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Zelensky’s Incubator: How the Ukrainian Government is Using Nazi Methods Trying to Overcome the Demographic Crisis


Ukraine women exploitation Nazi incubators Zelensky demographics human rights kidnapping Nazi eugenics

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice found out the Ukrainian government usage of inhuman practices to forcibly enlarge the country’s birth rate and increase the number of ethnic Ukrainians. The Foundation to Battle Injustice investigation reveals how methods and social technologies developed by the SS in Hitler’s Germany are being used by Kiev to select and forcibly impregnate Ukrainian women. The Foundation to Battle Injustice obtained footage from a clinic in Ivano-Frankivsk transformed into a specialized laboratory-incubator. Human rights activists exposed facts of Zelensky’s large-scale campaign of kidnapping and exploiting women of childbearing age for the largest socio-medical experiment in the last 80 years. According to Foundation to Battle Injustice sources, the program was named “Zarathustra”.

The Foundation to Battle Injustice has obtained evidence of gross violations of women’s rights by Ukrainian authorities as part of a monstrous “socio-medical experiment” with roots tracing back to Nazi Germany. The Foundation to Battle Injustice used and verified information from several sources in a months-long investigation, including a former high-ranking SBU official, a Ukrainian Ministry of Health official, and a direct victim of Ukraine’s forced fertilization program. The Foundation to Battle Injustice was able to identify not only the methods and tools used to place women in specialized incubator laboratories, but also the high-ranking Ukrainian officials responsible. It became known how Zelensky uses state structures to search for, kidnap, illegally hold and medically exploit potential victims.

The idea of mass forced insemination of women first emerged in Nazi Germany in 1935, when Heinrich Himmler, creator of the SS and one of the architects of the Holocaust, decided to redefine motherhood and began exploiting women to create a “racially pure population“. Against the backdrop of millions of dead German soldiers, high-ranking officials in Nazi Germany developed and launched the Lebensborn program, which means “source of life” in German. Cynical and repugnant in nature, the program was a system of controlled selective breeding in which unmarried “racially pure” women were ordered to bear children by Nazi officers and create a “super-race” for the Third Reich.  (more...)

Zelensky’s Incubator: How the Ukrainian Government is Using Nazi Methods Trying to Overcome the Demographic Crisis

Starvation in Gaza: The World Court’s Latest Intervention


ICJ justice Gaza genocide World Court United Nations starvation intervention crimes against humanity Israel massacre mass murder famine

Rarely has the International Court of Justice been so constantly exercised by one topic during a short span of time.  On January 26, the World Court, considering a filing made the previous December by South Africa, accepted Pretoria’s argument that the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was applicable to the conflict in so far as Israel was bound to observe it in its military operations against Hamas in Gaza. (The judges will determine, in due course, whether Israel’s actions in Gaza meet the genocidal threshold.) By 15-2, the judges noted that “the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is at serious risk of deteriorating further before the Court renders its final judgment.”

At that point 26,000 Palestinians had perished, much of Gaza pummelled into oblivion, and 85% of its 2.3 million residents expelled from their homes. Measures were therefore required to prevent “real and imminent risk that irreparable prejudice will be caused to the rights found by the Court to be plausible, before it gives its final decision.”

Israel was duly ordered to take all possible measures to prevent the commission of acts under Article II of the Genocide Convention; prevent and punish “the direct and public incitement to genocide” against the Gaza populace; permit basic services and humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip; ensure the preservation of, and prevent destruction of, evidence related to acts committed against Gaza’s Palestinians within Articles II and III of the Convention; and report to the ICJ on how Israel was abiding by such provisional measures within a month. The balance sheet on that score has been uneven at best.

Since then, the slaughter has continued, with the Palestinian death toll now standing at 32,300. The Israelis have refused to open more land crossings into Gaza, and continue to hamper aid going into the strip, even as they accuse aid agencies and providers of being tardy and dishonest. Their surly defiance of the United States has seen air drops of uneven, negligible success (the use of air to deliver aid has always been a perilous exercise). When executed, these have even been lethal to the unsuspecting recipients, with reported cases of parachutes failing to open.

On March 25, the UN Security Council, after three previous failed attempts, passed Resolution 2728, thereby calling for an immediate ceasefire for the month of Ramadan “leading to a lasting sustainable” halt to hostilities, the “immediate and unconditional release of all hostages”, “ensuring humanitarian access to address their medical and other humanitarian needs” and “demands that the parties comply with their obligations under international law in relation to all persons they detain”.

Emphasis was also placed on “the urgent need to expand the flow of humanitarian assistance to and reinforce the protection of civilians in the entire Gaza Strip”. The resolution further demands that all barriers regarding the provision of humanitarian assistance, in accordance with international humanitarian law be lifted.  (more...)

