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The reluctant memoirist exposes the academy


academia servility donations Palestine hedge funds finance commodification money grubbing influence corruption imperial agenda colonialism books

At a time when Palestine activism and free expression at U.S. universities are under attack, Steven Salaita's new memoir disabuses us of the notion that these universities are anything other than hedge funds with a campus.


A Memoir of Peculiar Itineraries

by Steven Salaita

166 pp. Fordham University Press, $24.95

Steven Salaita opens his moving and powerful memoir with a preface in which he shares with readers his aversion to the genre. He argues that for a memoir to be satisfying, the author should “become a character in the reader’s universe” as a way to “appeal to an audience’s desire for relief in a hostile world”. Consequently, Salaita shares that “the successful memoir becomes a shared project,” which he generously calls “our memoir.” That process of cohesion comes across seamlessly in An Honest Living. It’s a welcome invitation that I wholeheartedly felt as I read “our memoir.”

Salaita’s dabbling in the art of sharing personal sketches from his life seems to have begun with his first blog post in February 2019, which comprises the first chapter of this memoir. Several other pieces from his blog over the last five years also appear in An Honest Living, with minor alternations, even though I had read them previously, as individual pieces, reading them in one volume creates a deeply resonant experience precisely because it allows his story to meld into my universe by fusing all of the anecdotes together.

His first chapter, “An Honest Living,” is particularly immersive. I recall a similar feeling when I read it on his website. Perhaps it’s because I share many of his observations about academia as a recovering academic myself. Although I chose to leave the profession, like Salaita, I know that “[a]cademe is a scar impervious to cosmetic surgery”. It made me eager to glimpse how someone else has navigated a post-academic life. From Salaita’s description of northern Virginia’s suburbs to the procedural aspects of driving a bus, he brought me along for the sometimes bumpy ride (pun intended) in his characteristically absorbing style. 

Throughout the book, each chapter moves back and forth in time as he shares snippets from his life and intersperses his life stories with a trenchant critique of the economic system that structures all of our lives. More particularly, Salaita’s analysis of the role that academia plays in the economy is plainly laid out in all its egotistical glory. For anyone who wasn’t paying much attention to college life until Congress subpoenaed university presidents or until Gaza encampments made headlines, his portrayal of academe may seem jarring; “for all its self-congratulation, the academy’s loftiest mission is a fierce compulsion to eliminate any impediment to donations”. Indeed, watching the events unfold over the past few months makes it crystal clear that Harvard isn’t the only hedge fund that happens to have a campus.  (more...)

The reluctant memoirist exposes the academy

Sunday, July 14, 2024

German Antisemitism Czar Tries To EXPLAIN Antisemitism To Jews


Germany converts Judaism Protestants Zionism antisemitism czar appropriation Israel conformity ideology coercion cancelling

Iris Hefets is a Jewish-Israeli psychotherapist who moved to Berlin. She is an a member of Jewish Voice For Peace and has been arrested more than once for protesting Israel’s genocide and holding a sign saying “an Israeli and Jew says stop the genocide.”. She talks about the crackdown on pro Palestine activism and speech and specifically about a Palestine conference that was canceled in Berlin where a Jewish protestors was mocked over his yarmulke, shoved and arrested. 

Assaulted for questioning ‘charitable’ donations by billionaire


Canada Zionism lawlessness charitable donations IDF HESEG Indigo tax exemption CRA Gaza genocide security guard brutality violence

On Friday I asked Heather Reisman about giving nearly $200 million to support non-Israelis joining an occupation force brutalizing Palestinians. I was violently removed before I heard whether the CEO of Indigo believes all Canadians should subsidize her donations to a genocidal foreign military.

At Startupfest, a muscular security agent threw me to the ground, placed his legs around my neck and then dragged me ten feet along the ground after I said, “Mrs. Reisman you’ve given 200 million dollars to non-Israelis joining a military force brutalizing Palestinians. Mrs. Reisman you’re supporting a genocide”. Despite no resistance on my part and many other security around, the Port of Montreal agent slammed me against a wall outside the room and twisted my arms aggressively as he pushed me out of the venue. When he finally let go of me outside the venue and I began filming him, he slapped my phone off. My neck and knee hurt afterwards, and I have a bruise on my back.

65,000 have watched video of the incident on my X account and thousands more on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The Canadian Press reported on it: “Reisman was briefly interrupted Friday by a pro-Palestinian protester who accused her of ‘funding genocide.’ Indigo has been targeted in recent months by activists who take issue with the HESEG Foundation, created by Schwartz and Reisman in 2005, which offers scholarships to people from outside Israel who join the Israeli Defense Forces.  (more...)

Assaulted for questioning ‘charitable’ donations by billionaire

The Corporate News Media at Work


mainstream media manufacturing consent propaganda Chomsky narrative control news grooming abuse herding Palestine Ukraine corporations oligarchy manipulation

Large numbers of Palestinians and Ukrainians were killed in missile strikes days apart, writes Jonathan Cook. The differing coverage of these comparable events is the clue to the media’s true function.

When all we have to rely on in understanding our relationship to the news media is the media’s self-proclaimed assessment of its own role, maybe it is no surprise that most of us assume the West’s “free press” is a force for good: the bedrock of democracy, the touchstone of a superior western civilisation.

