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Ontarians opposed to graphic sex-ed gear up to join multi-city car rally Aug. 1

BRAMPTON, July 31, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Parents opposed to the Liberal government’s radical sex-ed curriculum are being urged to take part in tomorrow’s multi-city car rally.

Organized by the Mississauga-based HOWA Voice of Parents, this will be the fourth car rally held in the Greater Toronto Area in the summer before the sex-ed curriculum rolls out in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

Billed the Awareness Car Rally, the event starts at 11:30 a.m. Cars will meet in the parking lot of Brampton’s Gurdwara Dashmesh Darbar, on 4555 Ebenezar Road (Ebenezar Road and Hwy 50. The closest major intersection is Hwy 7 and Hwy 50).

Cars will be decked out with red flags that read: “No to irresponsible sex education,” or “My child my choice” and will drive through Brampton, Toronto and Mississauga.  (more...)

Just a fantasy

Straight: Anonymous threatens to reveal the "real reason" former foreign affairs minister John Baird left politics

The hacker collective Anonymous is threatening to release information it describes as the “real reason” former Canadian foreign affairs minister John Baird left office last February.

A message posted on Twitter on July 29 claimed the group would soon distribute text messages and video related to the affair.

Anonymous describes its actions as being in retaliation to the July 16 police shooting of James McIntyre, a 46-year-old man who was killed outside of a public meeting about the Site C dam held in Dawson Creek. McIntyre was reportedly wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and allegedly holding a knife when he was shot by the RCMP.  (more...)

'Official' papers may not tell whole story of historical paedophilia scandal

Sir Peter Hayman
The discovery and release of government papers detailing the investigation into the alleged ‘unnatural’ sexual conduct of diplomat Sir Peter Hayman generated substantial press coverage. Unreported, however, were alternative contemporary accounts offering a different story of the legal proceedings brought against members of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in the early 1980s.

The official National Archives documents confirmed what we already knew about Hayman. A retired diplomat and former High Commissioner in Canada, he was exposed in Private Eye in 1980, named by the MP Geoffrey Dickens under parliamentary privilege in 1981, and scrutinised in the press, where he was linked to PIE.

It is not surprising to learn that reports on Hayman crossed Margaret Thatcher’s desk and that a press ‘line’ was agreed. The authorities’ main concern seems to have been the possible national security implications of Hayman’s indiscretions, demonstrative of long-standing Cold War anxieties about the subversive potential of sexual blackmail.

While the National Archives files – known as PREM 19/588 – suggest there was no official protection of Hayman, that he was not immune from prosecution, and that there was no evidence linking him to specific crimes, a different story exists in alternative archival sources. In particular, the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) Gay Rights Sub-Committee documented events differently.  (more...)


State secrecy? Govt media adviser denies D-notices suppressed child abuse claims

Cyril Smith
The chairman of a committee that oversees Britain’s media blackout system has denied claims that state orders were given to withhold child abuse allegations against the late MP Cyril Smith MP.

In his first interview as Chairman of the Defense and Security Media Advisory Committee, Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance said police may have handed fake gagging orders, known as D-notices, to a number of news outlets.

The government D-notices are issued to news editors, demanding they withhold information from the public on national security grounds.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Valance said “not a shred of evidence” exists that authorized D-notices were issued.  (more...)


Dad of Niagara baby who died begged that boy not be placed with grandfather

Jeffrey Baldwin
The father whose 13-month-old baby died last weekend while in the care of a convicted child abuser, said he pleaded with children’s aid not to place his son with his grandfather.

“On the morning of the apprehension… I said flat-out: ‘If you place him with my dad, you’re most likely going to kill my son’,” the 20-year-old father said about the day his baby was taken away. “I know that man, and he was violent with me my entire life.”

As reported in the Star Thursday, a court document shows the Niagara children’s aid society knew the grandfather had physically abused his own infant son in 1995. (The grandfather was just a teenager at the time and is now in his mid-30s, according to an affidavit filed Wednesday by Niagara children’s aid in the Ontario Court of Justice.)

In May, Niagara children’s aid placed the baby in the care of the grandfather and his wife.

