Friday, January 31, 2020

Consortium News Strikes Back: London’s Five Eyes and Freeland’s Nazi Roots Stand Exposed Again

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A David vs. Goliath battle between the independent Virginia-based online journal Consortium News and the gigantic Security Communications Establishment of Canada has begun this week. As Consortium News’ Editor-in-Chief, Joe Lauria wrote in his recent press release:
Consortium News has sent libel notices to the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), Canada’s version of the US National Security Agency, and to a major Canadian television network, Global News, for a report that said Consortium News was “part of a cyber-influence campaign directed by Russia.”
To the knowledge of this Canadian-based writer, no analogous instance of such a lawsuit has ever occurred and the subject of this lawsuit will undoubtedly bring to light some of the ugliest skeletons in the Canadian establishment’s closet that many powerful forces would prefer remain obscured and forgotten.

On December 10, 2019, Global News ran a widely circulated story citing a classified CSE report which claimed that the Russian Government had used proxies to spread anti-Christia Freeland slander in order to “undermine western democracies”. The CSE report cited by Global News asserted without any evidence that a leading protagonist used by the Russian Government in this endeavor was Consortium News which had run a story on February 27, 2017 entitled the “A Nazi Skeleton in the Family Closet” which explained how Freeland had knowingly covered up the fact that her grandfather Mykhailo Chomiak was a high level Nazi collaborator during WWII.

Since the publication of this 2017 article and the work published even earlier by John Helmer, a fuller picture of Freeland’s Nazi family history and broader post-WWII use of Nazi-affiliated Ukrainian nationalists, has become a thoroughly documented embarrassment for Freeland and the broader deep state/Five Eyes Intelligence conglomerate trying to run the world. This history is even more awkward since the use of hives of second and third generation descendants of these Nazi collaborators both in Canada and Ukraine resulted in the toppling of the pro-Eurasian Yanukovych government in 2014.

After decades of myth-making and spin-doctoring, the Canadian spy agencies managing mass perceptions of the population have developed more than a little hubris as their lies have too often passed unchallenged by their victims, making this situation a nice slap of reality.  (more...)

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Manufacturing Fear: How Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election

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As World War II drew to a close in Europe, British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote that “neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.”

Though numerous examples in the post-World War II era have proven Russell’s point, perhaps one of the best examples was the U.S. public’s willingness to swallow lie after lie about Saddam Hussein’s Iraq due to the climate of fear that followed the September 11 attacks. Those lies, propagated by dubious intelligence, government officials and a compliant media, resulted in catastrophes – large and small, both abroad and at home.

Today, an analogous narrative is being crafted by many of the same players – both in media and government – yet it has avoided scrutiny, even from independent media.

Over the past several months and with a renewed zeal in just the last few weeks, anonymous intelligence officials, dubious “experts” and establishment media outlets have crafted a narrative about the coming “chaos” of the 2020 election, months before it takes place. Per that narrative, certain state actors will use specific technologies to target the “American mind” in order to undermine the coming presidential election. The narrative holds that those efforts will be so successful that the U.S. will never recover as a democracy.

Though these anonymous government sources and their stenographers have already named the countries who will be responsible and the technologies they will use, they also admit that no evidence yet exists to back up these claims, meaning they are — at best — pure speculation.  (more...)


Unit 8200 technology military mainstream media war politics propaganda social engineering election manipulation

The International Lawbreakers

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BERLIN/WASHINGTON(Own report) - In reference to the US drone-murder of Iran's General Qassem Suleimani, German government advisors are warning against a growing number of violations of international law by the United States. For years, "the foreign policy of the Trump administration has demonstrated that it has been a particular strain on international law," observes an analysis published by Berlin's German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). Suleimani's murder suggests that Washington is now beginning to extend its "war on terror" tactics, that had already become common-place under President Barack Obama - such as drone-murders - to leading representatives of foreign nations, it considers to be "a threat." In the future, "state representatives should fear for their lives, when they travel outside their country," because "the consequences for international diplomacy are hardly predictable." The SWP advises the German government to take a clear stand. Of course, in its attempts to implement its globalist policies over the past few decades, Berlin, too, has repeatedly violated international law, often as an accomplice of the USA.

For years, government advisors in Berlin have been warning against the growing number of United States' violations of international legal norms. Particularly within the framework of its "war on terror," illegal measures have been taken - "extrajudicial arrests, targeted assassinations, arbitrary surveillance" - which continue to this day, and continue to be "tolerated" in Europe, according to an extensive study published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), back in August 2018.  (more...)