Starvation in Gaza: The World Court’s Latest Intervention


Education, Theosophy, War, & Crisis to Bring About World Federation


education World Government Theosophy Luciferianism United Nations Helena Blavatsky Alice Bailey Ascended Masters indoctrination

Alex Newman discusses how one of the biggest current threats to civilization is the global centralization of the education system by the UN in an effort to indoctrinate every child on this planet into submission to an all-powerful one-world dictatorship. Theosophy is a huge influence that runs through all of this. Education is key to bringing this global system about with the goals of world federation and a world brain. It is starting to look like the New World Order has become so discredited where they won't be able to complete the project with Soros and Rockefeller and so now they're bringing in a new guard that will save us from the old evildoers but who are all onboard with this Luciferian stuff. The fastest way to get to world government is through war and (poly)crisis. BRICS and multipolarity are part of the dialectical Hegelian strategy to bring about the synthesis of global government. If you think about it, each of the BRICS governments is actually the anchor in its respective regional union. By the time everything is said and done, all the evil empires and evildoers will be stopped, and God prevails.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Israelis ADMIT To War Crimes, Call For Genocide


Zionism New York Israel Palestine settlers Gaza genocide blockade starvation famine ethnic cleansing crimes against humanity war crimes

Katie speaks to Jeremy Loffredo, an investigative journalist and filmmaker back from Israel where he filmed Israelis admitting to war crimes and calling for genocide. 

Jeremy Loffredo is an investigative journalist and filmmaker based in New York. He has spent the past few months documenting the explosion of settler violence in the West Bank and the increase of political and religious repression against Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem. Most recently, Loffredo spent time within the ranks of the Jewish Israeli nationalists invading Gaza to establish Jewish settlements and blocking humanitarian aid for starving Palestinians at the Gaza border. The Israelis admitted to war crimes and clamored for genocide.

Canada Introduces Social Rating System to Manipulate Citizens


Canada totalitarianism social control banking OBE digital payment identity cards politics

The Trudeau government is introducing a social rating system to deny financial independence and livelihoods to citizens who disagree with government actions.

In an effort to control the financial freedom of the population, Canada is radically changing its banking system by tying citizens’ bank accounts to a newly introduced social credit rating. The Canadian banking system will soon be transformed by a so-called “open banking system” whose proponents claim it will allow banks to share customer information and access user data. However, Canadian human rights activists are convinced that such innovations are designed to provide the government and officials with full control over the finances of citizens and deprive them of the opportunity to publicly and openly express their opinions, criticizing the actions and decisions of the Trudeau government.

The initiator of the innovations is Open Banking Excellence (OBE), a partner of the World Bank based in the UK. The company, with the assistance of the Canadian government, intends to create a unified database of Canadian residents, which will combine credit and social ratings, digital payment means and identity cards. Despite the claimed transparency and convenience of the system, Canadian sociologists and financial advisors are convinced that these measures are a continuation of the campaign against free speech in Canada and an attack on the right of free expression. In 2022, the Trudeau government already denied access to the bank accounts of several Freedom Convoy protesters who opposed the mandatory introduction of vaccine passports.  (more...)

Canada Introduces Social Rating System to Manipulate Citizens


Canada Has Passed a Law on Life Imprisonment for “speech Crimes”

Moving Beyond Electoral Politics and the Sedative of Empathy


Canada Toronto Olivia Chow Palestine Gaza genocide Zionism rallies deflection moral bankruptcy hypocrisy narrative control denial

A recent op-ed by Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow reminds us that just as we must divest from companies complicit in the ongoing genocide and apartheid, we must divest ourselves from governments and nation-states that are ultimately projects of empire.

“A slaughter isn’t a slaughter if those being slaughtered are at fault, if they’ve been quietly and effectively dehumanized — in the media, through policy — for years,” writes Palestinian-American writer, professor, and psychologist Hala Alyan. “If nobody is a civilian, nobody can be a victim.”

Over the last few months, Canadian politicians have continued to normalize the ongoing genocide against Palestinians. Trudeau repeated Zionist talking points about Israel’s “right to defend itself” to justify their genocide; five MPs visited Israel to “learn about the trauma and toll of the Hamas invasion.”

Many politicians, like Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow, claim “what Hamas did on Oct. 7 was horrific and without justification.” They fail to recognize or perhaps cannot engage with the facts: that Palestinian resistance did not occur in a vacuum, but was an effort to resist the well-documented abuses, apartheid, and dehumanization enforced by Israel upon the Palestinian people.

Our politicians have made every effort to manufacture consent for Israeli war crimes, either through clear racism or more covert forms of normalizing rhetoric. Mayor Olivia Chow’s recent Toronto Star opinion article is part of this effort, which is no more than an attempt at pacifying a public increasingly frustrated with our politicians’ absolute failure at ending a modern-day genocide. I’m relatable; I’ve suffered; here is proof, she seems to say. And just like you, I don’t want bad things to happen.

But reading her article, it would seem that this genocide against Palestinians is being committed by no one, that Canadian banks are not invested in the arms that Israel is now using to murder with impunity, and that compassion and empathy alone are acceptable substitutes for material action, namely: an arms embargo and ending international support for an apartheid state.

If there’s a potential to recognize our present as a corollary moment, for Chow to call for resistance in the present just as resistance fighters did in the past, it’s smothered in this piece. Her reluctance to draw parallels between the violence of the past and present is why Chow tells the Star, “my mother was a hungry child in a war zone,” without drawing the correlation that Israel is starving children in Palestine, just as the Japanese Empire did to civilians all across the Asian continent during the Second World War, including to Chow’s family.  (more...)

