Friday, March 16, 2018

Ottawa high school teacher charged with sexual offences

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An Ottawa high school teacher has been charged with sexual offences that occurred at a local school between 2014 and 2016.

55-year-old Robert Lavergne was teaching at St. Patrick's High School of the Ottawa Catholic District School Board at the time. Today, he was charged with sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a female under the age of 18. Lavergne is scheduled to appear in court on April 25.

In a statement, the Ottawa Catholic School Board said it is "deeply sorry" to learn that a teacher has been charged. The teacher has been suspended and a letter has been sent home to parents.

“The number one priority for our Board is the continued safety and well-being of each student. We will continue to cooperate with the police in their investigation of this matter. As a Catholic community, we will pray for all the persons affected by this difficult situation. I truly regret that such conduct has allegedly occurred at one of our schools.” said Denise Andre, OCSB Director of Education, in a statement.  (more...)

Well known Torontonian charged with child sex assault

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Phillip Kravetsky – who’s well known in Toronto’s Jewish community as a family law mediator, psychotherapist, teacher, family man and DJ – is being investigated by the Toronto Police Service on a child sexual assault complaint.

The 51-year-old Torontonian was arrested on March 13, after police were called in to investigate a claim that a child was assaulted in the Lawrence Avenue and Bathurst Street area of the city.

Kravetsky is charged with sexual assault and sexual interference and is scheduled to appear in court on April 27.

Although police released Kravetsky’s photo and a request for information from anyone who might have any details related to the case, Toronto Police Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu said that, “In order to protect the identity of the victim, we cannot provide any further details.”

According to a police press release, Kravetsky was arrested by members of the Child & Youth Advocacy Centre, a group that partners child abuse investigators from the Toronto Police Service with community and government agencies, including the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto and Jewish Family & Child.  (more...)

New White Supremacist Tactic: Banners of Hate

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From Seattle to Orlando and Los Angeles to Boston, white supremacists are displaying large banners from highway overpasses and in other highly visible locations as part of an effort to promote their groups and ideologies.

While white supremacists have been using banners for some time, the number of banners deployed in the past ten months marks an unprecedented trend, according to new data from ADL’s Center on Extremism.

From May 2017, when the recent proliferation began, through March 12, 2018, ADL counted 72 instances of white supremacists hanging banners from locations such as roof tops and highway overpasses. That’s an average of seven incidents per month.

Groups associated with the alt right segment of the white supremacist movement are responsible for the bulk of this activism, and accounted for 73 percent of the incidents.

Well-placed banners – like the white supremacist fliers appearing on college campuses nationwide -- can garner widespread attention with very little actual effort involved.

In addition to the attention created by the act itself, this form of activism has the secondary function of creating photos and video content for the group’s online presence and recruitment.  (more...)

This St. Patrick’s Day, Don’t Forget to Celebrate Irish Resistance

On last year’s St. Patrick’s Day, progressives of Irish ancestry organized the first “Irish Stand” rally at Riverside Church in New York City to protest the xenophobic and racist policies of the Trump administration. The rally represented an energizing shift in Irish American social consciousness back toward an original culture of resistance.

This year’s Irish Stand is on March 16. It’s a different sort of gathering than typically is held each year—the well-known raucous St. Patrick’s Day parades and festivities that include traditional music and dance with the aim of honoring the more than 70 million people worldwide who claim Irish heritage, over 33 million of whom are U.S. residents.

The history of the Irish diaspora is often given short shrift, even among Irish Americans. I’ve received more than a few odd glances when bringing up the Irish experience of British colonialism on St. Patrick’s Day.

The Irish endured centuries of British colonial rule, including land confiscation, the suppression and near eradication of their native language, second-class status imposed through the notorious Penal Laws, and forced migration. Irish historian Tim Pat Coogan contends that the Great Famine, which brought the largest wave of Irish immigrants to the United States, was more akin to genocide than a natural disaster. Between 1845 and 1855, an estimated 1 million Irish perished from starvation and disease, and more than a million others fled through emigration.

In telling the story of Irish America, one must grapple with 19th-century Irish Americans having embraced a white racial identity, as historian Noel Ignatiev notably does in his seminal text, How the Irish Became White. Like other critical whiteness studies scholars, including David Roediger, Ignatiev builds off W.E.B. Du Bois’ assertion in Black Reconstruction that Irish Americans identified as white for the “public and psychological wage” it conferred them. In short, Irish Americans sought social advancement through America’s white supremacist racial caste system.  (more...)


