Thursday, April 30, 2020

Supreme Court rejects Catholic order’s appeal of $2.6M sex abuse award

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For his entire high school career, Rod MacLeod was sexually assaulted and raped by a now-convicted pedophile priest.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a multi-million-dollar court award in his favour, denying the priest’s religious order the opportunity to launch another appeal.

“It is possible to achieve justice in Canada,” MacLeod said in a statement.

MacLeod’s case against Fr. William ‘Hod’ Marshall has made national headlines as one of the few suits against a Catholic priest in Canada ever to go to trial.

In 2018, a civil jury awarded MacLeod $2.6 million in damages. He was sexually assaulted by Marshall in the 1960s while he was a student at St. Charles Catholic High School in Sudbury, where Marshall was a teacher. The abuse occurred throughout MacLeod’s high school career.  (more...)

Revisiting The New Order of Barbarians in the New World Pandemic

The pieces fall into place

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Right-wing political strategies based on anti-Chinese prejudice are growing

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When Conservative leadership hopeful Derek Sloan released a video on social media claiming that Canada’s chief medical officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, was actually a foreign agent working for China, what evidence did he have?

None at all.

When we find ourselves in a political time when even someone as respected as Dr. Tam can be seen as a foreign agent solely because of their race, we know it’s a scary time for all Canadians of Chinese and Asian descent.

There is little denying that comments such as Sloan’s contribute to a climate of danger. Chinese and Asian Canadians are facing increasing hate crimes, from the assault of seniors to the abuse of frontline health care workers.

Equally serious, the unsubstantiated notion that the leading health official in Canada is a foreign agent risks undermining the credibility of nationwide efforts to confront and combat COVID-19.

The Conservatives need to denounce Sloan’s comments immediately, and Sloan should most certainly apologize to Canadians for his outrageous, racist, and frankly seditious remarks. And we must certainly do all that we can to force them to do so.

But of course, Sloan’s comments don’t exist in a vacuum. They are part of a larger current of thought that seeks to reshape and reduce the COVID-19 narrative to the culpability of China, Chinese people and those who look Asian.  (more...)


Today, a special issue of The Epoch Times with the headline "How the Chinese Communist Party Endangered the World" was slipped into the mail slot of my apartment. This publication, a known propaganda outlet of the CIA, has never been delivered to me before. This foreign psychological operations organ appears to be in a full court press to sway public opinion against the Chinese diaspora. I find this new cold war propaganda most repugnant and reflective of a moral void in the parties responsible for such hate-mongering.

accountability politics Canada China coronavirus medicne COVID-19 diaspora immigration hate racism xenophobia

Monday, April 27, 2020

How The COVID-19 Police State Was Born In Vietnam

Whitney Webb is joined today by author and researcher Douglas Valentine. Doug is the author of 4 excellent books, of which "The Phoenix Program: America's Use of Terror in Vietnam" is particularly relevant to what is taking place today. Whitney and Doug discuss what took place all those years ago in Vietnam, the subversive efforts led by the CIA, and how it seems to be the groundwork for what is being implemented today under the guise of COVID-19.

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Great Darkness - The Children of MK-ULTRA

Is the term “Conspiracy of Silence” an exaggeration? What facts and actions are really hidden in the years of The Great Darkness in Quebec? Are some truths best left untold . . . especially when they expose criminal activities against children and implicate the major institutions of society?! What can be said about the falsification of records, illegal internments, sexual abuse, arbitrary lobotomies, repeated electro shocks, making lab rats out of normal children, selling infants, murder and the secretive disposing of bodies, and more . . . ?

The book Collusion: The Dark History of the Duplessis Orphans invites you to weigh the evidence and come to your own conclusion on the thorny issue of the Duplessis Orphans. This is not only a human tragedy on a grand scale in which, at the highest levels, members of governments, the Catholic Church and the psychiatric establishment betrayed an intertwined agenda – it also reflects an ongoing collusion at the heart of society which still refuses to acknowledge its former grave errors. Today many say: “This case is closed.” But is it??

