Friday, February 20, 2015

Careful what you say about the clergy: you may get sued

Fr. Rosica the CEO of Salt and Light Television has threatened to sue Toronto Catholic blogger at Vox Cantoris. David Domet who writes the popular blog, that has received well over 600,000 pageviews, got a letter dated February 17 from the law office of Fogler Rubinoff informing him of the legal action. The letter accuses him of posts that are "false, defamatory, or both." Further, the letter tells him to remove nine entries because they "are libellous to our clients" by February 22, 2015 or face further legal action. This amounts to a legal threat to stop Dave from speaking any further about Fr. Rosica and his work.

The posts in question to be removed are listed in the letter. The message to David is that these "statements, separately and collectively expressly and by way of innuendo, are false and defamatory statements..."  (more...)

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