Thursday, November 30, 2023

Zelensky was not even the highest bidder


Canada Ukraine free trade agreement economy hesitancy resistance corruption politics Justin Trudeau Zelensky money laundering

So Dear friends from Canada, your PM has done exactly what his masters told him to

Ukraine THREATENS Poland over border blockade, MP receive death threats


Poland Ukraine dumping truckers farmers blockade mafia gangs death threats oligarchy corruption EU

Poland is done being a go-between for Ukraine and the rest of the world and paying the price. Farmers have blocked the border at multiple crossings to keep them from flooding the market with their cheaper grain, which has harmed Polish farmers. A Polish MP has said that Ukrainian gangs have made threats of violence over these blockades.

Organization running Ontario-government backed Nazi propaganda bus tour aided Ukrainian Nazi’s army medical section


Canada Ontario education Ukraine Nazi holodomor myth indoctrination propaganda organ harvesting war NATO

Ontario’s Minister of Education proudly announced yesterday that the government will be mandating Holodomor ‘education’ of Grade 10 students starting in 2025, to indoctrinate students through a “Canadian History” class to “understand the perils of communism” and embrace ‘democratic values’.

The Ontario government is also giving a $400 000 CAD grant to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation to support the CUF’s Holodomor bus tour. Yet the phrasing by the Ontario government phrases this funding as if it’s a big new step forward. In reality, this bus tour was funded by both the Ontario government led by Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives, and the Canadian government. The Canadian government’s support came between 2017 and 2020, while the Ontario government’s support in fact began in 2015, not 2017. This Nazi propaganda bus tour is run by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, whose COO trained Ukrainian Nazis, and which gave a $300 000+ CAD grant to a Ukrainian Nazi’s medical battalion this year.

The Nazi myth of the famine in the USSR as both being an intentional attack on Ukrainians, and that Ukrainians were the worst off within the USSR because of the tragic, but not intentional famine, are both anti-communist lies. This is why this author rejects the idea of the “Holodomor”, as it represents the Nazi myth.  (more...)

Organization running Ontario-government backed Nazi propaganda bus tour aided Ukrainian Nazi’s army medical section

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

How to Smell Occult Intelligence Agencies Behind the UFO Psyop?


UFO psychological operations occult social control predictive programming Hollywood aliens religion Scientology freemasonry mafia oligarchy Mazzini Pike Luciferianism Satanism Rockefeller

Charlie Robinson chats with Matthew Ehret about his new film series 'The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs' and the reasons why Matt and Cynthia decided to make this new series. What does the occult, secret societies, and intelligence operations have to do with the psychological battleground of 20th century mindwars, how is this tied to the rise of the UFO mythos, and how does all of this relate to ancient mystery cults?

The Sunday Night Show - Nov 26th, 2023 - The Onslow Belmont Firehall Shooting Reinvestigation


Canada RCMP Nova Scotia mass shooting cover-up investigation politics crime corruption Onslow Belmont Firehall SIRT scandal whitewash police

Nighttime Podcast is joined by investigative journalist Paul Palango and legal analyst Adam Rodgers to discuss Canadian stories of crime, corruption, and items of public interest.

In this episode we discuss the recently announced re-investigation into the Onslow Belmont Firehall shooting of April 2020.

Nazi claims against former Winnipeg Art Gallery director lead to calls for recognizing Canada’s past


Canada Winnipeg Art Gallery Nazi director Ferdinand Eckhardt scandal history cover-up

An anti-fascist scholar says Canadian institutions must reconcile their possible Nazi pasts after revelations about a former Winnipeg Art Gallery director.

New evidence published earlier this month about Ferdinand Eckhardt, who was at the helm of the WAG for 21 years, suggests he was a strong Nazi supporter.

Helmut-Harry Loewen, a scholar and former sociology instructor at the University of Winnipeg, says he was “blown away” by Conrad Sweatman’s Nov. 9 article in the Walrus.

“It became clear then that some of my initial suspicions were on the mark,” said Loewen, who called Eckhardt a respected leader in the Canadian arts community.

Loewen says evidence presented in the article proves Eckhardt was a Nazi supporter, such as his writings being published in well-known Nazi newspapers.

But the irrefutable evidence, according to Loewen, is the public vow of allegiance to Adolf Hitler signed by Eckhardt and 87 prolific German writers. Eckhardt’s name is next to writer Gottfried Benn, who Loewen says was a well-known Nazi sympathizer.

“This was a very interesting document to me,” said Loewen. “Not just anybody was able to sign that document, you had to have some standing.

“These are all indicators, and this is the crux of the matter. You can call Ferdinand Eckhardt a ‘fellow traveler’ or a ‘sympathizer’ with Hitler. There’s no question he was that. It goes deeper. He was an ideologically committed fascist who was a faithful servant to the genocidally racist Nazi regime.”  (more...)