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Jeffrey von Eppstein of the Intermediate Bloodlines since ancient times of Eppstein Castle Germany

Pharaoh's Aristocracy uses the so called Intermediate Bloodlines in between the Masters and their Slaves.

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abuse accountability child prostitution freemasonry Nazi pedophilia sex trafficking eugenics crime corruption nobility Europe

Friday, April 24, 2020

The Black Budget

What does it mean to the US Federal Budget, the Economy and You?

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Coronavirus: Cui Bono

Shock doctrine is upon us.

The economy in much of the developed world is being shut down by order of national governments. Borders are closing. People are quarantined and ordered to work or go to school from home. The explanations are bizarre, the facts hard to discern. We are told there is a coronavirus pandemic that started in Wuhan, China, spread to Iran and Italy, and then continued throughout the developed world. To date, the death toll is less than the annual flu.

When millions of people who are living paycheck to paycheck are laid off with no source of income, and hundreds of thousands of small businesses and cultural and sports events are bankrupted, there are plenty of reasons for panic other than invisible viruses spreading across the globe. The lines at gun stores have never been this long.

Efforts to keep people from gathering and communicating—other than through highly surveilled online means—are suspicious. The Fed has injected $5+ trillion into the repo market, announced a new round of bond and mortgage-backed securities buying, and offered lines of credit to primary dealers, prompting the Wall Street Journal to announce this week, "Well, so much for timidity at the Federal Reserve." The U.S. and other governments are authorizing billions in emergency spending, while lobbyists are pushing for the end of bank reserve requirements and an escalation of war in the Middle East.

What is happening and why? I discussed this extensively last week on Money & Markets. However, I wanted to compare notes with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, who agreed to join me for an in-depth discussion and some "high-octane speculation" regarding the dramatic changes underway.

Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Maria Farmer on Epstein, Maxwell, Wexner, Gates, Prince Andrew, etc.

Tim has on journalist Whitney Webb to discuss Epstein, Bill Gates, China, and America becoming a surveillance state. Whitney, with permission from Maria Farmer, plays small clips from a 3.5 hour interview recently recorded, that in Whitney's opinion changed her perspective on the Epstein case.

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The Past Is Prologue: Further Reflections on the Covid-19 Outbreak and the Genesis of the Military-Medical Complex

fascism corruption crime Nazi medicine healthcare war

In this program we highlight important elements in the development of the amalgam of forces that, in our opinion, helped to precipitate the Covid-19 “Bio-Psy-Op.”

In Miscellaneous Archive Show M31, we examined the military inquiry into the killing of Wehrmacht Corporal Johannes Kunze, whose anti-Nazi sentiments were punished by his fellow prisoners with murder. In the inquest, it became clear that American officers had permitted their German POW counterparts to screen the mail of their fellow prisoners, which provided them the means to identify and kill Corporal Kunze.

The military prosecutor in the case–Leon Jaworski–exercised what was politely termed judicial restraint, and did not investigate the U.S. officers whose conduct led directly to the murder of Kunze.

Jaworski later participated in trials of Third Reich alumni accused of war crimes, including the trial of Dachau medical personnel, some of whom, after experimenting on concentration camp inmates, were awarded contracts to work for the U.S. under Project Paperclip. Again, he apparently exercised “judicial restraint.”
“. . . . Col. Leon Jaworski, who will be in charge of the trial, estimates that at least 5,000 Jews died at Dachau from ordinary mistreatment and torture, while anywhere between 1,000 and 3,000 died as a result of medical experiments performed upon them. . . .”  (more...)

Click to listen
Click to listen

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed

accountability crime corruption Nazi politics business Bush

Perhaps the most shocking book written this century about treason committed by the highest leaders within the US government. This disturbing and thought-provoking expose is written by Brigadier General Russell S Bowen who has courageously come forward with the truth about his association with the OSS (Office of Security Services) and his 'drug running' activities on behalf of the 'secret' government which involves the highest US 'leaders' and which few Americans know anything about. The most startling details are revealed regarding Bowen's clandestine work including his work under the orders of George Bush.


