Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Ontario school boards are out of control— where's Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce?


Canada Ontario education Education Minister Stephen Lecce wokeism gender ideology identity politics indoctrination corruption perversion parents unaccountability

One of the last times his name appeared in the popular press, Minister Lecce was actually double-downing on wokeism. For example, earlier this month Lecce said the pride flag is 'welcome' at Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

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Canadian ‘progressives’ suffer bad case of war fever psychosis


Canada Ukraine arms trafficking warmongering finance neocolonialism imperialism geopolitics uniparty cannon fodder

Recently a University of Victoria professor accused me of advocating genocide because I asked the Green’s leader about Canada sending arms to fight Russia. Equally troubling, the community centre hosting Montréal’s anarchist book fair canceled a talk critical of Canada’s support for the NATO proxy war.

Last week I asked Green party co-leader Jonathan Pedneault if he supported Canada sending weapons to Ukraine while opposing peace negotiations. Since becoming Green co-leaders six months ago Elizabeth May and Pednault appear to have changed the party’s policy on backing arms transfers. Just before and after Russia’s illegal February 2022 invasion interim Green leader Amita Kupner released three statements that opposed sending weapons. But May and Pednault have (somewhat ambiguously) shifted gears, endorsing Canada’s more than $2 billion in arms transfers to fight Russia.

To clarify their position, I went to the launch of Pedneault’s bid to represent the ridding of Westmount-NDG in parliament. As I approached his byelection campaign office Pedneault was talking to someone outside. When he finished, I introduced myself. Recognizing my name, Pedneault walked away as I asked if he backed Canada donating arms to fight Russia. After repeatedly refusing to answer my question Pedneault said he wasn’t interested in my “pro-Russian activism”, “pro-Russian lies” and “pro-Russian propaganda”. (In a similar vein two weeks ago NDP leader Jagmeet Singh suggested I considered Putin a “hero” when I questioned him about the NDP supporting the US Empire.)  (more...)

Canadian ‘progressives’ suffer bad case of war fever psychosis

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Ukraine's dystopian digital snitching app premiers in DC


Ukraine totalitarianism smartphones Apple USAID Diia surveillance social control dystopia technology technocracy Zelensky Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Grayzone's Anya Parampil and Max Blumenthal discuss their reporting from the USAID's DC rollout of the dystopian Diia "state in a smartphone" app introduced by the government of Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky. Parampil and Blumenthal discuss how the Ukrainian conflict zone has been turned into a profitable laboratory for corporations seeking to profit from the harvesting of personal data from the war-torn population, how it is used to control and intimidate Ukraine's population, and how this disturbing technology is being exported throughout the global south.

Class-action lawsuit launched against arbitrary COVID-related travel restrictions


aviation Transport Canada class action Free To Fly constitutional rights COVID mandates lockdowns restrictions accountability

Tamara Ugolini speaks to Greg Hill, a long-time pilot who is part of a class-action lawsuit that has been launched by Free To Fly Canada against what they allege to be arbitrary COVID-related travel restrictions.

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Shutting down the International Assassination Bureau


assassination globalists terrorism Ukraine proxy war sovereignty NATO imperialism neocolonialism militarism cold war shock doctrine resource extraction financialization deception

Q. How do we shut down the International Assassination Bureau, and prevent it from killing heads of state, including American Presidents? Let’s take America. To expose the international assassination machine, we must change the political culture of the United States. Exactly how would we do that? 

Lyndon LaRouche offers a partial answer, taking the specific case of the United States: “As all of us who are adults, and who are honest about what we know, recall, that, with the most extremely rare individual exceptions, virtually every American, including those who claim to be devoutly religious, is an impulsive liar. He, or she will lie, almost instinctively, as the typically depraved members of ‘debaters' clubs’ do, and as certain popular political candidates do, ‘to win the argument,’ ‘to get my way.’”

When both Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden refused, despite the law mandating it, to release the entirety of the files in the John F. Kennedy assassination, it was a way of perpetuating the most important lie, deception and coverup against the American people in the nation’s history. Today’s systemic addiction to self-deception, such as is seen in the present, unresolved banking crisis, the blowing up of the Nordstream pipeline, the “man-made global warming” fantasy, the Russiagate hoax, has made the country more and more ungovernable. This, in turn, endangers the entire planet; our self-deception has led to the doorstep of imminent thermonuclear war, but we pretend that is not the case.

