Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anyone with a brain can get this: In Sex Ed, One Size Does Not Fit All

(TORONTO, ON) – This week, Ontario’s Education Minister, Liz Sandals, released a long awaited update to the Ministry’s Health and Physical Education curriculum, which provide teachers with guidelines for nutrition, overall physical wellness, and sexual education.

It’s the first update on sexual education since the invention of Google in 1998 and, the Ontario Libertarian Party (OLP) agrees, that is a long time ago. The details around body parts, and their functions, certainly have not changed, however social norms, values, laws, and technologies have.

The sexual education part of the new curriculum has been met with considerable resistance from parents and organized groups. The major areas of concern, centre on the grade level at which sex subjects are taught, and their age appropriateness.

That is completely understandable.  (more...)

Even the revolutionaries realize it just isn't attainable:

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