Sunday, April 30, 2023

Polish police raid Russian school in Warsaw


Poland Russian Embassy diplomatic school trespassing raid lawlessness Warsaw police goons vandalism

Polish police and city officials have forcibly entered a school run by the Russian embassy in Warsaw after opening the front gate with a crowbar. Russian Ambassador to Warsaw Sergey Andreyev said the break-in was illegal under international law.



Poland Ukraine OUN Nazi film Volhyn ethnic cleansing genocide history war WWII Germany

The eastern limits of Poland were set after WWI along the Curzon line, roughly today's boundary. After Poland's victory over the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War, the boundary was shifted East. Some regions of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire such as Volhyn (the original title of this movie) and Eastern Galicia became de facto Polish, although Poles were a minority; for Volhyn the percentages were 70%, 16% and 10% for Ukrainians, Poles and Jews.

The film begins with a village wedding in Volyn shortly before the outbreak of WWII. The various ethnic groups are seen living in wary mistrust of each other. From conversations we learn that Ukrainians resent their heavy handed treatment by Polish authorities. Use of the Ukrainian language is forbidden or discouraged. Ukrainian schools are being closed. So are Orthodox and Greek Catholic churches, some demolished, others converted to Catholic churches.

In September 1939 the Soviets occupy Volhyn and Eastern Galicia in answer to Hitler's invasion of Poland. In June 1941 the region is overrun and occupied by Nazi troops on their way to invade the Soviet Union. Initially, some Ukrainians welcome the Germans in the belief they would support a free, independent Ukraine, but this hope is soon dashed. Some extreme right wing diehards such as the OUN = Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its paramilitary branch the UPA = Ukrainian Insurgent Army ally themselves with the occupiers and carry out a bloody campaign of ethnic cleansing against Polish and other minorities. This is the backdrop for the story, which centers on the the vicissitudes of bride Hela and sister Zosia during the war.

This film does everything well, including an even handed treatment of controversial history. It is spoken in Polish, Ukrainian and Russian and the subtitles do a good job of identifying each language. It is available in the streaming services under the title Hatred, the name of the novel on which it is based.

Pro-war propagandists try to shut down all dissent


South Africa Canada Ukraine proxy war NATO mainstream media propaganda dissent silencing stenographers narrative control warmongering

Despite near total dominance of the narrative in the media, Canada’s NATO stenographers seem worried. Their reaction to an interview by South Africa’s envoy suggests an understanding that much of the world and many Canadians disagree with them.

In a recent Canadian Press interview South Africa’s High Commissioner to Canada, Rieaz Shaik, criticized Canada’s role in the NATO proxy war. In response to “South Africa envoy urges Ukraine peace talks, says Canada stance on war ‘shocking’”, Andrew Coyne complained that CP interviewed Shaik. The prominent CBC and Globe and Mail commentator tweeted, “not at all clear why CP considers this newsworthy”, which begs the question of why Coyne bothered tweeting about something he considered unnewsworthy. More substantially, CP has published dozens of interviews with US, British, German, Latvian and Polish officials on Ukraine. Why wouldn’t South Africa’s position, especially since it diverges with Ottawa’s, be relevant to Canadians?

An even more irrational response came from the Executive Director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies Kyle Matthews. He complained: “What is shocking is that South Africa’s envoy to Canada is ignoring the UN charter and siding with Russia, the aggressor state.” Yet, the CP quotes Shaik saying, “Let me just say it categorically: South Africa is opposed to the invasion of Ukraine. The violation of the UN Charter is unacceptable to us. The territorial integrity of Ukraine must be maintained.” But for NATO stenographers any deviation from the official line is “siding with Russia”.  (more...)

Pro-war propagandists try to shut down all dissent

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Why Alberta should cut its ties with the RCMP


Canada Alberta RCMP dereliction incompetence police unaccountability crime

Doug Firby explained that the RCMP has an apparent inability to respond to the high levels of rural crime, and Alberta creating their own police force would be a great way for the province to assert more independence from the federal government.

Spot That Nazi!!!


Ukraine Nazi mainstream media indifference normalization Banderites Azov

It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite online game show “Spot That Nazi”, where our contestants try to find the hidden, or not so hidden, Nazi, Banderite, or other associated far far right nutters, self-identifying and photobombing through their ubiquitous NeoNazi tattoos, patches, symbols, flags, shirts, or other regalia, that has become almost a guaranteed prerequisite over the last year in Western MSM photos, vids, and reports on the West-backed Kiev Putsch regime’s military forces in Ukraine.

Our challenge today comes from a recent Reuters report on the Spartan Storm brigade, or SS Brigade (wink wink) one of the 12 new Ukrainian Offensive Guard, or assault brigades, that have been newly and hastily assembled for the Kiev Putsch regime’s much ballyhooed spring offensive.

Reuters interviews the SS brigade stormtrooper "Adolf".

Friday, April 28, 2023

TD Bank On Verge of Collapse, World’s Most Shorted Bank Stock Going From Woke To Broke!!!