The baby was rushed to hospital with head injuries last Saturday and died Sunday.  (more...)

Another family "managed" to disastrous effect.

Pentagon Employing Top Scientists to Improve US Propaganda Machine

(ANTIMEDIA) Throughout human history, governments have been interested in “mastering the human domain”—in fully understanding how to control the minds of their populations. In 2015, DARPA’s “Narrative Networks” ( or N2) program is in full swing.

The project is intended to analyze how “narratives” play into human psychology, delving into the way these constructs affect the mind. A narrative is a way of phrasing something, a choice of words, for example, that is likely a biased strategy to frame information.

“Narratives exert a powerful influence on human thoughts, emotions and behavior and can be particularly important in security contexts,” DARPA researchers said in a paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods.

They discussed “…conflict resolution and counterterrorism scenarios [and] detecting the neural response underlying empathy induced by stories is of critical importance.”  (more...)


Henry VIII's new propagandist

Japan: Schoolgirls for Sale

Japan's obsession with cutesy culture has taken a dark turn, with schoolgirls now offering themselves for "walking dates" with adult men. Last year the US State Department, in its annual report on human trafficking, flagged so-called joshi-kosei osanpo dates (that's Japanese for "high school walking") as fronts for commercial sex run by sophisticated criminal networks.

In our exclusive investigation, VICE News host Simon Ostrovsky will bring you to one of Tokyo's busiest neighborhoods, where girls solicit clients in their school uniforms, to a concert performed by a band of schoolgirls attended by adult men, and into a café, where teenage girls are available to hire by the hour. But the true revelations come behind closed doors, when schoolgirls involved in the rent-a-date industry reveal how they've been coerced into prostitution.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Law & Order director, a married father-of-two, charged with child sex abuse

Alexander has directed numerous episodes of Law & Order
A Law & Order director has been charged with child sex abuse for owning videos in which children as young as six strip and masturbate.

Jason 'Jace' Alexander, 51, allegedly published a short film on the file-sharing site Torrent showing a 12-year-old girl performing sex acts in June, according to a police report seen by the New York Post.

The married father-of-two was investigated after detectives found child pornography online and traced the IP address to his home in Westchester County, New York, the report claims.

During a search on the property, police allegedly found another video on Alexander's computer that shows a six-year-old girl masturbating.

He was arrested on Wednesday afternoon and posted $10,000 bail.  (more...)


Canada's Very Own VIP Pedophile Scandal?

@OPAnonDown just teasing:

But, the Ottawa diplomatic community has been a fun bunch:

Sir Peter Hayman
Stay tuned:

To understand Bill Cosby, start with Alfred C. Kinsey

In a letter to the editor in the July 25 National Post regarding Bill Cosby’s alleged sex crimes, Jerry Pryde, of Stoney Creek, Ont., wrote: “It should be noted one of Cosby’s accusers claims the deed occurred at the Playboy mansion when she was 15. This raises the question: who allowed a 15-year old girl inside what amounts to little more than a high-end brothel?”

The answer to “who” let the girl into the “high-end brothel” called the Playboy mansion is, figuratively speaking, Hugh Hefner, chief missionary of Playboy magazine. But Mr. Pryde’s question is a good one, because it opens the door to speculation on the influences that produced what cultural critic Mary Eberstadt termed “pedophilia chic” — the idea that sex between adults and underage teenagers, or even children, is a victimless crime.

Playboy was launched in 1953, when Bill Cosby was an impressionable teenager. Perhaps Cosby read and internalized lessons from the Playboy Advisor’s “seduction manual,” which in Playboy’s first year of publication took up the question of how college men could overcome virgins’ resistance to casual sex. Suggested methods included the “persistent approach” (now understood as harassment) and the “alcoholic approach” (now understood as non-consensual sex).

But the most sophisticated strategy was the “Kinsey approach.”  (more...)

Kay seems fixated on Kinsey, who's just the tip of the iceberg. A much larger programme was pursued by the CIA-affiliated Frankfurt School:

Investigation into Smith child abuse image allegations closed

The investigation into claims by Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk that former Rochdale MP Cyril Smith was found with child abuse images in the boot of his car on the M1 in Northamptonshire during the 1980s has been closed because of a lack of evidence.