Nazi claims against former Winnipeg Art Gallery director lead to calls for recognizing Canada’s past

Criminalizing Palestine Solidarity


Canada Zionism police brutality Palestine solidarity oppression targeting racism censorship Israel genocide violence

On Talking foreign policy: an internationalist perspective on Canada’s role abroad, Yves Engler interviews longtime activist John Clarke about the police targeting Palestine solidarity activism. Clarke discusses the many examples of individuals being dismissed from jobs, intimidated and smeared for opposing Israel's slaughter in Gaza.

Palestine solidarity under attack in Canada

Heather Reisman

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

How the Nazis didn't Lose the War


Germany Nazi oligarchy Russel Tavistock Hitler Hjalmar Schacht Montague Norman conspiracy history monarchy London Venice

In this episode of Connecting the Dots with Matt Ehret on TNT Radio, Uwe Alschner is invited to discuss his research on the British intelligence control of Adolph Hitler, and the insidious relationship of Montague Norman and Hjalmar Schacht. The role of City of London financiers and unreconstructed Nazis is explored during and after the Cold War

GUEST OVERVIEW: Dr Uwe Alschner is a German journalist, historian, management consultant, and certified “Big Five for Life” coach and trainer. He has over twenty years of experience in advising and supporting managers and decision-makers from politics and business.

The Tavistock-Hitler Connection

The 'Norman' connection - Not just Hitler was handled by Anglo-American Oligarchs, who went on to have 'family' destroy East German Industry. And more.

How to Smell a British Hand in Ukraine and the Middle East


Ukraine British London oligarchy war delusion narrative control geopolitics hidden hand NATO neocons history globalists

Alex Krainer talks to Matt Ehret on TNT Radio's Connecting the Dots about British intelligence operations manipulating the USA, Israel and Ukraine through the past 70 years.

GUEST OVERVIEW: Alex Krainer has worked as a market analyst, researcher, trader and hedge fund manager for over 25 years. He is the creator of I-System Trend Following, publisher of daily TrendCompass reports covering over 200 financial and commodity markets and contributing editor at ZeroHedge. His views and opinions are not always for polite society but they are always expressed in sincere pursuit of true knowledge and clear understanding of stuff that matters.

What NATO learned in Ukraine

The Paperclip Conspiracy: the French Connection


Synarchy France Germany fascism Nazi science technology deception technocracy hidden hand conspiracy war slavery reparations secrecy cover-up greed exploitation

The ugly technocratic connection between Synarchy and the Nazis

Monday, November 27, 2023

Message from Inka Fuellmich


Eriner Fuellmich Germany COVID malicious prosecution arrest lawfare crime fascism ICIC captivity incarceration

Dear all

This is my story.

Arrival at Tijuana airport

On October 12, Reiner and I flew to Tijuana to pick up our passports and visas. This has been arranged by the consulate. We were supposed to be met at the airport by the consul. Here's what happened:

I happen to be sitting in the second row at the front.

So I get off the plane pretty quickly.

There are 6 uniformed men right at the gate.

Four men from the National Guard and two from the immigration authorities.

They let me pass almost unnoticed.

I have the crazy hope that it can't be us. Maybe someone with drugs or something similar.

I stand a little to one side and wait. My heart in my throat.

My husband was sitting at the back. Nothing can happen, I think.

We are safe here.

We have an appointment with the consul directly at the airport. Everything has been officially reported and planned.

As soon as he steps out of the gate, the uniformed men start moving, seem to have a photo of him.

They walk towards him and I know,

Nothing is the same now.

Now it's happened.

There's nothing I can do.

They all come to me together and we are led wordlessly into the immigration office. We wait.

I just manage to make one more phone call before a man says: "There's something wrong with your visa, we're taking you to the main office now.

Our explanations that we should get new passports here and that everything is in order are not of interest.

With blue lights and a second escort vehicle, we are taken through the traffic jam to the other end of the city, where they are already waiting for us.

All personal belongings are taken from us without explanation. As well as fingerprints and signatures on several papers in Spanish. No interpreter.

We ask to call the embassy, a last attempt to clarify the situation.

The call confirms that nothing is happening here by chance.

A interpreter arrives and explains that there is a problem in Germany. They would take my husband to Mexico City immediately and he would fly from there to Germany.

There is no more talk of passports or visas.

We are allowed to say goodbye briefly and then all of a sudden he is gone.

What's happening here?

And there's nothing I can do.

A large room. A man in handcuffs and lots of tattoos is being led away.

I'm wearing a light dress and flip-flops.

The interpreter tells me that I'm going to stay there for now.

A woman takes me into the cell and I walk in circles on cold gray tiles.

Camera on the ceiling, 1 water bottle with paper cup,

1 rubber mattress on the dirty floor.

Heat protection foil for the night.

A set of toothpaste, but no washbasin.

Metal toilet, clogged and overflowing.

After a few hours, a guard comes and tells me I'll be released the next day and leaves a tray of food.

I think: better than in a German hospital and am a little relieved.

Just hang in there, everything will clear up and then everything will be fine again!

It gets calmer during the night. Breathing exercises.

A television is on.