Moving Beyond Electoral Politics and the Sedative of Empathy

Friday, March 29, 2024

Gethsemane and Gaza: A Maunday Thursday Lesson For Our Time


Gethsemane Gaza Larouche activism Oasis Plan ceasefire UN Security Council genocide

“The unspeakable is regularly said in Gaza. From teenage girls hoping they are killed; to being told a child is the last survivor from their entire family. Such horror is no longer unique here…As we heard yesterday: the (United Nations Security Council) ceasefire must be substantive, not symbolic. The hostages must go home. The people of Gaza must be allowed to live…”This was the partial testimony of James Elders, spokesman of UNICEF, at a March 26 press conference in Rafah.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Institute, said yesterday: “The UN Security Council vote is mandatory, but that is then the question —if Israel will regard that as obligatory to follow. And if not, the question is what other measures must be taken? In any case, we can only suggest to change the entire outlook: That is why the Oasis Plan conference must be a really powerful intervention, and I think what you can do is to help us to build the conference.” Tonight‘s discussion is devoted to accomplishing that objective. It occurs on the day called by some Christians Holy Thursday, and Maunday Thursday by others. It could also be called the Day of Gethsemane. On that Thursday night, 2000 years ago, the “prophet without honor in his own country,” Jesus, in an agonizing moment of decision, became one with his mission to mankind.”O my Father, if this cup cannot pass from me, but that I must need drink thereof, Thy will be fulfilled.” The “imitation of Christ” means to accept the cup, in our time, as Martin Luther King did in his lonely opposition to the unjust war in Vietnam. Today, Gaza is the world’s Gethsemane. Tonight’s presentation will be given by Dennis Speed.

Even as Canada may soon have an open revolution, its powerful ‘Minister of Everything’ seems to be out of control


Canada Chrystia Freeland Nazi economy RCMP unrest revolution instability

Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police are warning that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s policies have been so disastrous that its citizens may soon engage in a violent, populist revolt. When you pair this news with a recent video of Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s powerful ‘Minister of Everything’ twitching and smirking at a political event, it’s enough to suggest that we really need to start worrying about our northern neighbor.

According to the Daily Mail:

Police have warned Canada's leaders they will struggle to contain the fury at its deteriorating economy and a generational revolt by young people unable to ever buy a home.

The secret report by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police paints an apocalyptical picture of the future for America's northern neighbor, predicting it will be riven by economic crisis, ecological meltdown and territorial disintegration.

The report has caused a sensation in the Great White North after a heavily redacted version was released following a long-running access to information request by a Canadian academic.

The report is a bit of futurism, but it is predicated upon the schisms revealed by the trucker’s revolt and the disastrous decline in living standards for young Canadians thanks to the country’s failing economy. Do not expect the Canadian government to pull back from its policies to help repair the societal breakdown or improve the economy. Instead, the same mindset that created the damage is the mindset that will double down on increased government control to “fix” the problem.

One of the most powerful people behind Canada’s retreat from liberty is Chrystia Freeland. Her bio is interesting. Canadian-born, Freeland is the product of a Canadian father and a Ukrainian mother. Beginning while at Harvard, she has focused obsessively on Soviet-era and Russian depredations against Ukraine.

After working as a journalist and author, Freeland entered politics in 2013. She was deeply involved in events in Ukraine in 2014 when Western countries (guided by Obama) essentially installed an anti-Russian government in Kiev.

Freeland’s personal Ukrainian past is a bit…um, mucky. Her mother’s father was a Nazi collaborator during World War II. When his work with the Nazis was exposed, Freeland insisted that the claims against him were Nazi propaganda. However, Canada’s The Globe and Mail revealed that Freeland had long known about her grandfather’s ties to the Nazis.  (more...)

Even as Canada may soon have an open revolution, its powerful ‘Minister of Everything’ seems to be out of control

How Technocratic Rhodes Scholars took Control of Canada


Rhodes Scholars Kings College University of Toronto Straughan oligarchy establishment vassal state satrapy Trudeau subservience British Empire sabotage infiltration deep state

The chains that perpetuate Canada's servility and mediocrity

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Ukrainian ‘Caliphate’: What the West prefers not to notice when blaming ISIS for the terrorist attack in Moscow


Crocus City Hall Krasnogorsk Moscow terrorist attack massacre Islam Ukraine ISIS GRU planning

Kiev’s connections with terrorist groups and Islamists are recognized even in the West. Could Ukrainians be behind the massacre in Crocus City Hall?

On March 22, Russia suffered one of the worst terrorist attacks in recent history, in the course of which 137 people were killed and 182 others were injured. The four terrorists who carried out the attack chose one of the largest exhibition and concert venues in the country, Crocus City Hall, in the city of Krasnogorsk on the outskirts of Moscow, which hosts large events every day.

Even though the investigation is still ongoing, the West has already claimed that the Islamic State (IS) is responsible for the tragedy. This was first reported by some media outlets, including Reuters and CNN, and was later picked up by Western officials. For example, on Monday, this was stated by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

However, when we compare this terrorist attack with other IS attacks, we notice more differences than similarities.

On that fateful Friday night, a concert by Picnic, a St. Petersburg rock band, was supposed to take place in Crocus City Hall. This fact gave rise to comparisons with the horrible terrorist attack in France in November 2015. Back then, terrorists broke into the Bataclan Theater in Paris, where a concert of the US band Eagles of Death Metal was taking place. IS claimed responsibility for the crime, which left 89 people dead.  (more...)