The Holocaust, Revisionism And Antisemitism In Hungary

Hungary Arrow Cross Nazi fascism genocide accountability history crime politics war revisionism

In 1941, around 825,000 Jews lived in Hungary, including the newly acquired territories; by the end of the war, there were only 260,000 survivors. Seventy-five years on, Viktor Orbán regularly declares “zero tolerance for antisemitism”; yet the Holocaust Remembrance Project gave Hungary a ‘red card’ for revisionism, rehabilitation of war criminals, and minimizing official complicity in the genocide. In a country where a significant percentage of the population is overtly antisemitic, this nativist-authoritarian government has no qualms about pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable; no qualms about failing to censure antisemitism from within its own ranks; and no qualms about engaging in brazen historical revisionism.

On the Danube riverbank, close by the Hungarian Parliament, set into the concrete is sixty pairs of rusting shoes; at three separate places, cast-iron signs read in Hungarian, English and Hebrew: “To the memory of victims shot into the Danube by Arrow Cross militiamen in 1944-45.” Created by the sculptor Gyula Pauer and film director Can Togay, the memorial was installed on the Pest embankment in 2005. Modelled on actual pairs of men, women and children’s shoes from the 1940s, the memorial bears silent testament to the frenzied butchery of the fascist Arrow Cross units who herded their terrified Jewish victims to the banks of the Danube and forced them to take off their shoes before shooting them directly into the frozen waters of “the Jewish cemetery”. Shoes had become valuable wartime commodities for murderers to trade on the black market.

Survivor Zsuzsanna Ozsváth recounted:
“I heard a series of popping sounds. Thinking the Russians had arrived, I slunk to the window. But what I saw was worse than anything I had ever seen before, worse than the most frightening accounts I had ever witnessed. Two Arrow Cross men were standing on the embankment of the river, aiming at and shooting a group of men, women and children into the Danube – one after the other, on their coats the Yellow Star.”   (more...)

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Enemies Of Pope Benedict XVI

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What really has been going on in the Church since the reign of Pius XII? — And what really was going on in the Church during the reign of Pope Benedict XVI?  These questions raise themselves in the mind of those who seek an explanation for Vatican II and the coup d’etat which drove  Pope Benedict XVI from power in February of 2013...

One of the major factions in the Roman Curia is the House of Cardinal Tarcisio PIetro Evasio Bertone, that is, the group of Cardinals and Bishops of whom he is the principal consecrator or co-consecrator. You can see the entire list, in the right column of his page at He was Pope Benedict XVI’s replacement for Cardinal Sodano in the all important post of Secretary of State, a position to which he was promoted on September 15, 2006, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

His influence even today is being felt on account of the members of his faction: Cardinal Parolo and Archbishop Gänswein, whom he co-consecrated in 2009 and 2013 respectively.

During the recent Book Flap, no less than Archbishop Viganò testified that Archbishop Gänswein, who was at the time of Pope Benedict XVI’s election as Roman Pontiff, a mere priest secretary, had a radical change in character following Benedict’s election as the Vicar of Christ... He went from being a secretary who facilitated communication with Cardinal Ratzinger to being a control valve for information arriving in the hands of Pope Benedict.  (more...)


Catholic Roman Curia papacy crime corruption fascism politics accountability coup
Alois Hudal

Monday, January 27, 2020

Holocaust Remembrance Day: how a Nazi hunter tracks down war criminals 75 years later

genocide eugenics war crimes accountability fascism Nazi justice
Alleged Hungarian war criminal Laszlo Csatary covers his face sitting in a car
as he leaves the Budapest Prosecutor's Office after he was questioned by
detectives on charges of war crimes during WWII
In June 2013, former police officer Laszlo Csatary was indicted for contributing to the deaths of 15,000 Jews who were sent to the death camp in Auschwitz in 1944. Aged 98, he had spent most of his life since World War II in Canada, working as an art dealer.

Csatary would never face trial for his crimes. On August 12, 2013, he died of pneumonia in a Budapest hospital.

Key to tracking Csatary down and bringing him to trial was the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and its chief Nazi hunter, Efraim Zuroff. Speaking to Euronews ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January, he described the case of just one of the frustrations of the job.

“There have been quite a few dozen in which some legal action was taken against them. To be honest, very few were actually punished. But I think that to expose them is probably a far more painful punishment than ultimately to put them in jail,” he said.

Zuroff has been personally hunting down and bringing to prosecution dozens of former Nazis and Nazi collaborators over the past four decades, from rank-and-file officers and camp guards to camp commanders who began new lives after the end of the war in 1945.  (more...)

Auschwitz Was Evil But So Was Jasenovac, Yet Few Dare To Talk About It

Jasenovac Croatia genocide crime war history denial Nazi eugenics bias

Europe is reflecting on the evils of its genocidal past as the world marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a somber event that's forever etched into the West's collective memory. The Allies swore that they'd never let anyone forget about the crimes against humanity that were committed in that Nazi death camp, which is why they continue to mark its liberation every year with high-profile visits, keynote speeches, and heavy media coverage. Everyone in the world is therefore aware of the Nazis' racist policies and the campaign of killing that accompanied them, yet Hitler's forces weren't the only ones in World War II who did such a thing. Few outside of the Balkans have ever heard of Jasenovac, the Croatian-operated death camp where around one million people -- at least 800,000 of them Serbs -- were brutally murdered by the Ustashe regime of the Nazi-allied so-called "Independent State of Croatia" (known by its abbreviation as the NDH), and even fewer people dare to talk about it.