The more idealistic among us think of the news media as something akin to a public service. The more cynical of us think of it as a competitive marketplace in information and commentary, one in which ugly agendas are often in evidence but truth ultimately prevails.

Both views are fanciful. The reality is far, far darker – and I speak as someone who worked for many years in The Guardian and Observer newsrooms, widely seen as the West’s most progressive newspapers.

As readers, we don’t, as we imagine, “consume” news. Rather, the news consumes us. Or put another way, the media uses the news to groom us, its audience. Properly understood, the relationship is one of abuser and abused.

Sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory?

In fact, just such an argument was set out many years ago — in more academic fashion — in Noam Chomsky and Ed Herman’s book Manufacturing Consent.

If you have never heard of the book, there may be a reason. The media don’t want you reading it.

When I worked at The Guardian, there was no figure more reviled in the newsroom by senior editors than Noam Chomsky. As young journalists, we were warned off reading him. How might we react were we to start thinking more deeply about the role of the media, or begin testing the limits of what we were allowed to report and say?

Chomsky and Herman’s Propaganda Model explains in detail how Western publics are “brainwashed under freedom” by a media driven by hidden corporate and state interests. Those interests can be concealed only because the media decides what counts as news and frames how we understand events.

Its chief tools are misdirection and omission — and, in extremis, outright deception.  (more...)

The Corporate News Media at Work

Grayzone reporting on Oct 7 friendly fire deaths vindicated in new report


scandal mainstream media cover-up Israel IDF October 7 Hannibal Directive Zionism friendly fire fratricide deceit narrative control lies smears

The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss a new report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz which validates their reporting early on about Israel's killing of many of its own citizens on October 7 under the friendly fire Hannibal Directive. The recall how Haaretz and US publications like the Washington Post repeatedly smeared The Grayzone for revealing the truth about October 7.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Historian Rashid Khalidi On Biden's FAILURE To End The Genocide In Gaza


Joe Biden politics failure ceasefire genocide Gaza impotence senility gerontocracy delusions Zionism Netanyahu collapse hegemony Israel

Palestinian-American historian and Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University Rashid Khalidi explains the connection between wars abroad and wars at home, fascism and imperialism and why Israel could never exist and there would be no war on Gaza without the direct participation of the United States. "We're more than just backers" of the war, Khalidi says.

CJPME Condemns Government Interference Against UWindsor Divestment Agreement


Canada University of Windsor student activism Palestine solidarity encampment Gaza genocide complicity disclose divest Boycott sanction arms embargo agreement interference politics Zionists government overreach pressure intimidation bullying

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is condemning attempts by federal officials to intervene and overturn an agreement made in good faith between the University of Windsor (UW) and the student-led Palestinian solidarity encampment (“Palestine Liberation Zone”). Earlier this week, the UW peacefully brought an end to the encampment by committing to act on many of the students’ demands. Yesterday, Anthony Housefather, senior advisor to Prime Minister Trudeau on antisemitism, announced that he was working with Special Envoy Deborah Lyons to put pressure on the university, presumably to cancel the agreement. CJPME urges the University to reject any government interference and uphold its commitments on Palestinian human rights.

“It is entirely inappropriate for Housefather and Lyons to intervene in internal university matters and bully administrators into abandoning their commitments to human rights and to their students,” said Thomas Woodley, President of CJPME. “At a time when other universities across Canada are forcibly refusing to listen to student concerns and shutting down encampments, the University of Windsor and the Palestine Liberation Zone have set a gold standard for how to respond to egregious human rights abuses and resolve disputes. We should be taking inspiration from their leadership, and adopt similar policies elsewhere,” added Woodley.

The agreement signed by the University of Windsor and the Palestine Liberation Zone on July 10, 2024, commits the University to take action on many of the students’ demands. Some of these measures include disclosing and divesting from irresponsible investments (i.e. those that are involved in violating human rights); establishing institutional relationships with Palestinian universities; supporting Palestinian students and scholars; recognizing anti-Palestinian racism; and promising to “not pursue any institutional academic agreements with Israeli universities until the right of Palestinian self-determination has been realized.”  (more...)

CJPME Condemns Government Interference Against UWindsor Divestment Agreement

Dr.Thea Weisdorf @UnityHealthTO-actions+(non)apology


Dr. Thea Weisdorf Unity Health University of Toronto student activism Palestine solidarity medical malpractice Zionism racism bigotry hostility


Dr.Thea Weisdorf @UnityHealthTO-actions+(non)apology

Friday, July 12, 2024

McGill Student Encampment: With SPHR McGill


Canada Montreal McGill University student activism Palestine solidarity encampment Gaza genocide complicity disclose divest boycott sanction arms embargo

On April 2nd, pro-Palestinian student groups in Montreal started an encampment on the McGill campus, demanding that the university divest its finances from companies complicit in Israel's genocide in Gaza, like weapons companies BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin. 

Early this morning, on the 10th of July, it was dismantled. McGill hired a private security firm to shut down the encampment, after the university failed to have it disbanded by the police and following 2 injunctions which were rejected by Quebec courts.

