Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lessons from behind the Iron Curtain: How to oppose gender ideology

A Berlin wall of the mind?
The topic of social psychology rarely comes up in conservative discussions about the upsurge of gender ideology and same-sex marriage. That is a big mistake, because mass propaganda is the elephant in the cultural living room.

It is both evident and known that those promoting the normalization of gender ideology have crafted a popularization strategy with the aid of psychologists, pollsters, marketing experts and other professionals whose business is to influence the human mind in ways other than logic and reason.

Conservatives have not responded with a campaign in kind. Nor have we put up any defences. In fact, we prefer to ignore the whole subject entirely. Do we believe that we are above being influenced by a campaign directed at our subconscious instincts?  (more...)

Social psychology weaponized:

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