Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Cynic's View: Parents should raise their kids

Most weeks after I write this column I ask the Saint to read it before I send it in to the Examiner, and many of the times we just argue about it and I send it to the newspaper anyway.

She disapproves of the way I put things in a negative way and she tries to get me to change it.

Be more positive, be nicer and my favourite one is when she says "geez I wonder why we have no friends," and 100% of the times the Examiner agrees with her.

I don't mind if the Saint gets angry and I don't get upset with the newspaper when it gives feedback on my column, but I never listen and just go with the column as is.

Well this week I'm putting my big mouth and bigger ego on the shelf, and I will listen to the Saint and the Examiner.  (more...)

Sometimes a little cynicism can be good for the soul.

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