Canada TD Bank collapse short selling stock Charles Schwab Wall Street instability

Shorting a stock is when investors make a bet against a particular stock’s performance, causing them to profit when the stock does poorly and TD Bank is currently the most shorted bank stock in the world!

So what is causing some of the worlds smartest investors and largest hedge funds to make a bet on TD’s collapse?

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth looks at the key factors that are putting the demise of TD bank in motion.

Trudeau Boasts About New Subsidized $13.2B Volkswagen EV Battery Plant


Corporate welfare subsidy money laundering Germany VW ecofascism green agenda political correctness EV corruption

Justin Trudeau recently celebrated the announcement of Volkswagen’s new EV battery plant set to be built in St. Thomas, Ont., which is slated to cost taxpayers up to $13.2 billion.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Nova Scotia Mass Shooting - April 23rd, 2023


Canada Nova Scotia mass shooting RCMP anniversary cover-up deception corruption politics dereliction

Nighttime Podcast is joined by Paul Palango and Adam Rodgers for a discussion covering:

  • the third anniversary of the tragic case this series explores
  • another promotion given to one of the many architects of the RCMP’s failure during the killing spree
  • the theft of building materials stolen from the nature park being developed as a memorial to Heather O'Brien and Kristen Beaton

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Canada: The Bloody Wedge Stopping America and Russia from Peace and Partnership


Canada servility British Empire hegemony vassals anti-revolutionaries corruption oligarchy America Russia dominion feudalism

Canada's celebration of Anti-Independence Day

The Ugly Truth of Operation Gladio


NATO Gladio fascism cold war Nazi CIA MI6 Churchill stay behinds terrorism Ukraine

In this episode of the Dirk Pohlmann Show on TNT Radio, Cynthia Chung is invited to discuss NATO's secret army that saw the reconstruction of leading Nazi and Italian fascist killers into leading agencies of Anglo-American intelligence.

The Economic Collapse and Canada


Canada economy collapse war Ukraine inequality globalists corporations plutocracy homelessness inflation instability

Matt Ehret and Yves Engler are asked to explain the reasons for Canada's economic woes and role within the Anglo-American Rules Based international Order. Matters of Canada's inflation, food crisis, homelessness, and systemic banking issues are also discussed.

Red Alert: British Roulette


UK Britain Nord Stream Seymour Hersh sabotage aggression duplicity Ukraine lawlessness imperialism perfidy

In February 2023, Pulitzer-winning journalist Seymour Hersh published a bombshell article claiming that the US orchestrated a covert sea operation to take out the Nord Stream pipelines. Nord Stream 1 pipelines had been providing Germany and Western Europe with Russian gas for more than a decade. The newly constructed Nord Stream 2 hadn’t been running yet. According to Hersh, the US wanted to dissuade Moscow from attacking Ukraine.

While investigations into explosions are ongoing, a number of pundits point a finger at the UK. “Nord Stream 2 had Britain's fingerprints all over it again. It tallies very, very heavily with the leaked documents”, says investigative journalist Keith Clarenberg. He also obtained documents that indicated that British intelligence was planning to blow up the Crimean Bridge.

The new episode of Red Alert explores the UK’s part in sabotage acts against Russian targets and finds an answer to why London spends billions of pounds on supporting Kiev instead of solving its own country’s problems.

The Ghost of Zbigniew Brzezinski and NATO's War Against Russia


Poland Ukraine Zbigniew Brzezinski NATO McKinder geopolitics imperialism British Empire Unipolar Order hegemony oligarchy

A brief review of the geopolitical doctrine of Zbiggy Brzezinski provides insight into what drives NATO's refusal to negotiate an end to the Ukraine war.  The goal is not to secure peace for Ukrainians, but to break up and destroy Russia, with Ukrainians serving as the battering ram.  This was the subject of a conference yesterday in Washington, which presented a blueprint by which a dismantling of the Russian Federation is the precondition for corporate cartels to loot the vast raw material wealth of Russia, while preserving the endangered Unipolar Order.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Earth Disaster Documentary


solar micronova earth disaster galactic magnetic reversal science astrophysics cover-up CIA

This video details the ongoing magnetic pole shift, the earth disaster cycle, and the coming solar micronova - all as part of a galactic magnetic reversal impacting our solar system.

Tucker Carlson Was About To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring Before Being Ousted


Tucker Carlson Fox News firing Rupert Murdoch pedophilia rings blackmail cover-up mainstream media

Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News despite being their most popular star and the highest rating cable news host in history. The firing came just days after Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Corp settled for $787.5 million in the defamation lawsuit with Dominon Voting Systems in which Carlson played a starring role.

Interesting timing. But there is a LOT more to this story.

There is a huge bombshell was about to break, completely vindicating Tucker and proving him right about everything. This bombshell is so powerful that it proves so-called “conspiracy theorists” right about everything, and exposes the Deep State and mainstream media as compromised in the worst possible way.

National Citizens Inquiry - #SolutionsWatch


Canada National Citizens Inquiry COVID vaccines politics witnesses testimonies mandates restrictions vaccines harms injuries

The National Citizens Inquiry is a citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative that is hearing testimony from Canadians and experts examining the nature, the legality and the effects of the Canadian governments' COVID mandates and restrictions.  Today James talks to the volunteer-run inquiry's volunteer communications director, Michelle Leduc Catlin, about the inquiry itself, what it is seeking to accomplish and how Canadians (and people around the world) can support it in its endeavours.