All lives are equal and there shouldn't be any hierarchy of victimhood, but the suffering of the Serbs has regrettably been forgotten by almost all but the Serbs themselves (and even some among them don't seem to care all that much anymore). The Nazis' genocidal campaign of conquest across Europe affected the entire continent whereas the Croats' equally evil genocidal campaign was "only" waged in part of the Balkans, so there's less interest in what they did. That's a shame too because everyone's understanding of World War II would be enriched by learning about what happened there at that time. The Croats declared "independence" right after the Nazi-led fascist invasion of Yugoslavia, literally stabbing their South Slavic brethren in the back out of solidarity with their German allies. The NDH was so rabidly racist that it established Jasenovac in order to contribute to Hitler's so-called "Final Solution", not just against Jews but also against the Slavs, a fact that's often omitted from history nowadays as well.

Although the Croats are Slavs themselves, the Ustashe regime claimed that they're actually somehow connected to the self-professed "master race", unlike their fellow Serbs who they insisted were inferior and thus "deserving" only of the most painful death possible.  (more...)

IG Farben and the History of the “Business With Disease”

business crime corruption fascism Nazi war technology finance chemicals pharmaceuticals enablers genocide eugenics

The most powerful German economic corporate emporium in the first half of this century was the Interessengemeinschaft Farben or IG Farben, for short. Interessengemeinschaft stands for “Association of Common Interests” and was nothing more than a powerful cartel of BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and other German chemical and pharmaceutical companies. IG Farben was the single largest donor to the election campaign of Adolph Hitler. One year before Hitler seized power, IG Farben donated 400,000 marks to Hitler and his Nazi party. Accordingly, after Hitler’s seizure of power, IG Farben was the single largest profiteer of the German conquest of the world, the Second World War.

One hundred percent of all explosives and of all synthetic gasoline came from the factories of IG Farben. Whenever the German Wehrmacht conquered another country, IG Farben followed, systematically taking over the industries of those countries. Through this close collaboration with Hitler’s Wehrmacht, IG Farben participated in the plunder of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France and all other countries conquered by the Nazis.

The U.S. government’s investigation of all the factors leading to the Second World War in 1946 came to the conclusion that without IG Farben the Second World War would simply not have been possible. We have to come to grips with the fact that it was not the psychopath, Adolph Hitler, or bad genes of the German people that brought about the Second World War. Economic greed by companies like Bayer, BASF and Hoechst was the key factor in bringing about the Holocaust.  (more...)

Don't forget there were many British supporters of the Nazis

Britain fascism war Nazi traitors history
British adventurer John Amery, right, was recruited by the Nazis in France
THE always erudite GEORGE Kerevan is entirely right to correct ahistorical “Churchillian myths” of Britain standing alone against Nazism, one of the central fairy stories which underpin the concept of Britishness which has been culturally force fed to Scots over decades

Fact one is that there was significant input into the defence of Britain at that time from various Commonwealth countries – Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in particular. Fact two is that due to the wipe-out of continental forces by the Nazis, in the early part of World War Two there were Free French and Free Polish forces starting to coalesce in defence of Britain also. So it was a broad, multinational force that was ranged against the Nazis at the time of the Battle of Britain.

Also very much overlooked is the third fact that far from Britain being a bulwark of anti-Nazism, there were many products of the British ruling class, such as John Amery and Lord Semple, actively working for a Nazi victory at the time of the Battle of Britain.



Saturday, January 25, 2020

Nazi Refugees And The Origins Of The St. Gallen Mafia

Catholic Nazi fascism war corruption accountability Argentina Germany St. Gallen Switzerland Belgium Austria Spain

In this article I am going to carpet bomb any notion you had that Bergoglio and his supportive faction are politically the opposite end of the spectrum from the Nazi Party of Germany in the Second World War. And I am not going to do it by a political or ideological analysis, but by a historical demonstration of collaboration. At every point, I will out the member of the House of Rampolla del Tindaro, who was involved or probably was involved. I mention Cardinal Rampolla del Tindaro, because his episcopal descendants form the core axis of membership in the St. Gallen Mafia (a.k.a, “Team Bergoglio”), as have demonstrated some time ago.

“Rat Lines” is the term given to  organized routes of escape used by member of the Nazi Party and German Government and Military to flee Germany at the end of the War while avoiding capture by the Allied powers.

Historians have identified that the first Rat Lines were created using the existing network of relations between the Vatican and Argentina. As I reported yesterday, Argentina was nearly entirely in the control of the House of Rampolla.

