Saturday, February 21, 2015

TDSB reforms fail to meet minister’s demands regarding schools, Quan

Donna Quan
Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals is warning the Toronto District School Board that supervision may be a “necessary measure” and says it fell short in addressing some of her key demands, including tackling badly needed repairs to aging buildings.

Ms. Sandals said on Thursday that she was expecting not just a list of schools in a critical state of disrepair, but an actual road map for fixing their exteriors, electrical systems and structural footings. The TDSB is under pressure to sell schools to raise funds for its capital backlog, which stands at $3-billion.

The TDSB also needs to remove the “veto power” trustees have over hiring school principals and superintendents, Ms. Sandals said, and give the top-ranking staffer, education director Donna Quan, less control over her own performance review.  (more...)

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