Friday, February 20, 2015

Sorry, but a blanket denial just won't cut it any more

Richard Kerr
Richard Kerr believes that he was in several locations being investigated as part of a top people paedophile ring in England. London premises include the Elm Guest House, Eccleston Square and Dolphin Square.

The name 'Richard NI' appears in the visitor's book at the Elm, a regular paedophile meeting place that advertised the availability of boys.

"I believe I was there but I am working on my memories," he said. He is certain about the other addresses.

He also believes he was taken from Kincora to Liverpool, to London and back for a Saturday sex party. "I was in London twice, once for a short time when I was in Kincora, and then for longer when I left".

He is responding to counselling but bears deep emotional and physical scars. "These people trained me to be a prostitute, they trained me. It is the only life I knew. There were lots of people involved because I met lots of people. It wasn't just one a day - I was meeting about three a day. In England they paid me. In Belfast it was generally little presents like a lighter."

What makes things worse is the fact that MI5, the Army and some senior politicians knew what was going on.   (more...)

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