Today’s Manhattan dialogue, occurring two weeks before the June 10 60th anniversary of JFK’s “Peace Speech” at American University features Prof. Clifford Kiracofe, President of the Washington Institute for Peace and Development, and Jacques Cheminade, President of Solidarité et Progrès party, and former French Presidential candidate; Col Richard Black, former head of the US Army Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon and former VA State Senator; and TLO spokesman Harley Schlanger.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Will The Covid “Operation Warp Speed” stop Trump’s presidential bid?


COVID Donald Trump election Operation Warp Speed vaccines coercion mandates military politics

Getting Donald Trump to admit his mistakes is the sort of thing that most people by now understand requires nothing short of a miracle.

And as it would happen, a miracle is also what was largely required if you were in the United States military during the COVID coup and wanted to avoid taking the poison poke.

Somehow, Iowa state Senator and Air National Guard Colonel Kevin Alons won the lottery on the latter, and now, feeling like he’s got the hot hand, he has decided to do what he can to use the Iowa Caucus process to turn Trump back from the dark side. Alons, whose late father was one of the state legislature’s conservative stalwarts for many years, posted a video on his nascent Twitter account that up until now has largely gone unnoticed — ironically, just like the escalating excess deaths, whose increase just happens to coincide with the mass injecting of Americans with a certain experimental mRNA sacred cow we’re supposed to ignore.

The video, which Alons titled “I want to endorse Trump for president but I need a fighter against medical tyranny,” hasn’t made anyone click-rich off its number of views. However, underneath the surface of all the bravado and poll-driven predictions that the presidential primary is already over, it symbolizes the silent sword of Damocles hanging over Trump’s presidential aspirations — particularly in a state with a significant medical freedom contingent like Iowa. And they all vote.  (more...)

Will The Covid “Operation Warp Speed” stop Trump’s presidential bid?

Last Man Standing


Andrew Bridgen politician Britain parliament commons COVID lawlessness WHO globalists fraud unaccountability pharmaceuticals cartels crime medicine

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Prof. Joseph Molitorisz, philosopher, have a detailed and very illuminating conversation with Andrew Bridgen, a British politician and businessman who also holds a degree in Microbiology. Bridgen has served as Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire since 2010. He attended the University of North London, where he studied Law and Politics. After graduating, he worked in various roles in the financial sector, including as a stockbroker, before starting his own business in property management. Bridgen was a member of the Conservative Party, but was expelled permanently from the party in April 2023. Why: He had called the Corona vaccination with its side effects the greatest crime since the Shoah.

Bridgen and Fuellmich sum up the complexity of the global events currently taking place, dare to look into the future and pursue the question of whether certain entanglements in politics and economics from the past are connected to the global situation in which mankind currently finds itself in its entirety. Are these connections perhaps (consciously) the cause of social and human evil, and what can we do about it? Is there still hope and enough people who see through this perfidious game of the rulers and who dare to stand up for the truth and voice it, despite all repressive measures?

The worldwide synchronized proclamation of the so-called "Corona Pandemic" with all its anti-democratic, unlawful excesses and measures has made Andrew Bridgen got his attention. He was not afraid to be the only one in the House of Commons to openly share his concerns. The consequences followed on their heels, but he was and is not swayed and remains steadfast in his opinion.

It is apparent that inhumane "reset" plans by a self-appointed global elite are no longer working, despite massive pressure at all levels of life. The good in all this bad is that the clouded vision of many people is becoming clearer and more awake. True democracy prevails when politicians fear their own people and not the other way around. The optimistic message is to remain defensible and not relinquished. Because it is always darkest just before the dawn.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

War Against the Weak, America's Campaign to Create a Master Race


eugenics oligarchy Britain Carnegie Harriman Nazi plutocracy social control books medicine Mengele IBM holocaust pseudoscience Germany

In War against the Weak, award-winning investigative journalist Edwin Black traces some of the Nazis' most horrendous crimes back to Charles Davenport's early 20th-century pseudoscientific eugenics movement in the US. Based on selective breeding of human beings, eugenics began in laboratories on Long Island but ended in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Cruel and racist laws were enacted in 27 U.S. states, while the supporters of eugenics included progressive thinkers like Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Ultimately, over 60,000 "unfit" Americans were coercively sterilized, a third of them after Nuremberg had declared such practices crimes against humanity. This is a timely and shocking chronicle of bad science at its worst—with many important lessons for the genetic age in which an interest in eugenics has been dangerously revived.

