Monday, June 15, 2015

When it comes to sex "education," parents cannot trust the government

Parents opposed to the radical sex curriculum for Ontario's schools have every right to be concerned about their children's safety. Much of the material is age inappropriate and over-sexualizes children too early. However, what's coming to local schools isn't going away any time soon. This is true for both separate and public schools. Activists in both Catholic and public schools have already begun to implement some of the controversial contents of Ontario's Health and Physical Education 2015 sex curriculum. And in both school systems for the most part they have the approval of trustees, Catholic administrators and the bishops. The boards say they're merely doing what the government wants as it tries to force all schools to teach children a comprehensive sex "education."

Parents can find a lot of this information in the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education. They were published in 2003 and are backed by the Ministry of Health. Why should Canadian parents be worried and aware about the contents of this document? First, the Guidelines are shaping the direction of what children will be taught about human sexuality and the person. Secondly, they don't always tell the truth. Thirdly, there's hardly a mention of the rights of parents.  (more...)

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