Mr Danczuk, in the book he co-authored with Matt Baker about Smith, claimed that after being stopped on the M1 he was then released after making a telephone call to an unidentified third party in London.

He alleged Smith, who was MP for Rochdale between 1972 and 1992, was arrested, but the material seized by police had disappeared.

Northamptonshire Police said no witnesses had been found and no reports of the alleged incident were uncovered.

Five people who came forward to help the investigation offered third-party accounts that could not be used as evidence, police said.  (more...)

The Child Sex Ring Around Westminster’s Neck

Imagine a pedophile ring that, for years, abused and tormented young boys and girls at a string of VIP brothels. Then imagine that the members of this group were politicians, intelligence officers, diplomats, high-ranking police officers, and prominent civil servants. That this was, in other words, a pedophile ring at the very heart of power, operating with what appears, thanks to 30 years of thwarted investigations and cover-ups, something approaching impunity.

Then imagine that, in addition to what must, appallingly, be considered mere commonplace sexual abuse, it is alleged that this ring was responsible for the deaths — the murders, that is — of at least three teenage children. And no one has yet been prosecuted for playing a part in these alleged offenses.

This might sound like the premise for the next season of a gothic horror story like True Detective. It is, in fact, the long-festering, shattering, scandal that today haunts Westminster and the British government. Most, though not all, of those accused are now dead but the mere thought that powerful interests might have used their influence to thwart justice despite being accused of horrific crimes remains almost too hard to bear. Until recently it might have been thought the preserve of lurid fiction or paranoid conspiracy theory.  (more...)

Silencing Opposition to New Sex-Ed Curriculum

It is surprising that the Ontario government has launched an advertising campaign about the controversial sexual-education curriculum, instead of engaging parents more directly and responding to their concerns.

Queen’s Park is using electronic and print media and some advertisements have already been released. The government surely hopes the campaign will lay to rest any remaining questions on the controversial curriculum change, but in my view, parental concerns run much deeper.

The government’s curriculum has many shortcomings, written in a language that makes it difficult to forecast the outcome – all in the name of “education”. Protesting organizations have called this curriculum "indoctrination". But at this juncture, the government sees the advertising campaign as the solution, adding more public spending to an already indebted government.  (more...)

UK: Number of teachers banned for sexual misconduct TREBLES over year

THE number of teachers banned for sexual misconduct has nearly TREBLED in the past year - with campaigners linking the rise to a "Jimmy Savile-effect".

A total of 30 teachers were sacked from the classroom in the first six months of this year alone for sexual offences and sleazy behaviour.

In the previous six months, 21 were banned from teaching by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) and just 11 in the six months before.

Among those who were fired this year for their behaviour include Michael Woodhouse, an art teacher from Staffordshire who had sex with a 16-year-old pupil at his house.

The 38-year-old also performed sex acts on her in his car and sent her notes saying "I love you".  (more...)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Anonymous threatens to release text messages from John Baird that allegedly reveal ‘real reason’ he left politics

Former federal cabinet minister John Baird
Hackers with Anonymous — who last week leaked a seemingly legitimate secret document on cyber-security at Canada’s spy agency — threatened Wednesday to release decrypted text messages from former Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird allegedly showing the “real reason” why he abruptly left politics.

The warning was made in social media from an account the National Post confirms is one that has been operated by activists responsible for the CSIS leak.

No evidence was presented by the hacktivists to support the claim.

When reached by the National Post, Baird declined to comment on the warning. Requests for comment to the Department of Foreign Affairs were not immediately responded to.  (more...)


Police make first arrest in Esther Baker child sex abuse investigation

Esther Baker
Staffordshire Police confirmed today that they had arrested a 64 year old man as part of their investigation into an historic child sex abuse ring following allegations made by  Esther Baker. a survivor.

The full statement in reply to a question from me on behalf of Exaro News is: “A 64 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of rape and conspiracy to rape in connection with the ongoing investigation in allegations of historic child sexual abuse.He remains on bail pending further inquiries.In line with our normal policy we will not confirm the details of a person under investigation until such time as charges are made.”  (more...)