Foreign service is anything but professional

Just how professional is Canada’s professional foreign service?

Recent events give Canadians the impression that our federal diplomats are not only incompetent but in the bag for the Liberal Party of Canada.

The most recent example of cringe-worthy bureaucratic stupidity came on Monday when the visiting delegation from Belgium was met at an official event with a German flag.

The Belgian king and queen planned their trip to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Canadian troops liberating Belgium during the First World War. Canadians were once again instrumental in defeating the Nazi’s and freeing Belgium during the Second World War.

Our Belgian allies wanted to thank Canada for its historic contributions to peace and freedom.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, apparently, was not interested in meeting the Belgian royal couple, as his father Pierre Trudeau had as prime minister in 1977. On that visit, the Belgian queen planted a tree on the grounds of Rideau Hall to celebrate the Canadian-Belgian friendship.

This time around, small flags were used to identify the 1977 tree — except, whoever’s job it was to bring a Belgian flag accidentally brought a German flag, causing a frenzy among the flabbergasted Belgian media.  (more...)


These Liberals are Nazi and Nazis are dumb.

NAZI Homosexuals and the Slow Steady Seduction of America

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Only in his dreams could Hitler have imagined the blatant homosexualizing of the German Wehrmacht.  What Hitler could only dream of, the United States is poised to make fact, a scant sixty-six years after fighting a costly and bloody war to defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me point out that the title of this article, and the article itself, are meant to be attention getting, but do not constitute a spurious ad hominem attack on homosexuality; they are designed to bring attention to historical facts that are of profound importance to the future of America (and the world).

To give credit where it is due, I first became aware of much of the material presented here after reading “The Pink Swastika” (4th edition 2002), by Scott Lively and Kevin Abram.  The entire book can be accessed for free online...  My reaction to the book was similar to Scott Lively’s reaction, “When I initially learned the truths set forth in [“The Pink Swastika”] I was first astonished and then angered.”

At the outset of this article let me reiterate that Communism and Fascism (of which Nazism is a subset) are both Far Left ideologies.  That is not to say that they are “like peas in a pod;” they are not — nonetheless they are both left-wing, top-down, big-government social engineering movements.

Comparing the two is not like “apples and oranges,” but rather like comparing “oranges and tangerines.”  Many of the left-wing’s “rank and file” are unaware that fascism is a left-wing doctrine, but their puppet-masters are well aware of it, and work in collusion with other Far Left doctrines — “united in hate,” as Dr. Jamie Glazov puts it.

The reporter/author Oriana Fallaci (1929-2006), who certainly knew the Left very well, wrote in her book “The Force of Reason” (2004), “…there are moments when I curse myself for not having understood it earlier: for having let myself be fooled by the two soccer-teams for so long.  …It is a long-term ruler this Left that gave birth to Mussolini then Hitler, and always maintained its bond with their disciples.  This Left which has always given trouble with its excesses and ambiguities, its brutalities and duplicities….”

An obvious place to start on the subject of homosexuality and the Nazis, is with Hitler himself.  Was the Nazi leader, or Fuehrer (Führer), a homosexual?  Although Hitler and the Nazi leadership went to great lengths to hide and/or destroy any incriminating evidence, the evidence that remains strongly suggests that Hitler was indeed a homosexual.  At the very least, he was an extreme case of sexual dysfunction.  (more...)


fascism homosexuality totalitarianism war violence military nazi

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Luxembourg blasts rate of corporation tax in Ireland

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Speaking following a meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, prime minister Xavier Bettel took aim at what he saw is the unlevel playing field in tax rates in some EU countries.

Without directly referencing Ireland’s 12.5% corporate tax rate, Mr Bettel said it is politically untenable to have workers charged up to 45% in tax when companies pay little or no tax at all.

“The fact is, competition is good but it must be fair,” he said. “Competition is good within the EU. I prefer to have my competitor in the EU. It is important to have a level playing field and an international level playing field. This is the most important topic.

“Neither the Irish or Luxembourg accepts that a company pays no taxes. The fact is we want fair competition between countries. We don’t want to be harming Europe. How should I explain to someone working eight hours a day paying 45% in tax at the end of the month when another company is paying no taxes. In the end I will have political problems if I support the view that some companies should pay no taxes.”  (more...)


accountability transparency offshore business finance tax evasion money laundering politics