Monday, June 15, 2015

Toronto principals 'overwhelmed' with report-card calls

Toronto principals say the number of calls mere hours after parents learned schools would not issue report cards is already “unbearable,” and there’s no way they can respond to everyone seeking their children’s final marks.

In a harsh letter to the Toronto District School Board sent Friday morning, the organization representing the city’s principals and vice-principals says “it is an unmanageable and unrealistic task for around 600 administrators to reply to 170,000 families … they will have no choice but to turn away parents seeking marks, which will inevitably result in conflict and upset.”

The situation is “unreasonable, unrealistic — and it’s not that they don’t understand the needs of the parents, but we are talking about one person and 450 families” in a school, Donnie Straker, who heads the Toronto School Administrators’ Association, told the Star in an interview.  (more...)


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