Monday, April 24, 2023

The Black Nobility and The Club of Rome


Black Nobility Club of Rome NATO Aquarian Conspiracy books oligarchy One World Order

Reading from John Coleman and Executive Intelligence Review, contemplating who really runs the world.

NATO and the Club of Rome: The Aquarian command

RCMP involved in targeted murders of Barry and Honey Sherman


Barry Honey Sherman RCMP police murder targeted election lobbyists investigation

The RCMP are involved in the targeted murders of Barry and Honey Sherman. The RCMP became involved the day the Lobbying Commissioner had the RCMP investigate Justin Trudeau’s August 26, 2015 election campaign fundraiser.

Library of Parliament > Research publications > The Federal Lobbying System: The Lobbying Act and the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct:

Under the Lobbyists Registration Act, when staff from the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists received a request or complaint from the general public, media, a member of Parliament or an organization, or when officials of the branch believed there was a possible contravention of the Act or Code, the branch would assemble and review factual evidence to determine whether a formal investigation was warranted. Where there was an indication of a possible contravention of the Act, the matter was turned over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The RCMP started investigating Justin Trudeau and his August 26, 2015 election campaign fundraiser/fundraisers after the Lobbying Commissioner found evidence that federal laws were broken by Mr. Sherman’s contribution to the 2015 election campaign:

“There is basis to conclude that the private interests of (REDACTED) were advanced to a high degree, & that a sense of obligation was created by Mr. Sherman’s contribution to the 2015 election campaign” Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada (OCL)

A Nov 3, 2016 OCL taped recorded interview with Barry Sherman was the primary material evidence OCL used to have the RCMP launch a “full investigation” of Justin Trudeau’s Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser. OCL determined the tape recording provided evidence Justin Trudeau broke federal laws. Apotex filed a lawsuit against the Lobbying Commissioner regarding the Lobbying Commissioner redacting Justin Trudeau’s name in the transcripts of that Nov 3, 2016 taped recorded interview.

The Toronto Police know that the RCMP were involved in the targeted murders of Justin Trudeau’s August 26, 2015 election campaign fundraisers Barry and Honey Sherman. So does the Crown. The Crown sealed the Toronto Police murder investigation files and evidence to protect the suspects who committed the targeted (contracted) murders for Justin Trudeau’s benefit.  (more...)

RCMP involved in targeted murders of Barry and Honey Sherman

Sunday, April 23, 2023

If Lula can call for peace in Ukraine, why not Canada’s left?


Canada Lula Ukraine peace activists proxy war warmongering geopolitics Brazil NDP Green Party silence

Is Lula a pro-Russian “tankie”? Should the Canadian left echo or marginalize his outlook on Ukraine?

Last week Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva called on the US and other countries to “stop supplying weapons and encouraging war” in Ukraine. He said, “the United States needs to stop encouraging war and start talking about peace; the European Union needs to start talking about peace so that we can convince Putin and Zelensky that peace is in the interest of everyone and that war is only interesting, for now, to the two of them.”

The Brazilian president wants to establish a group of like-minded leaders, including India, China and Indonesia, “who want peace, a word that has so far been used very little.” As part of this effort, a top adviser recently traveled to Moscow and Lula spoke with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to test the waters for negotiations. Afterwards Brasilia suggested that ending the war required a commitment that Ukraine would not join NATO and that Crimea would remain under Russian control.

It’s rare for leaders of Canada’s left to suggest that arms donations – Ottawa announced $100 million more in guns and other military support over the past 10 days – are fueling the fighting. Even fewer prominent leftists have blamed Canada’s push for NATO expansion as contributing to provoking the conflict while raising the specter of territorial concessions is heresy.  (more...)

If Lula can call for peace in Ukraine, why not Canada’s left?

Military pays propagandists to call dissenters ‘Russian propagandists’


Ukraine NORAD NATO Canada military propaganda stigmatization marginalization narrative control dissent smearing

Opposing military spending, NORAD and NATO is not an endorsement of Russian violence in Ukraine. But, in the current climate, many are seeking to frame it as such.

On the 74th anniversary of NATO’s formation Mouvement Québécois pour la Paix (MQP) organized a protest in front of CBC/Radio Canada’s offices in Montréal. One self-described progressive labeled the April 4 rally against the alliance “a pro-Russian demonstration of 30 people.” But three years before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine MQP organized its first march to mark the 70th anniversary of NATO.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established largely to blunt the European left and help the North America elite rule the world. Through NATO’s mutual assistance program in the 1950s Canada provided large amounts of weaponry to European colonial powers suppressing independence movements in Africa and Asia. Over the past quarter century Canada has contributed to many NATO missions including wars in Serbia, Afghanistan and Libya. Canada’s push to expand NATO – including assisting with the overthrow of an elected Ukrainian president opposed to joining the alliance – contributed to precipitating the ongoing horrors in Ukraine.