100 Years Henry Kissinger – Global Strategist and War Criminal?


Henry Kissinger Harvard CFR Round Table globalists imperialism oligarchy Germany war crimes

Henry Kissinger, a well-known figure on the international political scene, will celebrate his 100th birthday on May 27, 2023. He is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former U.S. Secretary of State. But who is „Heinz Alfred Kissinger“ really? Did he have a decisive influence on the fate of world politics?

Friday, May 26, 2023

Our Children’s Futures Are At Risk!


Canada parental rights children family gender ideology gay agenda transexual perversion corruption sterilization politics demonstration protest dissent tradition

What can you do?

On June 9th 2023, join our Parents Rights Day of Action. Together, in public, we will defend our children, speaking out against the institutional indoctrination that is first confusing, then perverting our children’s sexuality. The outcome? Sterilizing their futures, leaving them unable to ever create “life through love…”

More information about June 9th:

INTERVIEW: A black Messi? Not if the status quo remains


Brazil Africans sport soccer football Valencia Spain Vincencius Junior racism discrimination FIFA youth white supremacy scandal

Real Madrid is known as Brazil East, says Niko House, because of the number of Brazilian players. But the football establishment and the political class turned on Vinicius Jr

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Trudeau HUMILIATED at G7!!!


Canada humiliation Justin Trudeau woke LGBTQ Italy G7 Meloni superciliousness mansplaining tedium soyboy word salad

The woke bloke from Canada gets owned

CONFIRMED ON VIDEO: Chrystia Freeland Secretly Meets With The Powers That Ought Not Be…


Portugal Lisbon Chrystia Freeland Bilderberg AI Ukraine NATO Sweden secrecy Chatham House Rules unaccountability

The Bilderberg elite gather in Lisbon

Another church burned: Christianity still under attack in Canada


Catholic church Canada Christianity burning vandalism crime persecution Justin Trudeau incitement instigation calumny

Rebel News in-house documentarian Kian Simone joins The Ezra Levant Show for a look at a recent church burning in Canada.

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Arrests made over Real Madrid star effigy incident


Spain Valencia Vinicius Junior Brazil football racism crime bigotry sport dehumanization

The move came days after Vinicius Junior was targeted with racist abuse during a Spanish league match

Police in Spain have arrested four men in connection with an incident in January in which an effigy of Real Madrid footballer Vinicius Junior was hung from a bridge in Madrid. The arrests come just days after the Brazilian was repeatedly targeted with racial abuse during a Spanish league game on Sunday.

The four men, aged between 19 and 24, were arrested in Madrid on Tuesday and are “suspected of a hate crime for hanging from a bridge a mannequin with Vinicius’ shirt,” police said in a statement. Three of the men are suspected of being members of an ultra group supporting Real's city rivals, Atletico Madrid, who had previously been identified as posing a high risk of violence, police said.

“The investigation carried out by police through evidence gathered, witnesses and open-source digital research, among other things, led to the identification of the four men suspected of the crime,” authorities in the Spanish capital said on Tuesday.

The arrests stem from a January 26 incident in which a crude effigy bearing Vinicius’s likeness and bearing the message “Madrid hates Real” was suspended from a bridge close to Real Madrid’s training center in advance of a Copa del Rey fixture against city rivals Atletico Madrid.

Vinicius, who is black, has been repeatedly targeted for racist abuse throughout the past two seasons in Spain’s La Liga, although most cases have been dropped by prosecutors after official complaints were made to authorities.  (more...)

Arrests made over Real Madrid star effigy incident

The Nova Scotia Mass Casualty - May 21th, 2023


Canada Nova Scotia mass shooting RCMP cover-up incompetence deception false identity confidential informants prison guards unions politics

Nighttime Podcast is joined by Paul Palango and Adam Rodgers for a discussion covering;

  • the arrest of a Nova Scotia man found to have a cache of police uniforms and firearms
  • the Saskatchewan Mass Stabbing and it’s similarities to the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty
  • the RCMP unions marketing habits.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

This is how they will CONTROL every Ukrainian


Ukraine Google surveillance social control technology smartphones USAID

We told you that the app that the U.S. was testing on Ukraine was coming to the U.S. next and it's here. The app was created by Google and it is a government's dream. It lets you track you and lets you track your neighbors. What more could a nefarious government agency want??

“The Secret Team, Revisited” The CIA’s infiltration of our Government


CIA Secret Team Fletcher Prouty infiltration conspiracy manicheanism

Prouty's allegations--such as how the U-2 Crisis of 1960 was fixed to sabotage Eisenhower-Khrushchev talk--cannot have pleased the CIA. The Secret Team appears once more with a new introduction by bestselling author, Governor Jesse Ventura.