It's cold. New arrivals come in from time to time, picked up at the border.

Fewer and fewer people are fleeing México for the USA. On the walls are the names of people from Georgia, Brazil and Venezuela.

When the doors slam, I startle, afraid that my door will be opened.

The next morning I await my release. After 2 hours I ask and someone says: In the afternoon.

Then it's afternoon. The food for the evening is brought. The guard says: Hey German, you have to eat. For us Mexicans, a good full belly is very important.

Then I cry - suddenly I lose hope.

But after a while, voices at the main entrance. The boss is back from work that evening. Very polite, personal, almost apologetic.

I'm taken from the cell to the front.

'You can go now'

I sign papers again. They show me a photo of my husband at the airport in México City. In handcuffs between 2 men.

He looks so tired.

Then I can leave

and until now I wasn’t able to write about it.

These things are happening now to many

It is our present

Betrayal? Slander? Aiding and abetting?

Love, hope and blessing for all people who are and remain strong.

Who are there for others and support them.

I would like to thank all the people who have accompanied us for over 3 years, who have written to us and shared their worries and fears, as I am doing now. Who stood up and simply do not stop.

Thank you very much.

Oleg Stepanov | Prosecuting Hunka, the SMO, sanctions or cooperation?


Canada Russia NaziGate Yaroslave Hunka Waffen SS extradition war crimes ambassador scandal embarrassment affrontery sanctions SMO cooperation

Our guest is Russia's Ambassador to Canada, Oleg Stepanov.

In this wide-ranging interview, Stepanov speaks about Russia's efforts to extradite and prosecute Hunka, the SMO, and explains how Russia and Canada could enjoy fruitful cooperation versus Canadian sanctions only hurting Canadian businesses.

To follow Russia's Embassy in Canada:

Aliens and other Oligarchist Deceptions


aliens Scientology psychological operations Aldus Huxley One World Religion scientism pseudoscience Dark Age feudalism occult freemasonry serfdom oligarchy deception social control psychological warfare

Watch the full video (The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs ep 1: Lifting the Esoteric Veil)

Contrary to Dominant Folklore, Evidence Indicates that, Like Oswald, John Wilkes Booth Was Part of Wider Conspiracy


Abraham Lincoln assassination John Wilkes Booth conspiracy confederacy cover-up fake death

In popular lore, John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln, was the first lone deranged gunman—preceding Lee Harvey Oswald.

A stage actor from a famous theatrical family from Maryland and Confederate sympathizer who was as “handsome as a Greek God,” Booth shot Lincoln in the back of the head while Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, were watching the play “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865, a few nights after the surrender of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

After shooting Lincoln, Booth jumped to the stage, breaking his leg, while proclaiming “sic semper tyrannis” (“thus always to tyrants”). He stabbed orchestra leader William Withers, Jr., before escaping the theater through a side door to a waiting carriage. Booth then escaped the city, eventually winding his way to a farmhouse in Northern Virginia where he was tracked down and supposedly killed 12 days later.

Booth, who was 26 at the time, allegedly conceived of his plot to kill Lincoln after he heard Lincoln give a speech expressing support for Black suffrage in the waning days of the Civil War. Allegedly, Booth said of Lincoln’s speech: “That means n*gger citizenship. Now, by God, I’ll put him through.”

This story told to schoolchildren for generations, like so many other fables about the American past, is simply not true.

Booth, like Oswald, was not a deranged lone assassin who conceived of the plot in reaction to a particular speech. Rather, Booth appears to have acted as part of a much wider conspiracy involving Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, eight other co-conspirators, and more than 70 government officials and businessmen, some of them connected to the Confederate secret service whom Booth was in contact with when he traveled before the assassination to Montreal, Canada.  (more...)

Contrary to Dominant Folklore, Evidence Indicates that, Like Oswald, John Wilkes Booth Was Part of Wider Conspiracy

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Proposal for Peace Movement - Response to Demonstrators


Anton Chaitkin patriotism peace prosperity progress independence development peace movement BRICS security

Anton Chaitkin proposes a process aimed at worldwide peace and prosperity

"Letting People Die Alone" Season Begins


Canada Ontario COVID mandates lockdowns long term care masking pandemic biofascism tyranny elder abuse

This week, the hospital in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario issued this notice to everyone in the community. “Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, visitors will not be permitted”. Not some visitors. All visitors are now prohibited.

They aren’t the only hospital. Many are resorting back to the same tactics as 2022, 2021 and 2020. Limiting visitors anytime there is an uptake in respiratory viruses circulating. They act like this is normal. Most people accept these rules and act like we have always done this. But these rules should not be accepted as normal or acceptable.

Before 2020, hospital never prevented visitors. Even during the worst outbreaks... The hospitals never stopped visitations. They simply recommended visitors postpone their visits if they were sick. They never even contemplated the idea of asking (let alone forcing) people to wear masks around their loved-ones.

But here we are in 2023. After “two weeks to flatten the curve”, a lockdown, school closure, another lockdown, society destroying vaccine mandates, another lockdown, more school closures we are resorting back to the same tactics.

