Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ontario's sex "education" document: even its Glossary is biased

There are so many reasons why parents should make sure that the radical sex curriculum contents of Ontario's 2015 Health and Physical Education document never make it to the classroom. A section that has been overlooked is the Glossary. Learning to a large extent is knowing new words, their meaning and how to use them. Without having an accurate connection between reality and words, we can hardly think and act soundly. Poorly defined words and language are like a map that isn't linked to the territory it represents. This can lead to confusion and dangerous thinking.

The Glossary of the Health and Physical Education defines a number of terms found in the document. A detailed and accurate Glossary is a very useful learning and teaching tool, but there is something terribly wrong when a Glossary is biased and misleading. Mumbo jumbo definitions have no place in a government document that is going to guide future teaching and learning in Ontario schools.

Let's look at some of the terms defined. "Sexual Health" is one of them  (more...)

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