Ukrainian ‘Caliphate’: What the West prefers not to notice when blaming ISIS for the terrorist attack in Moscow

UN court orders Israel to let food into Gaza


Gaza genocide famine Israel ICJ justice food border water medicine

With famine spreading, the Jewish state must immediately open more border crossing points, the ICJ’s judges have ruled

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered Israel to allow uninterrupted shipments of food into Gaza. Before issuing the legally-binding order, the Hague-based court warned that “famine is setting in” in the besieged enclave.

Issued on Thursday, the order commands Israel to take “all necessary and effective measures to ensure, without delay, in full cooperation with the United Nations, the unhindered provision…of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance,” including food, water, and medicine.

The ruling comes two months after the court ruled that “the state of Israel shall take all measures to prevent the commission of genocide in Gaza,” including by blocking humanitarian aid shipments.

“The court observes that Palestinians in Gaza are no longer facing only a risk of famine … but that famine is setting in,” the judges wrote in Thursday’s ruling. Israel can help alleviate this looming famine “by increasing the capacity and number of land crossing points and maintaining them open for as long as necessary,” they noted.  (more...)

UN court orders Israel to let food into Gaza

Ireland joins South Africa to bolster case against Israel in support of human rights


Ireland South Africa human rights Gaza genocide condemnation Israel ICJ justice

Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheàl Martin, has announced that Ireland will formally be joining the government of South Africa’s case against Israel at the International Court of Justice at The Hague. It’s for only the fourth time since 1948 one country has joined and supported another country’s case at the International Court of Justice.

Some questioned Ireland’s delay in formally joining a case it has always supported, but the legalities of working with South Africa on the international stage is a complex and rare legal issue.

“Our analysis and consultations have now concluded. Ireland will be intervening” declared Martin. “What we saw on 7 October in Israel and what we are seeing in Gaza now represents the blatant violation of international humanitarian law. We condemn the collective punishment of an entire population.”

Ireland’s decision comes as the mass killing of civilians and the wholesale destruction of dense urban environments continues. There’s also the spectre of famine which torments Gazans as well.

For a person of Irish heritage this raises ghosts of the not so distant past. Before the outbreak of famine in Ireland in 1845 the population was eight and a half million. Little more than a generation later it was four million. A million died and a million fled the country during the famine years and millions followed in the succeeding decades. It took Ireland well over a century to recover. How long will it take the Palestinians to recover from mass displacement, mass murder and loss of territory. It is already 75 years since they were first evicted from their homeland.

The Irish writer, Brendan Behan, once quipped: “A terrorist is a man with a small gun, a statesman is a man with a large gun.” Between Israel and Palestine, we know who holds the bigger gun. Israel, and other nations like the U.S., are imposing a reign of terror on Gaza. How long before the Palestinians get their large gun? The sooner the better.  (more...)

Ireland joins South Africa to bolster case against Israel in support of human rights


There is Legal Basis to Denounce Israel for Genocide: Ireland

UNSC resolution, binding or non-binding?


Gaza genocide Israel UN Security Council resolution ceasefire binding demand Netanyahu Biden justice international law

A disaster unfolding in slow motion

Stat Can Data Raises More Concerns About ‘Non-Lethal’ Israel Exports


embargo Israel Canada arms trade exports Gaza genocide ICJ ruling military weaponry armored vehicles complicity crimes against humanity activism

‘If the government acknowledges it’s no longer acceptable to approve military permits to Israel, it’s also no longer acceptable to send weaponry.’

Data from Statistics Canada is raising further questions about the Trudeau government’s repeated claims that it has only allowed “non-lethal” military exports to flow to Israel since the state began its brutal war on Gaza last October.

The export data is also renewing calls from peace activists for Canada to impose a two-way embargo on all military trade with Israel, beyond the government’s stated policy of delaying approvals of new export permits.

Export data available for the three-month period between October 2023 and January 2024 shows that Canadian suppliers have shipped goods to Israel under export categories that include “tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, and parts,” “parts and accessories of military weapons,” and “telescopic sights for fitting to arms; periscopes; telescopes etc.”

In January, $680,312 worth of goods were exported from Ontario to Israel under the “armoured fighting” vehicle category, while $27,715 worth of parts and accessories of “military weapons” were shipped from Quebec.

Between October and December 2023, $769,268 worth of telescopic goods for arms, periscopes and telescopes were shipped to Israel from Ontario.

The data does not specify whether all or some of the items in these categories were specifically intended for military applications.  (more...)

Stat Can Data Raises More Concerns About ‘Non-Lethal’ Israel Exports

Zionist think-tank launches bribery program countering Canadian pro-Palestine campus activism


Zionism universities colleges Palestine solidarity propaganda fake news narrative control mercenaries moral bankruptcy education bribery oligarchy billionaires mainstream media

A billionaire-funded pro-Israel think-tank’s young sellouts program is being used by the Canadian MSM to spread Zionist propaganda. The first ‘success’ of Honest Reporting Canada’s program, is an op-ed from student Zara Nybo in The National Post, which rails about the “blatant antisemitism” rising on post-secondary campuses.

Honest Reporting Canada (HRC) is a pro-Israel think tank founded in Canada in 2003. HRC’s main focus is trying to create, in Executive Director Mike Fegelman’s own words, “...a digital army for Israel”. Unsurprisingly, it's financed by the pro-Israeli and Pro-Colonial ruling class of Canada, including the billion dollar Azrieli Foundation. The Azrieli Foundation is run by billionaires Sharon and Naomi Azrieli.