These connections were no doubt facilitated by a Rampolla man: the Apostolic Nuncio to Argentina, Archbishop Giuseppe Fietta, who was named to that post on June 20, 1936 (Wikipedia has the wrong date, according to —  He had been the Nuncio to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, since Sept. 23, 1930.  — Months later, on Dec. 11, 1936 he was also named Nuncio to Paraguay, but resigned on Nov. 12, 1939 shortly before Italy entered the war on the Axis side. Wikipedia gives more detail on how the Cardinal may have done this without getting his own hands dirty:
As early as 1942, Monsignor Luigi Maglione contacted Ambassador Llobet, inquiring as to the “willingness of the government of the Argentine Republic to apply its immigration law generously, in order to encourage at the opportune moment European Catholic immigrants to seek the necessary land and capital in our country”. Afterwards, a German priest, Anton Weber, the head of the Rome-based Society of Saint Raphael, traveled to Portugal, continuing to Argentina, to lay the groundwork for future Catholic immigration; this was to be a route which fascist exiles would exploit. According to historian Michael Phayer, “this was the innocent origin of what would become the Vatican ratline”.  (more...)


Catholic Nazi fascism war corruption accountability Argentina Germany St. Gallen Switzerland Belgium Austria Spain
Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro

RCMP off Wet'suet'en land!

Canada indigenous land resource extraction corruption violence sovereignty police military

Toronto Uprising!


Canada indigenous land resource extraction fascism accountability corruption military police violence politics sovereignty

In 1939, it was Poland...

What is Unist'ot'en?

accountability fascism police politics violence military resource extraction land indigenous

Their bosses let Nazi war criminals and their collaborators into Canada, giving them cushy jobs in industry, academia, and government. Who, in this picture, are the legitimate owners of the land?

Voices from Gidimt’en Checkpoint

accountability politics police military fascism violence indigenous

These sisters have the unreserved support of this blogger.


accountability politics police military fascism violence indigenous

Friday, January 24, 2020

Reports Identify Leader Of Neo-Nazi ‘Base’ Group After Week Of Arrests

fascism Nazi violence crime paramilitary COINTELPRO honey trap

The founder and leader of the neo-Nazi group “The Base” has been identified in news reports, days after seven alleged members of the organization were arrested and charged in three separate cases across the country.

The man who founded the neo-Nazi “accelerationist” group, which seeks to hasten civilizational collapse, fight a race war and establish a white ethnostate, goes by the names “Norman Spear” and “Roman Wolf” online.

The Guardian first reported Thursday that “Norman Spear” is Rinaldo Nazzaro, a 46-year-old New Jersey-born man. The BBC subsequently confirmed that reporting with its own. He was reportedly married to a Russian-born woman in Manhattan in 2012 and is currently living in Russia.

Nazzaro, according to the reports, had previously advertised his services as an intelligence and security expert and claimed to have been a veteran and former CIA field officer. Four members of The Base, the Guardian reported, have left the group citing suspicions that Nazzaro is really a law enforcement agent, or that his organization was a “honeypot” to lure neo-Nazis into the open.  (more...)

75 years after Auschwitz liberation, we suck at battling hate

war genocide immigration Nazi eugenics hate racism xenophobia history Canada

The coming Monday will be a day of immense reminders.

Historically, it is the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ trial in the United Kingdom. It is also when the climax of the ‘Canadian Caper’ – when this country, in partnership with the U.S., helped Americans escape from hostilities in Iran – occurred, and, perhaps, most importantly for those who know their history, the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation.

On that day soldiers of the Soviet Union entered the infamous concentration camp and misery monument in Southern Poland and freed people from a sick system. It was one which would have been tolerated by people in Parliament and elsewhere during the Cold War had Hitler been around then to fight communism or today if the Gestapo were out arresting Muslims on dubiously debatable terrorism charges.

The world was aghast, we promised that this would ‘never again’ happen and Canada, the United States and other countries resolved to move on from the racial strife and struggles that had too often permeated history before the Second World War.

I will admit that there has been progress since then. We can all celebrate the fact that lynching, race riots and flagrant bigotry towards the LGBTQ+ community are no longer broadly acceptable.

The problem is, under that veneer of positivity lies an ugliness growing in strength throughout this continent and in all corners of this nation. We have failed at destroying the kind of evil that set the stage for the Holocaust and one of mankind’s most destructive multinational conflicts.  (more...)

De Bernonville!

Canada France Nazi collaboration war crimes immigration collusion corruption ratlines

Headlines exploded for three years around the explosive figure of Jacques de Bernonville, wanted by a France that sentenced him to die as a traitor, unwanted by a Canada that found him too shrewd and well connected to get rid of. Here, for the first time, Maclean's tells what he did in France and how he stayed so long in Canada

ON AUGUST 17 last a fifty-four-year-old French nobleman with iron-grey hair, strong bullet-scarred features, erect soldierly bearing and a diplomatic air of composure, fled from Montreal to Rio de Janeiro after telling newsmen at Montreal Airport at Dorval: “I love Canada and I love Canadians.”

