Friday, February 20, 2015

Sentencing of a Sexual Deviant

REAL Women of Canada February 19, 2015

Former Ontario Deputy Minister of Education and well-known professor Benjamin Levin who has been charged with a number of offences against minors, has requested character references to assist him in getting a lenient sentence.  He plans to plead guilty to some of the charges he faces relating to child pornography on March 3.  The specific charges are one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counselling a sexual

For more details please follow the link to the recent article in the Toronto Sun by Joe Warmington:

 “Ex-deputy education minister looks for help before guilty plea”

Mr. Levin assisted, in 2010, while Deputy Minister of Education, with the development of the age-inappropriate sex education curriculum which was subsequently withdrawn because of the concerns of parents.  It was seen as being a way of using school curriculum to promote a social agenda.  Both the children and the parents were victimized by Mr. Levin’s unacceptable curriculum.

REAL Women members are asked to contact the Crown Prosecutor in the case R vs Levin to consider the character of a man who would use his position as Deputy Minister to desensitise and groom children about masturbation, the use of pornography to stimulate erotic feelings and to teach that anal sex and oral sex are healthy alternatives to vaginal intercourse.  It is reasonable to assume that his influence in the development of a sex education curriculum was motivated by his perverted attraction to children.

Please take action today by contacting the Crown Prosecutor at the following address by mail with your signature and contact information.  Three copies of the letter are required in order to provide one for the Judge, the defence lawyer and the Crown Prosecutor.  A sample  letter to the court

North York Crown Attorney’s Office
Criminal – Ontario Court of Justice
1000 Finch Ave W
Toronto ON  M3J 2V5

Please distribute this e-mail as widely as possible.


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