Thursday, June 11, 2015

Letter: Parents, not school, need to discuss sex ed topics

Re: Adequate consulting was done on new sex ed curriculum, letter to the editor by Terry Copps, June 7.

I am not surprised that Copps, grandfather of two school-age children, wants to get the facts about the new sex education curriculum.

As with most people who are in favour of the new sex curriculum, he misses the point entirely. It is not his role to ensure his grandchildren are receiving the proper education, it is the role of their parents. Just as it is not the government’s role either to ensure children are putting on a condom correctly or have the ability to prolong sexual gratification.

I have heard different views on the new curriculum. Those in favour invariably always mention that other people’s children need to learn this information. Those against seem to use the words “my children” when stating their views.  (more...)

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