A recent report published jointly by the University of Regina Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Data and Conflict, University of Maryland College of Information Studies and Toronto-based Digital Public Square provides academic weight to the notion that criticizing NATO is to support Russia’s war. Covered in the Globe and Mail, New York Times, Regina Leader Post and elsewhere, “Enemy of my Enemy: Russian Weaponization of Canada’s Far Left and Far Right to Undermine Support to Ukraine” suggests that “far left” NATO critics on social media are Kremlin stooges. In an article about the report headlined “The Russian propagandists amongst us”, National Post columnist Terry Glavin labels me “among the most prominent pro-Putin apologists in the western world”.  (more...)

Military pays propagandists to call dissenters ‘Russian propagandists’

Ukraine, calm before the storm. EU grain debacle


Ukraine CIA geopolitics destabilization proxy war economic warfare exploitation division EU European Union geopolitics subjugation duplicity

The game is destabilization of Slavic countries

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Tyranny In Essex County: Council RUNS AWAY & Cancels Meetings Because MANY, MANY Anti-NWO Opponents


Canada Essex County Council tyranny NWO freedom accountability 15 minute cities technocracy ecofascism

Public officials learning to fear their constituency more than their NWO benefactors

WWII & Holocaust Could Never Have Happened Without American Corporations Investing & Joint Venturing with Hitler’s Nazi Germany


WWII holocaust Anglo-American corporations investment finance Nazi Germany Hitler history books

Impossibility of a Prostate Disarmed and Captive Nazi Germany Rearming Itself While Under British and French Armed Enforcement of Prohibitions of Versailles Treaty Law

The Treaty of Versailles that ended the First World War forced reduction of the strength of the German army from 4,500,000 in 1918 to 100,000. Its navy was not to exceed 15,000 men, including manning for the fleet, coast defenses, signal stations, administration, and other land services. Heavy weapons armored vehicles, submarines and capital ships were forbidden, as were aircraft of any kind. Compliance with these restrictions was monitored until 1927 by the Military Inter-Allied Commission of Control.

In Germany, 1918 to 1929 was a already a time of low economic growth and mass unemployment. The Wall Street Crash during the autumn of 1929 had grave consequences for Germany. German unemployment brought suffering to 20 million people. All over Germany there were people desperate for money to feed, clothe and house their families. Many homeless were camping out in the parks of Berlin.

Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933,  just three years and three months after the worldwide calamity of the US Stock Market Crash of October 29, 1929.

There is simply no way an impoverished and utterly demilitarized Nazi Germany, with no air force, a tiny navy, no armored vehicles, no heavy weapons and a tiny army, could have on its own, built its armed forces up to the most powerful military in the world during the first six years of Hitler’s rule without the colossal and crucial investments in, and joint venturing by, powerful US corporations in low wage Nazi Germany in outright evasion of the Versailles Treaty prohibition of German rearmament. There is no way Hitler could have begun a world war and a multi-nation Holocaust, when he did, without the mega enormous financial and technical help he received from the United States of America. England and France cooperated, especially in allowing the abandonment of the prohibitions on German rearmament, while Western media defended the building up of Nazi Germany’s military as only a ‘bulwark’ against the Soviet Union.  (more...)

WWII & Holocaust Could Never Have Happened Without American Corporations Investing & Joint Venturing with Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Nazi monument at Swiss cemetery sparks controversy


Chur Switzerland cemetery Nazi monument soldiers glorification propaganda history WWII controversy scandal

For decades the huge monolithic block of granite in the middle of the cemetery in the Swiss town of Chur was ignored by passers-by; no one seemed to know quite what it was.

But the 13-tonne (13,000kg) stone monument that dwarfs the nearby gravestones is now causing controversy - and embarrassment.

Research by a local journalist has revealed links to Nazi Germany, and to neutral Switzerland's own awkward relations with its World War Two neighbours.

Chur's cemetery is in the centre of town. Many people, like radio journalist Stefanie Hablützel, pass it every day on the way to work or out shopping.

Nowadays the monument at the cemetery, untended, is covered in moss. The engravings on it are difficult to discern.

"At first sight it looks like a war memorial," says Stefanie, pointing out some faint lettering: "1914 - 1918; hier ruhen deutsche Soldaten… here lie German soldiers."

Why, though, would German soldiers be buried here?

In fact, thousands of wounded prisoners of war, French and British as well as German, were treated and interned in Switzerland during World War One. Some died from their injuries, others during the 1918 flu pandemic.

But Chur's monument was not built until 1938. "That's 20 years after these men died," says Stefanie. "It wasn't built to mourn these dead soldiers, it was built for propaganda reasons, for the Nazi regime."

Swiss historian, Martin Bucher, explains that, as the Nazis grew in power in Germany, their propaganda involved cult-like worship of their war dead. In the 1930s the German War Graves Commission became part of Hitler's propaganda machine. Its task, to create visible signs of Nazi power in Germany's neighbours as well as at home.  (more...)

Nazi monument at Swiss cemetery sparks controversy

Charlottesville torch marchers face criminal charges six years later


Charlottesville Nazi white supremacy far-right violence crime hate racism felony prosecution torch marchers

Nearly six years after an infamous far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, three demonstrators have been indicted on felony counts.

