Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Best Conspiracy Theories Are Crazy Ones

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The Toronto newspaper most likely found on subway and streetcar seats is Metro, serving commuters as protection from spilled coffee and vomit for many years. One story caught my eye recently that set my mind wandering:
The socially conservative Campaign Life Coalition has a theory: The new sex-ed curriculum is one giant conspiracy to “groom” Ontario’s children to be victims of pedophilia. 
“That’s wild,” said University of Toronto political science professor Nelson Wiseman. “A lot of people feel (sex ed) should be strictly the purview of the family, and it’s not something that should be incorporated into the education of children — but the idea that this grooms kids for pedophilia is crazy.”
Now, I love a good conspiracy theory, so I juxtaposed Kathleen Wynne, sex ed, University of Toronto, OISE, Ben Levin, pedophilia, internet pornography... and employed my trusty search engine to uncover:

Blackmail? Now, maybe I'm onto something. The linked article begins:
Azov-Films reportedly produced child porn. 
Azov-Films' headquarters was in Toronto Canada, but its films were made in Crimea, Russia and Romania, by people including Igor Rusanov. 
Brian Way and his mother Sandra Waslov, of Staford VA USA, were the owners of and Way has been in custody since 2011. 
On 14 November 2013, Police in Canada announced that 348 people have been arrested and nearly 400 children rescued during their three-year investigation into Azov-Films and child pornography.
Now, one of the men swept up in the Canadian operation was Ben Levin. So I continued reading coming to this passage:
Igor Rusanov, from the Ukraine, made most of the 'child porn'films for Azov-Films. 
After university, Rusanov was in the Soviet military studying "covert command and control, secrecy and encrypted communication. 
"He graduated with honors and had the highest form of access to state secrets." 
In other words, Rusanov was most likely a spy.
A spy named Igor? Now, we're in proper conspiracy territory. The tale continues into a further article:

Woah! The plot sickens:
Beginning in 2002, he began working in collaboration with the American-influenced Christian Center for Science and Apologetics, which runs camps for children. 
The Christian Center for Science and Apologetics may, or may not, be a front for the CIA. 
Rusanov became involved in making child porn films, and organising tours for VIPs.
And the action crashes on:
There is a battle for control of the Ukraine. 
"There are pedophiles in Ukraine’s high offices," said PresidentYushchenko. 
In early October 2009, supporters of the frontrunner in the Ukraine elections, ex-premier Viktor Yanukovich, alleged that members of Prime Minster Yulia Tymoshenko's competing party were implicated in a child abuse case at a kids' summer camp in Crimea.
"The pedophile scandal, from the start, demolished the lives of two children and cast doubts on the honor and career prospects of several adults, including some parliament deputies... 
"The horrific accusations against a journalist, three parliamentarians and managers of the Crimean children’s camp, Artek, proved believable to many people." 
So Canada's arming and training Ukrainian troops. What Canadian interests are there in Ukraine? Wait...

Good golly Molly, get me the tinfoil hat! My brain's melting.

Tip of the hat to Canada's foremost conspiracy site:

But a conspiracy just doesn't seem complete without some old Nazis:

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