Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pope Francis creates special Vatican court to try bishops accused of covering up sexual abuse of children

Pope Francis has created a special court to try bishops suspected of covering up the sexual abuse of thousands of children by Catholic priests.

Bishops can be now be tried for failing to protect children from predatory clergy, under the crime of ‘abuse of episcopal office.’

For years, the Vatican has been criticised for failing to punish or forcibly remove a bishop who covered up for clergy who raped or molested children.

Francis has previously been accused of not doing enough to tackle the abuse crisis. This move marks his most significant move yet to hold bishops accountable.

Francis approved proposals made by his specially appointed sexual abuse advisory board which includes British abuse survivor and campaigner Peter Saunders.

Last February, the group said it was focusing on accountability ‘for everyone in the Church — clergy, religious, and laity — who work with minors.’  (more...)

Elsewhere, it doesn't look so hopefull:

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