Despite the fact that everyone has had the chance to get up to six mRNA COVID shots by now and are allowed to wear as many face masks as they choose*, we're going to keep acting like respiratory virus season requires draconian rules again.  (more...)

"Letting People Die Alone" Season Begins

Toronto police arrest Palestine activists, should target Heather Reisman


Canada Toronto Indigo Heather Reisman Palestine police arrest thuggery billionaires brutality inequity crime IDF

Aggressive pre-dawn police raids on homes and charging individuals with hate crimes for posting social justice messages is legal overreach at best and “thought crimes” reflecting creeping fascism at worst.

Truth is Heather Reisman, not those putting up posters, is the one who should have been charged with breaking Canadian law.

Between 4:30 and 6 am Wednesday Toronto police raided the residences of seven individuals alleged to have been involved in putting posters and fake blood on an Indigo bookstore on November 10. According to a summary of the police operation posted by World Beyond War, eight or more officers participated in each raid. Police knocked and quickly burst through doors, often without properly identifying themselves. All residents in the houses were handcuffed, including some elderly family members and parents in view of their children. Doors were broken and the police confiscated laptops and cellphones, including some provided by employers. Some of those charged were kept handcuffed in the back of police cars for hours.

This large, coordinated, police operation was a response to political messages put on an Indigo storefront downtown. The posters were photos of the book store’s high-profile CEO Heather Reisman with the statement “Funding Genocide”. Store staff removed the posters and fake blood with little difficulty.

The political stunt was a response to Reisman and her billionaire husband donating around $100 million to a charity they established to assist non-Israelis join that country’s military. Those promoting Israel’s genocide in Gaza panicked. Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center CEO Michael Leavitt posted: “An absolutely appalling antisemitic attack in downtown Toronto, targeting Chapters Indigo and Jewish CEO Heather Reisman.” While the media largely echoed Leavitt’s perspective, a few outlets at least offered context on why Reisman was targeted.  (more...)

Toronto police arrest Palestine activists, should target Heather Reisman

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Ukraine Revelations


Canada Ukraine diaspora arms negotiations Boris Johnson proxy war politicization NATO neutrality

Three Canadians have been killed recently in fighting in Ukraine. The Trudeau government has just announced more arms donations and spent significant time attacking the Conservatives for insufficient 'support' for Ukraine.

On Talking Foreign Policy: an internationalist perspective on Canada’s role abroad, Yves Engler interviews University of Ottawa professor Ivan Katchanovski about these developments and a top Zelenskyy's advisor revelations about peace negotiations with Russia, the 10th anniversary of the Maidan protests and Holodomor commemoration.

Media Holocaust Revisionism After Canada’s Standing Ovation for an SS Vet


Canada NaziGate Yaroslave Hunka Ukraine Waffen SS war crimes historical revisionism glorification applause ovation scandal embarrassment media holocaust whitewashing

Media coverage of the Canadian Parliament’s standing ovation in September for Yaroslav Hunka, a 98-year-old Ukrainian Canadian who fought for the Nazis in World War II, has included egregious Holocaust revisionism.

On September 22, following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to the Canadian parliament, Canada’s then–Speaker of the House Anthony Rota introduced Hunka:

We have here in the chamber today a Ukrainian-Canadian veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians and continues to support the troops today.

Rota went on to call Hunka “a Ukrainian hero, a Canadian hero, and we thank him for all his service” (Politico, 9/24/23). Parliamentarians of all political parties gave Hunka two standing ovations, and Zelenskyy raised his fist to salute the man (Sky News, 9/26/23).

Then the New York–based Forward (9/24/23) pointed out that Hunka had fought for the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division, also known as the Galicia Division, of the SS. (The SS, short for Schutzstaffel, “Protection Squadron,” was the military wing of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party.)

Covering the subsequent controversy, the CBC (9/28/23) ran the headline, “Speaker’s Honoring of Former Nazi Soldier Reveals a Complicated Past, Say Historians.” In the context of the Holocaust, “complicated” functions as a hand-waving euphemism that gets in the way of holding perpetrators accountable: If a decision is “complicated,” it’s understandable, even if it’s wrong.  (more...)

Media Holocaust Revisionism After Canada’s Standing Ovation for an SS Vet

It wasn't just girls who were subjected to this | Why the Hitler Youth was really invented


corruption youth Germany Nazi Hitler Youth boys girls perversion predation obedience compliance broken spirit atrocities

Minds corrupted

Friday, November 24, 2023

Aaron Burr - Founding Father of America's Deep State


Aaron Burr treason banking oligarchy Britain Venice Canada confederacy civil war slavery finance Ivy League subversion fifth column deep state racism

Jay Henehan speaks to Matt Ehret about the true causes of America's internal rot by going back to the British imperial stay behinds who remained in the USA after the revolution of 1776 in order to destroy the USA from within. The leading figure of this poisonous operation was none other than Aaron Burr whose story is told at length in this program.

