Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Epoch Times: Michael Chan and the Troubling Thumbprint of the Chinese Communist Party in Canada

Ontario Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and International Trade Michael Chan
TORONTO—A Globe and Mail report that builds on years of coverage by the Epoch Times recounts the story behind Ontario Immigration Minister Michael Chan, who has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

In a bombshell story that includes several incidents previously covered by Epoch Times, Globe reporter Craig Offman writes about Chan’s role as a conduit between Canada and China, and that Chan was the subject of a warning by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service(CSIS) to the Ontario provincial government.

Offman uncovered that Chan was one of two provincial ministers former CSIS director Richard Fadden was referring to in comments made in 2010. Fadden warned that there were provincial ministers under the influence of a foreign regime.

“You invite somebody back to the homeland. You pay [for] their trips and all of a sudden you discover that when an event is occurring that is of particular interest to country X, you call up and you ask the person to take a particular view,” Fadden told CBC.

At the time of his remarks, Fadden was fiercely denounced, sometimes by groups that intelligence experts see as front organizations for the Chinese regime, as revealed by the Epoch Times.  (more...)


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