Meirion Jones: 'Everyone on right side of the Savile argument has been forced out of the BBC'

Three days after finishing work on Panorama documentary The Fake Sheikh Exposed, producer Meirion Jones was told his services were no longer required by the programme.

His previous job as head of investigations at Newsnight had been filled in his absence. He was effectively out of a job.

After 26 years at the BBC, Jones (pictured above, Reuters) felt like this career at the corporation had come to an end and he was being squeezed out.

Jones believes he was punished because he tried to expose the Jimmy Savile scandal at the BBC and spoke out about the way his Newsnight investigation of December 2011 was suppressed.

Liz MacKean, who worked on the Savile story with Jones, left after 23 years with the corporation in April last year. She also felt she no longer had a future with the BBC.

Speaking out in detail for the first time since he left the BBC in February, Jones paints a picture of a corporation which appears to have failed to learn the lessons of the biggest scandal in its history.  (more...)

A climate of fear and despair:

Gay Priests

The promised Mic'd Up episode:

And, the sycophancy of those who collude with the lavender mafia:

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

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Ontario ombudsman says he gets too many complaints about Family Responsibility Office

TORONTO — Ontario’s ombudsman says complaints about the provincial agency responsible for enforcing court-ordered child and spousal support payments are growing every year.

Andre Marin says he received 1,167 complaints about the Family Responsibility Office in 2014-15, a slight increase over the previous year but up considerably from 794 complaints two years ago.

Marin says the agency had to reimburse 350 people about $845,000 in retroactive payments when they were wrongly denied all benefits after they stopped being eligible for welfare or disability support.  (more...)


Monday, July 27, 2015

The Forgotten Vice in Seminary Formation

We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.
—C. S. Lewis from The Abolition of Man.

St. Thomas includes effeminacy under the vices opposed to perseverance.  It is from the Latin mollities, which literally means “softness.”  Mollities is the verb used in 1 Corinthians 6:9 which deals with the sexual sin of sodomy.  It involves being inordinately passive or receptive.  What St. Thomas means by persevering is when “a man does not forsake a good on account of long endurance or difficulties and toils.”  An “effeminate man is one who withdraws from good on account of sorrows caused by lack of pleasures, yielding as it were to a weak motion.”  Thomas states that this effeminacy is caused in two ways.  First, by custom, where a man is accustomed to enjoy pleasures and it is, therefore, more difficult for him to endure the lack of them.  Second, by natural disposition, less persevering through frailty of temperament, and this is where Thomas compares men with women, and also mentions the homosexual act of sodomy, and the receiver in this act as being effeminate or like a woman.  The vice of delicacy for Thomas considers those who cannot endure toils, or anything that diminishes pleasure, and thus delicacy is a kind of effeminacy.  Thomas quotes from Deuteronomy 28:56, “The tender and delicate woman, that could not go upon the ground, nor set down her foot for softness.”  It may be true that some cultural prejudices are being revealed here with this comparison because a vice is a vice, whether it is found in a man or a woman, but it is also true that some vices are more perverse or disordered when found specifically in men or women.  Effeminacy is more pronounced in a man than a woman because women are more susceptible to this vice.  Just as the vice of drunkenness is more pronounced or perverse when found in a woman than a man.  (more...)

Victim speaks out about Britain's VIP paedophile ring

FOR Esther Baker, the idea of the existence of a paedophile ring involving some of the most rich and powerful in Britain, is not surprising. From the age of six she suffered years of sexual abuse, including rape, at the hands of a number of men - including two British politicians, she says.

Despite the horror she has suffered, she is shocked to learn that there were people in power who were aware of such abuse but failed to stop it.

“I knew it was happening, from my own experiences,” Baker told the Sunday Herald. “I was relieved to find out I wasn’t on my own, that I wasn’t the only person who was ready to come forward and speak about it.

“What struck me is when I found out how many people knew it was happening. It didn’t shock me it had happened - I was shocked that people were aware of it.”

Baker, from Merseyside, was one of the victims who spoke out on a documentary special by Australian current affairs programme 60 minutes aired last week, which reported sexual abuse allegedly carried out in Britain by past and current members of parliament, judges, diplomats, and some of the nation's highest officials against hundreds of young victims over the past four decades.  (more...)



