Thursday, June 25, 2015

Letter: Are you up to date on the new sex education curriculum?

The new sex education curriculum for Ontario elementary schools is set to begin in September with minimal parental/community input on the choice of material. Certainly there are commendable elements within the curriculum. At the same time many seem unaware of the explicit details and of the grades in which they will be presented. Much the same curriculum from the McGuinty government in 2010 was withdrawn after only three days in the face of vigorous opposition.

Positive elements in the new curriculum include teaching the proper names for bodily parts, warning against sexting, the danger of online predators and that “no” can be an appropriate response to requests for sexually activity. Yet explicit teaching on topics like masturbation, anal and oral sex, vaginal lubrication and the idea that there are in fact six “gender identities” are by no means necessary for these age groups. Another concern is with the rise in teen pregnancies. While numerous socio-economic factors are involved, teen pregnancies topped the country in New Brunswick, rising almost 40 per cent from 2006 to 2010 following the introduction of a similar curriculum.  (more...)

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