Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jimmy Savile: How Margaret Thatcher assured paedophile's 'unrestricted' access to Stoke Mandeville Hospital

The report says Jimmy Savile's charitable work with Stoke Mandeville was
encouraged by Margaret Thatcher
Jimmy Savile was given "unprecedented" power at Stoke Mandeville hospital because of endorsements and fundraising from former prime minister Margret Thatcher.

An independent report reveals how Savile abused 63 patients at the Buckinghamshire hospital, including one girl aged as young as eight who he raped up to 10 times and an 11-year-old cancer sufferer.

The report stated how Savile had "virtually unrestricted access" to the hospital 24 hours a day, with his behaviour seemingly "tolerated" by staff because of his contribution to the organisation. This was despite it being an "open secret" that Savile acted inappropriately towards patents and visitors at the hospital.

One member of staff, Sister Cherry [now dead], is reported to have told one victim who was screaming after being assaulted by Savile how he "would do not do such a dreadful thing and that he raised a great deal of money for the hospital".  (more...)

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