“Canadian Campus Media Fellows”, launched by Honest Reporting Canada in the face of newfound pro-Palestine activism on campuses, bribes young university students into filing complaints against any student or campus publication honestly documenting the Israeli genocide against Palestine. They’ll also be giving negative reviews of those publications, and writing “rebuttal” articles. The propaganda mercenaries will be compensated $1000 CAD upon completion of their ‘fellowship’.

Students who have sold their soul and participated in this program are also being highlighted and centred to be the future voices of the “mainstream” pro-colonial press of the future. Their names were highlighted as recipients of the ill-gotten bounty, just as they were for the 2022-23 edition of this fellowship, and will be the faces of the pro-colonial press throughout Canada in the future. Zara Nybo, after her piece of work on The National Post, for example, can already add a contribution to The National Post on her resume.  (more...)

Zionist think-tank launches bribery program countering Canadian pro-Palestine campus activism

Christian Preachers in U.S. Senate Show Their Hypocrisy By Voting For Military Aid to Israel to Commit Genocide


Baptist preachers US military aid Israel Gaza genocide hypocrisy politics moral bankruptcy Israel

The February 12, 2024, Senate vote on sending another $14 billion to Israel shows the depravity of most of the members of the U.S. Senate.

In particular, it showed the hypocrisy of the two Senators who are pastors of Christian denominations as well as the shallowness of the few Senators who called for a cease-fire and then voted for money to kill more Palestinians.  Only three Senators voted against the funding—Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Peter Welch (D-VT) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

Senator Raphael Warnock, a Baptist preacher from Georgia, voted for the $14 billion for Israel. For 19 years Warnock has been the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, the former congregation of Martin Luther King, Jr. He is the fifth and youngest person to serve as Ebenezer’s senior pastor since its founding and has continued in the position while simultaneously serving in the Senate.

Warnock was elected with the help of volunteers who came to Georgia from all over the country…and by funds from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that wanted desperately for the Democrats to be in charge of the Senate so that Israel super-supporter Chuck Schumer would become the Senate Majority Leader. 

Schumer ties President Biden as the strongest supporter for the State of Israel in the U.S. government. They both have protected the criminal actions of the State of Israel for decades— during Biden’s 36 years in the Senate, 8 years as Vice President and now 3 years as President, and Schumer’s 25 years in the Senate.  (more...)

Christian Preachers in U.S. Senate Show Their Hypocrisy By Voting For Military Aid to Israel to Commit Genocide

Ireland to intervene in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel


Ireland intervention Gaza genocide South Africa Israel ICJ ethnic cleansing Netanyahu justice

Dublin has described the attacks in Gaza as a “blatant” violation of international humanitarian law

Ireland will intervene on behalf of South Africa in its case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over allegations of war crimes in Gaza, Foreign Minister Micheal Martin announced on Wednesday.

The decision was made after legal and policy analysis and consultation with several partners, including Pretoria, Martin said in a statement. It is “clear” that Israel’s ongoing hostilities in Gaza constitute a “blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale,” he added, while also condemning the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

Nearly 32,000 people, mostly women and children, have been killed in Israeli air and ground attacks in Gaza, according to health officials in the Palestinian enclave. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to destroy Palestinian militant group Hamas after its cross-border attack, which killed more than 1,100 people and saw hundreds of others taken hostage.

Late last year, South Africa filed a legal action against West Jerusalem at the ICJ for allegedly committing “systematic” war crimes in Gaza and requested an immediate ceasefire. In January, the court ordered Israel to take steps to prevent genocide and improve humanitarian conditions for Gaza’s population. Earlier this month, Pretoria filed a request for additional emergency measures and the modification of the top UN court’s interim ruling, citing the threat of starvation for Gaza’s population.  (more...)

Ireland to intervene in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Gladio, NATO, Unreconstructed Nazis, the CIA and the New World Order


Gladio NATO Turkey Nazi NWO permanent war MIC resources looting geopolitics coups assassinations terrorism neocolonialism fascism

The Colonel's Corner: Once you see the pattern, you can't unsee it

US steps aside, allows 'non-binding' ceasefire


UN Security Council ceasefire resolution Gaza genocide Israel crimes against humanity Rafah posturing Netanyahu Biden

Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone discuss the US abstaining on a ceasefire vote at the UN after sabotaging several previous attempts by the security council to end the slaughter in Gaza. How much did the US dilute the resolution, and does its insistence on its non-binding nature mean the end of the post-WWII international legal order?

In Canada’s parliament, Nazi apologist professor demands apology for Hunka


Canada NaziGate Waffen SS Ukraine Galician Yaroslav Hunka Lubomyr Luciuk UCC ratlines immigration fascism cold war whitewashing historical revisionism glorification war crimes politics

Lubomyr Luciuk, a Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, has consistently caught The Canada Files’ eye when speaking about the actions of Ukrainian Nazis during WWII and Nazi importation into Canada more generally. But Luciuk’s latest escalation, having the gall to make his Nazi apologist claims to a Canadian parliament committee, which are written into the record, is another level entirely. He reached this new level, by among other things, demanding that Canada’s parliament apologize for calling Jaroslav Hunka a Nazi. 

