Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today's radical sex curriculum and the Manitoba Schools Question

Pope Leo XIII
As parent protests against the Liberal government's radical sex curriculum for elementary schools continue, it's worth revisiting the Manitoba Schools Question. The question which goes back to 1890 can help us to better understand the current battle in Ontario schools as parents try to assert their parental rights. Parents are pushing back on a government that wants to force its worldview on family life, marriage and human sexuality. Let's briefly look at some of the historical details of the crisis before talking about the  present.

Following the British North America Act of 1867, also called the Constitution Act, the Manitoba Act of 1870, guaranteed Catholics their own schools. In 1890, Manitoba decided to abolish school funding for Catholic schools. This ended the dual system of Roman Catholic and Protestant schools. It wasn’t until 1897, that the Liberal federal government amended the Schools Act to restore some privileges for Catholic instruction and the hiring of Catholic teachers, but this had to be done in the public system. Catholics lost the direct control of their schools. As a result, Catholic teaching could only take place in Protestant schools that have become today's public schools.  (more...)

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