Friday, February 20, 2015

Benjamin Levin: Sometimes It's Hard to Report the News

One of the more distasteful aspects of being in the business of reporting the news is deciding how to report a story when that story touches upon the life or lives of someone you know – and the story is not an attractive one.

Such is the case with the recent reports of Dr. Benjamin Levin’s being charged with possessing, disseminating and producing child pornography. Not only is Levin (whom I knew as “Benjy” when I was younger) someone whom I’ve known since I was a kid, I grew up around the block from Levin and his three other brothers.

Earlier this year I reported on Levin’s younger brother Matthew, who is now Canada’s Ambassador to Cuba (and who’s been actively involved in helping Cuban Jews who might be interested in emigrating to Israel).

As well, Levin’s older brother Martin (or “Marty” as he is known to all his family and friends) was himself a former editor of The Jewish Post and was, in fact, my own brother’s predecessor in that position.

Now, while none of this is particularly newsworthy in and of itself, there is an aspect to the story that is terribly ironic. Without going into any detail, the issue of pedophilia is something that played a terrible role in Martin Levin’s life – and allegedly led to his own son’s committing suicide.

Without commenting at all on any aspects of the charges against Levin, it is hard not to avoid feeling absolutely shocked at what has been disclosed thus far. My heart goes out to the entire family and, although Levin was not particularly involved with the Jewish community here in Winnipeg, I remember the Levins as being staunch supporters of Israel.  (more...)

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