Fighting Back against the Machine


Canada freedom convoy Rand Hillier lawfare malicious predatory conduct legal machine exploitation bankruptcy financial stress

The Ottawa Crown is pursuing trumped up and fabricated charges against me with the intent to muzzle and bankrupt me. Its time to take a voices back and not feed this predatory legal monster any longer.

Public hearings to probe hero's welcome for man who fought in Nazi unit: Report


Canada NaziGate Waffen SS Ukraine scandal Nazi politics glorification historical revisionism unaccountability whitewashing glorification war crimes

A public hearing has been approved to look into how a Canadian man who fought in a Nazi unit in the Second World War was given a hero’s welcome in Parliament.

The Procedure and House Affairs Committee agreed to the probe on Tuesday, according to minutes of a closed meeting obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, “given the hurt and international embarrassment created by allowing a former soldier of a Nazi military unit in World War II to attend and be recognized during the President of Ukraine’s special address to Parliament on September 22.”

The committee studies and reports on the rules and practices of the House and its committees, electoral matters, questions of privilege, MP conflicts of interest, internal administration of the House, and services and facilities for MPs.

Liberal MPs had voted against the investigation.

MP Anthony Rota, who resigned as House Speaker over the incident on Sept. 26, will not be summoned.

The committee will instead question Parliament Hill police and protocol officers, the House Sergeant At Arms, staff from the Prime Minister’s Office and Privy Council, and executives with the Ukrainian Canadian and Canadian Polish Congresses.  (more...)

Public hearings to probe hero's welcome for man who fought in Nazi unit: Report

World Health Organization unveils ironic ‘Stop The Lies’ campaign


WHO disinformation deception narrative control social engineering satire irony Big Pharma Tobacco | MORE:

As Tamara Ugolini explains, the selective critique of Big Tobacco by the World Health Organization sparks questions about Big Pharma’s role as an even larger and more powerful player in the health policy arena.

Former RCMP official Cameron Jay Ortis found guilty of breaching secrets law


Canada security RCMP crime prosecution Cameron Ortis Ottawa trial guilty verdict espionage Five Eyes

A jury has found former RCMP intelligence official Cameron Jay Ortis guilty of breaching Canada's secrets law.

Jurors declared Ortis guilty of three counts of violating the Security of Information Act and one count of attempting to do so.

They also found him guilty of breach of trust and fraudulent use of a computer.

Ortis, 51, had pleaded not guilty to all charges, including breaking the secrets law by revealing classified information to three individuals in 2015 and trying to do so in a fourth instance.

He testified he offered secret material to targets in a bid to get them to use an online encryption service set up by an allied intelligence agency to spy on adversaries.

The Crown argued Ortis lacked authority to disclose classified material and that he was not doing so as part of a sanctioned undercover operation.

Following the verdict, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger said that Ortis's bail would be revoked prior to sentencing.

Prosecutor Judy Kliewer suggested the Crown would seek a prison sentence in the range of 20 or more years, "and that's what we expect to see."

Defence lawyer Mark Ertel said he was "shocked and extremely disappointed" at the outcome. He said there would be an appeal.  (more...)

Former RCMP official Cameron Jay Ortis found guilty of breaching secrets law

Thursday, November 23, 2023

The Sunday Night Show - Nov 19th, 2023 - Andrew Paul Johnson, Lisa Banfield, the Edmonton Police's Misidentification Incident


Canada Nova Scotia police RCMP crime incompetence serial killers Halifax books corruption

Nighttime Podcast is joined by investigative journalist Paul Palango and legal analyst Adam Rodgers to discuss Canadian stories of crime, corruption, and items of public interest.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the parole application of suspected serial killer Andrew Paul Johnson
  • the maintained silence of Nova Scotia mass killer Gabriel Wortman's common law partner
  • a misidentification incident involving the Edmonton Police that led to a 17 year old girl getting a face full of pavement

The ACCIDENT At Rainbow Bridge, Why Laura Loomer Is An IDIOT & A Lesson on DECIPHERING FAKE NEWS


Canada Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge car explosion derangement hysteria Justin Trudeau fake news buffoonery MSM fear porn

A tragic car accident happened yesterday at the Rainbow bridge border crossing at Niagara Falls between the US and Canada where two people on route to a KISS concert died in a fiery blaze.

Before the flames were even out countless news outlets and journalists were reporting that this was a terrorist attack and that Islamic Jihad extremists were to blame despite this not being confirmed or true at all.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains how this reaction has been programmed into people by design, how dangerous it can actually be and most importantly who suspect #1 should always be when dealing with incidents of terrorism.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Pierre Trudeau’s Vichy France social circles


Pierre Trudeau fascism Petain Vichy association swastika treason France collaborators Nazi corruption complicity Quebec Montreal

"In the war’s first years Trudeau swam ever more vigorously in nationalist streams, opposing conscription, defending Vichy and Marshall Petain, equating Hitler’s Reich with British policy towards Quebec, and even contemplating and plotting Quebec independence", said John English, a professor at the University of Waterloo in the Department of History and MP for Kitchener from 1993 to 1997.