I want to share a conversation that I recorded last week with SPHR McGill, which is one of the key organizations behind the encampment. Although it was recorded prior to the dismantling of the camp, it remains extensively relevant to what has happened today and beyond. We discuss very important elements related to the cause of demonstrating Israel’s atrocities and the complicity of North American universities in genocide, through research and financial means. We also talk about the encampment’s mission and demands, McGill’s investments in weapons manufacturing, and about previous anti-war and anti-aparthied encampments on McGill.

The Old Evil


Palestine Gaza genocide ethnic cleansing Israel occupation oppression atrocities lawlessness crime corruption colonialism Zionism supremacy racism dehumanization apartheid

I returned to occupied Palestine, from where I had reported for The New York Times, after two decades. I experienced once more the visceral evil of Israel’s occupation.

RAMALLAH, Occupied Palestine: It comes back in a rush, the stench of raw sewage, the groan of the diesel, sloth-like Israeli armored personnel carriers, the vans filled with broods of children, driven by chalky faced colonists, certainly not from here, probably from Brooklyn or somewhere in Russia or maybe Britain. Little has changed. The checkpoints with their blue and white Israeli flags dot the roads and intersections. The red-tiled roofs of the colonist settlements — illegal under international law — dominate hillsides above Palestinian villages and towns. They have grown in number and expanded in size. But they remain protected by blast barriers, concertina wire and watchtowers surrounded by the obscenity of lawns and gardens. The colonists have access to bountiful sources of water in this arid landscape that the Palestinians are denied. 

The winding 26-foot high concrete wall that runs the 440 mile length of occupied Palestine, with its graffiti calling for liberation, murals with the Al-Aqsa mosque, faces of martyrs and the grinning and bearded mug of Yasser Arafat — whose concessions to Israel in the Oslo agreement made him, in the words of Edward Said, “the Pétain of the Palestinians” — give the West Bank the feel of an open air prison. The wall lacerates the landscape. It twists and turns like some huge, fossilized antediluvian snake severing Palestinians from their families, slicing Palestinian villages in half, cutting communities off from their orchards, olive trees and fields, dipping and rising out of wadis, trapping Palestinians in the Jewish state’s updated version of a Bantustan.

It has been over two decades since I reported from the West Bank. Time collapses. The smells, sensations, emotions and images, the lilting cadence of Arabic and the miasma of sudden and violent death that lurks in the air, evokes the old evil. It is as if I never left.  (more...)

The Old Evil

We’d rather kill our own people than let them be taken hostage


Israel IDF Hannibal Directive supremacy Zionism fratricide genocide hostages captives civilian deaths deceit mainstream media delusion Piers Morgan

Israel killed its own on October 7. And how leftists accuse Biden of being complicit in genocide then turn around and take selfies with him: Aaron Maté

Jewish German Therapist EXPOSES The REAL Reason Germany Supports Israel


Germany Israel complicity genocide Palestine solidarity political capture appropriation Zionism manipulation whitewashing distortion expediency greed

Iris Hefets is a Jewish-Israeli psychotherapist who moved to Berlin. She is an a member of Jewish Voice For Peace and has been arrested more than once for protesting Israel’s genocide and holding a sign saying “an Israeli and Jew says stop the genocide.”. She talks about the crackdown on pro Palestine activism and speech and specifically about a Palestine conference that was canceled in Berlin where a Jewish protestors was mocked over his yarmulke, shoved and arrested.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Max Blumenthal: Israelis Killing Their Own


Israel IDF Hannibal Directive military fratricide scandal Haaretz massacre politics October 7 atrocities hostages captives

Max Blumenthal investigates the complex and controversial topic of Israelis killing their own, exploring the implications of the Hannibal Directive. In this thought-provoking discussion, Blumenthal examines the internal conflicts within Israeli society and the military policy's role in shaping the narrative broadcast on main steam media. Blumenthal and The Gray Zone were one of the first to bring to light the order from the Israeli Government to issue the Hannibal Directive to the IDF. Gain insights into the societal tensions, political dynamics, and human rights considerations at play in Israel today.

Is The Lobby The Main Reason For Western Support Of Israel?


Israel Lobby imperial proxy influence US politics media controversy uncritical support impunity

Two writers discuss whether the lobby is the main reason Western states support Israel.

Canada and a range of other Western nations have offered Israel a level of uncritical support over the past few decades that is unseen in their relations with nearly any other country. This support has been maintained and strengthened in recent years as Israeli atrocities continue to amass. Even the ongoing genocide in Gaza has failed to make any significant material impact on the friendship these states have with Israel.

These facts will be disputed by few. The more contentious matter is not if a special relationship exists between these states and Israel, but why it does. 

Those who support Israel sometimes portray this relationship as being a reflection of the will of the people. A May article from right-wing publication Quillette, for example, argued that Israel is genuinely popular among the American public, and government policies are determined as a result of that supposed fact. Others argue that the relationship exists because these states all share common interests, and thus what is good for Israel is also good for the United States, Canada, and others. 

Those who oppose Israel, or at least the nature of the ties it maintains with Western states, have generally offered two different explanations for this relationship.  (more...)

Is The Lobby The Main Reason For Western Support Of Israel?

How the Media are colonised by Zionism


mainstream media Zionism influence infiltration Mossad narrative control brainwashing psychological operations public opinion manipulation censorship smears slander calumny bribery capture extortion coercion

This edition of the program is about the Israeli colonization of the mainstream media.