Six women among 'Norwich paedophile ring' facing child sex abuse charges

Marie Black outside Norwich Crown Court
Norwich Crown Court heard a group of "seemingly respectable" people subjected young children to sexual and physical abuse, including forcing them to attend sex parties.

The abuse is said to have been carried out against two boys and three girls in and around Norwich and London.

Much of the alleged abuse is said to have centred around Marie Black, 34, from Norwich, who denies 26 offences, including four counts of rape and two of conspiracy to rape.

She has declined to give evidence at the trial.

All of the defendants, aged between 31 and 84, deny sexually abusing the children, saying the allegations were concocted by Norfolk County Council's children's services department.  (more...)

Seminary 'Training'

Seminary training involves making sure there are no men who self-identify as homosexual or are confused over the issue. None.

There seems to be an unholy alliance between unmanly clergy and manly feminists that must be defeated if we're ever to renew the church. Renew the proper relation between men and women, and the church will follow.

What are seminarians learning? What are young men and women discerning marriage learning?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Music mogul in fight to expose child abuse

The Shirley Oaks home where abuse took place
THE mentor of singer Jessie J has told how the abuse he suffered at a children’s home linked to a Westminster paedophile ring has inspired him to fight for justice for the victims.

Music mogul Raymond Stevenson, who discovered the former Voice judge when she was 15, said he and his friends were regularly beaten and drugged at Shirley Oaks in Surrey.

Dozens of others were sexually abused and Raymond, 51, believes the investigation is being hampered because it reaches into the heart of government.

He said “very powerful people” were involved in the abuse and the cover-up, including a Labour minister known as The Godfather.

Jimmy Savile also visited the home.

Police are investigating the allegations of abuse at the home near Croydon, which closed in 1983.

Raymond and author Alex Wheatle, another victim and former resident, are helping to run campaign group the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association.  (more...)


This Whitehall farce resembles a sinister version of Yes, Minister

WHERE governments are concerned, accidents and coincidences are not to be trusted. This doesn't mean they never happen. It doesn't mean we should surrender to every conspiracy theory passed off as fact thanks to the internet's Chinese whispers. But scepticism, plenty of it, never goes amiss when a government department is making excuses.

A lot of us are prepared to believe almost anything now about powerful individuals and the abuse of children. It isn't irrational. We know, too late, where doubt and disbelief have led us. Rumours dismissed for years have turned out to be terrifyingly true. Victims have been tortured twice, first by their attackers, then by an officialdom refusing, honestly or otherwise, to listen.

What do we say, then, to Whitehall's strange ability to lose and find files that might relate to abuse? That such is the complexity of government? That mistakes happen? That back in the olden days – say, less than 30 years ago – civil servants simply failed to understand the issues at stake? That somehow things are no better now? In each case, a remarkable degree of naivety would be involved.

We would have to have a high degree of tolerance, too, for sheer incompetence. That possibility might not test credulity too much. Government officials have shown a remarkable ability to lose their laptops, or leave their briefcases in taxi cabs. But the idea that officialdom cannot lay hands on its records, that it is in such a perpetual mess it cannot even vouch for the existence of files, invites derision. All you have to decide is who is being mocked.  (more...)

Another Toronto car rally to protest Ontario's radical sex curriculum

Yesterday another car rally was held to protest the Liberal government's plan to implement this coming school year  the controversial sex curriculum that is part of the new 2015 Health and Physical Education program. The event was organized be the 
Parents Alliance of Ontario. The theme for was the rally was My Child, My Choice and say No To Irresponsible Sex "Education."

The cars participating in the rally left from the Richmond Hill Go Train Station, travelled north along Newkirk to Elgin Mills, south on the 404 to the Bayview/Bloor exist and then west to High Park where the rally ended. Cars displayed flags with the words: My Child, My Choice with some of the cars displaying signs that read; No To Irresponsible Sex "Education." The quotation marks are ours.

Wynne's government has so far been stonewalling. The Liberals have refused to listen to parents across the province who simply want their parental rights and cultural values respected.  (more...)