The first French statute to restrict and punish Jews in October 1940 was made worse by Marshal Petain, the Nazi occupation “puppet” leader.  Petain was admired and not criticized by French intellectuals in Quebec, including Pierre Trudeau.

The original plan to protect "descendants of Jews born French or naturalised before 1860" is scribbled over in the handwriting of the fascist sympathizer Petain. Serge Klarsfeld, lawyer and historian, presented proof, when interviewed on French radio.

"The statute on Jews was a statute that was adopted without pressure from the Germans, without the request of the Germans: an indigenous statute. And now we have decisive evidence that it was the desire of Marshal Pétain himself. The main argument of Pétain's defenders was to say that he protected French Jews. This argument has now fallen.”

In October 1940, the first Law on the Status of the Jews defined who was Jewish and removed Jews from civil and military service and from education, media, and cinema professions. Financial robbery on a grand scale followed, “Aryanization,” with the confiscation of Jewish‑owned assets.  

By February 1941, French law allowed temporary administrators to sell firms without the permission of the Jewish owners.  A further decree in April 1941 agreed upon by both Germans and French denied professional freedom in trade and banking. More restrictions followed in unoccupied parts of France. Pétain, a veteran of the first world war, was tried by Charles de Gaulle's provisional post-war government. His death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. An alarming number of men liked by the young Pierre Trudeau were tried as traitors at the close of World War II.  (more...)

Pierre Trudeau’s Vichy France social circles

The Grand Picture


oligarchy freedom social control elites history natural law Round Table Rhodes Scholars corruption feudalism chaos destabilization wars Venice London geopolitics

I hope that all people in the freedom community can take this voyage with Matt as to how we got to the place we are in today, and how we are being played by an even bigger picture than many of us understand.

In Memory of President John F. Kennedy


John F Kennedy colonialism assassination military industrial complex CIA Allan Dulles JFK

Sixty years ago, President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas, the victim of a plot by defenders of the power of a secret government which feared him.  Those same networks have put the world in danger of a new World War, as they desperately scheme to preserve their power.  In honor of his memory, we must find the courage, as a people, to take on those who lurk in the shadows, and remove them from controlling governments in the Trans Atlantic region.

Victims of Communism memorial could damage Canada's reputation if Nazi collaborators included in those being honoured: documents


Nazi Waffen SS Ukraine Victims of Communism Canada memorial NaziGate scandal embarrassment discredited hidden agenda fascism

The memorial is supposed to honour those who suffered under communism and will include a wall of remembrance.

The Victims of Communism memorial to be unveiled in Ottawa next year has the potential to damage Canada’s reputation and cause tensions with foreign governments if Nazi collaborators are inadvertently honoured on the monument.

The warnings from Canadian diplomats in 2021 foreshadow some of the criticism the federal government faced in September when MPs gave two standing ovations to a Ukrainian Canadian veteran who served in Hitler’s Waffen SS. That move was met with international ridicule and anger.

The Victims of Communism memorial is supposed to honour those who suffered under communism and will include a wall of remembrance, which will allow 600 names of individuals, groups or events to be listed.

But concerns have been raised by Jewish organizations that names of eastern Europeans who collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust have been put forward in an attempt to whitewash their past.

Government officials have already identified some individuals who served with the Waffen SS among those names submitted, according to the federal documents obtained by this newspaper under the Access to Information law. Other alleged Nazi collaborators associated with the memorial have also been identified by the Department of Canadian Heritage, but the exact number is censored from the records.  (more...)

Victims of Communism memorial could damage Canada's reputation if Nazi collaborators included in those being honoured: documents

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

NATO is part of Germany’s Fourth Reich EU. It’s Germany’s new Waffen SS.


Germany NATO Fourth Reich Waffen SS EU treason war Swastika Axis collaborators corruption

A picture is worth a thousand words. This pictures speaks volumes. It is informing you that NATO is part of Germany’s Fourth Reich EU.

NATO is a security organization of conscripts from the world’s most powerful democracies collaborating with Germany to reoccupy Europe. It is Germany’s new Nazi Waffen SS.

Time and again Germany has publicly declared that NATO serves Germany. That NATO is the “signature pillar of Germany’s peace and prosperity”.

The Nazi Germany’s Waffen SS symbol is embedded in the NATO logo. The Swastika is made by the superimposed SS.

NATO’s headquarter building was designed to include the Nazi Germany‘s Waffen SS symbol.

The Waffen-SS (“Armed SS”) was created as the armed wing of the Nazi Party’s Schutzstaffel (“Protective Squadron”; SS). It grew from three regiments to over 38 divisions during World War II, and served alongside the Heer (regular army) but was never formally part of it. By 1945, the Waffen-SS had developed into a multi-ethnic and multi-national military force of Nazi Germany, its divisions manned by volunteers and conscripts from across Europe.  (more...)