The compliment was received coldly by most readers for no other foreigner had ever caused such a bitter legal, political, racial and religious furore in this country as Count Jacques-Charles-MarieNoël Dugé de Bernonville.

In France De Bernonville stands accused of hunting, arresting, torturing and murdering a number of his own countrymen in the Resistance movement that fought, the Germans during the Nazi occupation and the struggle for liberation. He has been sentenced to death in absentia on counts of having had constant intelligence with the Germans from 1940 to 1944.

Yet, while thousands of other Europeans were denied admission to Canada solely on the grounds of ill-health, De Bernonville, who entered the country under a false passport, found shelter here for five years.

For at least four years of his stay De Bernonville had various well-paid jobs, lived comfortably in a small but smart apartment on Montreal’s Côtedes-Neiges Road, and was surrounded by friends who called on him in cars, one of which was a late-model Cadillac. For a part of the time he enjoyed the company of his wife and four daughters who also entered the country on the strength of false passports.

The story of how he won and held these benefices while national immigration tribunals, Quebec law courts and even the federal parliament itself probed and argued his right to them is one of the most bizarre in Canada’s recent history.  (more...)

Canada France Nazi collaboration war crimes immigration collusion corruption ratlines

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Germany bans British-founded neo-Nazi group Combat 18 as cops seize weapons in sweeping dawn raids across the country

Germany Nazi fascism hate racism xenophobia crime paramilitary violence politics

Germany has today banned the neo-Nazi group Combat 18 Deutschland and carried out a series of raids on the offshoot of the British far-right organisation.

Police hit six addresses across the country in what a top security official said was a 'clear message' against far-right extremism and anti-Semitism.

More than 200 police officers carried out the raids early on Thursday, seizing cellphones, computers, unspecified weapons, Nazi memorabilia and propaganda material, the Interior Ministry said.

The group had spread 'far-right extremism and anti-Semitic hatred' in German society by producing neo-Nazi music and staging concerts for extremist bands, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said.

The group is an offshoot of Combat 18, which was founded in Britain in the early 1990s as a militant wing of the British National Party.

The number 18 stands for the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, AH, which are the initials of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.  (more...)

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Beware Of Laymen Posing As The Church

Catholic clergy prolife heresy laity

I have always had the Catholic sense that the Church was founded by a Priest and was handed down to us through the Twelve Priests and through them and priests throughout the generations to ourselves and to our own time. I have always found that laymen do not have the moral, intellectual or even common sense abilities of priests. And I have never heard a prophetic word which touched my heart which came from the mouth of anyone but a priest.

The priesthood is part of the Catholic Religion. Believing in the power and dignity of the priesthood is part of the Catholic Faith. I would say it is de fide.

For that reason, I cannot contain my shock and consternation what what LifeSite News just did through publishing a report by Maike Hickson, entitled, Catholic Laity protest Cardinal Marx …..

Because, as LifeSite News knows, and as Mrs. Hickson knows, Archbishop Viganò was present. And that means it was not the “Catholic Laity” who protested, it was the Catholic Faithful, because it was not just laymen, and not just laymen make up the Church or count.  (more...)

I can attest that this isn't the first time the Lifey Gang has made this very Protestant error.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Sabotaged Space Program

The Nazis in your closet

military Nazi aerospace fascism technology cults occult history Operation Paperclip ratlines

What else haven't we been told?

military Nazi aerospace fascism technology cults occult history Operation Paperclip ratlines

The KKK’s Prohibition-era war on the Church

KKK Catholic freemasonry violence immigration prohibition hate racism xenophobia history

In 1923 a local Ku Klux Klan newspaper grumbled about events in Gary, Indiana. Enforcement of Prohibition legislation (which came into effect 100 years ago today), had become rather sluggish and the town needed a “sheriff big enough to fight and who can deliver a squared fist at the jaw of the Gary foreign element, battering it to a recognition of the laws of the state and of the nation”. Such a man was “wanted and wanted badly”.

Prohibition was wonderful news for the Klan because it provided another weapon in its bigoted campaign to right the ship of state. Who was to blame for the blight of alcohol abuse? Why, all those continental immigrants, of course. And Catholics – with their pesky exemptions for the use of wine for sacramental purposes – were the worst of the lot.

Williamson County, Illinois, discovered just how damaging such sentiments could become. There was more to the story than wholesome Klan-run family day picnics and county fairs. KKK members began speaking, in their robes, at Protestant services, and congregations lapped up phrases like “enforcement” and “taking the initiative”.

The Klan played it by the book, appealing to figures high up in the Prohibition Bureau. We’d love to help, came the official reply, but we’d need an army. Not a problem, said the Klan.  (more...)