At Anti-Bullying Conference, Middle Schoolers Learn About Lesbian Strap-On Anal Sex, Fake Testicles

In rural, small-town Iowa, a group of parents and community leaders is seeking to prevent students from the local taxpayer-funded middle school and high school from attending future versions of an anti–bullying conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens.

The last one — in April — left many of the denizens of Humboldt, Iowa up in arms, reports Des Moines NBC affiliate WHO-TV.

Iowa Safe Schools, an activist group out of Des Moines, hosted the conference.

It was quite something.  (more...)

Just what your hoping for your pre-teen.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, His Friend Bill Clinton & A Sex Slave Island Cover-Up

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and other famous names, and their connection to a high-level sex scandal is exposed by Conchita and Cristina Sarnoff. We also look at slavery and human sex trafficking in the modern world, and more, in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

UK: Civil servant arrested over claims he was part of VIP paedophile ring

The former civil servant who allegedly visited the
Elm Guest house has been arrested
A former civil servant at the centre of allegations that a paedophile ring once operated in the heart of Westminster has been arrested.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was questioned earlier this year on suspicion of assaulting a boy in London in the late 1970s.

It is claimed that he was part of a ring that had links to top civil servants and public figures. He also allegedly visited the now notorious Elm Guest House, a VIP brothel in London.

The man’s alleged victim spoke to the Metropolitan Police earlier this year to say he was abused on several occasions, beginning when he was 12.

He told detectives the man first approached him at a London museum and enticed him back to his house. He went on to abuse him over two years.

The alleged victim also claimed the man introduced him to two others, who also abused him. All three men have been arrested and bailed until October while police inquiries continue.  (more...)

The fallout:

School choice is so desirable that some parents are risking jail for it

Yesterday's blog argued in favour of public policy that allows parents to choose their children's elementary and high schools, and so today I thought you might be interested in this story from Washington, DC. That city has the most school choice of any jurisdiction in the US, and it so happens that the surrounding areas (Maryland and Virginia) have very little school choice available to parents. As a result, some Maryland and Virginia parents are apparently enrolling their children illegally in a DC school of choice. So far, so normal - parents want school choice, we already know

But the story doesn't end there. The DC school board has a hotline for people to phone or email in tips about parents who are lying about their place of residence in order to enroll their children in a DC school - and last year 88 tips were received. So to me that's the first exclamation mark - why in the world would anyone squeal on another parent in this way?

The second exclamation mark is that the penalty for illegal enrollment in a DC school is up to 90 days in jail and repayment of tuition of up to $15,000 a year. At present, two police officers are being sued for more than $224,000.  (more...)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Crack Scotland Yard detective says top brass sabotaged his bid to expose Blair minister in Establishment paedophile ring

Former police inspector Clive Driscoll
One November day in 1998, a group of officials from Lambeth Council found themselves in an upstairs meeting room at Mary Seacole House, a concrete office block in South London.

It was the end of a lengthy business meeting. And they were sitting in stunned silence.

The reason? A few moments earlier, a local police inspector had just delivered several pieces of earth-shattering news.

First, he revealed that detectives working on Operation Trawler, an investigation into a paedophile ring suspected of operating in the London borough’s children’s homes, were focusing their inquiries on 12 potential abusers.

Second, he was prepared to name these people. Third, it contained the names of several high-profile members of the Establishment.

On condition of confidentiality, the policeman read out a list of the people his team was pursuing.

One was a Lambeth councillor. Another was a household-name celebrity. A third, perhaps most explosively, was a minister in Tony Blair’s government.

‘These are all only suspects at this stage,’ the policeman said, bullishly. ‘But I have reason to believe that further investigation will produce evidence that I can use to pursue court cases.’

In the room in Clapham High Street there was a sharp intake of breath. Labour-run Lambeth was no stranger to ugly headlines. For almost two decades, its name had been a byword for corruption, incompetence, and loony-Left political dysfunction.

Since the Eighties — when, under the Trotskyite leadership of ‘Red’ Ted Knight, it was dubbed Britain’s worst-run local authority — the Town Hall had spawned a series of criminal investigations and public inquiries, involving everything from fraud and blackmail to Mafia-style racketeering.