NATO is part of Germany’s Fourth Reich EU. It’s Germany’s new Waffen SS.

Germany NATO Fourth Reich Waffen SS EU treason war Swastika Axis collaborators corruption

World on the Edge, Middle East and Ukraine Crisis


Canada Middle East Israel Zionism oligarchy Chatham House Fabian Society geopolitics Ukraine Argentina feudalism

In this episode of World on Edge with Levan Gudadze, Matt Ehret was invited to talk about the Middle East, Ukraine, Argentina and the likelihood of war between the Trans Atlanticists vs the BRICS+ powers.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Theresa Tam’s annual public health report drowns in social justice jargon


Canada healthcare politics social justice jargon bafflegab word salad nonsense unaccountability fraud pseudoscience incompetence mediocrity | MORE:

As Tamara Ugolini explains, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam has released her annual public health report — and while it’s supposed to be about the state of public health in Canada, it’s full to the brim with social justice jargon that aligns more with sustainable development goals than tangible health outcomes.

Dope Train: Edmonton's Media Blackout


Canada Alberta Edmonton drugs crisis addiction censorship cover-up mass transit homelessness urban decay | Help the fight to fix our cities!

Sheila Gunn Reid and videographer Kian Simone ride the rails aboard the 'Dope Train', the crime ridden light rail transit system in Edmonton, Alberta, where the local government has imposed a media blackout in an attempt to cover up the tragedy unfolding on trains and in transit stations.

Visit Rebel News for more on this story ►

Breaking Free of Arbitrary Limits Over the Mind, Body and Soul


Larouche science progress oligarchy feudalism republic physical economy limits to growth Club of Rome ecofascism Canada politics freedom independence creativity geopolitics

Matthew Ehret and life coach Daryl Urbanski discuss life, creativity and geopolitics.

Protesters in EU state blocking aid to Kiev – Ukrainian official


Poland Ukraine border crossing truckers blockade protesters dumping economic warfare price manipulation serfdom

Polish hauliers are stopping deliveries of fuel and other goods across the border, a deputy minister has said

Polish truckers demanding tougher rules for their Ukrainian competitors have blocked more than 1,000 cargo vehicles at the border, including those carrying humanitarian aid for the embattled nation, Kiev’s deputy minister for infrastructure says.

Writing on Facebook on Sunday, Sergey Derkach said he and his team had visited the border area where 1,200 trucks are stuck at the Krakivets-Korchova checkpoint, with another 500 at Grebenne, both not far from Lviv. He also noted that Ukrainian authorities had delivered food, water and medicine supplies for drivers there.

According to Derkach, the situation “is no less critical” at the Dorogusk checkpoint in the northern section of the border, where more than 1,200 trucks are queuing, with supplies due to arrive there soon as well.

The deputy minister criticized protesters for not allowing trucks carrying humanitarian aid to enter Ukraine. “We have recorded numerous instances of fuel tankers and humanitarian trucks standing in queues,” he said,   (more...)

Protesters in EU state blocking aid to Kiev – Ukrainian official

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Historic setback for complainants against police abuse in Québec


Canada Quebec police misconduct brutality deceit corruption unaccountability complaints police abuse

Rollback of the ethics regime will undermine collective oversight of police actions

Remember 2020? That year, the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer sparked a protest movement across North America, and far beyond. Justin Trudeau kneeled as an empty gesture of solidarity at a public demonstration. It felt as if suddenly politicians discovered the existence of racism and police brutality.

Did anything change for the better after this momentum died away? In Québec, the answer is a definite no. In fact, the situation for those who feel targeted by police has only gotten worse since the province’s only police ethics complaint system is now being significantly weakened.

Québec’s police ethics complaint system was established in 1990. The Police Act provides that anyone has the right to file a complaint to the police ethics commissioner even if they are not the direct victim of an alleged abuse. This made eminent sense: if officers are supposed to use their powers for the public good, it follows that any member of the public should be permitted to report inappropriate behaviour by a police officer—these are known as “third-party complainants.”

When a case has a strong evidentiary basis the officer against whom the complaint is lodged must stand trial before the police ethics committee, an administrative tribunal that has the power to impose sanctions ranging from a simple warning to permanent removal from police functions. The latter punishment is rare, so a guilty officer typically ends up with a suspension without pay in the most serious of cases, including police killings.

Previous provincial governments did “reform” the police ethics system. In 1997, conciliation between plaintiffs and the police was made mandatory while the window of time to file a complaint was cut in half to be only one year after the offense took place. At that time, the provincial government said it wanted to save money. But these new rules seriously weakened the police ethics system. Year after year, fewer than 10 percent of complaints are investigated. Meanwhile, the remaining 90 percent of complaints are rejected outright without even being investigated.

The police ethics commissioner has therefore become a machine whose function is primarily to dismiss complaints and effectively minimize the concerns of people who feel they are victims of police abuse or profiling. As a result, only one percent of officers end up being disciplined or charged by the police ethics committee.  (more...)

