Sunday, February 22, 2015

TH2: Rosica v. VOX

Once upon a time after Vatican II, bishops, priests and their lackeys in the "official" Catholic media remained silent when the Faithful were attacked by the wolves, sometimes unknowingly facilitating the actions of these wolves, oftentimes covertly supporting these wolves. Now, five decades on, several of these clerics have become full-blown wolves themselves, openly and unashamedly attacking the Faithful, calling that which is good "evil", and transmogrifying that which is evil into "good"...

For Canadian Catholic bloggers, a good proportion of them tending toward orthodoxy and who regularly monitor the deplorable state of widespread apostasy in this nation's Establishment Church, it is common knowledge that Father Thomas Rosica is a power hungry Modernist. The public face is one of a humble and hard-working orthodox cleric, but outbursts and vilifications in response to articles on the internet from Traditionally-minded Catholics betray a hard and fast Progressive agenda at odds with the Magisterium.  (more...)

And, before this mismatch, there was:

Hasn't done much to encourage confidence in the clergy, or the Basilians

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  1. Basilians? There is no reputation to protect. Go to the Twiiter account of Fr. Timothy Scott, the executive director for the Canadian Religious Conference. He has written that Cardinal Raymond Burke should "shut the f--- up."