More recent years had seen Lambeth’s social services department rocked by a string of appalling sex scandals, some of which remained ongoing.

Yet even by those standards, the allegation that its premises were home to an Establishment paedophile ring, which included a member of the government, must have seemed so extraordinary, and so utterly unprecedented, as to be in a class of its own.

That, presumably, will have been the verdict at Mary Seacole House that day, where the gobsmacked council officials included several of Lambeth’s most senior social workers and executives, along with two of the borough’s solicitors.

But in the weeks that followed, something very strange occurred. Far from leading to arrests and court cases, the policeman’s comments triggered events that saw him moved out of Lambeth and Operation Trawler brought to a halt.  (more...)

Grammy-award winning conductor jailed for historic sexual abuse

A Grammy-winning conductor who sexually abused two young boys has been jailed for 12 months.

Joseph Cullen was locked up after grooming his victims in the late 1970s and early 1980s while involved in choirs in Glasgow.

The married 55-year-old was finally brought to justice after one of them went to police in 2013.

Cullen returned to the High Court in Glasgow after pleading guilty to two charges of using lewd and libidinous conduct.

Lord Turnbull said the conductor had carved out a prestigious career following the abuse resulting in genuine international acclaim.

This included Cullen winning two Grammy Awards for his work with the famous London Symphony Chorus.  (more...)

Further coverage:

Ontario teachers have an opportunity to regain public trust: refuse to teach the new sex curriculum

Premier Kathleen Wynne and Education Minister Liz Sandals are telling Ontarians that talks with the teachers' unions are going to resume. Sandals believes that contracts can be settled before the school year begins on September 8.

Ontario's premier of course is doing public relation work. It's image management. She said that in not making an effort to get the negotiations going would be "an abdication of our responsibility." The unions agree to talk because this makes them look good. Unions leaders claim that there are outstanding issues to be resolved before they can come to an agreement. One is class size and the other is working conditions. Teachers have threatened to take more work-to-rule actions if there are no new contracts for September for some 115,000 teachers. The bottom line for both sides in all this: it's mostly window dressing.

The government is trying to hold the line on spending because the accululated debt keeps getting bigger. With a provincial debt of well over $300 billion, the government doesn't seem to be worried. Spending tax dollars buys votes. They already got teacher and union support when the Liberals introduced all day kindergarten and the "Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy." This paved the road for gay/straight alliances in schools, the recognition of sexaul orientation, "gender identity" and "gender expression." And presently we have the radical sex curriculum that is part of the 2015 Health and Physical Education.  (more...)

1986 letter by MI5 chief reveals how allegations of child abuse at Westminster were covered up

Simon Danczuk
MORE revelations are due to come out about historic Westminster child abuse allegations, an MP has warned.

Simon Danczuk spoke out yesterday after the Cabinet Office released a forgotten MI5 letter about a politician with a “penchant for small boys”.

Written by then-head of MI5, Sir Anthony Duff, the 1986 note made no reference to child safety but concluded that the unnamed MP had denied the allegation, adding that “the risk of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger”.

Apparently “overlooked” during a 2014 Home Office investigation, it has now been published in a supplement to a review on whether the government covered up abuse allegations in the 1980s.

Many of the fresh files were discovered in a cache of “assorted and unstructured papers”.

Review author Peter Wanless, of the NSPCC, said no evidence of the deliberate removal or destruction of documents had been found and the new documents did “not necessarily” indicate a cover-up.

However, Labour MP Danczuk yesterday said: “These explosive papers show what I’ve long suspected – that the full weight of the British Establishment, including MI5, colluded in a cover-up to protect politicians who sexually abused young boys. That we can now see in black and white that the risk to children was not considered at all and the Establishment was more worried about the risk of political damage to the government is a damning indictment of the shameful attitudes of the people running the country at the time.”  (more...)

Teacher sexual assault case delayed again

Teacher facing charges involving boys

Yet another delay has been allowed in the case of a Raymond school teacher charged with sexual assault. On Thursday, provincial court judge Derek Redman agreed to an adjournment to Aug. 27 in the case of Jamey Brian Kristian.