Monday, April 13, 2020

Unlimited Hangout With Whitney Webb

Fresh off of her four-part expose on disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Whitney Webb is back with a story about an event almost two decades ago that has suddenly become one of the most important stories that nobody is talking about.

The recent pandemic simulation that was held in October 2019 called Event 201 has some very disturbing ties to another simulation that was also run three months before a world-changing event back in the summer of 2001 called Dark Winter.

In her three-part series called “All Roads Lead To Dark Winter”, available at The Last American Vagabond, Whitney Webb explains who is really behind these simulations that spring to life and become real-world events that suspiciously mimic the simulations that they created.

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Power Elite And The Secret Nazi Plan

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In previous columns, I’ve mentioned the secret Nazi plan described in American official Sumner Welles’ The Time for Decision (1944). It was a plan (for a Nazi loss in WWII) which would come to fruition two generations later. It included Nazi agents going underground into two successive countries to avoid detection (Paul Dickopf went underground into Switzerland in 1942). These agents would eventually rise to positions of power in those second nations.

Welles must have learned of this secret plan when he was on friendly terms with the Nazi leadership long before the U.S. entered WWII. A Google search of “sumner welles portraits” shows a photograph of Welles and Hermann Goering on March 19, 1940. But why almost two years before the U.S. entered WWII would the Nazis plan for a loss? And why after WWII was there never an investigation of this secret plan? Robert Ludlum in his fictional The Apocalypse Watch referred to “The Brotherhood of the Watch” a global neo-Nazi secret organization formed in the days after the Third Reich’s defeat and exposed about 50 years later.

As I’ve written before, Hitler’s rise and demise were facilitated by the PE. In the same year (1942) the Nazi agent Paul Dickoff went underground into Switzerland and the U.S. was already in the war, “Standard Oil of New Jersey managers shipped the enemy’s fuel through neutral Switzerland and the enemy was shipping Allied fuel. The Chase Bank in Nazi-occupied Paris after Pearl Harbor was doing millions of dollars worth of business with the enemy with the full knowledge of the heard office in Manhattan. Ford trucks were being built for the German occupation troops in France with authorization from Dearborn, Michigan. Col. Sosthenes Behn, head of ITT, flew from New York to Madrid to Berne during the war to help improve Hitler’s communications systems and improve the robot bombs that devastated London. And ITT built the Focke-Wulfs that dropped bombs on British and American troops.” (Charles Higham’s Trading With the Enemy, p. xv).

As I’ve also written before, I.G. Farben’s war industries (e.g. chemicals, rubber, etc.) staffed and directed Hitler’s intelligence section and ran the Nazi slave labor camps. So why at the end of WWII were 87% of Farben’s industries still intact?

At the end of the war, U.S. Justice Department attorney James Stewart Martin (author of All Honorable Men, 1950) went to Germany to sort out the relationship of American and German businesses during the war, but he was thwarted in his efforts, saying: “We had not been stopped in Germany by German businesses. We had been stopped in Germany by American business. The forces that stopped us had operated from the United States but had not operated in the open. We were not stopped by a law of Congress, by an Executive Order of the President, or even by a change of policy approved by the president…. In short, whatever it was that stopped us was not ‘the government.’ But it clearly had command of channels through which the government normally operates. The relative powerlessness of government… is of course not new…. National governments have stood on the sidelines while bigger operators arranged the world’s affairs.” Relevant to this, it’s important to remember that the PE is NOT the government of any country, but the PE’s agents are IN the governments of countries.  (more...)

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Meet The Companies Poised To Build The Kushner-Backed "Coronavirus Surveillance System"


On April 7, Politico reported that the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was spearheading an all-private sector taskforce that aims to build a “national coronavirus surveillance system” in order to “give the government a near real-time view of where patients are seeking treatment and for what.”