Activists occupy Freeland's office, ferry route in rally against B.C. gas pipeline

Canada indigenous sovereignty resources land accountability business fascism corruption politics

TORONTO -- Climate activists in Toronto and Vancouver Island halted traffic and disrupted the office of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland in hopes of pressuring the government into halting a pipeline project through the Wet'suwet'en First Nation territory.

In Toronto, 19 activists from Climate Justice Toronto occupied Freeland’s constituency office for much of the day Monday with signs reading “No violence against Indigenous people” and “No trespassing on Wet'suwet'en land.”

“Chrystia Freeland did not answer at all,” Dafna Cohen, one of the CJTO organizers, said in a phone interview with “We really hope that she got the message clear, but we will continue and continue to be in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en.”

Coastal GasLink has provincial approval for a 670-kilometre natural gas pipeline from British Columbia's northeast to the coastline, but the Wet'suwet'en hereditary clan leaders say the company has no right to run a pipeline through their land without consent.

The company has signed agreements with all 20 elected First Nation councils in the pipeline’s path, but the hereditary clan leaders say that under traditional forms of governance, the project needs their approval as well.

The hereditary clan chiefs have been clear that they will never support the project. At the end of 2019, they issued an eviction notice to Coastal GasLink, which led to a second standoff in the area.  (more...)

Canada indigenous sovereignty resources land accountability business fascism corruption politics

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Trump and Russian Mobology

Back room becomes front window.

politics crime corruption impeachment Trump Russia mob

FBI arrests reveal shocking details in case against former Canadian reservist Patrik Mathews

paramilitary Nazi fascism hate racism xenophobia crime military violence politics

FBI officers have arrested more alleged members of a racially motivated and violent extremist group that a former Manitoba reservist has been accused of recruiting for — and court documents tell a chilling tale that includes plans to murder a married couple and overthrow the U.S. government.

In separate sweeps Friday, American law enforcement arrested three men in Georgia and another in Wisconsin.

The arrests came just one day after three alleged members of The Base were arrested in Delaware and Maryland — including 27-year-old Patrik Mathews. The Manitoba man had been missing for nearly five months, ever since he was accused of recruiting for a global neo-Nazi group, while at the same time serving in Canada's army reserves.

Mathews is believed to be connected to the group arrested in Georgia, based on an affidavit used to secure the arrest warrants, which was released by the Floyd County police.

It describes an unnamed member of The Base who "crossed into the United States illegally." That detail, along with others in the affidavit, match the description of Mathews from the FBI complaint against him filed in court. (more...)


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How an Israeli Spy-Linked Tech Firm Gained Access to the US Gov’t’s Most Classified Networks

cybertreason Unit 8200 security software business corruption politics technology military intelligence CIA

If the networks of the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence community and a slew of other U.S. federal agencies were running the software of a company with deep ties, not only to foreign companies with a history of espionage against the U.S. but also foreign military intelligence, it would — at the very least — garner substantial media attention. Yet, no media reports to date have noted that such a scenario exists on a massive scale and that the company making such software recently simulated the cancellation of the 2020 election and the declaration of martial law in the United States.

Earlier this month, MintPress News reported on the simulations for the U.S. 2020 election organized by the company Cybereason, a firm led by former members of Israel’s military intelligence Unit 8200 and advised by former top and current officials in both Israeli military intelligence and the CIA. Those simulations, attended by federal officials from the FBI, DHS and the U.S. Secret Service, ended in disaster, with the elections ultimately canceled and martial law declared due to the chaos created by a group of hackers led by Cybereason employees.

The first installment of this three part series delved deeply into Cybereason’s ties to the intelligence community of Israel and also other agencies, including the CIA, as well as the fact that Cybereason stood to gain little financially from the simulations given that their software could not have prevented the attacks waged against the U.S.’ electoral infrastructure in the exercise.

Also noted was the fact that Cybereason software could be potentially used as a backdoor by unauthorized actors, a possibility strengthened by the fact that the company’s co-founders all previously worked for firms that have a history of placing backdoors into U.S. telecommunications and electronic infrastructure as well as aggressive espionage targeting U.S. federal agencies.

The latter issue is crucial in the context of this installment of this exclusive MintPress series, as Cybereason’s main investors turned partners have integrated Cybereason’s software into their product offerings. This means that the clients of these Cybereason partner companies, the U.S. intelligence community and military among them, are now part of Cybereason’s network of more than 6 million endpoints that this private company constantly monitors using a combination of staff comprised largely of former intelligence operatives and an AI algorithm first developed by Israeli military intelligence.  (more...)


cybertreason Unit 8200 security software business corruption politics technology military intelligence CIA

FBI Arrests Suspect in Neo-Nazi Swatting Ring That Targeted 'Hundreds'

crime fascism Nazi police violence swatting hate racism xenophobia

In the summer of 2018, Andrea Rovenski was on the tail end of a Spyro 2 speedrun when, unknown to her, a contingent of armed police officers started organizing outside of her house in Maryland.

