Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Catholic Boards Reject Delay of Ontario Sex Ed Program

Motions to delay implementation of Ontario's controversial sex education program in different Catholic school districts are being rejected.

In the Halton Catholic School District, trustee Anthony Danko put forth a motion to delay the curriculum a year so it could be revised and adapted to Church teaching. The motion was defeated, and a contentious debate ensued — particularly on the issue of homosexuality — with parents shouting at one another and some even threatening violence. Included among the group was a gay activist who brought homosexual students to the meeting. The police were eventually called in to calm the crowd.

And in the Toronto Catholic School District, a motion by trustees Angela Kennedy and Garry Tanuan to delay implementation of the curriculum was also rejected Thursday night by a vote of eight to four. In a joint statement released by Kennedy and Tanuan, they said, "Substantial parts of the curriculum contradict Catholic teachings. ... Catholic schools shouldn't be forced to teach a program that doesn't ground the expression of sexuality in love and marriage."

Parents at the meeting also pleaded to delay the curriculum, with one calling it "psychological abuse of children," and nothing more than a platform to promote the "homosexual agenda."  (more...)

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