Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sex education - the sacred becomes secular

Rev. Eric Strachan
Maybe I missed it, maybe I overlooked the mention of His name, but I scrolled methodically through 244 pages of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's revamped 'Sex Education Curriculum' for public schools scheduled for introduction in the fall of 2015, and couldn't find the 'God' word!

Isn't that strange? After all, didn't He invent sex? Or was it someone else? Liberal-minded reformers would have us, in this post-Christian society, believe that those male and female designations given to us at birth, based on our God-given anatomy, are merely a 'social construct.' In other words our genders are something that society has unwisely foisted upon all of us, and we ought not to pay any attention to these male and female labels, but rather choose our own sexual identity. Sadly, that is the ungodly mantra that is being preached today by many, and the signs of it are clearly evident In the Ontario Liberals new 'sex-ed' curriculum.  (more...)

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