Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hundreds of upset parents rally against graphic sex-ed curriculum at Queen’s Park

TORONTO, ON (LifeSiteNews) – Several hundred upset parents converged on the Ontario legislature earlier today, February 24, to protest the Liberal's new sex-ed curriculum, which was released the day before.

While speakers at a makeshift podium faced a huddle of media cameras, and fought to keep their papers from blowing away in the sharp wind, people on the edge of the rapidly growing crowd turned spontaneously to face Queen’s Park and began chanting vigorously “We say no! We say no!”

Many carried signs with messages such as, “Math not masturbation” and “Teachers don’t teach it,” all in keeping with a rally that was a genuinely grassroots response to the Liberal’s sex-ed curriculum.

According to emcee and organizer Sam Sotiropoulos, a former trustee with the Toronto District School Board, the rally’s genesis was one parent, Sandra Hamill, who advertised it on Facebook several weeks ago, and “it just exploded.”  (more...)

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