Student encampment at Windsor wins victories on disclosure, divestment


Canada University of Windsor student activism Palestine solidarity encampment victory disclosure divestment boycott sanctions arms embargo complicity agreement

The Liberation Zone at the University of Windsor has reached an agreement with the University’s administration. It is the most comprehensive and far-reaching agreement to come out of Canadian encampment negotiations, with seven sections addressing all of the Zone’s demands: Disclosure, Divestment, Academic Boycott, Support for Palestinian scholars and students, and anti-Palestinian racism.

Jamiel Nasser, a spokesperson for the Liberation Zone, told Spring Magazine, “Administrations, like the colonial systems they were built on, know repression and violent dismantlement. Every encampment has been clear from the start; we are here for Palestine, come what may. We stand in solidarity with those encampments that ended violently, and we know that we are all one movement. This win is not just U Windsor’s; it’s every encampment’s win. The fight is far from over.”

The genocide in Gaza perpetrated by Israeli forces has reached its 276th day and the fight for Palestinian liberation and Palestine’s right to exist is still ongoing. The human death toll is estimated at at least 186,000, as found and conducted by the Lancet studies. The Palestine Liberation Zone has been set up in front of Hinds Hall (renamed from Dillon Hall) since May 13 with an outpouring of support from the community and over 70 organizations endorsing their open letter. This agreement is a product of four weeks of intense negotiations.

Jana Alrifai, spokesperson, said, “The People of the Liberation Zone are proud of what this agreement means. This deal presents to the students, staff, faculty and community as a whole that the University is willing to take solid steps towards a more transparent and just investment system, and rebuilding Gaza. It is a recognition of its past shortcomings and a commitment to betterment. Most importantly, this would have never happened without the fight and steadfastness of the student movement.

“We fought tooth and nail for everything, even the signing of the deal,” added Alrifai.  (more...)

Student encampment at Windsor wins victories on disclosure, divestment

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

McGill shuts down Gaza camp, but cannot silence students


Canada Montreal McGill University student activism Palestine solidarity encampment Gaza genocide complicity divest boycott sanction police intransigence racism ethnic cleansing oppression colonialism imperialism repression shut down

Those running McGill University are deeply anti-Palestinian. Soon after Israel was reported to be responsible for upwards of 200,000 deaths in Gaza, the university hired a private security company to dismantle a camp opposing its horrors.

Early Wednesday morning the McGill administration hired private security firm SIRCO to dismantle an encampment calling for the university to cut ties with Israeli universities and companies assisting the slaughter in Gaza, which prestigious medical journal The Lancet says has likely caused 186,000 Palestinian deaths. Hundreds of police, including the provincial Sûreté du Québec, assisted the operation to remove the encampment on its lower field, which is unused, but well situated in downtown Montreal.

The security/police operation that shuttered all activity on the campus for the day violated the spirit of a May 15 Quebec Superior Court ruling rejecting McGill’s request for an emergency injunction to dismantle the encampment. McGill has an ongoing case before the courts against the encampment and a Laval university law professor told CBC they may have defied the law in suppressing the encampment.

Since the camp was set up April 27 the administration has effectively refused to negotiate with the students. Rather than consider the students’ position, McGill released a steady stream of malicious statements smearing internationalist, social justice, minded activists. They repeatedly suggested the encampment was violent or anti-Jewish or “an illegal occupation”. In a statement on Wednesday McGill President Deep Saini claimed, “This camp was not a peaceful protest. It was a heavily fortified focal point for intimidation and violence.”  (more...)

McGill shuts down Gaza camp, but cannot silence students

Israel killed its own soldiers and civilians on October 7


Hannibal Directive fratricide Zionism supremacy racism genocide ethnic cleansing oppression atrocities dehumanization normalization war crimes moral corruption mass murder extremism

Dimitri Lascaris speaks with Zain Raza of German independent media outlet, AcTVism Munich, about a new, explosive report by Israeli newspaper Haaretz

According to the Haaretz report, which is based on non-public documents and interviews with senior Israeli military officials, the Israeli army made extensive use of the notorious "Hannibal Directive" when militants from Gaza attacked Israel on October 7 of last year.

Whitewashing Mass Murder


Hannibal Directive Aaron Mate IDF Israel military fratricide mass murder moral corruption October 7 helicopters artillery killing zone atrocities normalization

Did Israel's military really sacrifice its own citizens to prevent Hamas from taking captives? Join us as we uncover the shocking revelations from the Haaretz report on Israel's controversial Hannibal Directive. Aaron Maté shares his intense confrontation with a former IDF spokesperson on Piers Morgan's show, exposing the deep moral contradictions within the Israeli military's actions. We also explore the broader implications for Israeli society and Prime Minister Netanyahu's silence in this critical moment.

As we dissect the tragic events of October 7th, we scrutinize the narratives surrounding the deaths—were they primarily caused by Hamas, or could Israeli forces have a larger role? This episode delves into the use of the Hannibal Directive, the political strategies of Israeli leadership, and the toll of continued conflict on Palestinian lives. We also take a brief look at NATO leaders in Washington, weighing their influence on regional dynamics and the broader geopolitical landscape.

