resource extraction mining depopulation corporations United Nations Korea Egypt Congo Vietnam colonialism

Canadian Liberals have long celebrated this country’s history of “peacekeeping” as one characterized by upholding a benign and humane alternative to war. But in reality, the difference between war and “peacekeeping” is hazy.

During the 2015 federal election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to recommit Canada to “peacekeeping” and to make this country a “compassionate and constructive voice in the world.”

In response, various media outlets eagerly recalled the history of Canada’s post-war peacekeeping operations as one of “relatively benign observer missions” marked by consent, impartiality and minimum use of force.

But, since 2016, the Trudeau Liberals have committed to expanding Canada’s use of force abroad. The government’s 2017 white paper, titled “Strong, Secure, Engaged,” pledged to build a military capable of boosting “combat” and “peacekeeping” forces alike.

To this end, the 2022 budget proposed to bolster the Canadian army’s “hard power” and “readiness to fight.”

This combative rhetoric reflects much of the real history of Canadian “peacekeeping.”

In 2016, David J. Bercuson, a former member of the Ministry of National Defence’s Monitoring Committee, told the Senate that distinguishing between “peacekeeping” and open combat largely reflected the "endless pursuit of enlarging small differences.”

Canada’s peacekeeping efforts, he said, were “done to serve the interests of NATO, and not because we were placing our military at the service of humankind.” Overall he argued, these operations were mostly “aimed at waging war” against geo-political adversaries and their allies.  (more...)

The Bloody History of Canadian ‘Peacekeeping’

Europe’s next drug hotspot


Ukraine drugs trafficking organized crime war European Union laboratories amphetamines corruption

The accession of Ukraine could lead to further negative consequences for Europe and the world. The United Nations has warned of an increase in drug production in the war-torn country. At the same time, the conflict could also become a problem for drug smugglers.

According to the United Nations, the Ukraine war could lead to an increase in drug production. Conflict regions act like a “magnet” for the production of synthetic drugs, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna warned in its annual report. “This effect may be greater when the conflict region is near large consumer markets”.

According to the UNODC, the number of drug laboratories for the production of amphetamines closed by the authorities in Ukraine has risen sharply in recent years, from 17 in 2019 to 79 in 2020. This was the highest number of closed amphetamine laboratories in the world.

As the war continues, the number of drug labs could increase further. “There is no police patrolling and stopping laboratories,” said UNODC expert Angela Me, referring to conflict zones. However, according to the report, the war in Ukraine could also lead to drug smuggling routes being disrupted or postponed.  (more...)

Europe’s next drug hotspot

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Exposing the Creature From Jekyll Island


money federal reserve banker cartel monopoly conspiracy books

Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magicians' secrets are unveiled. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A dry and boring subject? Just wait! You'll be hooked in five minutes. Creature from Jekyll Island Reads like a detective story which it really is. But it's all true. This book is about the most blatant scam of all history. It's all here: the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity.

Federal Reserve bankers cartel money finance books conspiracy