The elementary school teacher – relieved of his duties after he was arrested in January 2014 – faces numerous sex-related charges involving boys as young as nine. He was released on bail after the initial charges were laid, but re-arrested in June 2014 when Lethbridge police laid additional changes involving child pornography, voyeurism and sexual assault.

Kristian had been expected to enter pleas on the charges this May, but instead a Crown prosecutor from Calgary asked for an adjournment until June. That lead to an adjournment to this week, and now until late August.  (more...)

Gay Seminarians


I won't name child abuse MP: Fury as Mrs Thatcher's Cabinet chief defends failure to act over senior Tory

Lord Armstrong is at the centre of accusations
of a major Establishment cover-up
The most senior civil servant in the Thatcher government was accused of a ‘shocking’ and ‘cavalier’ attitude last night after he defended an apparent child abuse cover-up.

Former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong was warned by the security services in 1986 that an MP had ‘a penchant for small boys’.

But no action was taken and yesterday Lord Armstrong, who refused to name the MP involved, insisted the allegations were just ‘shadows of a rumour’. He said he believed the decision not to investigate the paedophile claims was ‘correct at the time’.

It emerged this week that MI5 had known about the allegations but failed to investigate after the MP denied them. Sir Antony Duff, then MI5 director-general, wrote to Lord (then Sir Robert) Armstrong, saying the man ‘has a penchant for small boys’.

He added: ‘At the present stage… the risks of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger.’  (more...)

Tories aren't the only ones sweating:

Plus, important insight into the insidious role of insurance companies in covering up institutional child sex abuse:

And an open letter to a political foe:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Understanding opposition to Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum

No joy in Kathleen's riding
Opposition to the revised health and physical education curriculum continues to mount via parent demonstrations, petitions and groups coalescing united in their determination to stop the implementation of the program.

The Canadian Family Alliance, a grassroots family organization that represents people from different religions and a variety of cultural backgrounds, is continuing the fight against what they describe as a radical sex education curriculum.

They are saying “no” to the sexualization of their children. Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government is standing firm and has responded by launching a public relations blitz hoping that better education of the Ontario parent community will quell and appease the concerns voiced by over 200,000 constituents.

I am not confident that the $1.8 million spent on this campaign will be productive. Perhaps this money should have been spent opening up dialogue with citizens and engaging people by building common ground. However, it seems that Premier Wynne has folded her arms and planted herself firmly waiting for September.  (more...)

Leading the charge for the opposition?
Not here, either.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hollywood’s Pedophilia Problem

Why  did Arianna Huffington’s husband invest $5 million in an internet startup whose sole purpose was introducing older men to younger boys? Why did David Geffen invest $500,000 in the same company? Why is Brian Peck, a convicted pedophile, a registered sex offender, accused of sexually abusing a Nickelodeon child star still allowed to work in Hollywood with child actors? Why did SAG-AFTRA threaten to sue the producer of An Open Secret after the documentary exposed a child predator high within the union’s ranks? We meet Anne Henry whose research served as the basis for An Open Secret a new documentary from Oscar nominated Director Amy Berg. An Open Secret reveals Hollwood’s long history of failing to protect child actors from sexual abuse. We are also joined by Gabe Hoffman who produced the documentary, and David Robb who covers labor for Deadline Hollywood.

Source: The David Feldman Show


A look at Hollywood from another angle:

Could there be a connection? Finders keepers.

MI5 'helped Margaret Thatcher cover-up paedophile Tory MP's activities'

Your slip's showing, M'am
The head of MI5 warned Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet Secretary that an unnamed MP, understood to be a senior Tory, had “a penchant for small boys”, Government child abuse papers have revealed.

The newly unearthed documents link Mrs Thatcher’s former parliamentary secretary Sir Peter Morrison, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, former diplomat Sir Peter Hayman and ex-minister Sir William van Straubenzee to the establishment paedophilia scandal.

All four men are now deceased.

In the bombshell letter written in 1986, MI5 boss Sir Antony Duff revealed two sources had accused an MP of child abuse.

But he told Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong he accepted the MP’s denials, adding: “At the present stage... the risks of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger.”

In a letter released today, the Cabinet Office admitted: “The risk to children is not considered at all.”  (more...)