"Like it or not, we now live in a new age of 'One World.' This is the age of global companies, of global communications and transport, of global food supply and finance and . . . just around the corner . . . global accommodation of political systems. In this sense, there are no home markets, no isolated markets and no markets outside the global network. It is time to face the fact that true national sovereignty no longer exists. We live in a world of big business, big lawyers, big bankers, even bigger moneymen and big politicians. It is the world of The Secret Team."

The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site

Tanks for Kidneys


Ukraine Kosovo organ trafficking bioethics crime corruption human rights dehumanization degradation commodification

'Doctors Without Borders' appeared in Ukraine in 2015. However, after the international charity – which provides humanitarian medical care for people in conflict zones – entered the region, very few people seemed enthusiastic. Subsequently, claims have emerged that 'Doctors Without Borders' may have been tied to the phenomenon of the so-called “ripper doctors.” And the allegations are not entirely new. Six years after the Kosovo war, former prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal, Carla Del Ponte, released a book accusing 'Doctors Without Borders' of human organ trafficking in Kosovo. ‘Hiding under the guise of a humanitarian mission, they engage in the deadly crime of organ trafficking, and made big money doing it’, claims Goran Petronijević, an international lawyer from Serbia. The documentary sheds light on the alarming situation surrounding organ trafficking, and explores parallels between events in Kosovo and in Ukraine.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Gen. Albert Pike and History of the KKK


Albert Pike Morals and Dogma Scottish Rite Freemasonry confederacy slavery KKK terrorism Theodore Roosevelt Hollywood Birth of A Nation subversion insurrection British Empire

November 1992, South Central Los Angeles. Mark Calney gives a lecture to the Cosmopolitan Brotherhood Association on his original research into the history of the creation of Hollywood by organized crime using the KKK recruiting film "The Klansman" or "The Birth Of A Nation" from the novel by Rev. Thomas Dixon. He begins by going through the history of Albert Pike and his origins in the Scottish Rite Freemasons, and after the Civil War, starting the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist organization to stop Reconstruction. This came to light during the LaRouche movements protests at the statue of Pike in Judiciary Square in Washington DC and the surprising reluctance of anyone in Washington to touch the subject. Given the boogeyman of White Nationalism that the Democrats are using to manipulate fear and racial tensions, this is good knowledge to have.

Robert Brock of the CBA was a controversial figure and almost caused a riot when he invited black and white nationalists in to discuss the threats to 1st Amendment Rights by the behavior of the spy organization known as the Anti-Defamation League ADL. News footage of the manipulated protests is included at the end.

Could Hassan Diab be the latest victim of Gladio stay-behind armies?


Canada France NATO Gladio stay behinds secret armies CIA terrorism assassination denial scapegoats destabilization strategy of tension cold war cover-up

On April 21, 2023, the French Court of Assize declared Palestinian-Canadian professor Hassan Diab guilty of the 1980 rue Copernic bombing in Paris, despite proof that he was not in France at that time, but in Lebanon taking sociology exams.

Once again, mild-mannered Professor Hassan Diab stands to be extradited to France. The media seems to be polarized on this issue—many mainstream media journalists are shouting - Off with his head! – as the progressive media steadfastly repeat the facts of this case, as if the truth, repeated often enough, could somehow sway the courts.

This drama has been in the news since 2007, when Diab learned that he was accused of the rue Copernic bombing from a Le Figaro reporter. He was arrested in November 2008, faced Evidentiary Hearings in late 2009 and committed to extradition in June 2011, despite a “weak case.” The ordeal continued: 

  • November 14, 2014: Diab was extradited to France and imprisoned;
  • November 12, 2016: French Investigative judge finds “Consistent Evidence” supporting Diab’s innocence;
  • November 15, 2017: Even though French Investigative Judges had ordered Diab's release eight times, Appeal Court overturned the last (eighth) Release Order;
  • January 12, 2018: French Investigative judges dismissed allegations; Diab released from prison in France;

Now, in 2023, French prosecutors made the surprising decision to try Diab in absentia. An equally astonishing guilty verdict has resurrected the specter of extradition and reminded us that there are many unsolved questions. Diab has always proclaimed his innocence. All the evidence provided by French prosecutors has been refuted, time and again. 

Why is the French government so hell-bent on getting this case closed, and its one-and-only suspect behind bars? Why has there never been any investigation to find the real perpetrator of the bombing?

An examination of other crimes around the time of the rue Copernic bombing suggests that the French government and other actors may have dark motives for pursuing a scapegoat.  (more...)