Finally, we pivot to the complex web of US-Russia relations and the ongoing Ukraine conflict. President Biden's rhetoric on defending NATO against Russia is put under the microscope, revealing contradictions and long-standing bipartisan talking points. We revisit the 2014 destabilization of Ukraine's democracy and the strategic use of Ukraine by NATO. Wrapping up, we touch on Israeli politics and the media narratives surrounding the Gaza conflict, emphasizing the importance of questioning mainstream narratives and seeking the truth.

A single image’s many stories


Canada Montreal McGill University student activism Palestine solidarity encampment Gaza genocide complicity divest boycott sanction arms embargo

How the monopoly on interpretation obscures complicity in genocide

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Freedom Summer of 1964, when the alternative freedom schools opened around Mississippi as a crucial liberatory pedagogical component of the civil rights movement. Black children entered the 41 freedom schools to learn about and discuss their history, disenfranchisement, and radical potential in a curriculum that ranged from the arts to social and political studies. This educational network of care confronted the white supremacist control over the Black imagination, beginning a process of unlearning that emphasized uplift and autonomy against oppression and segregation.

Apartheid regimes rely on breaking the body and soul of the oppressed. Freedom school educators in the Jim Crow South were standing strong against the oppressor. The people throughout the world supporting the struggle for a free Palestine are following in their footsteps.

When the McGill University encampment in Montréal started a summer program for revolutionary education, it was predictably met with outrage. One particular target was the image that Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights McGill (SPHR McGill) used in their advertisement for the program: that of armed and masked 1970s organizers reading quotations from Chairman Mao. McGill President Deep Saini issued an announcement condemning the violent imagery, which he considered an issue of national security. Bipartisan Members of Parliament and the National Assembly, from the Liberal Party’s Anthony Housefather and Marc Miller to the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) Minister of Higher Education Pascale Déry, urged the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) to heed President Saini’s repeated calls on the grounds that the image was an incitement to hatred. Québec Premier François Legault reiterated his contention that the encampment was illegal. The SPVM has since consulted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)—an escalation of involvement from local to national policing.

The alarm over the superficial issue of the provocative image deliberately diverts attention from the truth of McGill’s and Canada’s involvement in the genocide in Palestine. Settler states like Israel and Canada learn from one another and confer legitimacy on education that erases ongoing histories of active dispossession and the violence inherent in their own existence. For years, student organizers have drawn attention to McGill’s role in delivering guns to an apartheid system, one which receives extensive material support from governments across the Global North, including Canada’s. But instead of condemning Israel’s occupation of Indigenous land and the killing of 40,000 Palestinians (although the death toll could be much higher), McGill chooses to concentrate its energies on endless condemnation of the language and imagery of an Instagram post circulated by peaceful student protesters.  (more...)

A single image’s many stories

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Mossad's little helpers


Israel spies Mossad Sayanim covert action assassination terrorism secret war Zionism crime infiltration influence violence

This edition of the program is about Mossad helpers in different countries in the West who try to target pro-Palestinian activists.

To survive, Palestinians must resist Israel's oppression


Islam Palestine Zionism JDL displacement ethnic cleansing oppression racism resistance Israel lawlessness justice Canada Toronto complicity

On July 7, 2024 in Toronto, Canada, Dimitri Lascaris delivered a speech on the right to resist oppression. 

His speech was part of a series of lectures held in Toronto during the Muslim holy month of Muharram.

Moments before the event began, Zionist agitators associated with the Jewish Defence League gathered outside the venue. Toronto police were on hand to monitor their interactions with persons who attended Lascaris's speech.

The Zionist Movement in Britain


Britain Zionism Palestine colonialism terrorism imperialism Israel lobby Mossad assassination influence subversion

A rogue British Frankenstein

EX-CIA "Israel targeted and KILLED most of the Israeli Civilians on Oct. 7th, NOT HAMAS"


Israel Hannibal Directive October 7 civilians targeted massacre IDF Haaretz confirmation hasbara fratricide atrocities lawlessness impunity chaos

For months the official Israeli line has been that al those Israeli civilians that died on October 7th were at the hands of Hamas... well now we know that was a lie. Ex-CIA agent Larry Johnson confirms a new Haaretz report exposing how IDF forces targeted and killed most of the Israeli civilians killed on October 7th.

Monday, July 8, 2024

The Hannibal Directive, War Crimes, and Global Implications


Hannibal Directive Israel war crimes Gaza genocide ICJ mass murder terrorism Netanyahu

Is the Hannibal Directive a necessary evil or a gross violation of human rights? We confront this sobering question in our latest podcast, where we probe into the harrowing realities of recent Middle Eastern conflicts. Hear eye-opening revelations about the Israeli Defense Forces' alleged use of the Hannibal Directive, a brutal measure reportedly taken to prevent hostages from falling into the hands of Hamas, even at the cost of innocent lives. We also discuss a shocking report from The Lancet revealing a staggering death toll in Gaza, not only from direct military action but also from the dire aftermath of war-related hardships.

Shifting our focus to the West, we dissect the potential reconstitution of the draft in the United States, exploring the implications for civil liberties and the creation of a comprehensive database of American males. In addition, we scrutinize the continuity of British foreign policy under new leadership and NATO's claimed readiness for deployment to Ukraine.

Does McGill University deny that Palestinians have a right to resist oppression?


