Saturday, June 27, 2015

Janner WILL face justice: Top barrister to recommend DPP's decision is over-ruled

An independent QC is to overturn the controversial decision that Lord Janner should not face justice over a string of paedophile allegations.

The sensational U-turn by prosecutors means a court will now hear historical child sex claims against the disgraced former Labour MP.

A top barrister, who has spent several weeks examining the decision not to put Janner on trial, has concluded the allegations should be heard even though the peer has severe dementia.

The QC is said to have serious reservations about the original decision not to charge the 86-year-old and is to recommend to Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders that it be overturned. Barring a last minute change of mind, his ruling – due to be made public next week – paves the way for the evidence against Janner to be tested in a criminal court – in a procedure known as a ‘trial of the facts’ – even if he is too unwell to attend.

Never before has such a high-profile Crown Prosecution Service decision been overturned following a review.

The development will pile pressure on Mrs Saunders, who has suffered a torrid two months amid questions over her handling of the Janner affair. She is expected to face renewed calls from critics to consider her position.  (more...)


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