Seeing light reflections on her wall and hearing the muffled sound of someone yelling into a megaphone, Rovenski, a streamer by the name Cyberdemon531, looked outside, saw the authorities, and knew exactly what was happening—she was being swatted. Someone had called 911 pretending to be Rovenski, claiming she had a hostage in the basement.

“I go outside and what I see is maybe five or six police cars and 10 to 15 riot cops,” Rovenski told VICE. “They all have assault rifles and they‘re all pointed at me. You know, my arms are up and, you know, it’s horrifying.”

Rovenski, a transgender streamer who had been doxed previously, was familiar with the idea of swatting—lying to authorities about a dangerous situation in the hopes of getting someone raided by armed officers—but her mother was not. After Rovenski was tackled to the ground by police her mom came to the door and was swarmed by the cops. Rovenski said police weren’t kind to her mother’s disability, preventing her from getting on the ground easily and manhandled her. In Rovenski’s livestream from the event, you can hear her mother screaming.

The experience left the two rattled and Rovenski’s mother with nightmares. Less than two months later Rovenski’s mother suffered a stroke—something Rovenski believes is connected to the extremely stressful event—and never fully recovered.  (more...)


Monday, January 13, 2020

Opus Dei and Blood Money: Reflections on the Passing of Peggy and Sterling Seagrave

books business crime corruption fascism Nazi politics Opus Dei money laundering

This broadcast commemorates the lives and passing of Peggy and Sterling Seagrave, investigators, journalists, authors and heroes.

A peripheral internet search conducted while re-reading Gold Warriors yielded the sad news that both Peggy and Sterling Seagrave had passed. Peggy passed away in 2016 and Sterling in the spring of 2017.

Authors of a number of ground-breaking and overlapping historical/political exposes, they culminated their remarkable careers with Gold Warriors, which Mr. Emory feels is as important a book as has ever been written and is a MUST read for anyone genuinely concerned with the state of world affairs, past, present and future.

More admirable than even their consummate investigative and literary skills is the fact that they continued their research and reporting in the face of serious death threats and attempts, as well as lethal consequences visited on some of the participants in the “Black Gold” transactions and, apparently, on some of those investigating the machinations of the nations, commercial institutions and individuals involved with the operations.  (more...)

 Click to listen
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books business crime corruption fascism Nazi politics Opus Dei money laundering

The Swiss, The Gold and The Dead: How Swiss Bankers Helped Finance the Nazi War Machine

books history accountability business fascism Nazi war crime corruption Switzerland

Recent startling revelations that Switzerland helped to bankroll Nazi Germany's war effort, and Swiss intransigence in the face of redress claims by Holocaust survivors, have shaken Switerland's international reputation. In this uncompromising account, leading Swiss sociologist Jean Ziegler closely examines the shady relationship between Swiss bankers and Nazi Germany. Based on the records of the German Armaments Ministry and other official documents, The Swiss, the Gold, and the Dead shows how Switzerland's leading financial institutions provided Hittler with the foreign exchange essential to his war effort-laundering gold looted from the banks of occupied Europe and from the bodies of concentration camp victims; granting sizable loans; and supplying Germany's war economy with weapons, ammunition, and precision instruments. In returen, Switzerland was spared the devastation that befell the rest of Europe. Ziegler argues forcefully and authoritatively that without Swiss complicity the war in Europe would have ended earlier, sparing hundreds of thousands of lives. Drawing on more than thirty years of experience in Switzerland's domestic politic and international diplomacy, Professor Ziegler has made an important contribution to this highly controversial and emotional subject.


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Whitby teacher sentenced to 2 years for sexually touching students

abuse education crime misconduct pedophilia

DURHAM — A former Whitby elementary school teacher convicted of sexually touching eight children has been sentenced to just under two years in jail.

Thomas Grieve’s crimes constituted a profound breach of trust that had an impact on the children, as well as their parents and the broader school community, Ontario Court Judge Marquis Felix said during a sentencing hearing Tuesday, Jan. 7 in Oshawa.

“These are children who were in a safe environment — their school,” the judge said during his lengthy ruling. “That community was entitled to expect their children would be safe.”

In addition to his custodial sentence — he was sentenced to a total of 720 days, 10 days short of two calendar years — Grieve will be on probation for 35 months upon his release and will be a registered sex offender for life.

Grieve taught Grades 6 through 8 at Whitby’s Robert Munsch Public School from 2011 to 2018, and prior to that taught at E.A. Fairman Public School, also in Whitby. He’s also been involved as a volleyball coach and taught summer and night school courses.

Grieve was arrested in March of 2018 after allegations surfaced. He was re-arrested on additional charges in April of 2018 after more complainants came forward.  (more...)