Yet there’s so much more to Luciuk’s testimony, and the parliamentary committee meeting which he among others, was invited to speak to.

It’s remarkable that Luciuk was invited to testify to a Parliament committee, but what exactly did he say?

Luciuk started off by talking of a 1985 KGB document that showed a program intended to create awareness of the presence of Nazi war criminals in Canada, as a “disinformation campaign started in the 1970s… intended to stoke tensions between the Jewish, Baltic and Ukrainian diasporas”. Luciuk said that supposed KGB ‘subterfuge’ is now being deployed to distract attention from Russia’s SMO in Ukraine, which he refers to as “Russia’s genocidal war against Ukraine and Ukrainians”.

Luciuk regurgitated the farcical argument that just because a person couldn’t be a member of the Nazi party, that they weren’t a Nazi. Luciuk admitted that Hunka served with the Waffen SS 14th Division, but sought to justify his voluntary service, by citing a post from Hunka where he claimed that the USSR killed innocent Ukrainians and deported family members to Siberia. To further his defense, Luciuk spoke of the Deschenes Commission’s view on service in the Waffen SS 14th Division  (more...)

In Canada’s parliament, Nazi apologist professor demands apology for Hunka

Ending the "Ghastly Masquerade"


Gaza genocide Israel Netanyahu Biden ICJ ruling Security Council resolution ceasefire duplicity activism politics justice Palestine solidarity human rights commission

The power of poetry, to rip off the masks of evil doers, was demonstrated by Percy Shelley in his "Masque of Anarchy".  It would be highly appropriate for those hyping the "Rules-Based Order" to pay heed to what Shelley wrote: their deeds will be exposed, along with their evil intent, which is a necessary precondition for the emergence of a new security and development paradigm.  The truth is coming out, and the Global Majority is moving against the corrupt Establishment and its neocolonial order.

Anatomy of a Genocide

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Kyiv antagonizing Catholic Church after Pope’s calls for peace negotiations


Kyiv Ukraine Catholic Church Pope peace negotiations war Europe Nazi

Pope Francis has one again called on Ukraine to begin negotiations with Moscow towards a peace deal: “Let us never forget war is always a defeat. One cannot go on in war. We must make every effort to negotiate to end the war.” This has sparked a wave of fury and anti-Catholic speech in Ukraine. Earlier this month, the Pope had stated Kyiv should “have the courage to raise the white flag and to negotiate”. In an interview last month, he said “When you see that you are defeated, that things are not going well, you have to have the courage to negotiate.”

The Pope’s call is far from absurd. Even NATO’s former Supreme Commander, James Stavridis, has called for a land-for-peace deal for Ukraine. Regardless of one's stance on the ongoing conflict (for which the West has a lot of blame to carry), when military victory is not attainable, nations have historically sought peace by means of diplomacy.

As Connor Echols writes, in his piece for Responsible Statecraft, the US Congress is not likely to pass any further aid for Ukraine in the near future and the Pope’s comments in fact “sound closer to reality than a lot of the pontification coming from European capitals.”.

Ukrainian officials, in any case, have responded by attacking the Catholic Church and comparing the Pope’s statement to Catholic clergy collaboration with the Nazis in World War II. Ukraine's ambassador to the Vatican, Andrii Yurash, went as far as to compare the suggestion to talking to Adolf Hitler. Those are peculiar choices of words, considering that Ukraine has its own Nazi problem. Ukrainian nationalist and far-right outlets have published obscene cartoons ridiculing the Pope and this did not reflect well on Ukraine’s catholic partners and neighbors.  (more...)

Kyiv antagonizing Catholic Church after Pope’s calls for peace negotiations

Pro-Palestinian rally on Purim calling for Israeli arms embargo draws heavy police presence


Canada Toronto Palestine solidarity arms embargo demonstration protest rally Purim Judaism police Gaza genocide activism

A rally led in part by anti-Zionist Jews celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim was labelled beforehand as antisemitic by pro-Israel groups and individuals. Police showed up in force. Two arrests were made, including of an individual who allegedly yelled “white power” at the crowd and assaulted someone.

A rally organized to call an end to military trade between Canada and Israel took place in Toronto on Sunday, Mar. 24, starting at the intersection of Yonge and St. Clair.

The demonstration was organized by a group of pro-Palestinian groups, including Showing Up for Racial Justice – Toronto (SURJ-TO), Palestinian Youth Movement – Toronto, World Beyond War Toronto, Toronto-St. Paul’s for Palestine and Jews Say No to Genocide (JSNTG), which is a coalition of four Jewish groups and includes Jewish members of two other groups.

The demonstration was also planned to coincide with Purim, a Jewish holiday commemorating the saving of Jewish people from extermination in biblical times. Contemporary Purim celebrations are often raucous, and many people dress up in costumes.

Gur Tsabar, a spokesperson for JSNTG who also attended the march, described his personal experience with Purim, and says it offered a way to positively join Jewish values with solidarity with Palestine.  (more...)