Historic setback for complainants against police abuse in Québec

The legal system: Fighting a monster & a machine


Canada courts legal system malicious prosecution COVID impoverishment unfairness inequity Rand Hillier persecution cover-up

The law was once a shield to protect our civil liberties but has now been co opted into an umbrella to cover-up the incompetence, negligence and malfeasance of our governments; while the process is now wielded like a sword to punish the individual. The Canadian legal system is a machine and monster that does not seek truth nor justice but feeds and grows upon the financial destruction of the victims it creates. 

I've chosen not to feed this monster any longer and will represent myself on the spurious allegations that my outspoken defence of freedom during the convoy are criminal.

Former lawyers and para legals have volunteered to assist me to fight back and defeat this machine & monster. There will still be costs for the process but the legal machine will not be the beneficiary of my efforts.

You can help me out by donating at

We have concerns over Ukrainian Orthodox Church prosecution fairness – UN


Ukraine religious persecution Orthodox cancelling Russophobia bias culture war ethnic cleansing oppression UN Security Council

Russia has convened a United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss Kiev's crackdown on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. During the session, Moscow's ambassador to the UN said Ukraine’s head of state takes his orders from the West.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Tarpley on Ecoscience, Genocide, and Oligarchy


Malthusianism Darwinism ecofascism genocide oligarchy feudalism Bentham dark ages abortion contraception population control

In this interview, Webster Tarpley reviews the writings of John P. Holdren, the White House science adviser.

Feudal "Fabian" Socialism


Fabian socialism feudalism Frankfurt School degeneracy destabilization enslavement serfdom Congress for Cultural Freedom CIA politics culture Canada

In this discussion with David Jerome Putnam, Matt Ehret answers who he is, why he does what he does and what he thinks about Fabian Socialism. He then discusses the techniques of social engineering that were used to create a malleable culture of nihilism, sensualism, and a cult of ugliness. In conclusion, he discusses what is the Deep State operation that is Canada, how is the Canadian system constructed, where is resistance to the Great Reset Agenda located in Canada, what is the connection between the occult and secret intelligence and what is the FBI?

Ukrainians fleeing war say there are barriers to starting new life in Canada


Canada war Ukraine immigration crisis women children displacement desperation separation

The lunchtime chatter among a small group of employees in the crowded breakroom of a large corporate office in Markham, Ont., is increasingly edged with anxiety.

After fleeing the war in Ukraine last year, Stella Vitiuk and Nataliia Vabiak got a jobs as accountants at a business that hired a handful of Ukrainian newcomers.

As their colleagues talk about weekend plans, Vitiuk and Vabiak swap notes on their efforts to stay in Canada. Each day brings their emergency visas closer to expiry, with no end in sight to the war that brought them here.

"I am a strong person, but I feel stressed," said Vitiuk. "It's painful for everybody."

She made the difficult decision to leave her husband and parents and bring her two daughters to Canada in the summer of 2022 and said she wants to stay for her kids' sake.

"I want to give them something new, something good."

As of Oct. 14, more than 198,600 Ukrainians have come to Canada on a three-year emergency visa program that allowed an unlimited number of people to flee the Russian invasion.

It is a one-of-a-kind program that allowed many Ukrainians to come to Canada quickly, but doesn't offer the same long-term prospects and supports of a refugee program or a permanent immigration stream.

Many are women and children because men of fighting age are barred from leaving Ukraine while the country is under martial law.  (more...)

Ukrainians fleeing war say there are barriers to starting new life in Canada

Friday, November 17, 2023

“Injun’ Country”: The Mohawk Mothers’ Trail of Tears


Royal Victoria Hospital Allen Memorial Institute McGill UniversityMohawk Mothers MK-ULTRA CIA mind control experiments indigenous children Nazi

Introduction: Detailing a case unfolding in Canada, these programs analyze the heroic efforts of “The Mohawk Mothers” to archive the remains of Native Americans who were the victims of behavior modification programs.

Furthermore, the behavior modification programs overlap the MKULTRA operations in the United States.

A fundamental thematic element in this discussion is the Rockefeller family, Nelson Rockefeller in particular.

Key Points of Discussion and Analysis Include: The United States’ claim of legal immunity from the process underway in Canada; Harassment of the Mohawk Mothers by security personnel appointed to secure the grounds being examined; Cadaver dogs’ discovery of apparent human remains in the soil being exhumed; Apparent mishandling of some of the soil samples and other pieces of evidence that could fundamentally compromise the integrity of the investigation; The genesis of the behavior modification programs in 1943; Operational overlap between the Canadian programs directed toward indigenous people and programs at Attica and Dannemora prisons in upper New York State directed at African American prisoners; Discussion of Nelson Rockefeller’s tortuous history with Native Americans, from failing to acknowledge life-saving activity from Native American guides in Alaska to brutally exploiting indigenous people in Latin America for profit; Review of the role of the Rockefeller funding of the Allan Memorial Institute in Canada.  (more...)

“Injun’ Country”: The Mohawk Mothers’ Trail of Tears