Canada McGill University encampment oppression resistance Palestine solidarity repression encampment protest

Canadian universities and their Zionist allies engage in law-fare

From the day that the McGill encampment was established more than two months ago, McGill University’s administration and its Zionist allies have sought to end the encampment through litigation.

On May 1st, however, Quebec Superior Court Justice Chantal Massé rejected an injunction application filed by two pro-Israel McGill students.

Two weeks later, McGill itself took a kick at the litigation can. It sought its own injunction requiring that the camp be dismantled, but Quebec Superior Court Justice Marc St-Pierre ruled that McGill had not demonstrated an urgent need for the injunction.

As I reported several days ago, a similar request by the University of Toronto (UofT) succeeded earlier this month, but not on the grounds that the UofT encampment was violent or antisemitic. In fact, the Ontario Court explicitly rejected that allegation.

Rather, Ontario Superior Court Justice Marcus Koehnen ruled that the UofT encampment interfered unduly with the university’s property rights. Importantly, Justice Koehnen stressed that UofT’s administration had committed to allow peaceful pro-Palestine protests on its campus between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm.  (more...)

Does McGill University deny that Palestinians have a right to resist oppression?

As Labour Wins in U.K., Ex-Leader Jeremy Corbyn Wins as Independent in Revolt over Gaza Policy


UK Independent Jeremy Corbyn Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide complicity arms sales ceasefire campaign election taxation

Keir Starmer is Britain's new prime minister after the Labour Party won a landslide in Thursday's election, ending 14 years of Conservative rule. Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was reelected as an independent, says the party now needs to offer meaningful change to the public, including on demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. "Whilst Labour has this huge parliamentary majority, their national share of the vote was only around a third of all votes cast. It's a very low mandate," says Corbyn.

Israel’s Genocide in Gaza Marks ‘A Dark Turn’ for Western Civilization


mainstream media narrative control brainwashing script readers Zionism Gaza genocide regression barbarism degeneration dark turn collapse feudalism enslavement mendacity deceit

Recently, 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen appeared on Direct Impact with host Rick Sanchez @RickSanchezTV to cover the severe implications for the West, namely the United States - in backing Israel’s industrial-scale slaughter in Gaza. A “dark turn” for western civilization, effectively undoing all the progress made post-WWII in constructing an international system.

Anti Zionist Comedian EXPOSES How Israel BRAINWASHES Young American Jews


youth brainwashing Zionism resistance awakening manipulation thought control supremacy racism right of return

Katie talks to comedian Matt Lieb and musical theater lyricist Daniel Maté about the role of Hasbara, satire and being anti-zionist Jews. In this clip Katie, Matt and Daniel react to Matt's online videos in which he mocks liberal zionists. 

Matt Lieb is a comedian, podcaster, accidental award winning journalist, and guy from Good Mythical Morning. He hosts the podcast Bad Hasbara. Daniel Maté is a musical theater lyricist, the world's only mental chiropractor, and the co-author of "The Myth Of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture"  by Gabor Maté.

Roger Waters & Craig Murray in Blackburn


UK politics Blackburn Craig Murray Roger Waters campaign Workers Party Palestine solidarity politics election Gaza genocide ethnic cleansing racism colonialism oppression

Pink Floyd musician Roger Waters joined former British Ambassador Craig Murray on his campaign trail in Blackburn to present their case against genocide in Palestine, leading up to the UK General Election.

UK politics Blackburn Craig Murray Roger Waters campaign Workers Party Palestine solidarity politics election Gaza genocide ethnic cleansing racism colonialism oppression

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Memorial calls in police to dismantle Palestine solidarity encampment


Canada Memorial University student activism Palestine solidarity encampment Police dismantlement arrests intimidation repression protestors

Three university students charged in the July 5 police operation, which some legal experts say may have violated students’ Charter rights

Friday evening began pleasantly, with members of MUN Students For Palestine enjoying an outdoor barbecue. They were aware Memorial had sent employees in the Arts and Administration building home early, and at the barbecue they discussed whether the university’s intent was to use this as an excuse to file for an injunction to remove student protestors from their 45-day occupation of the building’s lobby. 

Earlier in the day, Memorial asked how much longer students intended to maintain the occupation, and the protestors’ lawyer responded that he would meet with students on Monday to discuss the matter. 

Two hours later, police raided the occupation, without an injunction, and without warning.

Students who were gathered inside the lobby said they became aware around 9:30 p.m. that campus enforcement officers were outside at the campus encampment with trucks and were removing tents. Several students left the lobby to find out what was going on, while two students remained in the lobby, they said. Moments later, more campus enforcement officers arrived and began shutting and locking access doors to the lobby; Hanaa Mekawy was seated in the lobby when it happened.

“It was scary being there alone, not knowing what was going on, and then to see this big scary guy who starts locking the wooden doors on us,” she said. “We were doing nothing, we were just sitting in silence, and they started doing that to intimidate us and scare us, to force us out.”

Students outside became aware of the additional campus enforcement presence and rushed back to the lobby. A few made it back inside before officers managed to lock all the doors. At this point, students said, those inside were given a verbal trespass warning ordering them to leave the building.  (more...)

