Monday, June 29, 2015

Ontario's school boards begin PR campaign to sell parents the sexaulization of their children

In a news release, the Peel District School Board explains that it has sent a letter to parents explaining the "myths" about the new controversial sex curriculum as the board moves to implement it as scheduled for the school year 2015-16. This is the kind of the public relations battle that will only intensify in order to convince parents that the 2015 radical sex curriculum is needed and harmless. The government has launched a similar advertising campaign and have also put out a government Myth vs. Fact document.

The board statement tries to reassure parents by making four major points: that "the updated curriculum WILL NOT encourage or teach students how to engage in masturbation, oral sex or anal sex;" it "WILL NOT teach students to reveal or touch private body parts on themselves or others;" it "WILL NOT teach students to become homosexual," and lastly it "WILL NOT encourage students to consent to sexual activities."

The are a number of problems with these misleading statements.  (more...)

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