Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Alison Saunders should be sacked – for the Janner case, and for her absurd views on rape

Dutiful Political Puppet?
I am a victim of rape. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before. But that’s probably because I never thought of myself as a victim. Until now. The crime happened years ago in my early twenties when, after a drunken night out, I ended up in bed with a man and we had sex.

We had been kissing but I didn’t particularly want to have sex with him and I think I told him that – although we were both pretty drunk so I’m not completely sure if I did or even if he heard me. Either way, we ended up having sex and I woke the next morning with a sore head and plenty of regrets. Back then, I (like many other women) put the whole evening down to experience. Stuff happens, move on.

Today though, according to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, I am a rape victim and that drunken horny bloke is an alleged rapist. Even though neither of us thinks a crime has taken place, Ms Saunders is adamant that she wants justice to be done in the wake of every drunken sexual encounter that turns sour the morning after the night before.

She has instructed the Crown Prosecution Service that unless a man can prove a woman has consented, and unless he can be sure that she was not too drunk to give that consent, then he is effectively guilty of rape until proven innocent in a court of law.

Yet this is the very same Ms Saunders who yesterday defended her decision not to prosecute former MP Greville Janner, 86, on 22 serious child abuse charges involving nine victims because, it is claimed, the Labour peer is incapacitated by advanced dementia, despite no court assessment of his health ever having taken place.  (more...)

And what about Janner's other enables, collaborators, and protectors:

In Canada, why can't well-connected perverts ever be prosecuted?

Who may we have learned that trick from?

What were you up to in Canada, Sir Peter?

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