The men are charged with burning an object with the intent to intimidate.

Hundreds of protesters carrying torches marched at the start of the "Unite the Right" rally in August 2017.

The events brought together far-right and white-nationalist groups. One protester was killed in the violence that followed.

The men were named in court documents as William Zachary Smith of Texas, Tyler Bradley Dykes of South Carolina, and Dallas Medina of Ohio.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison.

The three men were indicted by a grand jury in February, but court records were only unsealed this week.

"These indictments were issued as part of a criminal investigation that is active and ongoing," the Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said in a statement.

It is unclear how many people will eventually face charges, and local prosecutors declined to comment further when contacted Wednesday.  (more...)

Charlottesville torch marchers face criminal charges six years later

Friday, April 21, 2023

B’nai Brith calls on Canadian government to release files on Nazi war criminals


Canada Nazi war criminals cover-up immigration ratlines unaccountability redaction secrecy holocaust

B’nai Brith Canada called on the Canadian government to finally release its archive of historical documents about Nazi war criminals residing in the country.

As the world observes Holocaust Remembrance Day, B’nai Brith made the request while testifying before a parliamentary committee. The advocacy organization also urged the government to create a public archive of Holocaust records.

David Matas, B’nai Brith Canada’s Senior Legal Counsel, along with two members of B’nai Brith’s Matas Law Society, pressed the government to treat the issue with urgency.

Explaining why action is needed immediately, Matas and the Law Society’s Michael Wenig submitted Bn’ai Brith’s position on the matter before the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics on Tuesday.

“We must remember the victims of the Holocaust,” Matas said. “We must also not forget their murderers. While the murderers are alive, that means bringing them to justice. Once they are gone, it means providing public access to the record of their atrocities.”

B’nai Brith also called on the government to release unredacted copies of other reports regarding Nazi war criminals residing in the country. Wenig called the period a “dark stain” on Canada’s history.  (more...)

B’nai Brith calls on Canadian government to release files on Nazi war criminals

Governments are Grooming our Kids


Canada Ontario politics government political parties Conservatives education grooming gay agenda corruption abuse sex trafficking youth omerta John Baird mafia organized crime LGBTQ blackmail

Learn the most guarded secrets of how and why our political parties have been grooming and abusing our youth for decades. There is much more to come.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Liberals’ controversial ‘Online Streaming Act’ could soon become law


Canada censorship politics legislation C-11 internet Nazi narrative control social engineering totalitarianism | MORE:

The Liberal Party of Canada could soon have its controversial censorship legislation — Bill C-11 — enacted into law. As guest host Tamara Ugolini explains, the legislation is likely to have a chilling effect on freedom of speech in Canada.

The Nova Scotia Mass Shooting - April 16th, 2023


Canada RCMP Nova Scotia mass shooting cover-up books incompetence commission inquiry class action report corruption dissatisfaction

Nighttime podcast is joined by Paul Palango and Adam Rodgers for a discussion covering:

  • the current status of the RCMP in Canada
  • how the public inquiry may influence the upcoming class action suit against the RCMP
  • what comes next in the battle to have government take action on the recommendations in the final report by the mass casualty commission.

'15 Minute City' coming to Ottawa: enjoy your bike ride in the snow


Canada Ottawa 15 Minute City climate lockdown concentration camp fascism ecofascism neofeudalism travel restrictions

With the 15 Minute City concept coming soon to an Ottawa neighbourhood, David Menzies and Tamara Ugolini are hoping residents enjoy their bike rides in the snow.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

'Slap in the face': Freeland's Disney Plus comment made her a villain, records show


Canada finance minister Chrystia Freeland villain outrage ditz clueless budget politics obliviousness foot in mouth

Once upon a time, Chrystia Freeland attempted to relate to Canadians' cost-of-living concerns with a personal anecdote — and it didn't produce a fairy-tale ending.

"I personally, as a mother and wife, look carefully at my credit card bill once a month, and last Sunday I said to the kids, 'You're older now. You don't watch Disney anymore. Let's cut that Disney Plus subscription,'" Freeland told Global News in an interview that aired on Nov. 6.

She went on to say: "I believe that I need to take exactly the same approach with the federal government's finances, because that's the money of Canadians."

Maybe Freeland meant to show that managing a $430-billion budget is not all that different from handling a household one.

But as word of the clip spread throughout the land, and was viewed nearly a million times in just a couple of days, so did outrage.

Emails sent to her office and obtained by The Canadian Press under access-to-information law show that Freeland's attempt to connect with Canadians made her a villain to thousands.  (more...)

'Slap in the face': Freeland's Disney Plus comment made her a villain, records show

Poland is Honduras


Poland death squads mercenaries logistics Ukraine proxy war Europe destabilization neofeudalism hegemony Russophobia

CIA base of operations in Europe

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Credit Suisse limited investigations into Nazi-linked accounts, Senate Committee alleges


banks Credit Suisse ratlines Nazi accounts cover-up Argentina

Credit Suisse has come under fire for neglecting to fully investigate accusations that the bank had serviced Nazi clients and Nazi-linked accounts until as recently as 2020, according to a new US Senate committee investigation.

