Wednesday, June 24, 2015

If Ontario's French schools can delay sex "education" until 2016, so can the English schools

Ontario parents know by now that several Catholic boards in the province have voted against the idea to delay the implementation of the controversial sex curriculum contained in the 2015 Health and Physical Education document. Catholic trustees, board directors and lawyers have told both teachers and parents that the curriculum cannot be delayed. It's the duty of school boards to implement it this fall and follow government directives. This is not true, but it's the official message being given.

Here's why the message about not delaying the curriculum isn't true.  Everyday for Life Canada got a copy of a letter sent to parents on June 18, 2015, by the director of education for the French schools Rejean Sirois, telling them that the 2015 Health and Physical Education document will not not be implemented in their schools until February 2016. This is a bit of good news for all parents opposed to the sex curriculum, but why are they allowed to wait until next year and not the Catholic English boards or the public boards?  (more...)

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