Could Hassan Diab be the latest victim of Gladio stay-behind armies?

Canada and the UK’s German enemy hiding in plain sight


Canada UK royalty Germany Britain Saxe Coburg & Gotha name change Windsor false identity alias oligarchy fraud war crime

False identity is when someone pretends to be something they are not. Generally speaking it is NOT against the law to use a false name, an alias. Using an alias in order to commit fraud or other criminal acts, however, is definitely illegal.

Since 1917 the UK’s illegitimate German monarchy have used a false identity, an alias, to defraud and wage wars against the UK and Canadian people. The German oligarchy, Kraut George V assumed the alias Windsor to deceive the British and Canadian people.

What Kraut George V did by assuming a forged name, an alias, is defined by Canada’s criminal code as false pretense. Kraut George V claimed he adopted the Windsor name because his birth surname Saxe-Coburg & Gotha sounded German. The truth is, his surname was German and he and his family were German. His father was German. His grandmother, Queen Victoria was German. German was the first language she spoke. His grandfather, Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert “Saxe-Coburg & Gotha” was German.

361 (1) A false pretence is a representation of a matter of fact either present or past, made by words or otherwise, that is known by the person who makes it to be false and that is made with a fraudulent intent to induce the person to whom it is made to act on it.  (more...)

Canada and the UK’s German enemy hiding in plain sight

Monday, May 22, 2023

America's Fight For Universal Progress


American System Universal Progress industry development infrastructure railroads books steel British Empire treason

Author Tony Chaitkin takes a break from writing to give us a preview of his next book, "Who We Are," Vol. 2. Topics include Steel, Railroads, and the American System vs. the ever encroaching British Empire.

Is NATO a Nazi Organization?


NATO Nazi Germany CIA ratlines history cold war Reihardt Gehlen terrorism assassination eugenics war criminals Ukraine neocolonialism  rebranding repurposing

What if the celebrations of the victory over fascism in 1945 was a bit premature? What if leading Nazis were absorbed into NATO after the war and went on to play leading roles in carrying out terrorism, assassinations and a broader infiltration of western governments under the banner of a new rules-based order of globalization?

In this discussion with KPFK 90.7FM Radio's Cary Harrison, Matt Ehret unpacks this history and much more.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

In Conversation With Rocco Galati


Rocco Galati constitutional rights law inquiry Canada vaccines choice pseudoscience accountability transparency pharmaceuticals WHO

Constitutional Rights Lawyer, Rocco Galati shines a light into the dark history of Canada.

Violence is up in Ontario schools, academics are down. What is going on in the public school system?


Canada Ontario politics pandemic lockdowns masking education violence degradation crisis COVID mental illness safety | Fight the woke mob’s obsession with politicizing children's spaces

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A report published recently by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (EFTO) made a shocking discovery. The survey showed that reports of violent occurrences are up 70% in Ontario elementary schools since 2017. Nearly 25,000 of approximately 83,000 EFTO members — more than 75% of respondents — have experienced or witnessed violence in schools. That means that 77% of respondents reported seeing an alarming increase in violent occurrences in the classroom.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

The Imperial Perversion of Science and the Infiltration of America


British Empire Venice stasis oligarchy slavery usury bankers sabotage science perversion menticide eugenics freemasonry population control

Is it possible that the USA has been induced to play the part of Germany during the 1930s? It would make sense when one realizes that the British did create Hitler. This hot topic is treated in some length (along with the infiltration of science) during this discussion between Matt and John Age.

Stand Up for Our Children


Canada gender ideology gay agenda transgenderism education corruption degeneracy family child abuse women Ottawa culture war

This week on Scuttlebutt Lodge I join with Shannon to discuss the upcoming day of action in Ottawa on June 9th, where Canadians across the country will rally to voice their concerns about the sexualization of our children.

More information about June 9th:

Friday, May 19, 2023

The Treason of the Intellectuals


intellectuals elite academia Yale Harvard ivy league privilege arrogance fraud hypocrisy failure treason

The opportunity that I had to study at Yale College as an undergraduate and later at Harvard University for my Ph.D., the chance I had to wander among the gothic buildings, to imbibe confidence and purpose, and to learn to think, learn how things work, from distinguished scholars, was a point of stubborn pride for me when I started my career as a professor, but that legacy had devolved into a nightmare, into a travesty.