According to a press release from the Senate Budget Committee on Tuesday, which was also Holocaust Remembrance Day in the United States, Credit Suisse fired an independent Ombudsperson who oversaw a vast internal review and restricted the scope of its internal investigations. This left significant gaps in the forensic search for Nazi-linked records, the Senate Committee stated.

The bipartisan Senate investigation follows a March 2020 report by the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) that linked Credit Suisse accounts to a list of 12,000 Nazis in Argentina. Credit Suisse said at the time that an independent commission of experts had already thoroughly investigated the bank, but said it would look into the matter again.

In a statement on Tuesday, however, Credit Suisse said that they had conducted a two-year investigation into the claims made by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and found that "investigators found no evidence to support the SWC's allegations" about Nazi-linked bank accounts.

The bank said that a team of up to 50 professionals from independent consulting firm AlixPartners spent more than 50,000 hours investigating the matter using the bank's archives and databases.

The new Senate investigation centers around allegations made by Neil Barofsky, a lawyer from Jenner & Block hired in June 2021 to serve as an Ombudsperson and oversee the review of the bank's potential links to Nazi accounts.

Barofsky claims that the bank did not fully investigate links to Nazi supporters or the possibility that the bank may have financed escape routes used by Nazis, known as ratlines, to flee to other countries after the war.  (more...)

Credit Suisse limited investigations into Nazi-linked accounts, Senate Committee alleges

Federal Government Must Release Documents on Nazi War Criminals in Canada


Canada Nazi war criminals censorship redaction reports release documents history accountability

As the world remembers the six-million Jews who perished in the Holocaust on Yom HaShoah, B’nai Brith representatives urged the release of historical documents about Nazi war criminals in Canada and the creation of a public archive of Holocaust records before a parliamentary committee today.

David Matas, B’nai Brith Canada’s Senior Legal Counsel and two members of B’nai Brith’s Matas Law Society, Michael Wenig and David Rosenfeld, collaborated extensively in pressing the Government to address this urgent issue. Today, Matas and Wenig appeared before the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics to present our organization’s submission.

“We must remember the victims of the Holocaust,” Matas said. “We must also not forget their murderers.  While the murderers are alive, that means bringing them to justice.  Once they are gone, it means providing public access to the record of their atrocities.”

B’nai Brith also would like the Government to release the Deschênes Commission Part II report and an unredacted copy of the Rodal report, as well as other similar documents. The reports contain information about Canada’s history relating to Nazi war criminals.  (more...)

Federal Government Must Release Documents on Nazi War Criminals in Canada

Canadians Are Organizing a Citizen-Led Inquiry to Seek Accountability for COVID Crimes


Canada COVID crime accountability citizens National Citizens Inquiry

The word is getting out that almost nothing is true about what governments and legacy media have been telling us concerning the COVID-19 disaster. Moreover, all the imposed remedies, but especially the global lockdowns and the gene-modifying injection procedures, are resulting in absolutely catastrophic effects whose full scale is basically still unfathomable in these increasingly apocalyptic times.

So far the world’s eight billion habitants have received about 14 billion shots collectively. Many will recognize that this worldwide jab fest is not good news at all. It is very bad news with enormous consequences for all of humanity and our posterity as well.

The governments of almost every one of the world’s 192 countries came up with similar sets of bad policies that have been doing the lion’s share of the damage constituting the manufactured COVID crisis. The simultaneous similarity of these consistently destructive policies indicate that some supranational initiative above the level of nation states has been mobilized to orchestrate our ongoing descent into tyranny. This descent kicked into high gear in the winter of 2020, but especially after the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic without sufficient credible evidence.

Hence the imperative of thinking globally while acting locally is absolutely apt right now when it comes to developing the collective muscle we need to stop the horrific continuing predations.

Here and there citizens are organizing to initiate our own public inquiries into the genesis of the disaster we are living through. In Canada there is a “citizen-led inquiry” presently underway. The mission of the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) is to investigate “Canada’s COVID-19 responses.” To advance this mission, a cross-country tour of citizen-appointed NCI Commissioners is underway.  (more...)

Canadians Are Organizing a Citizen-Led Inquiry to Seek Accountability for COVID Crimes

Trudeau’s foreign policy feminist-washes corporate Canada


Canada mining extractive industry abuse women feminism hypocrisy deception politics

The Liberals’ “progressive” foreign policy claims are essentially all lies.

A recent Globe and Mail investigation confirms the toothless nature of Justin Trudeau’s promised corporate ombudsperson. According to Hollow Core, the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE) has yet to complete a single investigation of a company accused of abuses abroad. This despite the Globe finding Canadian firms responsible for “more than 50 instances in 30 countries in the past five years … of alleged human-rights abuses.”

Prior to their 2015 election the Liberals promised to establish an independent ombudsperson to curtail international mining abuses. But Justin Trudeau’s government waited nearly four years to announce CORE and two more years passed before it started taking cases. More importantly, the government failed to provide CORE with sufficient power to properly investigate companies’ abuses. And even if it does, the ombudsperson has little power to restrict public support for firms found responsible for egregious violations. The best it can do is act like an advisor to the trade minister.