This proposed nationwide network, according to that report, would be used to better inform government decision-making regarding which parts of the United States may “safely relax social-distancing rules” and those that may not. Politico treaded lightly in its discussion of such a system’s likely effects on civil liberties, but did note that some critics have compared this proposed system “to the Patriot act enacted after the 9/11 attacks.”

According to Politico, three companies collectively sent out a memo on March 22 to three administration officials – Jared Kushner, Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Alex Azar. The memo was “widely circulated” throughout the administration relative to other submitted proposals. Those companies – Collective Medical, PatientPing and Juvare – asserted in the memo that they could collectively “supply the government with information on where and how many patients are seeking care across 80 percent of the U.S. ‘in short order.’”

Two of those companies, Collective Medical Technologies and PatientPing, declined to comment on the memo and its contents. A representative from Juvare, however, stated that the company has “spoken with officials across several federal agencies including FEMA, HHS and the CDC about its various emergency preparedness and data tools.”

Though the article downplayed the privacy concerns such a system would create, it failed to note the direct and troubling ties of these three companies, not only to Silicon Valley giants with dubious records regarding data privacy and coordination with U.S. intelligence agencies, but also ties to controversial simulations that took place last year and seemingly predicted the current coronavirus crisis.  (more...)


From Aryanization to Auschwitz-German Corporate Complicity in the Holocaust

Peter Hayes, the Theodore Zev Weiss Holocaust Educational Foundation Professor of Holocaust Studies at Northwestern University, is the ideal person to have speak on the interaction between German corporations and the Nazi state. His ten books include Industry and Ideology: IG Farben in the Nazi Era (1989) and From Cooperation to Complicity: Degussa in the Third Reich (2004); in the latter work he discusses in detail the history and production of Zyklon-B, the gas used to kill more than one million Jews at Auschwitz and other camps. He is now working on a book under contract to Cambridge, Profits and Persecution: German Big Business and the Holocaust. Among books that he has edited are The Meaning of the Holocaust in a Changing World, The Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies (co-edited with John K. Roth), and the forthcoming How Could This Happen? A Reader on the Holocaust. He has also received awards for outstanding teaching. 

In his talk at Oregon State, Professor Hayes addressed the involvement of German big business in the Holocaust and the advantages gained by the corporations, including the opportunity to exploit slave labor.

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Killer Enterprise: How One Of Big Pharma's Most Corrupt Companies Plans To Corner The COVID-19 Cure Market

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In August 2001, biopharmaceutical company BioPort faced imminent disaster. A series of company scandals, controversial federal bail-outs and severe, adverse health reactions among U.S. troops were causing both Congress and the Pentagon to reconsider its multi-million dollar contract to provide the military with an anthrax vaccine.

Formed for the sole purpose of acquiring a publicly-owned company in Michigan that held the exclusive license to manufacture the only FDA-approved anthrax vaccine in the United States, BioPort sought to quickly expand the size and scope of its contracts with the U.S. military. This strategy was made possible thanks to the former head of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, Adm. William Crowe, who would prove highly instrumental in the rise of BioPort’s vaccine monopoly and its subsequent, aggressive hiring of former government officials as lobbyists.

Yet, soon after scoring these multi-million dollar contracts and securing a monopoly on anthrax vaccines, BioPort would claim that they were flailing financially and would subsequently be bailed out to the tune of $24 million at the Pentagon’s request, which cited “national security concerns” as justification.

However, Pentagon auditors had found that much of the money awarded to BioPort was unaccounted for and the money they were able to trace had failed to go towards renovating their vaccine production facility, which had lost its license until numerous sanitary problems (sanitary and otherwise) were fixed. Meanwhile, scores of soldiers who had suffered ill health effects from BioPort’s anthrax vaccine, some disabled for life, began speaking out, bringing BioPort’s most critical product and chief source of income under unwanted scrutiny.  (more...)