Memorial calls in police to dismantle Palestine solidarity encampment

Liberals create yet another ‘support Israel’s crimes’ position


Canada Zionism Israel lobby Liberals Gaza genocide supremacy racism bigotry extremism Trudeau Anthony Housefather

A genocidal Jewish supremacist political culture rewards, well, a genocidal Jewish supremacist. That explains Anthony Housefather’s recent appointment as Special Adviser on Jewish Community Relations and Antisemitism.

On Friday Justin Trudeau rewarded his most openly hostile caucus member with the newly created position. This gives Housefather a bigger platform to promote Israel’s holocaust in Gaza.

A longstanding advocate of apartheid, Housefather has spent the past nine months working assiduously to expand Canadian assistance to Israel’s bloodletting, which has led to 50,000 killed, 100,000 injured and the destruction of most buildings, water sources and agricultural land in Gaza.

Housefather has repeatedly smeared protesters as antisemitic and clamoured for the violent suppression of students protesting Israel’s genocide. In late November Housefather made a solidarity trip to Israel where he met former Israeli military leaders and other officials. Previously Housefather met a Knesset member from Itamar Ben Gvir’s far right party Simcha Rothman and boasted about the Trudeau government’s voting record at the United Nations being more anti-Palestinian than Stephen Harper’s.  (more...)

Liberals create yet another ‘support Israel’s crimes’ position

Unconscious Patients in the US Become Victims of Deadly Medical Experiments


US military medical experiments unconscious patients informed consent military risks

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice are concerned about the shocking findings of an investigation by American journalist Sean Miller, who claims that some Americans become victims of medical experiments with potentially lethal drugs without their knowledge or consent while unconscious. The law, which went into effect in the US on January 22, 2024, allows people to be included in medical experiments, called clinical trials, and for experimental drugs to be used to treat them without the patients’ prior consent.

According to investigative journalist Sean Miller, some unconscious Americans are being victimized by medical experiments without their knowledge or consent. A new law that came into effect in the US earlier this year will remove the previous requirement to obtain informed consent from people “when a clinical trial poses minimal risk to the subject.”

Dozens of medical institutions in the US have already begun taking advantage of this law by automatically enrolling people in clinical trials of dangerous drugs such as ketamine and fentanyl. These drugs are administered to patients while they are being transported in an ambulance when they are unconscious after a car accident, for example.

One such experiment is the Prehospital Analgesia Intervention (PAIN) Trial, which is led by the University of Pittsburgh and funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The Guthrie Health Network defends its position in a press release, noting, “Because severe injuries must be treated immediately, there may not be time to obtain consent. Consenting to medical research usually means reading information, talking to doctors and nurses, and taking time to consider whether to join. A person with a serious injury is often unable to do all of this.”

According to information obtained by US journalist Sean Miller, those who participate in the study are being used as test subjects to help the US military.  (more...)

Unconscious Patients in the US Become Victims of Deadly Medical Experiments

Court ruling a vindication for pro-Palestinian protesters at U of T


Canada University of Toronto student activism Palestine solidarity encampment dismantlement court ruling vindication righteousness protesters complicity Gaza genocide disclosure divestment boycott sanction repression agitators

Arguably, the decision was a vindication of how the students conducted themselves. Koehnen even said they had “considerable success in shining a bright light” on what universities should or should not invest in.

Pro-human rights activists were understandably upset as they cleared their People’s Circle for Palestine at the University of Toronto (U of T) on Wednesday, but they should stand tall, because even as he granted an injunction against their encampment, Superior Court Justice Markus Koehnen called them “young idealists fighting” for what they perceived to be an important human rights issue.

While the students complied with the order to dismantle nearly 200 tents well before the 6 p.m. deadline set by the court, the students vowed to continue their calls for disclosure and divestment.

Arguably, the decision was a vindication of how the students conducted themselves. Koehnen even said they had “considerable success in shining a bright light” on what universities should or should not invest in.

Following their American counterparts, students at Canadian universities set up encampments demanding their institutions cut ties with companies associated with Israel. Some schools, such as McGill, U of T, and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), sought court orders.

Others, such as York, Calgary, Alberta, and Laval, cleared them without any express legal authority. Yet, another, the University of Waterloo, has shamelessly sued its own students for $1.5 million.

Until the U of T decision, only UQAM had succeeded with a court order, which in that case created a buffer zone and maintained the encampment until a resolution was reached. McGill’s request was initially rejected and will be reconsidered later this month.  (more...)

Court ruling a vindication for pro-Palestinian protesters at U of T

Inject nothing!


medicine pharmaceuticals vaccines injuries recovery downward trend safety effectiveness unaccountability legal immunity biofascism population control

A brief report from a stunning recent lecture on health

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible, but the charts speak volumes. I’ve also included links to further resources for anyone inclined to dig deeper.

We've all been educated to accept as truth the idea that vaccines are safe and effective. In fact, this has become a cultural "fact" of advanced societies and we're encouraged to never question or doubt it. But the Covid 19 pandemic brought vaccines to focus and an increasing proportion of people are now inclined to question their effectiveness and safety.