I watched up close how the thoughtful and insightful men and women who were my classmates at Yale and Harvard, who were my colleagues as a professor, responded to the horrific institutional decay of the United States over the past two decades. Sadly, although I remember fondly the moments of deep insight and kind exchanges of those good old days, I observed how they, as intellectuals, as lawyers, doctors, engineers, executives, professors and government officials, how they betrayed their fellow citizens and buried the wisdom they had obtained at those temples of learning deep in the excrement of fraud and hypocrisy.

You see, they forgot that the entire point of that elite education they had received. It was not supposed to be something you boasted about, or that you possessed like a yacht or a racehorse, a special key that got you into the club. No! That sort of thinking is the outgrowth of deep moral decay.

That education was a privilege alright, but one that brought with it an absolute obligation to serve society, to stand up bravely for the interests of the nation, and above all for the interests of those who have not had the opportunity to learn how the system works, to study about science and technology, about foreign lands and ancient things.

That is right, you were given special tools that few had access to. They were given to you so that you could use them, use them to help society, especially in times of need, in times of crisis.

And yes, that moment of crisis inevitably came.  (more...)

The Treason of the Intellectuals

intellectuals elite academia Yale Harvard ivy league privilege arrogance fraud hypocrisy failure treason

How the Modern Corporation Was Invented in England


corporation partnership guild limited liability commerce legislation England trade investment

The joint-stock corporation is an economic instrument which, in its modern form, was established in England—and it was here, too, that the company became unleashed from the state and began a power grab which continues to this day.

During a period of rapid commercial growth in 16th century England, the Muscovy Company was granted a charter by Queen Mary Tudor in 1555, giving it a monopoly over trade routes to Russia. 

The company had recently been founded by various London merchants and its governor was Venetian explorer Sebastian Cabot. 

At the time, companies needed a charter from the Crown to operate, and this licence for operations was time-limited and subject to the capricion of the King or Queen. It was not a right to form a corporation then, it was a privilege. 

Chartered companies were organised as partnerships or guilds, which were owned by closed groups such as families or associations of businessmen. 

But the Muscovy Company popularised what would prove a revolutionary innovation: it was able to raise enough money to finance the long journey to Russia by selling tradable shares. 

“Joint-stock” companies, as they became known, was a new concept in English law.

The corporate form has existed as far back as the Roman Republic, and likely before. Despite coming to rule much of the world, the Roman Republic always had a small bureaucracy. One of the major reasons was its use of private businesses, in the form of societas publicanor

These ancient economic instruments were recognised as an entity separate from its owners and had shares representing ownership interests. 

The form developed further with the advent of modern banking with the House of Medici in Renaissance Florence, which saw the birth of what we now call a holding company. 

But the modern corporation, as we understand it, really began its journey in 16th century England with Muscovy’s joint-stock model. It was not a coincidence it so decisively took off then: it proved particularly well suited to the grand voyages of the so-called Age of Discovery.  (more...)

How the Modern Corporation Was Invented in England

Thursday, May 18, 2023

The Ugly Canadian: Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy


Canada mining foreign policy abuse imperialism colonialism Canada Justin Trudeau duplicity

CUSJ Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice AGM keynote speaker Yves Engler: C per zoom May 13, 2023

The Nova Scotia Mass Casualty - May 14th, 2023


Canada Nova Scotia mass shooting RCMP cover-up incompetence deception lawlessness corruption unaccountability police organized crime

Nighttime Podcast is joined by Paul Palango and Adam Rodgers for a discussion covering;

  • Cst. Dorrington’s awful traffic stop
  • the RCMP officers who's names perhaps come up too often 
  • the upcoming grand opening of Heart’s Haven Memorial Park

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

General Lemnitzer, Operation Northwoods and Gladio


Northwoods Gladio Lemnitzer JFK terrorism assassination Nazi Mafia CIA Lansdale books military lawlessness unaccountability cold war

Operation Northwoods was proposed in March 1962. McDuff was transferred to the Pentagon in March 1962. SACSA was JFK's answer to the Pentagon war hawks. A new team would take over from Lemnitzer and Lansdale.

May 8 and the Rehabilitation of Nazism in Germany


Germany Nazi historical revisionism Ukraine Russophobia hate Hitler rehabilitation militarism jingoism imperialism glorification relapse

On 8 and 9 May, Berlin traditionally hosts numerous commemorative events to mark the end of the Second World War in Europe. On these two dates, the German Wehrmacht signed the unconditional surrender in 1945 in Reims, France, and in Berlin-Karlshorst, Germany. The Nazi regime was finally crushed. Adolf Hitler had committed suicide eight days earlier.