Pro-Palestinian rally on Purim calling for Israeli arms embargo draws heavy police presence

The Blob and the Pyramid


Military Industrial Complex Oil Mining Finance Insurance Real Estate Ukraine corruption IMF State Department oligarchy Kolomoysky Nuland Clinton pyramid

The lucrative business of war

Opus Dei and the Knights of Columbus: Anatomy of a Takeover – Part Two


Opus Dei Knights of Columbus Catholic bishops abortion prolife public relations sexual abuse boys Squires lawsuits Dechant Supreme Knight

The Dark Side of Virgil Dechant’s Legacy

Under Virgil Dechant’s leadership, the Knights of Columbus – that is, its local members – continued to raise millions of dollars in charitable funds for worthwhile projects, including refugee relief programs, especially in the Middle East; assistance to victims of natural disasters in the U.S. and abroad; the restoration of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and other Vatican antiquities; support for prolife emergency pregnancy services, and financial assistance to special needs groups.   

These efforts, made possible thanks to funds raised by local rank-and-file Knights, are not in dispute. They are fully acknowledged by this writer with the attached caveat included in the end notes.

What is in dispute are the financial and moral misadventures of Supreme Knight, Virgil C. Dechant, along with members of the Knights of Columbus ruling Supreme Council, which paved the way for further misadventures under Dechant’s Opus Dei successor, Carl Anderson. 

Following is just a sampling of the Knights’ deadly ill-advised grants, programs and policies that took place under the Dechant administration, including the sexual abuse cases of minor boys by Knights that occurred during Dechant’s rule, but which were later ruthlessly litigated under the Anderson administration. 

Its purpose is to provide further background on the Knights of Columbus prior to the take-over of the corporation by Opus, and to document the growth of the ever-widening chasm that exists between the worldview of rank-and-file member Knights and that of the National Officers who make up the ruling and spending class of the Knights of Columbus corporate structure.  (more...)

Opus Dei and the Knights of Columbus: Anatomy of a Takeover – Part Two

Why are we still supporting this proxy war against Russia?


Russia Moscow condolences massacre Crocus Theatre terrorism Ukraine geopolitics Russophobia proxy war moral bankruptcy

Before the bodies were even cold in Moscow the US was saying it wasn’t Ukraine, says Rachel Blevins. Why the rush to judgment?

Monday, March 25, 2024

Who's behind the TikTok ban?


TikTok Israel lobby ADL ban China free speech censorship narrative control youth Gen Z Palestine solidarity fascism

Is Congress pushing to ban Tiktok to protect Americans from Chinese surveillance? Or could the Israel lobby be once again pushing the censorship agenda. The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss.

Criticising Israel is not anti-Semitic. Official


criminalization Anti-Zionism cancel culture suppression censorship academia criticism free speech Israel

OFFICIAL: It’s OK to criticise Israel. How Prof David Miller’s case of wrongful dismissal over anti-Zionism views blew apart the official definition of anti-Semitism

Peace is Union Business: Australian Maritime Union Stands with Palestine


unions Palestine solidarity Intifada Gaza genocide Australia activism blockade protests demonstrations rallies complicity

Branch Secretary of the Australian Maritime Union (AMU) Paul Keating spoke for fellow members in solidarity with the Palestinian community and faced off with police, when he and several hundred protestors blockaded Sydney's Port Botany on Sunday to protest Australia's export of military aid to Israel.

The protestors' target is ZIM Shipping, a well known Israeli company that trade unionist Ian Rintoul says is very supportive and connected with the Israeli state.

"It offered its services to the Israeli state for the conduct of the genocide. Zim Shipping has actually been a target of protests at ports all around the world in the United States and Italy, Europe [and elsewhere in Australia]".

Keating called on all of the other workers' unions to stand with the AMU and for Prime Minister Albanese to place sanctions on Israel for what the International Court of Justice has called a plausible case of genocide. He told the police chief at the scene: "This is an international working class issue", and in his speech reiterated: 

"On behalf of the MUA, we stand with our communities and throughout the generations we fought against the establishment who have supported apartheid, like we saw with South Africa, like we’ve seen with the wars that have forced ordinary working class men and women like ourselves and our communities into the most desperate of situations. We oppose war. Peace is union business, and this is our business".

Deputy Leader of the Greens Mehreen Faruqi also spoke in favour of the blockade and condemned the government's current policy. 

"It's been 169 days of Israel's genocide on Gaza. 169 horror-filled days for Palestinians. More than 30,000 Palestinians have been slaughtered by Israel. More than 1 million Palestinians are being starved by Israel. Famine and disease loom large in the ruins of Gaza. That's the reality on the ground right at this moment. And how bereft, how bereft of humanity, of morality, of head and heart can the Labor government be to not do anything to stop these war crimes, this collective punishment, these atrocities and this genocide? How ruthless and cruel can you be to aid, abet and arm Israel?" 

The blockade was short-lived, broken up by police. Keating and 18 others were arrested and now face fines of up to AUS $22K and two years jail for obstructing traffic in the maritime zone.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Canadian parliament revisits the Hunka scandal


Canada Ukraine NaziGate scandal Yaroslav Hunka parliament war crimes Bandera Waffen SS Galician monument UCC historical revisionism Russophobia cold war

Ukrainian Canadian drama

“Going To Israel Made Me Anti-Zionist” - Former Zionist Jew


Israel Judaism anti-Zionism genocide displacement massacres ethnic cleansing crimes against humanity history Palestine neocolonialism occupation settlers violence deception

Zachary Foster and Katie discuss the history of Anti-Zionism and its connection with antisemitism. 