Over the last three years I have participated in bi-weekly zoom meetings of a group of medical professionals focused on rigorous scientific review of many issues pertaining to public health, including vaccines. Among the lecturers, we had dozens of high-caliber experts like Carrie Madej, Pierre Kory, Sucharit Bhakdi, Wolfgang Wodarg, Peter McCullough, and many, many others. I thought I had heard as much information as I could digest about the subject matter, until…

Last month we had a presentation by the British data scientist Craig Paardekooper (the whole 2h presentation is available at link) which may have been among the most important of all these lectures. Paardekooper, who created the website How Bad is My Batch, analyzed data from the US VAERS database which contains extensive records of adverse reactions to vaccines.

Among other things, he focused on the reports' "recovery" status. Namely, for people who reported an adverse reaction, they can also report whether they have recovered or not by entering either a YES (I have recovered from the adverse reaction) or a NO (I have not recovered).  Paardekooper counted all these yeses and nos for every year from 1991 to 2022 for all ages between 0.08 and 85 years old. His full data analysis of the VAERS database can be found at the following link:

The charts Paardekooper put together tell an astonishing story.  (more...)

Inject nothing!

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Guess Who are the Real Protagonists of Anti-Semitism


antisemitism Ukraine Ukraine Azov Svoboda OUN-B NATO Canada universities

We are witnessing accusations of anti-semitism, in colleges and universities, coupled with police intervention, arrests. prison sentences, for all those who act in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

But there something very fishy going on. 

While Western governments are actively repressing the protest movements against Israel’s act of genocide, —with mass arrests on charges of antisemitism—, those same governments are supporting Ukraine’s Nazi movement which actively participated and collaborated with Nazi Germany in the genocide directed against the Jewish population of Ukraine during World War II.

Sounds contradictory?

My question is: Who are the Anti-semites? The answer is obvious.

Our Western governments (including the majority of NATO member states), which are generously financing the Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev  

From a legal standpoint, this is a criminal act on the part of our governments, which should be opposed by a vast social movement in all NATO member States.  

The dominant Nazi faction within the Kiev government regime (which is supported by our governments) exerts its power within the realm of intelligence, internal affairs, national security and the military.

Amply documented, the 2014 US sponsored EuroMaidan US Sponsored Coup d’Etat was carried out with the support of these two Nazi factions: Svoboda and Right Sektor headed by Dmytro Yarosh, which have committed countless atrocities directed against Ukraine’s Jewish community.  (more...)

Guess Who are the Real Protagonists of Anti-Semitism

Palestinian Journalist CALLS OUT Mainstream Media Silence On Palestinian Genocide


Gaza genocide Palestine mainstream media silence fabrication manipulation regurgitation Israel racism bigotry bias dehumanization dismissal white supremacy colonialism normalization

Journalists Laila Al-Arian and Kavitha Chekuru explain the media silence and bias when it comes to Israel's genocide in Palestine.

Katie talks to Laila Al-Arian, the Emmy award-winning executive producer about the media’s smearing of her parents. 

Laila Al-Arian is a Washington DC-based investigative journalist and the executive producer of Fault Lines, a current affairs and documentary program on Al Jazeera English. For her work, she has been honored with two News and Documentary Emmys, a Peabody Award and George Polk award. She is the co-author of “Collateral Damage: America’s War Against Iraqi Civilians.”

Kavitha Chekuru is a journalist and former producer with “Fault Lines,” Al Jazeera English’s award-winning news documentary show. Her reporting focused on human rights and security has been recognized with the George Polk award, the Overseas Press Club, the Society of Professional Journalists, and five News and Documentary Emmy nominations.

‘They attacked us after we packed up’: Calgary students speak out on police brutality


Canada Calgary Gaza genocide university education youth student activism Palestine solidarity encampment militarized police attack violence brutality denial deceit aggression impunity unaccountability

“We cannot allow police impunity to embolden further acts of violence against student encampments”

On May 9, we joined a group of students and community members to protest the University of Calgary’s complicity in Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Our demands were simple: the university must disclose its investments and divest from companies that are involved in Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights.

After hours of peaceful protesting on the University of Calgary campus, Calgary Police arrived with body armour, batons, shields and guns, threatening us with trespass charges. Emboldened by the success of student-led encampments on university campuses across Canada, we insisted on our right to protest. At the same time, this enormous show of force by police made it clear that we would need to make some concessions. Officers told us we could stay as long as we took the tents down. Under duress, this seemed like the only choice we had. We then spent an hour dismantling our encampment, believing this would leave the police with no reason to do us harm.

After all the tents in the encampment had been removed, without provocation, the police launched a sudden and violent attack on what remained of our peaceful assembly. They charged towards us, struck us with batons and shields, and fired pepper balls and grenades at us. They threw protesters, including students, to the ground and beat them severely. Several people sustained concussions. A mother of two students had her rib fractured by police.

Since that night, the Calgary Police Service and Calgary Police Chief Mark Neufeld have repeatedly misled the public about the events of that day. During a Police Commission meeting on May 29, Neufeld claimed he was unaware of any injuries resulting from the police action, despite officers putting two people in ambulances. He repeatedly emphasized that there was no issue with the protest and that the legal problem stemmed from the encampment. However, by the time of the police assault, every tent had already been taken down. He also accused us of instigating the violence, claiming protesters pushed officers and grabbed their shields, forcing them to respond. This is not true. Officers charged us without provocation.  (more...)

They attacked us after we packed up’: Calgary students speak out on police brutality