Friday, June 19, 2015

Sexual abuse of children is now so common in parts of Britain 'they view it as a normal way of life'

Some children are so used to sex attacks that they have become a 'way of life'
Sexual abuse of children has become so common in parts of the UK that it is seen as a 'normal way of life', the NSPCC has said in a shocking new report.

Police recorded a total of nearly 40,000 sex attacks on children last year, the highest number for at least a decade.

The culture of child sex abuse has become engrained in some places, the children's charity warned, which could complicate efforts to crack down on it.

Experts claim that the internet has fuelled a rise in abuse, because potential sex offenders are now able to 'indulge their fantasies' more easily.

In a report titled How Safe Are Our Children?, the NSPCC said: 'In some areas of the UK sexual abuse has become so common that it is seen by children as a normal way of life.'  (more...)

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