Monday, February 23, 2015

'Consent' to be added to Ontario sex education curriculum

Premier Kathleen Wynne sits with school children in Markham, Ont
Some Ontario parents are "concerned" about the content of the province's revised sex education curriculum, but others are pleased to see that the topic of consent and the dangers of sexting have been added to an older program.

According to former Toronto District School Board trustee Sam Sotiropoulos, many parents have reservations about the new curriculum, which is set to roll out in September 2015.

"Many, many parents are concerned about this," he told CTV Toronto on Sunday, one day before Ontario's Education Minister Liz Sandals is expected to release details about the new curriculum.

"As parents, we'd like to think that we have some discretion as to what our children are going to be presented," he said.

Sotiropoulos has planned a protest at Queen's Park that aims to either "stop" or "revise" the new curriculum  (more...)

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