The main burden of the struggle against Hitler’s Germany was borne by the Red Army of the Soviet Union, which defeated the Wehrmacht under immense sacrifices. At least 13 million Soviet soldiers and 14 million civilians lost their lives in the war. But at the Berlin commemorative events this year, the displaying of the Soviet flag was forbidden. The Berlin Senate called on more than 1,500 police officers to enforce the ban on the three Soviet memorials in Treptower Park, Tiergarten and Schönholzer Heide. There were more police officers than visitors.

On the other hand, it was permissible to show the Ukrainian flag, which was only used by collaborators who were deeply involved in the crimes of the Nazis during World War II. For example, the Melnyk wing of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-M) used the blue-yellow flag with a trident, as it is also used today in Ukraine.

While the vast majority of Ukrainian men and women, along with their Russian and other Soviet comrades in the Red Army, fought against the Nazis, the OUN-M and the rival wing around Stepan Bandera (OUN-B) joined German SS units and participated in mass murders that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Jews, Poles, Russians and Ukrainians.

The decision to ban the display of the Soviet flag at the commemorative events was ultimately taken by the High Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. The police originally banned both Soviet and Russian as well as Ukrainian flags and justified this on the grounds that they could provoke violence against the background of the Ukrainian war. The Berlin Administrative Court lifted this ban again on the basis of a lawsuit. At the request of the police, the High Administrative Court decided to ban only the Soviet and Russian flags and to admit the Ukrainian flag.

The political significance of this decision is unequivocal: 78 years after the defeat of the Nazi regime, it is forbidden in the German capital to show the flag of the liberators. The flag of collaborators and war criminals is welcome. A clearer commitment to the criminal policy of the Nazi regime is hardly conceivable.  (more...)

May 8 and the Rehabilitation of Nazism in Germany

Synthetic Virtual Reality Drug Cults vs Natural Law


oligarchy Cult of Apollo Venice technology epistemology history social engineering neofeudalism drugs virtual reality slavery Luciferianism

Matt Ehret and V talk about the revival of occult doctrines that shaped ancient oligarchic control systems that poisoned the ancient world of Greece, Persia and Rome under the guise of the Eleusian mysteries and Cults of Apollo and Dionysius. The revival of these synthetic drug cults has taken a new form in the post MK Ultra age but contain all of the same underlying control mechanisms and practices. We also discuss Anglo-Venetian divide to conquer tactics and epistemological warfare, both past and present along with the healthy epistemological traditions of natural law as they have been expressed throughout western and eastern cultural matrices.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

"The (B'nai) B'rith of a Nation


Frankists freemasonry confederacy slavery opium drug trafficking bankers oligarchy Luciferians Frankists Jesuits Galicia

British Freemasons and Jewish Bankers from the C.S.A to Today

Monday, May 15, 2023

"It's the Dope, Inc., Stupid!"


Dope Inc. British Empire opium trafficking drugs organized crime Mafia Mazzini Albert Pike KKK Scottish Rite freemasonry

Readings from the original 1978 "Dope, Inc." and Executive Intelligence Review detailing the British Empire's Dope Inc. and it's American enablers.


William Barr, the Bush clique, and their friends at Dope, Inc.

Poland Should Leave the American Sector Now!


America Poland subservience social control imperialism politics business military

 American domination over Poland should be analyzed on several levels. First, there is direct political and administrative control and this is not only about the sphere of intergovernmental and interallied arrangements. Working in the regional council years ago, I was surprised to learn that the American Embassy conducts regular briefings and teleconferences with the provincial governors, i.e. regional government representatives (in the rank corresponding to a deputy minister in the Polish system). Lower functionaries of the American diplomatic mission in Poland receive reports and issue direct orders to high- and middle-level Polish officials, managing straight on local matters, including elements of transport system, airports and highways construction, border crossing management, and of course public order and security. For Poles, such a positioning of a foreign Embassy, completely openly and officially above the structures of the state, evokes an unambiguous association with the period of the collapse of the Polish state in the 18th Century, when similar practices were typical for the ambassadors of the Russian, Prussian and Austrian empires. Even during Soviet period, control was more discreet and less ostentatious.