Saturday, January 11, 2020

DOJ says neo-Nazi group used 'swatting' to target officials, journalists, church

crime fascism Nazi violence politics hate racism xenophobia

Federal officials said a Virginia man arrested Friday is linked to a string of fake bomb threats and "swatting" attacks on journalists, government officials and others as part of an international group sympathetic to neo-Nazi ideology.

John William Kirby Kelley had his first appearance in federal court in Alexandria on Friday; his public defender did not comment on the allegations but said his client has "very limited funds." The charge against Kelley of conspiracy to make threats carries up to five years in prison.

Members of the group, which is unnamed, "all appeared to share racist views," according to an affidavit from an FBI agent, "with particular disdain for African Americans and Jewish people." They expressed affinity with the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division, the agent wrote.

The investigation began in November 2018, when Old Dominion University in Norfolk got a call claiming someone armed with an AR-15 had hidden pipe bombs around campus. The police got a call a couple hours later from someone with a similar voice who said he had dialed accidentally and apologized. That call came from Kelley's number, listed in school records, according to the affidavit. Authorities said in the documents that Kelley was studying cybersecurity at the school until January, when he was expelled after facing state drug charges.  (more...)


Soleimani Killing, Iran Conflict, Boeing Crash & Global Espionage

Whitney Webb is a MintPress News journalist based in Chile. She has contributed to several independent media outlets including Global Research, EcoWatch, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has made several radio and television appearances and is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

accountability journalism business technology war military espionage Mossad Epstein corruption


Friday, January 10, 2020

Canada's Cops Were Ready to Shoot Indigenous Anti-Pipeline Activists

RCMP officers were instructed to use as much violence as they wanted at the blockade of the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline. Kanahus Manuel, an indigenous activist in British Columbia, said it's part of Canada's long colonial legacy.

Canada indigenous accountability business fascism police politics justice sovereignty


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

5 Censored Books That Tell A Hidden History

Abby Martin speaks with NYU media studies professor, Mark Crispin Miller, about five historical books that have been actively suppressed and hidden from the American public.

books censorship free speech politics fascism

Epsteins Madame under FBI Investigation

Trial Lawyer Magazine editor Farron Cousins revisits the case of Madame Maxwell after the FBI announces they are investigation her for her role in providing under aged girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

FBI abuse accountability child prostitution corruption crime pedophilia politics sex trafficking

Losing Reality

Robert Jay Lifton, M.D. Discusses Trump and His New Book, Losing Reality: On Cults, Cultism, and the Mindset of Political and Religious Zealotry.

books cults religion Evangelicalism politics medicine Nazi fascism mind control mass psychosis delusion

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hundreds gather in front of Toronto banks to protest pipeline

indigenous accountability business corruption justice politics police

The streets of Toronto's Financial District became the site of a major protest today as hundreds gathered to rally against the construction of British Columbia's Coastal GasLink pipeline.

People with drums and signs gathered in front of the Toronto offices of Canada's major banks in solidarity with land defenders of Wet'suwet'en in northwest B.C., where the ongoing fight against the 670 kilometre, $6.2 billion pipeline continues.

Today marked the one-year anniversary of RCMP raids which saw the arrest and forced removal of Indigenous people from their territorial lands, and a protest in solidarity at Nathan Phillips Square last year.

This afternoon's rally began at the offices of RBC at 300 Bay Street, where members of Climate Justice Toronto, Idle No More Toronto, Rising Tide, and Porcupine Warriors led the rally.  (more...)

Monday, January 6, 2020

Trump Deutsche Bank Loans Underwritten By Russian State-Owned Bank, Whistleblower Told FBI

Trump Deutsche Bank Russia accountability business corruption crime politics suicide money laundering

Deutsche Bank’s loans to Donald Trump were underwritten by Russian state-owned VTB Bank, according to the whistleblower whose collection of thousands of bank documents and internal communications have captured the recent attention of federal investigators.

Val Broeksmit acquired the emails and files of his late father, Deutsche Bank executive William S. Broeksmit, after Broeksmit tragically took his own life in 2014.

Val informed the FBI in late 2019 about his knowledge of VTB’s underwriting of Trump’s loans, information he attributed to a network of sources connected to the bank he cultivated over the past five-plus years.

Underwriting is the process where financial institutions assess the ability of potential customers to fulfill their obligations. Underwriters have access to “credit and financial information, as well as the state of the [property],” according to US News, though underwriters can sometimes be unknown to the person seeking the loan.

Forensic News is not confirming the underlying claim that VTB underwrote Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank.

Forensic News can, however, confirm that at least some of Trump’s loans were issued by a bank subsidiary with business ties to VTB. That subsidiary owed more than $48 million to VTB in 2013 and documents suggest the subsidiary continued doing business with VTB even after the bank was sanctioned in 2014.

One federal agent working on the Deutsche Bank investigation indicated that VTB is under scrutiny in the FBI criminal probe. “We know VTB very well,” the investigator said on background. That person did not comment directly on the Trump loans.  (more...)