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Doctors from Hell: The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans

books crime medicine Nazi research human experiments

A chilling story of human depravity and ultimate justice, told for the first time by an eyewitness court reporter for the Nuremberg war crimes trial of Nazi doctors. This is the account of 23 men torturing and killing by experiment in the name of scientific research and patriotism. The book includes trial transcripts that have not been easily available to the general public and previously unpublished photographs used as evidence in the trial. The author describes the experience of being in bombed-out, dangerous, post-war Nuremberg, where she lived for two years while working on the trial. Once a Nazi sympathizer tossed bombs into the dining room of the hotel where she lived moments before she arrived for dinner. She takes us into the courtroom to hear the dramatic testimony and see the reactions of the defendants to the proceedings. The doctors tell of experiments involving depriving concentration camp inmates of oxygen; freezing them; injecting them with malaria, typhus, and jaundice; amputating healthy limbs; forcing them to drink seawater for weeks at a time; and other horrors.  (more...)


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This will only hurt a little

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Strange Tales of the Parapolitical: Postwar Nazis, Mercenaries, and Other Secret History

Strange Tales of the Parapolitical is one long, terrifying journey into the black heart of the national security state and beyond. S. William Snider ("Recluse" of the famed VISUP parapolitical blog) and Frank Zero (he of ZeroKnight and co-author of Contact), co-hosts of the cult podcast The Farm, reteam once again for this series of essays. Here you will learn how one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in these United States has molded both the counterculture and the Christian right for decades; about the international reach of the most infamous Nazi colony in South America, to say nothing of the arch child rapist who headed it; the secret history of the modern private military industry and its shocking reach into the Trump administration; and the terrifying implications of the RFID chip. Drawing equal inspiration from the synchro-mysticism  and the scholarly deep political histories of Peter Dale Scott and Jeffrey Bale, Recluse and Zero provide a surreal and haunting road map of how we arrived in the Trump era and where we may go from here.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

All Roads Lead To Dark Winter

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During the presidency of George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s, something disturbing unfolded at the U.S.’ top biological warfare research facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland. Specimens of highly contagious and deadly pathogens – anthrax and ebola among them – had disappeared from the lab, at a time when lab workers and rival scientists had been accused of targeted sexual and ethnic harassment and several disgruntled researchers had left as a result.

In addition to missing samples of anthrax, ebola, hanta virus and a variant of AIDS, two of the missing specimens had been labeled “unknown” – “an Army euphemism for classified research whose subject was secret,” according to reports. The vast majority of the specimens lost were never found and an Army spokesperson would later claim that it was “likely some were simply thrown out with the trash.”

An internal Army inquiry in 1992 would reveal that one employee, Lt. Col. Philip Zack, had been caught on camera secretly entering the lab to conduct “unauthorized research, apparently involving anthrax,” the Hartford Courant would later report. Despite this, Zack would continue to do infectious disease research for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and would collaborate with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) throughout the 1990s.

The Courant had also noted that: “A numerical counter on a piece of lab equipment had been rolled back to hide work done by the mystery researcher [later revealed to be Zack], who left the misspelled label ‘antrax’ in the machine’s electronic memory.” The Courant’s report further detailed the extremely lax security controls and chaotic disorganization that then characterized the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) lab in Fort Detrick.

This same lab would, a decade later, be officially labeled as the source of the anthrax spores responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks, attacks which are also officially said to have been the work of a “deranged” USAMRIID researcher, despite initially having been blamed on Saddam Hussein and Iraq by top government officials and mainstream media. Those attacks killed 5 Americans and sickened 17.

Yet, as the investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks unfolded, accusations from major U.S. newspapers soon emerged that the FBI was deliberately sabotaging the probe to protect the Anthrax attacker and that the CIA and U.S. military intelligence had refused to cooperate with the investigation. The FBI did not officially close their investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks, nicknamed “Amerithrax,” until 2010 and aspects of that investigation still remain classified.  (more...)