That was quite similar with the presence of the Soviet Army in communist Poland. Unlike today with the Americans and their Polish supporters, the Soviets showed a certain degree of sensitivity and understanding for Polish feelings and national pride.  Stationing of the Soviet Army was not exposed in any way. Practically, apart from the actual places of deployment, the Soviets were not visible at all, they functioned almost exclusively in their bases, and there was a censorship record in the media on these topics. It was kind a shameful affair, even for the Polish communists, who liked to present themselves as the lesser evil, also dissatisfied with the Soviet guests. No one has ever thought about celebrating the foreign troops presence in Poland, no joy parades were organized for this reason, children in schools were not asked to draw cheerful pictures expressing delight that we were occupied. And this is exactly what happens now, how we are obliged to react on the Americans, despite their activity is more than burdensome. G.I. Joes have caused hundreds of road accidents, provoked fights and argues in bars, harassed Polish women and still the only acceptable reaction should be constant joy and invoking “strategic Polish-American friendship”. The Soviets at least spared us this hypocrisy. (more...)

Poland Should Leave the American Sector Now!

SHOCKING new Epstein papers reveal CREEPY targeting of children for medical experiments


Jeffrey Epstein Southern Trust Bill & Melinda Gates British Virgin Islands predators sex trafficking gifted children transhumanism disadvantaged medical experiments eugenics sweatshops technology coding

Whitney Webb is back to discuss new revelations in the Jeffrey Epstein revelations. She says that after being busted for trafficking in 2007, Epstein focused on recruiting teens to his company in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He recruited the islander teens using the same tactics he had employed to entrap underage girls in Palm Beach and beyond. The goal of this company, Southern Trust, and Epstein's other efforts at that time, reveal how Epstein's interest in transhumanism and minors disturbingly coalesce.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

West closes eyes on religious persecution in Ukraine


Orthodox Church Ukraine persecution West indifference UN Security Council Russia evasion religion

West shifts away from the continued clampdown on the Orthodox Church in Ukraine during an informal UN Security Council meeting called by Russia.

CSIS tweets 'Gender-based analysis plus' virtue signal


Canada CSIS security intelligence gender ideology fixation spies China pronouns

David Menzies and Tamara Ugolini react to a tweet from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) announcing the gender-based analysis that they claim will 'better safeguard our rights and freedoms.'

King Putz III and the Great Reset


King Charles III Canada Privy Council imperialism Nazi eugenics slavery transhumanism Crown history NATO Venice Great Reset conservation Nazi

In this episode of Guns, Gold and Goats hosted by Tom Luongo, Matt Ehret is invited to break down his research on the Anglo-Venetian roots of the Deep State and active power structures revolving around the institution of the Crown, Crown Agents, Privy Council and the City of London.

Friday, May 12, 2023

The Nazi Streets of Ukraine


Ukraine Bandera Nazi collaborators historical revisionism Russophobia  holocaust denial anti-semitism glorification ethnic cleansing

The West-backed Kiev Putsch Regime in Ukraine has accelerated a total program of societal De-Russification and Pro-Banderization, erasing the countries past of brotherhood with Russia and manufacturing a Ukrainian nation that glorifies WW2-era Nazi Collaborators, Banderite Fascists and Holocaust Perpetrators in its place. The recent Kyiv City Council directive to rename a street after the fascist and rabidly anti-semite editor of the Nazi propaganda newspaper "Volyn", Ulas Samchuk, is just the latest obscene example of this,

Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Nova Scotia Mass Casualty - May 7th, 2023


Canada Nova Scotia mass shooting RCMP cover-up incompetence Portapique books commission deception evasion

Nighttime Podcast is joined by Paul Palango and Adam Rodgers for a discussion covering;

  • comment made by an RCMP member to my facebook group that seems to suggest half of what Palango says may make sense
  • 18 million dollars in mental health support for the Portapique area
  • an interview between the Mass Casualty commission and the first paramedics to arrive on the scene just after the shooting began

Toronto event demands Ukrainian neo-Nazis’ freedom on Victory Day


Canada Toronto Russia Victory Day May 9 Immortal Regiment cancellation Ukraine Bandera UCC protest Nazi

A protest in Toronto on Victory Day (May 9), demanded the freedom of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion soldiers captured by Russia during its Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Victory Day is meant to honour the Soviet Union's leading role in defeating Nazi Germany. Yet in Toronto, a Victory Day event was mysteriously cancelled, while people demand the freedom of neo-Nazis in Ukraine.


Arsonist ex-Ukrainian government minister assisted Canadian government-funded Nazi propaganda bus tour

Maidan Ukraine Canada propaganda Toronto Bandera Maidan bus education schools indoctrination

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Big Pharma's new push to mass vaccinate kids


COVID vaccines hesitancy infants fatalities pharmaceuticals propaganda distrust

Tamara Ugolini looks at Big Pharma's partnership with Chelsea Clinton and the new push to mass vaccinate kids.

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