As part of the Mining Association of Canada’s bid to thwart serious regulation, the ombudsperson’s mandate was broadened beyond the extractive sector. While this may have some superficial appeal, the demand for an ombudsperson was part of challenging a predatory government-assisted mining industry.

The Globe reveals how an ombudsperson promoted to curtail an epidemic of Canadian mining abuses in the Global South has morphed into a tool to assist Washington in its bid to contain China’s rise. Reportedly, 13 of 15 cases brought to CORE have to do with forced labour in the Xinjiang region of China.  (more...)

Trudeau’s foreign policy feminist-washes corporate Canada

Monday, April 17, 2023

Dangerous Ukrainian Grain Flooding Europe


Europe Ukraine agriculture grain contamination hazards harms pesticides EU Poland

It seems that European countries are going to pay for their attempts to profit on cheap Ukrainian grain, which, instead of feeding the starving African countries, is being transferred to quite well-fed Europe. Ukrainian grain has already brought farmers in Eastern Europe to the brink of bankruptcy, it also turned out that it is dangerous for its consumers.

On April 13, the Slovak authorities banned the processing and sale of Ukrainian grain and flour made from it on the territory of the country. The Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of Slovakia stated that it found multiple excess of the maximum permissible concentration of pesticides.

In a 1.5 thousand tons batch of wheat from Ukraine, which was sent for threshing, “the presence of a pesticide that is not allowed in the EU and has a negative impact on human health was confirmed.” The Minister of Agriculture of Slovakia explained that three independent accredited laboratories confirmed the increased content of pesticide residues.

In the near future, the authorities intend to collect samples of all Ukrainian grain and flour stored in Slovakia.

The study in Slovakia confirmed the statements of the Polish Minister of Agriculture, who has already warned that Ukraine supplies grain of dubious quality to Europe.  (more...)

Dangerous Ukrainian Grain Flooding Europe

What German women did while their husbands were at war


Germany feminism women war history war crimes scandal degradation polygamy depravity

History of wars and crimes


Warmaking is Canada’s feminist foreign policy


Canada feminists war Ukraine  EU NATO von der Leyen  Chrystia Freeland Germany propaganda gender ideology military

To mark International Women’s Day, the Trudeau government hosted Ursula von der Leyen, the first female President of the European Commission, with a martial welcome to Canada. The EU President’s visit was a public relations exercise that strategically deployed women and feminist tropes to bolster public and political support for Canada’s continued weapons shipments to Ukraine and the Canada/US/NATO war against Russia.

President von der Leyen who was previously German’s Defence Minister began her trip by inspecting the troops at the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston. With tanks as props in the background, von der Leyen and Prime Minister Trudeau held a joint press conference on the base. The EU President pressed Canada to scale up ammunition production and send more weapons to Ukraine until it “prevails.” Trudeau replied by confirming his “unwavering” support.

The Prime Minister also announced an extension to Canada’s Operation UNIFIER, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)’s mission that has provided combat training to over 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers since 2015, which von der Leyen lauded. The leaders did not mention that these Canadian-trained and armed Ukrainian soldiers have injured and killed thousands of Russian-speaking minorities in the eastern Donbas region over the past eight years according to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine.

During the press conference at the military base, Prime Minister Trudeau pointed out that he was accompanied by his “strong female leaders”: Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Defence Minister Anita Anand and Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly who sat together in the front row. These three high-profile women have become the charm offensive promoting Canada’s war effort in Ukraine.

Back in Ottawa, President von der Leyen gave a speech to a packed House of Commons. She praised the women fighting in the Ukrainian military and the women serving in the Canadian military as Chief of Defence Staff Wayne Eyre approvingly looked down from the gallery. The EU President ended by calling on parliamentarians to ensure “steadfast military and economic support” for Ukraine.

Members of Parliament and senators gave Europe’s top female militarist a standing ovation and applauded her speech on social media. On Twitter, the Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Liberal MP Marci Ien, called von der Leyen a “trailblazing figure”. Green Party leader Elizabeth May described the EU President’s speech as “amazing” and NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Heather McPherson called it excellent for highlighting “respect for human rights and women’s rights.” Yet, Ien, May and McPherson overlooked von der Leyen’s duplicity and persistent demand for more weapons to the disastrous war in Ukraine.

In the evening, the Prime Minister held a wine and cheese reception for the EU President with parliamentarians and dignitaries at the War Museum. On a stage with a fighter jet mounted overhead, Trudeau and von der Leyen talked about their shared values and support of Ukraine. She asserted without irony that the world cannot be based on “the right of might” though she has been urging Canada and other allies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to increase ammunition production and is leading the remilitarization of the EU.

Over the past year, Canada together with transatlantic allies have provided over $113 billion in military and financial aid to Ukraine to fight Russia. Yet, not once on her two-day visit to Canada did von der Leyen or Prime Minister Trudeau mention the need for a ceasefire, a diplomatic resolution or a peace plan to end the war raging in Europe. Instead, for International Women’s Day, the Trudeau government purposefully marshalled the EU’s top female leader to promote more weapons and prolong a war.  (more...)

