Friday, June 12, 2015

Ontario's Catholic parents are left to fight the radical sex curriculum on their own

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Last night was another disappointing board meeting for parents at the Toronto Catholic District School Board. A motion to delay the implementation of the controversial sex curriculum that is part of the 2015 Health and Physical education document failed to pass. Catholic parents have been left on their own in fighting the age inappropriate curriculum. The main reason not to delay the teaching of the curriculum was attributed by trustees to the statement made by Cardinal Thomas Collins soon after the document was released last February. He reassured parents that the Institute for Catholic Education would adapt the sex curriculum for Catholic Schools. It's difficult to see how this can be done considering that most of it is anti-Christian. Toronto's Catholic parents like those in the rest of the province now know they cannot count on any help from most trustees and their school boards.

The final board vote was 8-4 against the motion tabled by Garry Tanuan and Angela Kennedy. Catholic trustees who voted not the delay the radical curriculum have forgotten that their first responsibility is to Catholic doctrine and Catholic parents that have elected them, not the school board and the ministry. Unless something changes, last night's vote is another nail in the coffin of Catholic education in Ontario. Catholic trustees had an opportunity to help Catholic students and by their example also provide an example for parents who have children in the public schools, instead they failed miserably.  (more...)


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