Zachary Foster has a Ph.D in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University. He is a Fellow at the Rutgers Center for Security, Race and Rights. He runs a digital archive called Palestine Nexus and writes a newsletter called Palestine, in Your Inbox.

John Mearsheimer – Full Interview on the US role in Gaza


Israel lobby Biden Gaza genocide politics campaign funding billionaires corruption influence treason servility Zionism settler colonialism hegemony apartheid

Professor John Mearsheimer, whose political analysis predicted today’s horrors in Ukraine and Palestine, joins Useful Idiots to give his take on what’s next in the world’s biggest wars.

And since he’s been largely excluded from corporate media for his dissenting views, it’s more important than ever to get his word out.

“What you have here is a real disjuncture between what the elites think and what the publics think,” he says of the two conflicts, in what is already a clear affront to the narratives of elitist western media. “There are recent polls produced by the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Quincy Institute that show that only 10% of Europeans and 12% of Americans think that Ukraine can win the war.”

And when it comes to Israel, Mearsheimer explains that US policy is even further from what the people want. It’s not the voters who have a say, and even Congress (as pro-Israel as they are) isn’t in control: “I believe that 90% of it is accounted for by the [Israel] lobby.”

Professor Mearsheimer deep dives into each war: he explains why the US tanked Ukraine’s peace talks to further instigate Russia and what he would do now if he was in Biden’s or Putin’s position. He also delves into the influence of the Israel lobby and how Biden has given impunity to Israel’s killing Gaza killing spree.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

The Untold History of Zionism and other End Times Cults


Darbyism Zionism end times cults psychological operations Plymouth Bretheren freemasonry Satanism infiltration Frankism fascism geopolitics

The new Crusade -- clash of civilizations

The Hybrid War Against Lula


Brazil Israel Bolsonaro Netanyahu Gaza genocide treason military coup Evangelicals fascism Lula Trump

As Bolsonaro arrest looms, allies set stage for coup after possible Trump victory

After a year in which Brazil’s GDP grew at a rate over 3 times higher than projected by the IMF, unemployment hit an 11-year low, and the number of Brazilians living with severe food insecurity dropped from 33 million to 20 million, President Lula has angered international business elites, the military, and evangelical Christians. This has led to a month of negative reporting in Brazil’s mainstream and social media reminiscent of the smear campaigns in the lead up to the 2016 coup against Dilma Rousseff.

On Monday, March 18, Lula summoned his cabinet ministers for a meeting on communications strategies, after polls showed his approval rating has slipped from 54 to 51%. While this type of downward oscillation wouldn’t normally be cause for worry, taken together with the media smear campaign it rang alarm bells. While the Lula government may still be too popular for it’s enemies to overthrow (especially due to his 68% approval rating in the Northeast), months of continued attacks could weaken it enough to take action if Donald Trump, whose far-right backers are close to the Bolsonaro family, is elected this Fall. Furthermore, lowering popularity ratings could force Lula to make more compromises with the ruralistas – the multi-party caucus comprising over 60% of Congress that represents Brazil’s traditional agribusiness families (read: descendants of big slave-owners), and their multinational agro allies like Cargill.

On February 8, as part of investigations into the failed, Jan. 8, 2023 coup attempt, Brazil’s Federal Police raided the homes of some of the most powerful deep state actors in Brazil, including retired General Augusto Heleno, who has long been believed to be untouchable. Known internationally as the military commander of the UN’s Minustah occupation of Haiti during the Cite Soleil massacre, Heleno is remembered in Brazil for his role as aide-de-camp to General Sylvio Frota during the military dicatatorship. Commander of the Ministry of the Army and leader of an hardline internal faction called the tigradas, General Frota repeatedly ignored President Geisel’s orders to phase out torture and executions of political prisoners. He was fired in October, 1977 after trying to to trigger an auto-coup that would have made him the new dictator.

As Jair Bolsonaro’s Institutional Security Chief, General Heleno oversaw 17 governmental departments including ABIN, the national intelligence bureau.  (more...)

The Hybrid War Against Lula

“DIGGING THEIR OWN GRAVE”: Hungarian atrocities on the eastern front


Hungary Horthy Nazi Germany Axis false flag atrocities war crimes barbarity history WWII Nazi fascism

Are we returning to these horrific practices? Did they ever cease?

Friday, March 22, 2024

Should Biden be tried for genocide crimes?


Biden Gaza genocide lawsuit crimes against humanity apartheid Palestine solidarity ethnic cleansing atrocities moral bankruptcy trauma Israel complicity

Israel has killed more than 30,000 Palestinians over the past 5 months of its genocide in Gaza, including more than 13,000 children. The Israeli bombing campaign has wiped hospitals, universities, primary schools, and other critical infrastructure off the map, not even sparing tent cities in Rafah where over a million displaced people have fled to. Through it all, the Biden administration has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, supplying the funds and arms required for Israel's extermination campaign to continue. As international legal action against Israel and its allies mounts, the question has arisen of whether and how the US and its leaders ought to be brought to justice. A recently appealed lawsuit from the Center for Constitutional Rights, filed on behalf of Palestinian human rights organization Defense for Children Palestine, sought to do just that. Plaintiff Ayman Nijim and CCR Senior Staff Attorney Katherine Gallagher join The Chris Hedges Report to discuss their recent lawsuit and the possibility of a genocide crimes case against President Biden.