Warmaking is Canada’s feminist foreign policy

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Photojournalist takes on RCMP in fight for press freedom


Canada RCMP journalism censorship press freedom tyranny oppression violation of rights false arrest lawsuit

On a cold February afternoon Amber Bracken is fixing herself a latte in the comfort of her Edmonton home. The award-winning photojournalist then plops down at her office desk to catch up on edits and outstanding work assignments. Nothing about this routine, apart from the journalist sitting at her table to document it, appears out of the ordinary.

But Bracken has just returned from Vancouver after filing a civil lawsuit against one of the most powerful institutions in the country — the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Bracken, alongside environmental outlet The Narwhal, are suing the RCMP for violating their Charter rights when Bracken was arrested and detained while on assignment for the Narwhal in November of 2021. Bracken had been embedded with Wet’suwet’en land defenders at a Coastal GasLink pipeline resistance camp in so-called Northern B.C. She was arrested alongside filmmaker Michael Toledano — on assignment for the CBC — and Wet’suwet’en land defenders, then driven hundreds of kilometers away and jailed for almost five days.

“You would be naive to not realize that you're the David in a David and Goliath situation,” she muses between sips of coffee.

“They (RCMP) have all the force of the government and all their lawyers and effectively bottomless pockets on their side. But I think we have the truth on our side.”

It's a strange feeling, she says, because she’s not used to the international attention her arrest and subsequent lawsuit has garnered. She prefers to do what she does best, staying behind the camera shooting award-winning photographs for some of the biggest media organizations in the world.

“I’m not a very public person. I'm not given to putting myself (out there), even on social media. I'm uncomfortable with it,” she laughs nervously, before acknowledging that she has a stubborn streak. Suing was what she felt she had to do.

The Narwhal and I thought long and hard about this. None of us want to be distracted from the work of journalism, none of us want to be dragged into a multi-year, expensive legal battle with the RCMP. But we came to the realization that if this isn’t furthered in the courts, it’s not going to change. And so, (suing) became the only choice.”  (more...)

Photojournalist takes on RCMP in fight for press freedom

Viral clip of Trudeau vs. pro-life PPC supporter shows double standards of "right to choose" stance


Trudeau prolife right to choose evasion PPC Maxime Bernier rape transgender gender ideology prison hypocrisy women

David Menzies discussed a viral clip of a People's Party of Canada supporter confronting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about his pro-choice position, during Trudeau's visit to the University of Manitoba. David broke down the inconsistencies in Trudeau's argument, including promoting "the right to choose."

Whitney Webb: EXPOSES Jamie Dimon's Shady Epstein Connections


JP Morgan Chase banking Wall Street Jamie Dimon Jeffrey Epstein CIA Lesley Wexner finance British Virgin Islands lawsuit sex trafficking politics

Jamie Dimon, head of JPMorgan Chase, will be deposed under oath in a case related to Jeffrey Epstein, according to new reports. Lawyers for the bank had fought like hell to prevent this from happening. What does Dimon know? What did the bank do for Epstein? What dirty secrets lay behind this deposition? We speak to journalist Whitney Webb who has been following this case closely.


The Rise of Jamie Dimon

Ukrainian strike during Easter service leaves one dead, six injured in Donetsk


Ukraine Donetsk Cathedral shelling Easter war crimes worshipers civilians injured dead bestiality Nazi

One person was killed and another six injured as Kiev targeted Donetsk's main cathedral, full of worshippers during an Orthodox Easter service. We hear from eyewitnesses, who described the terrifying attack.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

$150,000 lawsuit launched against RCMP after excavators sabotaged during Coutts blockade


Canada Coutts blockade RCMP lawsuit excavators sabotage oppression crime unaccountability goons | Follow this story and help fund their legal efforts!

Syd Fizzard reports on a $150,000 lawsuit that has been launched against the RCMP in Alberta after a trio of excavators were sabotaged by officers during the Coutts blockade.

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Russia probes claim Ukrainians harvested POWs’ organs


Ukraine organ harvesting medicine military proxy war NATO Nazi Bandera POWs crime

Russia is investigating a video in which a person claiming to be a Ukrainian military surgeon implies that he was involved in the extraction of organs from Russian prisoners of war (POWs). The alleged surgeon also stated he participated in the sale of those organs on the black market.

The head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Aleksandr Bastrykin, has ordered a probe into the video footage that went viral on Russian social media this week, the agency said in a statement on Thursday.

The roughly minute-long clip appears to show a heated TeleLink exchange between “Vladimir Vasilievich,” a man claiming to be a Ukrainian field medic, and somebody he branded as a “Rashist … blogger,” using a pejorative word for “Russian.”

The recording was partially redacted but ‘Vladimir’s interlocutor appears to taunt him before the self-described field surgeon makes his claims, presumably asking his subject about whether he’d amputated the legs of Ukrainian soldiers.

I mostly cut off the legs of your pigs, also their arms and eyes. Do you know how much grannies in Germany pay for [eyes]?” he responded.  (more...)

Russia probes claim Ukrainians harvested POWs’ organs